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1:58 AM
@SamuraiJack nope. the client will download the image upon request and the data allocation from the server would be free after that.
a common indirection strategy for files looks something like this: /images?id=12381209381293 and the id will expire in a certain time.
also, you need not to transform the image into blob, you could do two things:
1. forward the download request from server to client, this is network streamed so there's little to no performance degradation.
2. read/download the whole image, wait, and forward it to client.
3 hours later…
4:46 AM
Ben Popper on July 03, 2020
To infinity and beyond.
@Feeds SHHH!
1 hour later…
6:16 AM
Hi guys if anyone can assist me please can you look at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62703132/mvc-is-there-a-way-to-make-sure-a-specific-viewmodel-property-doesnt-get-passed

SO STUCK, thank you
6:49 AM
@ReeceJeffrey try changing the request method?
Morning o/
Maybe I am too sleepy, but this small fragment of code has me puzzled
7:07 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
Jack, friday
Is that even English?
friday after payday
p3k friday
I wish we have spongebob
7:22 AM
@mr5 I eventually found the answer and posted it, thanks anyway!
Jack, learn friday <>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0
Jack, friday
I've learned the command friday
Jack, friday
7:38 AM
Jack, good boi
I'm reviewing my code 6 months ago. It looks shit.
STOP! you have violated the law! Pay your fine or SERVE your sentence...your stolen goods are now forfeit
@mr5 You've done well
I don't understand mate
@CaptainSquirrel yeee i wasn't around bc furlough
8:13 AM
oh god, should have waited til that thumbnail disappeared before joining
just had a fun one, line manager rang 10 mins before i started work, was being a smarmy twat thinking i wouldnt even be awake
shame id already been logged in for 45 mins xD
had the issue solved in 3, fuck you Darren xD
good morning
@DAustin wat
anybody knows a free audio cd ripper, which I can set the output to mp3 320 kbps rate?
sorry ranting, there's a manager where I work (who isnt my boss) who has a bit of a napoleon complex
another manager once described him as a "weasel"
8:29 AM
they have to prove they are worthy...
@ntohl the weasels or the free audio cd rippers?
watch me, who I micro manage everyone
@ntohl I can rip the mp3 for free
lol. Weasels :D
@mr5 umm. I can fax you the cd now, if you want :D
8:30 AM
but yeah rang me 10 mins before im due to start with the line "This is your early morning wake up call" in a way that implied he genuionely thought i was just asleep
arsehole lol
just call him/her/it (if it's really weasel) at the night "Oh. There is a huge critical problem in the system... Ups. Cancel alert. I mixed it up with something."
trouble is his gf may pick up the phone
and honestly really dont wanna talk to her after shit she pulled at the xmas party just gone
many things that night, not just to me, but it ended when she threw up on my shoes
grabs popcorn
she basically got shitfaced, embarressed the hell out of him so he tried to avoid her for most of the night
she cried on the MDs shoulder for 10-15 mins at one point
pro tip: do NOT have a wild party
8:38 AM
and then later when the MD was talking to my gf and me, she came over and grabbed me, dragged me away
asked to steal a cigarette but dont tell anyone cus shes supposed to have quit
quizzes me about working with her bf, then collapses onto me and then the floor in front of about 50 people
im not sure what to do with this extremely drunk person, i then get a group of young giorls screaming at me to pick her up
i think they thought i was her asshole bf that let her fall to the deck
there's a bit more involving the bouncers etc, but eventually im the one that takes her back outside to be sick, and she throws up onto my shoes
me and the gf then decided best to get a cab now before it got any worse
best bit though, the waeasel was the one who organised it all and it was shit in all aspects, food, entertainment, everything
so his standing with the directors went down a bit
and ive been wearing jeans and trainers to work since, he has said nothing, didnt look me in the eye for over a week, and still to this day has not acknowledged or apologised for it
that felt good :D
8:44 AM
@DAustin why is your boss gf always hangs around with you though?
@Wietlol was office xmas party, and we don't know, my gf thinks the weasel is jealous or something, they seem to like to benchmark their lives against us, its bizarre
weasels gf cant hold down a job, found out my gf had quit hers and was out of work, kept asking about her regularly and her finding work, lost complete interest the moment i told him she found a new job
like literally walked away from the conversation the moment i said it
he gets interested in my car only when its in the garage
hoping that its gonna be expensive or something i guess
just really odd behaviour in a social sense
anybody else got someone fun like that to work with?
we whack people like that
that will stop em from being silly
@Wietlol hammer time!
sorry about that, kinda went off on one xD
9:02 AM
@mr5 learnedth funfriday
p3k funfriday
9:07 AM
fun fun fun
What do you think guys mshwf.github.io/mates ?
@mr5 desecration of Rebecca
p3k Tell me if it is friday u dumb bot!
9:11 AM
tElL Me iF It iS FrIdAy u dUmB BoT!
I luv u paddy pad pad
@mshwf hmm. The vertical movement's acceleration should fail off too
but nice
||Is it friday ?
Invalid command! Did you mean: bs, js, 3? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍
you wanna be cap
totally worthless
time for alcohol
@ntohl It's confusing actually, all directions have the same acceleration, but sometimes it shows different behavior !
@Hans1984 deep in the night
its 11pm already
oh its 11am
too bad im already at my 5th beer
9:17 AM
it's 5:16PM
just kidding
only the 3rd?
p3k speak getze flemenwerfer
its hard to understand
had to listen to it 3 times
9:18 AM
p3k speak get ze flemen werfer
yeah thats a lil better
it sounds like those from starcraft
it sounds like zerg
"Get ze flamthrower hans!"
thats a hydralisk
p3k speak ntohl
not right...
p3k speak hans
sounds about right
p3k speak fun fun fun fun fun fun
p3k speak the best song in the world ♥
plz play with the rate, pitch, volume, and gender. if you can get the sound as close to patrick, message me the values :D
9:33 AM
@PatrickStar lol
@ lOl
so much emotions
@mr5 funfunfunfun
Patrick "Electrolarynx" Star
p3k speak Electrolarynx
9:47 AM
Egy icike-picike pocok pocakon pöckölt egy másik icike-picike pockot, mire a pocakon pöckölt icike-picike pocok is jól pocakon pöckölte az őt pocakon pöckölő icike-picike pockot.
you had to overdo it
p3k speak ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
you guys killed him !
it got borked. message length too long lol
anyway, I found a weeb voice
p3k funfriday
9:54 AM
p3k speak squirrel in training
lool. Sounds like Ratamahatta.
ok, it didnt bork that hard
did it?
@PatrickStar why are you speaking japanese
9:55 AM
That is a demonic invocation ntohl
@ wHy aRe yOu sPeAkIgN JaPaNeSe
@ wHy aRe yOu sPeAkInG JaPaNeSe
now he lost it
kill him!
we have lost control over the star
9:55 AM
@Wietlol hammer time!
hes out of control
how did it even try to respond to that?
bad memories come up
10:02 AM
@nyconing nom nom nom
need to do additional url encoding to make SO understand urls
@nyconing what does that mean?
!~translate 喵喵喵喵喵
Meow meow meow meow
·from Chinese Simplified
!~translate Egy icike-picike pocok pocakon pöckölt egy másik icike-picike pockot, mire a pocakon pöckölt icike-picike pocok is jól pocakon pöckölte az őt pocakon pöckölő icike-picike pockot.
10:03 AM
A tiny little tummy tummy poked another tiny tiny pock, by which time the tiny tummy teased was teased by his tiny tummy.
·from Hungarian
meow meow meow meow meow meow
that translation didn't go well
leh as well your sentence desnt looks well too
when it wasnt english
an itsy-bitsy gopher poked another itsy-bitsy gopher on it's tummy. In exchange the already tummy poked itsy-bitsy gopher tummy poked back the itsy-bitsy gopher who poked it.
thats where you took the wrong turn
10:07 AM
!~translate 季姬寂,集鸡,鸡即棘鸡。棘鸡饥叽,季姬及箕稷济鸡。鸡既济,跻姬笈,季姬忌,急咭鸡,鸡急,继圾几,季姬急,即籍箕击鸡,箕疾击几伎,伎即齑,鸡叽集几基,季姬急极屐击鸡,鸡既殛,季姬激,即记《季姬击鸡记》
p3k speak wietlol
Ji Jiji, set chicken, chicken is thorn chicken. Thorny chicken is hungry, Ji Ji and Ji Ji Ji chicken. Ji Jiji, Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji, Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Ji Ji, Ji Ji Jiji strikes the chicken, the chicken is dead, Ji Jiji, that is "Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji"
·from Chinese Simplified
when he doesnt understand things he just turns to japanese
10:08 AM
I like the rythm to this: texttospeech.responsivevoice.org/v1/…
It's actually just ?text=♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
@Squirrelintraining now add drums
and you got Sepultura - Ratamahatta
10:42 AM
@mr5 you can do that :)
@Squirrelintraining no I cannot, for I have the lazy
@ntohl nice
11:06 AM
p3k speak Harry is a filthy roach
12:02 PM
what should I do if I just want to run a single method in my web app
I try to put in my Program.cs but it requires all the dependencies (the class)
you need a class to run a method
what is your code?
a simple independent code
something like Console.WriteLine...
oh, you are saying directly put that method in Program.cs only. haha
uhm... iDunno
if it was just Console.WriteLine, why do you require all the dependencies?
oh it requires one tbh
the class
it's not Console.WriteLine..
I am calling an api
I made it sound being equivalent to cw because it is an independent call.
My question was in .netcore
web app
to clarify again, I have a service class A (which has dependency B).
Inside that class A I have a method M(which makes use of B)

I just want to run M in my .net core web app.
Like at the very beginning
on startup?
or just for testing?
what very beginning? A's constructor's not right place?
@Wietlol yes startup
@nthol A's ctor is in its .cs file
Just like we can run a console app and immediatly see the output on console
I suppose your web framework has an onStartup function or something
I wanted to see something like that
12:16 PM
or a startup script
I have used Debug.WriteLine
.net core!
other than that, I usually abuse tests to run code to see what it is doing
or just host your web service locally and run it
invoke that controller's action
abuse tests to run code
@PatrickStar @mr5 what is this?
@ @Mr5 WhAt iS ThIs?
12:19 PM
I can use mocks to resolve the dependency
thumps up
12:40 PM
Jon Chan on July 03, 2020
At Stack Overflow, one of our main missions is to close the gap between companies and developers during the hiring process. Though you may know us primarily as a Q&A site for developers, we are also a talent platform, and are in a unique position to connect developers with companies and jobs that they are…
@Feeds shut up
Q: How to fight spam?
PatrikStar: Spam it.
Jack: Spam it after a delay.
1:09 PM
@Harry yeah me too
although i'm still furloughed
dang I am stuck
_services = new ServiceCollection();
            services = _services.BuildServiceProvider();

            var x = services.GetRequiredService<XClass>();
Xclass(HttpClient h){}
it says unable to resolves HttpClient dependency
what to do?
@CaptainSquirrel this is only my first week backand its been a proper shock to the system
Yeah i'm not looking forward to it lmao
please tell?
1:31 PM
I believe AddHttpClient adds DI of the factory, not the instance
so you should have XClass(IHttpClientFactory clientFactory) { var h = clientFactory.CreateClient();}
ok. I take it back
but you should use _services.AddHttpClient<IXClass, XClass>(); and XClass(HttpClient h) : IXClass {}
2:02 PM
even if I don't have anything in my interface? @ntohl?
in the documentation you provided, there is something in the interface
haha yes
I am getting it now
what you said is right as well
CatalogService == XClass: ICatalogService == IXClass. ICatalogService have a async Task<Catalog> GetCatalogItems(int page, int take, int? brand, int? type); inside
2:16 PM
@ntohl I am saying about this message
it's okay
2:49 PM
Hey guys
Hey killerino
Need a new phone. Looking for some upper mid range phone not from china. Any recommendations? So far, I got LG G8s and Moto one fusion+ on my list. Still gotta check different ones.
Also sick day today so I only just got capable of functioning as a human an hour ago or so.
@Squirrelkiller I kinda like the note 8
got it from work
Unfortunately, Samsung sucks as a company. They are too Apple by now.
Q: How do I place the return of my IEnumerable into my StringBuilder?

SkullomaniaI am attempting to add the contents of an IEnumerable to a StringBuilder as it works its way through a file, or files. Currently my controller has two methods. Method 1 provides a way for me to find the chunk of data that I want to extract from a file: public static IEnumerable<string> GetData(st...

This is confusing. The example in the comments is exactly what I have but my StringBuilder is null
2:55 PM
@Squirrelkiller yeah but the note8 is old
But I'd still have to give money to samsung
@SamuraiJack You're absolutely right, that might indeed bother the Api. But if it's sensitive data, you shouldn't just give the direct link to the client. Maybe you can somehow have the api take the direct link and send the stream to the client, so it doesn't need to actually hold the image, instead just proxying the stream.
3:14 PM
what the fuck
I heard a ping
but there is no ping
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
@Squirrelkiller I can't expose stream to the client because the API returns JSON.. I don't think it is possible to return stream via JSON. Is it?
2 hours later…
6:29 PM
This is good to watch. Human vs AI
4 hours later…
10:11 PM
I mean, you could make the api return not json but a stream instead.
10:55 PM
I want to search: javascript difference between e => this.listener(e) and this.listener . is there something better to get better results, do booth syntax have their terminology ?
Hm. In C# it would be lambda and method group. Not sure about JS.
I posted a question, I gave up with what Google returns,
11:38 PM

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