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3:06 AM
@nyconing chawanmushi = ... err... Corona I guess? :P
@NotAZoomedImage You might wanna ask here
2 hours later…
5:27 AM
Buenos dias
6:22 AM
6:34 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
@Squirrelkiller I've "found" a new windoof feature that I didn't know before.
Windows + v
It's a history of all your ctrl+c basically
G'morning, yeah it's awesome. Although it only holds the last 10 entries.
It's still something.
And AFAIK it can pin aswell?
And jsut as win+v is the big brother of ctrl+v, win+tab is the big brother of alt+tab
Yeah good point, the pin is great^^
I actually don't really like win + tab
1) It looked way cooler under vista
2) `win` + `0-9` is more efficient to navigate to an elemtn which wasn't the previsouly opend one.
Depends on how many windows on how many screens you got I guess. It lets me easily move windows to other virtual desktops as well.
6:37 AM
Virtual desktops. something I am not using ':D
But with 2) I gotta count and I can't count :/
You don't have to count killerino.
You just pin your items to the taskbar.
you'll always know which numer is wich pr0gramm.
Good morning ladies.
Heyho Roel
You back from your hiesta? (what ever that supposed to mean :shrug:)
I don't know what that is, and, I didn't leave for anything?
6:44 AM
I thouht you went afk from chat for a bit.
Oh, that's possible. I had insanely much work to finish the past 2 weeks.
It wasn't fun at all :D
U done now?
7:26 AM
Any vue junkies here?
Nah bro.
Just a .NET junkie.
@Squirrelintraining We'll see. New sprint starts today. Might be overloaded again, who can tell
@Hozuki gl my friend.
7:43 AM
fucking hell
I tried using virtual desktops for a couple of days, couldn't get my head around it
Also when was Win+V added? I don't have it on mine but I am on an older build
@CaptainObvious Dunno, maybe google knows?
WN+V on Windows 10 brings up the clipboard history.
@CaptainObvious .
Yeah I figured, but when was it added
@CaptainObvious 1909 I think
No idea.
7:56 AM
Ah, that would explain that
(Ignore the ASDA, nothing to do with the shop, it's just the default username we useon the image)
Speaking of shop.
Dude, update your shit
I order 4 Jars of Sun-Pat, they arrived on Firday and I finished my first Jar on Sunday.
What is Sun-Pat?
This might explain why I am so fat..
8:01 AM
@FatalSleep The best Peanut-Butter in the world!
Not kidding, it's super duper Tasty!
Ahhh... I don't eat peanutbutter.
Love it, but don't eat it.
Almost as bad as @Squirrelintraining who probably still has Win7 at home
@Squirrelkiller I do not!
I updated it for free.
Isn't Win10 free now?
8:02 AM
My Waifu didn't though.
@FatalSleep Shame 🔔
Win10 has been free since before it actually released ffs
It's free if you "update" your win version via Update tool. else it costs.
Nah they had paid licences if you didn't have a previous Windows licence.
I think recently they made it completely free--as it should be.
8:03 AM
Why should it be complety free?
I can confirm that it is not completely free if you're not using the upgrade path. Or enterprise
this.fegetItem(item.id).then(() => { this.cuDialog = true }) 😥
Because it basically comes on every PC or if you have a custom PC you probably have a previous version anyways. Sooo.... I don't see why they don't have just a base model that's free. Fixes licencing issues for DIY'ers too.
Wadafaq could feget mean?
8:07 AM
@Squirrelkiller I would update my shit but I can't
Same reason I've got 2 copies of VS. One is the latest preview, which I mostly use
But the other is 16.3.6
Which I can't update because it's the only PC we have which has the Xamarin templates extension of the right version so we can actually add shit to our app
So eventually I'll probably change PC to the one that will be free next week, and keep this one as a "legacy" one or something
@Squirrelintraining an abbreviaiton for FileEdit, 'duh!
(not file edit but still an abbreviation)
ahoy mateys
8:30 AM
Yar har fiddle de dee
Hey no I'm not! I'll have you know all of my software is legitimately licensed!
Lol Limewire.
I like how in the JavaScript room it's basically only @mr5 and @Wietlol chatting.
So is SO Chat in general dying?
I'm doing a leetcode that's why I'm back at JS.
I prefer to write in JS first, then C++ if perf is needed. But often I found myself writing it in C++ because Browser's JS != NodeJS.
Maybe because nobody is at work trying to avoid work
When they're at home trying toa void work then can just go and play with the dog or whatever
8:40 AM

This room is more dead than wietlols pants.
yeah kinda unusual since JS has the most number of community.
there's even no room for any iOS languages here
I wonder where do the iOS devs chat
or Mac
Via microtransactions to apple pay.
@Squirrelintraining and we werent even talking about JS
we are improving
wietlol didn't even sleep at all
@Wietlol :o
gasps in typescript
8:46 AM
@mr5 obviously
so I just found out that there's a goto statement in JS
continue label;
combination of this three
should it be these or this?
@mr5 Ehhhhh whaaaat
If you want perf, why C++? Why not optimize JS or use C#?
because it is much more accessible in my environment
I will just press ctrl + shift + J and I could execute JS already
and C++ because I want to slowly shift into low level stuffs.
FB copied YT's url style
9:08 AM
@mr5 * these* because plural
> asp-net-mvc-documentation-data-annotations
I mean who even cares
asp is getting obsolete right?
depends on what you mean with "asp". asp is obsolete. asp.net is going to be obsolete. aspnetcore is the latest shit.
I mean by asp is including its successor like the latest ASP.NET Core 3.0
In that case no.
aspnetcore is still the web framework for .NET
Or the...web part of the framework.
Or the farmeworp kart of the vveb
9:13 AM
it's mostly used for writing web apis right?
google said asp is a programming language, wtf?
People also say NodeJS is a programming language
Google says, google dictates.
@mr5 why not move to europe to wörk?
@mr5 Both backend and frontend. Frontend is MVC or Blazor so far I think, but I'm not entirely sure Blazor uses aspnet right now.
@Squirrelintraining no money :(
No honey :<
9:19 AM
and my communication skill is bad also
@Squirrelkiller so Blazor is part of ASP?
9:34 AM
@mr5 Blazor is developed seperately, and has its own namespace and everything, so I think not.
Then ASP should be use for Web APIs only right?
Plus I'm not sure if that old way still exists in aspnetcore
Like WebForms
My new job uses razor apparently
So I get to use that :D
I actually start 3 weeks from today
Noice, congratz!
Go help them update to Blazor Server, then you have the option to switch some things to Blazor WASM :D
I've no idea what their stack or infra looks like at the moment
I believe they are using razor on their rebuild
and a couple other things that I'm looking at
9:50 AM
Blazor WASM can be hosted statically <- best argument for it, because no more compute time
I have to brush up on webforms though, legacy product uses that
which isn't the end of the world
Razor on their rebuild? I bet you'll see some legacy VB.
I meant blazor!
@CaptainSquirrel yay. so me + holistyles + you just quitted our previous job.
and buttler was about to also
I wonder if rona has anything to do with it.
I mean
I'm moving jobs so I can be with my waifu again
9:59 AM
@Squirrelkiller what does "hosted statically" means?
@CaptainSquirrel your new job? ;o
@mr5 no dynamic compliation
VB6.0 and WinForms with WebForms in it. Goodluck!
is this related to JIT/AOT?
apparently i've been able to star my own message
and i can't unstar it because "you can't star your own message"
How did u start your own message?! Oo
10:01 AM
it already got two stars though o.O
I think Jack's borkness is coming to SO
any1 can html edit dis
It's all a conspiracy i tell you!
10:18 AM
lads lads
Teams lets you italicise emoji
It looks fucking retarded
oh lord
10:19 AM
Thats awesome!
😂 🤣 😂
I caused an encoding issue when switchting between italic and bold
@CaptainObvious how goes your job hunt?
10:21 AM
He can't leave until he got me 10kg of Sunpat.
10:33 AM
Not happening at the moment why
no reason
you just said you were looking a while ago
10:56 AM
@mr5 Without a runtime, like a normal website. Just files. Blazor has an index.html, some js to bootstrap the runtime, and the code also gets loaded into the browser and executed there. The server doesn't execute anything, compared to Razor or WebForms where the code is executed on the server.
The question is of course: Why did @CaptainSquirrel even try staring his own message? And does he also periodically try sucking his own dick just in case?
To the english people here: When to use gerund and when to use infinitive in that kind of sentence? ^
I'm never sure
11:24 AM
@CaptainObvious was gonna say that's not the only platform I've seen that allows you to italicize them :P
o7 haaans
@Squirrelkiller I was trying to reply to a message and clicked the wrong button ok :(
I don't understand why microsoft's emojis gotta have such thick borders
cuz msft are dummy thicc
11:45 AM
What are these kind of comic strips called where a guy "accidentally" cheats on his wife by, like, sliding/falling/stumbling into another woman? My google fu failed me.
Uh, porn?
Killerino only wanted us to lookup porn @ work
Naughty Killerino, Naughty!
I think they're like satiric comics that are made to look "official"
Like, guy leaves car, slips in a puddle, slithers all the way to a woman coveniently leaning on a wall somewhere
11:58 AM
naughty rodent !
getting poor hans fired for searching porn at work
thankfully hans is at home
imagine searching
"sliding into another woman" at work
Noobs why r y'all afraid of searching porn at work
@Squirrelkiller C# programmer enters the JS room, gone wrong!
I didn't want to enter js room, it was an accident, I swear!
wait, you guys are not allowed to search porn at work?
searching for porn at work gets you the 'rona
coronad again!
12:11 PM
why is there no let keyword in C#!
why the fuck would you want "let"
I mean, there is but it's only use in sub queries of linq
to mark as immutable
||votekick mr5 for wanting JS in C#
@Squirrelkiller voted to kick @mr5
||votekick C# room for not having let keyword
12:14 PM
@mr5 voted to kick @C#
I'm on google page 3, help me please
Oh shit google actually has no more results. No more pages. Is the world going to end soon or what?
There you go, now you've made me do it 💔
I like let for the word... but not for it's meaning
12:18 PM
You just removed 50% of the JS room's population from our RO list. Seems fair.
let mr5 = Want(js)
val vs let
"let mr5 be want js"?
@mr5 I see you have talked to Wietlol too much
12:19 PM
Sorry misclick, I wanted to maek you RO again </3
jeez everyones a roomonwer in here
p3k mimi I'm sorry mr5
I've been indoctrinated by wietlol. He's such a BI
We need moa active chatees to lower down the RO quota!
@Hans1984 xD
the oldies will be RO eventually
we're the oldies
I see
He finally got the upfrade
It's fine I'm just retarded
12:24 PM
Wait which one was that too
oh wow the first one
Oh it's just maintenance who cares
@Hans1984 Looks like the episode i watcehd later
its from "spongbong hemppants"
12:27 PM
user image
There we go, I was wondering when that would happen
Still looking for the accidental adultery comics btw, I need it as a template
@Squirrelkiller godda star dis
12:33 PM
@Squirrelkiller kekk
@mr5 dude
i see you!
ever used a plugin to implement "login by facebook"?
or just get the api direct
from fb
dev page
Who is forcing you to use fb?
Because why else would you use fb
12:48 PM
coz i dont want my users refusing to "sign up"
and not using the app
just coz it has another sign up form
Do you expect many users that would only accept fb?
Like, start with offering the login without an external provider at first, then step by step add google/MS/fb/whatever
openID or whatever?
Don't know more, but fb would be the last one I'd add
I don't use ma FB anymore and wouldn't connect it to anating
so just make a sigup form?
Just offer various OAuth providers. MS, FB and Google are the largest I'd say.
ohhh different opinions
alright. use a plugin or not?
1:01 PM
Your target audience are non-power users? Offer OAuth first, custom sign-up second.
Target audience is power-users? Custom first, then GitHub or whatever, and then Google/FB/MS
i think it wudnt be safe using a plugin with it since oauth is directly offered
> divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. what's your answer?
@c0dem0nkey ahh yes
I use Clancey.SimpleAuth
I also made a wrapper out of it to further simplify the process'
yeah? @mr5
i have some trust issues with comes to 3rd party plugins doing auth
y tho?
HAHAHA paranoia
1:15 PM
you can make your own out of HttpClient if you want
just follow the documentation
you can also examine the one I recommend in its GitHub repo
@c0dem0nkey Yes, simple signup form. To that add OAuth providers.
arright i was about to implement login by fb first
I know the Blazor template comes with an implementation of MS OAuth, could start with that one if you don't like 3rd party providers
im too lazy to make a signup form
Pretty sure VS also brings a template complete with signup form and EF prebuilt.
1:30 PM
Start ssms...
Make coffee..
Finish coffee..
Check emails...
Make tea...
Remove teabag...
Take first sip..
Ssms finally started.
Dang how can SSMS be slower thsan JACK?!
Hypothesis: SSMS is built on Jack.
yeah. knowing microsoft
@c0dem0nkey What frontend are you using?
@Squirrelintraining Hypothesis: Jack is built on VS
did i answer your question
1:32 PM
@c0dem0nkey The WPF MVVM library?
i think so? the one authored by biran lagunas/laganas
on second thought yea the mvvm one
Turns out there is no template for WPF lol, I thought in web stuff again.
Might try to use the web template and porting that to WPF though.
LOL why are you using SSMS
I have an important question:
meditating with your eyes open is hard
@CaptainObvious why wouldn't they?
Just use Heidi, it's way bette4r
1:42 PM
I just use SSMS cause it's what the rest of the company uses
@CaptainObvious To MaNaGe My SqLsErVeR
so Norah Jones' Sunrise might be the most soothing song ever
DataGrip > MSSSMS
hides in bunker
I also use SSMS because why not
Heidi is the good shit tho
1:51 PM
you sound like you're advertising a drug
I don't like datagrip because it's the same as the rest of the IntelliJ UIs - shit
SSMS is slow as dick, has no (functinoal) dark mode, and doesn't support other providers
Heidi has a good enough UI (it's not amazing but it does the job) and works with a bunch of other SQL Server varieties, like Mysql, mariaDB, and I think even the Oracle one (although I don't use oracle)
I really like Navicat for SQL
But, money.
Oh right yeah postgres was the other one
meanwhile in DataGrip
Holy fuck that's expensive
> low cost to get started
Yours for just £64.99/mo
1:58 PM
that is expensive
DataGrip itself is already 15 times as cheap
not even mentioning the full product pack
Just in case it wasn't obvious, that's per user too
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