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1:16 AM
I legit dream of ETH going to 5k 😂
@1.21gigawatts use Xamarin for that ;)
2 hours later…
3:55 AM
@1.21gigawatts .net core platform is compatible for both windows and Mac OS. Check when you copy paste classes from one project to anot her check namespaces. You need to correct it manually. As mentioned by @mr5 Xamarin is the right platform.
2 hours later…
6:34 AM
Morning all
posted on May 11, 2021 by Scott Hanselman

Last month I learned how to convert a 13 year old .NET app to modern .NET 5 with the "try convert" tool. It was surprisingly easy to bring a "legacy" app well forward to a pretty darn cool self-contained app. That means NO .NET install. Just run an exe and you're set. I found this 5 year old .NET application called FloatingGlucose that connects to a Nightscout open source diabetes server like

7:36 AM
so is xamarin a forms framework on top of .net? And .net core works on windows and mac?
xamarin is for mobile
Xamarin is a framework on top of Mono and some .NET magic for building native .NET apps for mobile devices.
7:56 AM
@ntohl mobile / watches / tv / desktop
8:10 AM
Which TV OS?
I feel like there are way too many TV OSs
8:34 AM
we have used it on Android TV before
forgot the exact name but it has "leanback" on it.
9:07 AM
Soon, Xamarin will support web as well (browser) with the help of Blazor for pivoting the way.
And in that case, ViewModels can be reused. 1 ViewModel for those entire platform.
@DKDhilip ?
9:48 AM
can Visual Studio for mac create windows exes / apps or uwps?
10:20 AM
@nyconing ??
               so fail
                      much user
many pro
11:17 AM
just got the notice today that SO no longer supports my browser :')
You have your own browser?
alright, where's my paddle?
Why C# instead of F#?
Who said I don't F#?
suddenly reminds me: I finally started learning Go yesterday...
but I wanna ask..is Codecademy Pro worth it?
11:27 AM
@DKDhilip Cuz objects lol
Seriously though I've been trying to learn a bit of F#, maybe I'll write a library for my teambuilder in F# or something
C# F# I# L# O# R# U# X#
But...who needs objects when there's immutable records
When somebody gonna use C# for the next disruptive cryptocurrency project?
RAM-based blockchain when
so, no opinions on codecademy pro?
RAM is just another Proof of Capacity
Like green not-so-green Chia coin
12:17 PM
@Squirrelkiller use it for proof of concepting a DB extract-transform. It's quite fun for that.
Hm good point, technically the db layer it its completely own project and could be replaced.
I had a DB table full of edges. Some other table contained the lifetimes of nodes (valid from/to), some other tables contained the names of the nodes, etc.. I extracted the graph into F# where only valid nodes were present. Recursively building up the inner nodes. With fsprojects.github.io/SQLProvider
I had 2 output of it. Made a .dot file so I can visualize with graphviz.org. And made a JSON. Hoping for using JSONQuery some time later.
1 hour later…
2:03 PM
how to add a key value to a NSDictionary?
can the key be an object of any type?
it's said, it's Any
if your key inherits from object/NSObject, you probably also need to implement the equals and hash methods
Does this look right:

public NSMutableDictionary<MyKeyClass> dictionary = new Foundation.NSMutableDictionary<MyValueClass>();
are you doing this on C#?
Do you really need NSDictionary? Could a Dictionary<TKey, TValue> be used instead?
2:20 PM
It's C# in VS for Mac using xamarin
yeah, but can a C# dictionary be use instead?
So I try:
public NSMutableDictionary<MyData, MySecondClass> dictionary = new Foundation.NSMutableDictionary<MyData, MySecondClass>();
and I get error Compiler Error CS0311: The type 'type1' cannot be used as type parameter 'T' in the generic type or method '<name>'. There is no implicit reference conversion from 'type1' to 'type2'.
I started with a NSdictionary but the docs said to use NSMutableDictionary
I try Dictionary and it says type not found
If I use:
public NSDictionary dictionary = new Dictionary();
myObject = new MyClass();
classInstance = new NSType();
dictionary[myObject] = classInstance;

I get compiler error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Project.MyClass' to 'Foundation.NSObject'
you're mixing types here
that thing from Obj-C doesn't support templates
it's probably more like: NSMutableDictionary dictionary = new NSMutableDictionary();
then to add values to it, you call the .Set* method instead of the array accessor type
it's why I'm asking you if you can use C#'s dictionary so you can use that fancy syntax
NSMutable has an Add method.
dictionary.Add(myObject, classInstance);

It is giving the same message of cannot convert types
What package is C# dictionary in? I try adding it and i get type not found
try alt + enter?
it's a built-in type
2:34 PM
using System.Collections.Generic
from the framework
@1.21gigawatts for this error, I think you need to wrap your key to NSValue?
Think NSValue is like a T holder
hmm I think more like a IntPtr?
Does it hold a cup of T?
ba dum T
2:44 PM
no compiler errors when using C# dictionary
but can't check yet
bool loop = checkbox.State =="On"; // compiler error
CS0019: Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'NSCellStateValue' and 'string
that's pretty basic though
you should be able to figure it out
Is NSCellStateValue an enum by any chance? Because then that would be a better fit to use instead of a string.
how familiar are you with C#?
also, waddaheck is NSStuff?
NextStep by Apple
2:54 PM
NextStep by NeXT
why use NSDictionary over Dictionary?
@Freerey oh my bad lol
got the checkbox op fixed :)
Dictionary is working (pod racer gif)
spinning was a good trick?
Using NSDictionary because that was what the example i found online was using
if i want it to make it run on mac and windows then i use the core classes right? NSDictionary would be using Mac api and cause problems?
2:57 PM
I would recommend using the base types, Dictionary, List, String, etc where possible
obviously, using interfaces too
that's too much
IDictionary<K, V>, IList<E>, etc
not sure what the use of NS is, but Dictionary should work perfectly fine on Mac and Windows (and Linux)
it's for existing types of NS* world
you can't use the C#'s built-in type for that.
3:00 PM
but what is the use of NS* world?
for the UI
guess who is not sleeping tonight
why so?
also, yay, it is over 4k again
3:06 PM
im just sitting on my ETH until ETH2 is done
or until I get bored of it just sitting there
it crashed last two days and I'm in the brink of homelessness because of Elon's tweet
"only invest as much as you can afford to lose"
what happened to your doge?
I sold doge a while ago
@Wietlol "you have no power here"
3:08 PM
I swapped doge for WEX
then WEX for WAULTX
then WAULTX for BDEX
still at this point, I am not sure what goes on Elon's head why is he supporting dogecoin
currently still doing BDEX stuff
he is earning money of it, that is why he is supporting it
and then he sells and trash talks dogecoin so the price drops again
then he buys back
and then praises doge and it goes up
"it's a hustle"
doge was fine until Elon figured it out
if that is his goal, I think people would just hate him
people will
but yes, his goal is to get money
his goal is not "I want to help other people get a bit of extra money by boosting dogecoin"
this will probably be the downside/downfall of crypto, since it looks like decentralize system is controlled by people's emotion.
3:11 PM
not really
I hope he just don't fucking tweet any ETH related thing
it would take a lot more to take down crypto
taking down memecoins and lesser altcoins would be possible
but taking out major coins would be nearly impossible
BTC, ETH, etc
yeah but if a dumb politician got bankrupted over his crypto bets because of his emotion, it would be an issue
for that country at least
if dumb politicians get bankrupted, dumb politicians get bankrupted
dumb people will always be dumb
the problem starts when dumb people influence the market
and a lot of people's future depends on that dumb politician decision making
see India for example, they ban BTC iirc
3:19 PM
>Tesla makes BTC worth less
>worries ETH is worth less
>I now have $200 more than I did last time I checked
but VB's donation would probably affect the final decision
right? pure emotion.
life is sweet
I have 600 more than 9:00 this morning :D
600 more from what?
ETH alone
I have no doge atm
3:21 PM
how would I get more ETH?
pls he'd be a millionaire if it was 600eth
Wietlol would stop talking to us if he reach that level
ironically, BDEX does work that way
I have 1ETH atm
3:22 PM
you get more BDEX by staking BDEX
1.79544000 ETH :D
@mr5 nah, I wouldnt
I would still come here and talk and post "random" cat memes
@Wietlol when did you bought it though?
"look at this poor devs"
lemme see
bought at 2021-05-09
but I prefer BNB to go up more than ETH
half of my funds are in BNB :)
@Wietlol you bought it on this rate?
3:27 PM
yes :)
not so much profit
I started buying ETH since last year but I was unemployed back then so I'm only purchasing 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001ish
but more profit than BUSD :)
that BUSD can be use as a bank lol
it's so stable
approximately when I bought
so apart from the last dip, I have been quite comfortable
wait for 5k
you have nothing to lose
3:32 PM
I have 7k to lose :D
but I just wait until I want to put it somewhere else
or when it rapidly goes down for a good reason, then I trade it back for BUSD
BDOv2 might be interesting atm
yeah, quick store
BDO is an algorithmic stable coin, which is supposed to be pegged to $1, but failed
do you have any idea when is ETH2.0 gonna be full out?
now it is at $0.28 or something
BDOv2 is supposed to replace it with a better algorithm
if it works, it will go from $0.28 really fast to $1
so, I might want to swap my ETH to BDOv2, but I am too scared :)
that thing is ungoogleable
we have too many alt coins
Hey. I've just written some regression tests to compare two different ways of pulling data. Both use reflection. Thought it would be useful to add in a performance element, but the results seem to depend on which gets called first. I presume this is some warmup thing?
3:52 PM
VM warmup
all things need to be initialized and stuff
I guess the only way round this is to run them once, then run them in a loop and get an average?
you should use a testing tool
basically look for how to do benchmark tests, you will certainly find some useful libs
also perhaps this read
4:56 PM
hey guys, looking for a pointer on how to approach a problem. I have a list that i want to use a lambda function on to find a property and this should happen inside of a linq query (specifically the select new <T> { }portion) while assigning properties
I'm trying the following:
(from ......
join ....
join ....
join ...
Select new <Type>
PaymentReference = MyList.Where(x => x.PaymentReferenceID == table.PaymentReferenceID).Select(y => y.PaymentType).FirstOrDefault();

Unfortunately i don't have the error to post with me but i'm thinking my only option is to reassign the property using
what is wrong with the above?
5:16 PM
I was trying to recreate the error to post now that I'm home in a simplified way but seems I can't replicate, I must have done something wrong that i need to look at again on monday, but good to know that it is possible :)
5 hours later…
10:24 PM
11:04 PM
guess who slept last night without securing the $4.1k mark

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