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5:55 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
Ha today is the day where I'm here before killerino!
Buenos dias
My app says I was at work at 6:58 though
Just had to fix the release-pipeline...because I borked it yesterday
6:12 AM
6:46 AM
6:57 AM
why i use dic[key] = value; in framework 4.5 is fine
but use the same code in .net core throw the keynotfoundexception?
sounds like you're getting instead of setting
oh damn, the exception not throw in this line
7:28 AM
7:44 AM
It looks the same.
it's cleaner
Just tried it. The location of the new tools is kinda off though
that one from AppStore had a new look as well but not really worth mentioning here :D
8:23 AM
Karma is a bitch, yesterday I bragged about going to the beack in the afternoon... There was a nice storm all the afternoon
But yeah that sucks
Might have the same problem this weekend. We booked a camping spot two weeks ago for this weekend. So far, Saturday/Sunday have much rain :/
i am the tired
@Cleptus I don't see a problem
@CaptainSquirrel Go to bed
Or drink coffee
Or Tea
Or stab your foot, that should wake you up!
8:52 AM
Morning bois
My PC bluescreened again
I too am very tired
@Squirrelkiller wow really organized country. what would happen if you didn't book a camping spot?
@CaptainObvious why is your PC always bluescreening
Depends on where you want to go camping. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, you just go there, maybe call a few hours ahead and check that something is free, and you're done.
But now, as people don't go on vacation abroad due to corona, everyone and their grannies are on the beaches here. So now our beaches have way too many people on them. Hotels there are out of everything anyway, and camping needs to be booked well...like a week or two before to get a spot.
Ahoy Captain o7
So I played Tekken yesterday and, given I haven't played for like 15 years, I'm still kinda good with Bruce Lee
Also Law is still Bruce Lee
9:16 AM
Its fine maybe its even more dead
@mr5 good question
Random websites now just straight up dont work on my machine
Including twitter and stack Overflow
Hopefully restarting my PC will fix the issue
@Squirrelkiller really? can you book anywhere even on mostest remote place in your country?
turning it off and on again always works
@CaptainObvious Time to tell your IT your machine is bricked
@mr5 Booking in this case usually means "call in and reserve a spot", but some places actually have online booking
ah that's strange. booking a spot.
I am IT
or booking a land spot.
9:31 AM
Yay it's working again
@CaptainObvious overheating? RAM issues? hard disk problems? Those are more ususal bluscreen causes
Never fear, I have found the culprit
I hate bluescreen troubleshoting. Sometimes it gives you a dll name, so you can check what driver is what caused the BSOD
Others you dont...
Fucking Kaspersky
9:34 AM
@mr5 Booking a spot of land where we can put our tent
I don'T get it.
Command claims bla bla startup projoct not "doesn't reference Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design."
@CaptainObvious Get yourself a new machine then
But It does..
I don't need a new machine tho
@Squirrelkiller yeah, that's weird.
9:35 AM
!votekick squirrelkiller afwull joke
@Squirrelintraining Wrong version? Looking at wrong project? Restart VS?
in our shithole country, we just go there, no bookings, no fees, and hope nobody has taken the spot already.
fixes everything
@mr5 Unfortunately, we don't have enough space for that, especially anywhere near the ocean.
@Squirrelkiller No even dumber.
9:38 AM
@Squirrelkiller hmm camping in seashore?
The .csproj file wasn't saved after adding the package.
So the command didn't know I already had it
@CaptainObvious lies
you always need a new machine
lol damnit VS
ctrl + shift + s
saved the day
I always want a new machine
9:39 AM
i recently got a "new" machine i guess
But the machine I have is adequate
new mobo, cpu, ram & m.2 drive 🤤
Ryzen 7 3800x, 16gb DDR4 3200Mhz ram, 500gb M.2 Drive
and a x570 gaming mobo
Not bad
£500 in total
Definitely not bad
9:40 AM
performs much better than my i7 4790
although thats like 6 years old
and it kept freezing up
so mans is happy
I like my PC that I have in work now
I got lucky in the silicon lottery because it's quite happy to OC to 5ghz
tbh, i only got these new parts because the missus was getting new bits
so i specced them up and was like hm
i want new parts too
so i got the same
My home CPU doesn't OC very well
9:42 AM
and we spent 5 hours over video chat building pc's
45 minutes of which was her trying to get a single screw in
But I've got 16 cores so who cares if they only run at 3.5ghz
and also 20 minutes of me trying to find 6 extra standoffs
@CaptainObvious do you have a server chip in your home pc?
good lawd
Sort of. I have a threadripper 1950X
I have 2 cores @2.4GHZ
9:43 AM
I have more threads than I do GB of ram :(
my 3800x is idling at 4.2Ghz
i need more rams
Especially because playing the new flight sim just annihilates the 16GB I have
i'm thinking of getting an extra 16gb of ram
@CaptainObvious msft flight sim?
9:44 AM
Not yet
Next week I think
this is the thing right
me and the womans have the same ram
I'm not not in the alpha/beta
do i buy another 16gb of said ram
OR do i buy 32gb of RGB ram
9:45 AM
Depends on how your ram is configured. How many slots do you have and how many have you used
4 slots
2 used
and for some reason it HAS to be in slot 2 & 4
I'd just buy another 16
we were both getting memory corruption/out of memory/could not write to memory BSOD intermittently with the ram in 1 & 3
it was wierd
Buying 32 would just likely end up half replacing your existing 16gb
she was able to install and run windows without any issues and then started to get BSOD when was trying to game
I was getting BSOD when trying to install windows
9:47 AM
I have 8 slots in my PC and I've only used 2 :(
@CaptainObvious yeah, but if i bought 32gb, i'd give my current 16gb to the womans
and she'd have 32gb too
But you're only getting 16gb extra
Big boy socket
@CaptainObvious right, but if i got NEW 32GB of ram
then i'd have 16gb of ram not being used
that i could give to her
@CaptainObvious damn boi she thicc
so much space for ram........
That mobo is so heavy it's not even funny
10:08 AM
Teams is shite
this chat.so is whole lot better. change my mind
they could monetize this but they're not doing it.
If you do buy 32gb it should be 2 sticks of 16
Chat.so is garbage
Teams is adequate. Not great, but not bad
Teams chat is so bad
French bashing has been replaced with teams bashing
In my mind
I have a folder like this C:\SharedFolder\test I need to convert this path as unc \\ip\\SharedFolder\\test. Any neat way to do this ?
I think that will be the fastest, or ya google a bit sam
10:19 AM
the ip is dynamic
stackoverflow.com/questions/6803073/get-local-ip-address this question jelps in getting the IP address, but the comment also says it will not work for multiple network card
@samnaction convert it into Uri then manipulate the Fragment property.
10:37 AM
@mr5 the reason i need it to convert it to unc is I will be doing a robocopy over network from different machine
University of North Carolina?
So then just share the folder?
Then use the PCs hostname, not IP
Q: What is the XY problem?

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@CaptainObvious the folder is shared, but the hostname sometimes wont get resolved
10:43 AM
Sounds like you have shitty DNS then
11:00 AM
@samnaction how does UNC format looks like?
or how does it differ from a Uri?
Can't the UNC format be represented in Uri?
I think it's only a matter of adding two backslashes in the string
if so, my first suggested solution still makes sense.
Unc is when you access files like \\ServerName\Sharename\Fodler\File.xlsx
Mostly used for local network Windows file sharing
@samnaction Get yourself a working DNS for the hostname, or an extra dynamic entry with another name resolving to that machine.
11:31 AM
my package finally shipped and it's on the west coast
So like I said
21 hours ago, by Captain Obvious
spoiler: it's not arriving in 2 days
already left Oregon a few hours ago; I'm feeling pretty safe about his one
I remember the time I ordered something on the phone and for awhile it seemed to be on track to Indiana, then it took a south turn toward Kentucky and I'm like "wtf??"
turns out the person on the phone was deaf and somehow managed to confuse the 6 in my zip code for a 1
heh thats funny
I didnt know indiana or kentucky was a real place
finally some rain
anyone know about making a contentplaceholder stretch?
11:46 AM
@misha130 excusemewhatthefuck
fly over states mate
the only state I recognize in usa is manhattan
I had a teacher who told an Italian (I think?) that she was from Indiana and he's like "Indiana? Zoom zoom!"
actually just kidding my city is dead dont come to ny
its just tumbleweed mostly
try adding [frombody]/[fromurl]
11:53 AM
Penguins: "What continent is this?"
Marty: "Manhattan."
@Freerey Indiana is from India?
no, we killed all the Indians
fr tho central park zoo is garbage
11:59 AM
there is a zoo there?
oh yea
you know what i amma dispute this right here right now
indian is a british word more or less
combining all cultures of india in to one single monolith
india has like what, 50 types of people? 100?
so like maybe we shouldn't be calling indians indian 🤔
one looks happy, one doesnt
guess why
because one is exctinct !
oh no
so how should we call em
12:03 PM
I'm actually part indigenous American anyway hehe
I am going to be honest i cant pronounce nor write the actual correct names
we will just call am curries from now on
not racist at all
I like chicken curry
is everyone here cooking their own food?
@misha130 It's not something specific that we've done to Indians
12:10 PM
it's lockdown again
See: Americans
africans yo
Chinese, Brits, Etc
i mean you call brits english/scots/people of the welish generation/irish
Everyone is brits
Unless we're referring to specific traits of specific people
12:12 PM
you could probably associate this to nationalism to be honest
@Hans1984 Which one is extinct?
Last time I checked, both groups of "Indians" are very much not extinct
I ll let you figure that one out
ok, almost extinct
fair enough
listen here is a take
when columbus made it to america and thought it was india
12:14 PM
Indian reservations are huge
I dont care if you agree
he actually thought it was the indies
which are indonesia, malaya and stuff
how can he mistake an island for india
they also thought the world is flat back then
12:15 PM
Well obviously not
If they thought going the other way would be faster
well they thought the world is flat back then
no... they didnt
not at that time
but up until 1400
If they thought the world was flat then they wouldn't have went that way
i said before
12:36 PM
@CaptainObvious it's already in the state below me, biaaatcch!!
Is it being delivered by USPS?
actually yes..which is weird cause I usually get them through UPS
bitch plz
Then it being in the nearest state means literally nothing
12:40 PM
Beach pils
beach pills
Shit, it being in the same state means nothing
I've suffered enough the past week to know that it being here in the same city means it probably won't go anywhere in the next 2 days
beach pils
if the current day is 03/18, the package is in the city it needs to be in, but the date of delivery is 03/22, shippers won't even touch the package until the last day
12:41 PM
I had a parcel coming from the US one time. It sent sent from somewhere in Miami. Made it's way up to the international mail center in Jamaica (new york) pretty quickly. It then stayed there for about 2 weeks, then got sent up to Canada
@Hans1984 🙇‍♂️
After a couple of days there, it went back to the Jamaica center, and stayed there for about a month and a half, taking random trips from there to there within the same day
finally almost 2 months after dispatch it ended up on a plane to the UK, and then was delivered within 2 days
and what was the original expected delivery date?
About a week
It was around christmas a couple of years ago, I recieved my christmas present mid feb
12:51 PM
curb your enthusiasm plays
YAAAAAASSSS I mean it looks off still but YAAASSS
Jesus bloody christ what the hell happened to that
it finally worked in mobile, that's what happened
That works on mobile?
That's IE though.
Are you counting iPads as mobile or something?
12:57 PM
90% of my userbase is using IE, but they're expected to start using iPads
I've been having a helluva time getting ASP's contentplaceholder to cooperate in the slightest; the fact that now it even kind of works in this container at all is a miracle as far as I'm concerned
shh don't tell management
lol ASP
I also have this issue where the intern conveniently forgot to check his work in and he's been gone since Monday, so now I can't directly change the CSS files
now the real issue I have is that the dropdowns in that menu don't work at all in iOS Safari
@Hans1984 ..
native american
1:02 PM
Why use ASP?
Because they're ancient
what ? a mexican
native american means someone who is born in america
Also iPad are neither desktops nor laptops, and are therefore considered mobile
1:02 PM
turns out, Mexico is in america
so, people born in Mexico are native americans
the US is a big mix mess of everything
@Freerey Get a new user base
5 mins ago, by Freerey
shh don't tell management
There's a difference between "Native American" and native American
How about indigenous? By now, most people in america are natively american.
1:04 PM
yeah, we usually refer to the pre-colonial-era Americans as indigenous these days
@CaptainObvious only if you are from the USA
like one of my writing professors was indigenous and was famous because she wrote a memoir of her childhood as an indigenous person
Indigenous is what I would call them
until u actually meet one and they call you silly
1:06 PM
in dutch, we actually have different words for someone from India and someone from a North American tribe
so do we
Thursday the 20th is in a week
is it a special day ?
hi all
@Freerey damn that quality
1:17 PM
@Freerey oh,okay
@reasons hey
Am I the only developer that gets a little scared when I have to compile my application?
nervous at best
but usually, no
yes nervous would be a better word
only the tiniest amount
Nervous? Never. Whoeverthefuck cares if it doesn't compile?
You just fix it.
(That being your job and all)
1:30 PM
Yeah for sure that is the way you should think about it.
I'm never worried just nervous because I want to just progress as much as I can.
@Hozuki ^ this
Hi all
Trying to see if for next app I should go with MVC + Angular or Blazor. Has anyone used Blazor for prod apps yet?
Progress is a slipper slope. Being obsessed with "moving forward" will riddle your code with bugs and problems because, you know, fixing problems and architectural issues isn't "going forward" ;-)
So.. don't be too harsh on your 'progress'
1:36 PM
Good advice in a way...
But yeah its usually at the end of the day or if a co worker (especially lead dev) comes over and ask to see it lol
@AAA I've been developing for 17 years, and if you come up at a random time and ask me to run my code, it most certainly WILL NOT work. It's only in a good state when I commit. Don't worry if your shit is not running when someone asks, that's how it's supposed to be. You're building at it!
just git stash and show them where you were at the previous good spot if need be
@MikeTheLiar lel
@MikeTheLiar long time no see
Mike is always watching.
1:46 PM
Mike knows much, tells some. Mike knows many things others do not.
I still need to find Maiq in MW
He's in the northern islands IIRC. Or was it South?
yeah I love git stash, well git in general really
probably northern cause nbody else is over there
1:50 PM
I only entered the development scene 3 years ago so git is all I really know for source control.
Git's all you need. Plus it comes with a free sense of smug superiority.
@MikeTheLiar Mike knows jack shit!
Jack, shit
You do feel good with git yes
Nice one.
1:53 PM
Jack, thislie
Jack, C#
@CaptainSquirrel oi mate
I don't understand mate
Getting your program to compile is easy. Getting your program to work is not.
May 5 '16 at 15:17, by BoltClock
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