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1:57 AM
@mr5 how's you matey
2:26 AM
heya c0de
have you gone into job hop spree lately?
hoping to but not happened yet
do it
2:57 AM
3 hours later…
5:43 AM
Good morning
@Hypersapien Make a DTO that holds all those parameters
Job hop spree? What did I miss during my studies lately?
@c0dem0nkey The website on your SO profile seems to not exist. Might wanna update that.
6:12 AM
years not existing.
what are you studying or
Applied informatics
Second semester just started a week ago, everything digital
6:48 AM
[Squirrel in Training] GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
[Kid25] Hi
\[**[Kid25](https://discord.gg/PNMq3pBSUe)**] So yesterday I moved some videos from pc to external hard disk.
But that hard disk is corrupted.
[Kid25] Can I have moved files back with system restore?
[Kid25] I see there is one made yesterday
[Kid25] Should I proceed?
@Hypersapien named arguments
7:36 AM
[Squirrel in Training] depends on your backup policy i guess
1 hour later…
8:43 AM
[Deathspike] Stop writing to the disk they were moved from and use recuva or something like that.
[Deathspike] There's a chance to recover deleted files, but don't hold your breath.
[Deathspike] If you didn't backup properly, you're probably screwed
9:15 AM
So any idea why Gitlab won't capture my coverage using this regex?
[Captain Obvious] Your regec is probably bad?
rubular says regex is fine
[Captain Obvious] Doubt<X>
[Captain Obvious] Post regex and example which shoudl match
It's...it's in my first message regarding this?
There's a link to rubular with the regex and the matching text
[Captain Obvious] uh one sec
9:24 AM
Bad relay is bad
Oh yeah the bot can't read links like that
Because discord doesn't allow links with custom text
Oh wait maybe I got it, waiting for pipeline...
Depending on the engine that might not work. I'm assuming you're using .Net's Regex ebngine?
Was suggested in some SO answer, in case Gitlab parser is implicitely anchored
It's using rubular engine, the Ruby one
Oh so it's gitlab's parser
9:28 AM
Sooo I got it
Gitlab's parser only works line-by-line
So I can't parse "expresion xy in the second line"
it doesn't let you add the flags?
So you can't just add a /m on the end?
That's a bit shit
you could add the flags in the regex, if their dialect supports it
9:30 AM
Yeah you'll have to narrow it down then and use a shorter expression where the match won't span multiple lines
Yeah I changed my other hack needed because coverlet.collector can't make the nice table output yet so now it owrks
[Captain Obvious] Why not just something like Devops which reads test coverage good 🤣
2 hours later…
11:21 AM
man now I want my file explorer to look like this
[Hans1984] fallout 3
[Hans1984] 😮
that reminds me that dogmeat keeps dying on me 😭
[Hans1984] 😱
11:47 AM
[Captain Obvious] You can still make it look like that
I know I can; there's themes and I remember making one once
[Captain Obvious] It used to be much easier but Mr Microsoft has made it harder
[Captain Obvious] And then you've got shit applications like Teams and Discord and Slack and Vscode and Github and Spotify and Postman and Adobe CC and Azure Storage Explorer and (insert more electron apps I don't have installed here) where it doesn't matter what you do because the people who made those applications know better than you and therefore fuck you if you rely on high contrast system settings
that's the thing about discord I didn't initially like...it couldn't scale or fit well with my system theme
11:53 AM
[Captain Obvious] I know spotify isn't strictly electron but it's close enough
[Captain Obvious] Why do they all insist on having (shit) window title bars
[Captain Obvious] The teams one is more than double the thcikness of the discord one
[Captain Obvious] (but at least they actually made it into somewhat usable UI space
eughh yeah I just looked at Teams and wtf
you wanna see an unfitting title bar, though? try Steam for MacOS
doesn't even use the colored buttons at the top-left
[Captain Obvious] one sec googling it
[Captain Obvious] it does tho
[Captain Obvious] (or at least it did when they had that design)
yeah that's a really old one
like omg I almost forgot about when the steam logo was in the header x-x
wait...maybe it was just the steam friend chat window
[Captain Obvious] Fuck the new chat window
I wish steam was still black and didn't transition to a generic blue look c:
or better yet: they kept that camo green look (from before I even used the damn thing)
12:13 PM
I love how Harry's message from 4 months ago is still visible
12:37 PM
interface X {
    void Do();

class Y : X {
    void Do();
The [Attr] here is just a mere decoration right? And does nothing
depending on the attribute, it might do some compile-time processing too
[Captain Obvious] On an interface?#
on an interface
I mean, I am only concern on the implementing class
a simple example, from ancient Jaba, I used to use public @NotNull String getText();
the compile-time processor could assume that the result of it would be non-null anywhere this is called
and implementations that return null would result in a compiler error
@mr5 I assume you wont find the implementing method by attribute tho
attributes in C# are a bit... simple
12:50 PM
[Captain Obvious] how so?
just simple
compared to Java for example where they are used a lot for compile-time processing and heavy metadata
attributes in C# have much fewer components that they can be applied on
attributes in C# can have fewer value types (iirc, only the literal types)
attributes in C# are very difficult to add processors for
attributes in C# might not support nesting and inheritance, but I havent tried it
Yeah. The attribute comes from a 3rd party (specifically Refit) and it seems the only time the attribute is read is when I pass it on the factory method the library provides.
I am thinking I could reuse the interface from the web API and make a local repository out of it.
1:04 PM
Any new good caching library out there that does relational database thing aside from SQLite.NET?
1:20 PM
[Captain Obvious] uhhh xhy
[Deathspike] The database itself is quite a good cache.
Err my question is more like, any alternative to SQLite.NET :D
[Captain Obvious] Ye but why
I'm just lost in my C# job. Im not that bad at programming but in front of the rising complexity and lack of time Im puzzle between shelduled task, windows services, Micro service. message broker.. etc.
I ve read about layer, n tier, clean achitecture (Hexagonal), ddd.
But that solve one solution for one solution is does not covers how I articulate multiple solution between them.
[Captain Obvious] .. what
I think I should have the talk but in my team of myself and I. none of personnality want to talk to me ^^
1:28 PM
Those jargons you mentioned are likely recycled ideas which can be done in simple ways, but since the simple ways gets reused often, smart & experienced people starts to build things out of it to keep making buzz words for resumes.
[Captain Obvious] There's a load of buzzwords and people chatting shit using fancy words for no reason
@CaptainObvious because there might be better ways to do things nowadays that I'm not aware of
Like using Realm for example instead of SQLite
Realm can be used for both local and remote.
But I'm not yet convinced to use it.
[Captain Obvious] But SQLite can too?
Realm is faster (claimed by them) and removes the need to write web API
Or Firestore
but using those will not let me learn ASP and IS4
2:10 PM
Ryan Donovan on April 14, 2021
The jumping off point for exploring quantum computing is to understand that while many of the principles are counterintuitive, the classical universe we know and love is but a mere shadow of the quantum fabric of reality. To get a feel for that fundamental difference we will walk through an example that helps to illustrate the power of quantum computation.
2:38 PM
Afternoon. I've been left a kubernetes instance in azure by an external contractor, and I'm struggling to track down the logging. Don't suppose anyone knows where to look?
Never worked with k8s, but I'd try to go through the azure portal, open the instance, and look for something that might involve logging/metrics/etc in the left category overview
@Squirrelkiller there's a whole logging section, but it's got loads of sub tables that log default performance info and I can't work out for the life of me where messages created by logger.LogX() actually are
    How do I pass specific Column, to SelectedItem from ListView? e.g.

                            <ListView ItemsSource="{Binding MarzipanRecipeView}" SelectedItem="{Binding Path=Search}">
                                        <GridViewColumn Header="Id" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Id}" />
                                        <GridViewColumn Header="Description" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Description}" />
So MarzipanRecipeView is a list of ints right?
MarzipanRecipeView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(MarzipanRecipeModels);
And I have this filter:

        private bool Filter(MarzipanRecipeIngredientModel marzipan)
            return marzipan.MarzipanRecipeID == Search;
I tried something like this: SelectedItem="{Binding Path=Search}" SelectedValue="{Binding Id}"
2:52 PM
@Squirrelintraining where my WPF boi at
@mr5 Does it make sense what I am trying to do?
SelectedItem should be the <T> of MarzipanRecipeView
@BobTway Never saw a k8s panel so no idea where to go from here lol. Maybe check the actual code and see what the injected logger actually does? Not sure if that's overkill.
You can access the Search property of MarzipanRecipeView in your VM like SelectedItem.Search provided that SelectedItem is the <T> of it.
2:54 PM
Okay I see
SelectedItem="{Binding Path=Search}" and change this to just SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedItem}"
I assume that works on WPF too
I don't do WPF though
Why what do you use?
Quite similar I believe..
Never tried it
You should
Drop that dead WPF
2:58 PM
Mobile development right?
WPF > Xamarin
Yeah, mainly mobile but works on your target platform too.
[Captain Obvious] WPF is by far the best Windows Desktop UI system
I use WPF because of desktop app development at work
[Captain Obvious] It's a shame that it doesn't work on anything else because I might go as far to say it's the best UI system
2:58 PM
Only for internal use only
Hey, which one should I name for my general data persistence service, is it IDataService, IDataPersistence, ICachingService, IDataStore? Take note this is just for local caching of data retrieved from web APIs.
Is it really caching only? CachingService then
That's what I named it also before.
But I'm seeing DataStore
might be a good fit too
It will consist of general CRUD methods
ah this one should be a class instead.
I'd probably have a different structure anyway: Persistence/DataService that then uses Repository & CacheService to get data.
Although Persistence or DataService is very general too and will get crowded when your application gets bigger
Kotlin-React > WPF + Xamarin
@mr5 in general, you have an IDataService or IDataRepository
then an implementation like EntityFrameworkDatabaseContext
3:05 PM
Although...maybe have the service use the repo and the repo optionally takes a Cache in the ctor
and a decorator like CachingDataRepository
both implementations of the IDataRepository
although, most orm libraries have their own caching mechanism
so putting a cache around EF for example is a bit weird
@Squirrelkiller that sounds the same to what I have in mind.
Is the IQueryable of that EFCore behaves the same when the selected db is SQLite?
The point of EF is so you don't have to think about databases
IQueryable is queryable, you can chain queries as long as you want.
Firefox dictionary doesn't like queryable it seems. 'tis a weird word.
[ntohl (MR.TaNk)] true to that
[Captain Obvious] WPF > Everything else > Web-tech-on-desktop > Winforms
I must say Blazor is growing on me. Bet they could squash WPF+Razor engines to make it work on Desktop natively.
3:19 PM
[Captain Obvious] Oh yeah I'm definitely liking blazor
[Captain Obvious] Thanks to the magic of Cortex.Net (so thanks to Roel) I've got blazor to just work almost as well as WPF
What does it do?
Q: EF Core SQLite slow star-up performance on Xamarin

PavelI faced with slow start-up experience of my Xamarin.Android application. The first DbContext creation takes ~4.5 seconds (context has 24 tables). At first I thought that the reason for this is that EF Core needs time to scan the entity classes from DbContext and build the model (this makes sense ...

[Captain Obvious] Basically
I'll resort to SQLite.NET for now
[Captain Obvious] You know how in WPF you can update your bindings from basically anywhere and shit just works
[Captain Obvious] Like you add shit to a list and a new control magically appears
3:24 PM
[Captain Obvious] Or you update a property and something happens as a result
[Captain Obvious] Basically that
Xamarin > WPF + React + Blazor
Ah you mean without calling StateHasChanged
[Captain Obvious] Without having to call anything to tell the UI to update
I see
3:24 PM
[Captain Obvious] Yeah exactly
[Captain Obvious] I haven't used that at all
How does it work? Does it just...add those calls at compile time or something?
[Captain Obvious] I think so
[Captain Obvious] All I know is it's ✨ ✨ magic ✨ ✨
3:48 PM
write to me on telegram
gonna turn of the pc now
I'm trying to write a unit test for a controller function that returns a JsonResult. I'm looking at this page stackoverflow.com/a/5012105/487909 and it talks about JsonResult.Data which doesn't seem to be recognized for me.
Are you on .NET core or .NET Framework?
Which I'm pretty new to
3:57 PM
That doesn't have .Data. The question is from 10 years ago, so most likely .net Framework.
Ok. So how do I read the data from a JsonResult?
Quick internet search gave me only cancer ways of unwrapping that though
What exactly dies JsonResult do that isn't the same as just returning an object and letting the framework automagically make it json?
It's actually being output as an ActionResult
Like, look at this WebAPI of mine: https://teambuilderwebapi.azurewebsites.net/swagger/index.html
GettAllTeams just returns a list of teams and it goes over the network as json.
4:15 PM
I am not that accustomed to writing unit tests. If you were going to write unit tests for an error handling system that's written into a project, would you call the error handling system directly, or would you write tests for the main code designed to trigger the errors?
"Written into a project"
Depends entirely on the test
What do you mean?
I'd probably test both seperately
6 hours later…
10:23 PM
posted on April 14, 2021 by Phil Haack

My friends, in an ideal world, it would be dead simple to set up a certificate for an Azure App Service. For example, GitHub Pages gets this right.


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