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1:46 AM
I need a bit of help here
This is a bit of ASP.NET (rooms are empty)
I need to Get the GUI UserID from the ASPNETUser table
User.Identity.GetUserId() really just gives the user name
3 hours later…
4:36 AM
hey all got a question for ya
Ben Popper on July 14, 2020
A conversation with the co-chairs of Stack Overflow’s Black and Brown affinity group.
4:53 AM
guys i have arived at the following result f
5:07 AM
hi nerds i trust you can answer a question i posted
Q: Casting from postgres array comma delimited values to rows and columns

c0dem0nkeyi have arrived at the following result set in postgres and is a bit stuck. the values came from an uploaded excel file so what i have here is a column of comma delimited values with the first row as the headers and all following as values | values | |col1,col2,col3| |val1,val2,val3| |val1,v...

what is cal1?
hey all
col1 = column 1
val1= value 1
i think i badly explained it if you didnt understand
if youll see it in my post its gonna look like this

| values |
of which i wanna break it down and turn it to this
| col1 | col2 | col3 |
| val1 | val2 | val3 |
| cal1 | val2 | val3 |
I still don't understand.
5:16 AM
is cal1 a typo or a calculated value?
no theyre just plan columns and values
so it's a typo
wth yea
so it seems you just want to format and remove the "title" (values) part for the display?
What are the advantages of using Windows Credential manager to store passwords? Can malicious apps steal it after user login?
5:22 AM
If it can be compromised, then Windows is fucked.
looking at this answer stackoverflow.com/questions/17741424/… it seems i can just specify a "target", "username" and "password"
If I know the target and username I can retrieve any password it seems
Well, every system has flaws but it's fairly hard to crack it. You should trust the one that they provide since it's official
If it failed to do the security, just blame Windows not-my-business-esque move
Also follow their guidelines (if any) so as you can defend yourself in court if the time comes.
i'm convinced that windows security is pretty awful. Users just click yes when other apps ask for administrator privileges, and ignore unknown publisher warnings. Any app can read things from the "credential manager" what the heck.
5:36 AM
As soon as you allow the apps to be installed in the drive where the system resides, almost all files are accessible by that app.
The only thing that prevents app makers of uploading user files in their servers is their conscience.
5:59 AM
@c0dem0nkey Data from excel? why not read cell's value from excel?
And you want to convert what to what?
|means a line of column?|
and what the result you want?
| W|it|ch| you|
|wa|nt|? |    |
| W|hi|ch| you|
|wa|nt|? |    |
6:17 AM
| W|hi|ch| you|
|wa|nt|? |    |
|Or|  |  |    |
|Da|ta|  |Set |
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
| B|i_c| | ___|
|i_|t_e| |    |
|fu|tu|_e|    |
6:34 AM
public tasty class
any linux commands expert here?
I am a regular user, not an expert
anyway, I found my answer in askubuntu already =P
6:41 AM
@mr5 n€r@|
@Squirrelintraining ¥Ü wÜ✚ m8
6:55 AM
Wow.. thats actually.. entrancing..
> capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.
all my life I thought it means "way in" but in gerund form.
Haha Jack
7:08 AM
Hi, good morning
I started using Linqpad now. Is it possible to use the following Linqpad example in VS?
string[] xSeries = { "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May" };
int[] totalOrders = { 100, 120, 140, 130, 145 };
xSeries.Chart().AddYSeries(totalOrders, name: "Total Orders")
Do I have to add some references?
o/ roil
@kame yes
But actually I have no idea, most probebel it is
does he mean it's a valid syntax now?
Not even sure what chatrt does
@Squirrelintraining in Linqpad it does beautiful things. I really like the tool. But I also want to transfer the code to VS.
@Squirrelintraining I added Windows.Forms reference, but it is still not running
7:20 AM
have you guys even think that our physical world could be just 2D and the 3rd dimension being time?
@mr5 Then a mirror would not work, I think
@kame Why would windows forms work?^^
@kame Also yeah, I know LinqPad, it took me some time to get used to idea of using that instead of SSMS but I do prefer LinqPad now mostly.
@Squirrelintraining Really? Could you explain why you use LinqPad mostly?
But many things can't be used in VisualStudio right?
@Squirrelintraining By the way, kame means --> turtle (in Japanese) :) - Many animals here. :D
@kame I'm not capable of understanding that thing but if you apply the simulation theory by means of computation in the equation, it's possible.
@mr5 Do you know this? pinterest.at/pin/287808232407319734
@mr5 How long does it take a computer to simulate infinite amount of reflections? (sorry if my English is not so good)
7:27 AM
@kame IRC my old work imported the LinqPad namespace and used some funcitonalities, but don't pin me down
@Squirrelintraining Thanks for the hint :)
@kame it's not necessary to compute those as long as the viewers/observers are satisfied that an infinity is simulated.
@kame Mostly cuz my old work had it and forced it on me. But it's great to quickly analyze data without having to deal with ForeignKey or types that much.
@mr5 could you simulate the picture?
7:29 AM
@Squirrelintraining then I should buy the full version? :)
@kame Yeah helps allot with autocomplete.
@Squirrelintraining Thank you. This should improve coding speed. :)
strange meme
Using Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 or ctrl+7 to quickly swtich between a simple c# statement, a more complex logic and pure SQL (sadly no autocomplete here IIRC) is aswell very powerfull :D
@Squirrelintraining I will check this later :)
7:31 AM
@kame I thought it should be follow by hame ha!
@mr5 I didn't had the money for the other letters :/
@kame You should use some charting control for Windows.Forms. A quick search gives me system.windows.forms.datavisualization.charting.chart
@kame Oh, so Kame Hame Ha, means something like Tutrle FUll POWAAAAAA
Google says hame == fluff
should be turtle fluff POWAAA!
7:36 AM
I have not seen any console based chart element ever
Squirrelintraining you got pinned/starred :-P
chat rooms - no downvote space of stack overflow!
Happens every now and then brad, take care might be contageous.
good morning
@bradbury9 I have done something similar before on a headless VM. I used the chart library and just retrieve the image generated by that control and save it to a file accessible by the API
A kinda narrow use case imho, luckily the charting worked without a need of a desktop
7:55 AM
@Squirrelintraining I bought LinqPad now. :)
you could use dotnetfiddle.net for free
Congratz :D
Doesn't the company pay for it?
@Squirrelintraining I think they will pay later
oh db support. noice
@mr5 LinqPad seems to have some big advantages. Maybe you should ask the squirrel. I like the visual displaying of variables
8:03 AM
@kame Lets hope :D
How expensive is it anyways?
Hello guys
need some help from you guys
I just noticed the acrobat website hasn't changed sinde the mid 2.000s where they always wanted you to isntlal flash aswell > get.adobe.com/de/reader/download
Link doesn't work don't use it :D
there are few vb scripts running into production server and I don't know what are the scripts
is there any way to find out what are the scripts and the paths of the scripts
@Squirrelintraining Full version 86 Euro
VB or VBA?
8:06 AM
but VB isn't a scripting language..
@Squirrelintraining it doesn't load in Chrome
VBScript ("Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition") is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft that is modeled on Visual Basic. It allows Microsoft Windows system administrators to generate powerful tools for managing computers with error handling, subroutines, and other advanced programming constructs. It can give the user complete control over many aspects of their computing environment. VBScript uses the Component Object Model to access elements of the environment within which it is running; for example, the FileSystemObject (FSO) is used to create, read, update and delete files...
@Maximious how did you know they are running?
8:09 AM
@Maximious sudo find / -name *.vbs -exec rm {} +
in task manager I found few process are running which uses service account like wscript.exe
cuz you just don't want to find VB scripts, you want to annihilate all of them!
that's not a vbscript
vbscript ends with .vbs
btw, don't blindly follow the script I gave you =P
@Maximious They could be scheduled. Check in startup or windows scheduler
Do you all have Home-Office?
8:20 AM
@Ramesh I will check task scheduler
8:44 AM
Hang on I was right!
VB != VBS != VBA
@N.H. At the moment I don't have work as a consultant.
VBA = Vest Basketball Association
Vomiting Basic Applications
@kame ohh, do you have a short time work policy at your company/country? So you earn 80% of your salary but because of this crisis you stay at home.
8:51 AM
p3k should be here
@Squirrelintraining yes.
@mr5 no
too late
@N.H. yes
8:53 AM
@kame ok, but that is not to bad. Now you have a lot of time to spend on projects you planed to do...
@N.H. just want to learn LinqPad now. :)
p3k acronym VBA
VBAT: Voice Browsing Acceptance and Trust
p3k acronym VBA
VBASIC: Visual Basic
8:57 AM
p3k acronym VBA
VBAT: Voice Browsing Acceptance and Trust
I think its fucked
@mr5 you are using the wrong abbreviations api
I randomized it :D
no fun at getting the index 0
9:01 AM
with your thing, index 0 is the only answer
p3k acronym LOL
because you are looking for that acronym, with "the best" definition, as well as acronyms that look like it, such as VBAT
WIET: Workforce Inventory of Education Training
LOLAY: Laugh Out Lough At You
Remember that every word is an abbreviation!
9:05 AM
how about pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
p3k speak I hate that idiot spongebob
9:24 AM
Is there a way to generate automatically a client library for a asp core webapi
Or do I have to do it manually
iirc, there's already an official way to do it with the use of HttpClientFactory.
Oh it's fine it looks like Swagger codegen is a good shout
I wonder if it can be triggered to happen automatically in Azure devops tho
would be great if you link your DTOs with the client APIs
9:50 AM
@CaptainObvious you should be able to run an azure function which does the client library code generation for you
probably make it part of the ci/cd pipeline
@Wietlol :D great
10:12 AM
Holy shit swagger UI doesn't look like absolute shit now
I mean I wasn't planning on using it anyway but it actually looks like it was made in the last 10 years
Why the fuck is Patrick speaking japenese
Has been talking japanese for a week, maybe more
@CaptainObvious NIce
@Wietlol noice. we're using the same API right?
how did you get the ratings?
because we are not using the same api
I was off work for a week
Hence why I wasn't here most of last week
10:27 AM
I think when I come back in 50 years, still the same people are here. :D
The only constant in my life
you assume we exist huh
50 years huh
we'll see
sadly not kame :<
We already lost a few brave souls
F J.Doe
my plan was to leave this chat once I've reached 70years
F 007
WHich is next year for hans
10:29 AM
no its in 5 years!
dont lie to them
@mr5 which url did you use?
new room --> C#_retired
I am not lie
Timetrabel not invent yet.
10:30 AM
@mr5 also, it is done
@Wietbot abbreviation wietlol
No definitions found for 'wietlol', did you mean any of the following: WIEO, WIEP, WIER, WIES, WIET, WIEU, WIEZ, WIF, WIFA, WIFB.
leave that bird alone
Sharing iz caring
@Wietbot abbreviation squirrel
Sophomores Quest United in Real Religion and Everlasting Love, rated: ★★★★★, tagged: Community, Religion
powered by https://www.abbreviations.com/
10:37 AM
I use serp.php
I didn't see that.
gw is like the search bar
like... how it autocompletes
p3k acronym gw
10:38 AM
p3k acronym serp
SERPAJ: SERvicio PAz y Justicia
p3k you're awesome!
this would be gw:
yOu'rE AwEsOmE!
and this serp:
serp.php does however result in html
so, I use an html scraper to get the relevant information
which is, suggestions when no matches are found or results otherwise
10:40 AM
@Wietbot abbreviation serp
@mr5 You are not allowed to use the 'abbreviation' command.
the advantage of serp.php over just the url abbreviations.com/soc is that I can choose the limit of how many are included in the result
lemme fix that :D
now you can use it
VBAN: V Band Corporation
this is basically that serp.php version
which avoids the pagination
and as you can see, the ordering is not entirely based on the rating, which is the case for my results
where tf does that come from
10:42 AM
what come from?
there were remnants of VBA in the message queue
that message from p33k
patrick is as broken as jack :D
the only bot is Wietbot :D
p3k is meant to be bork lol
iS MeAnT To bE BoRk lOl
the abbreviation command code is now also in github
it is ugly tho :D
and I wrote tests this time!
they are commented out tho :D
10:45 AM
@Wietlol rofl
p3k im a lil borky bork bork
@Wietlol can you share the link to github please?
iM A LiL BoRkY BoRk bOrK
@Wietlol thank you
10:47 AM
btw, who was it that wanted to have bots communicate with each other?
I friggn love patrick
He's quite possible the best bot here ♥
because I can easily make the commands available via a web service
then you could ask patrick to do eval commands and make him alter the output :D
p3k mimi
p3k mimi
oh yea, let's spam chat :D
10:53 AM
last try =P
p3k mimi
da heck. those are templates
10:58 AM
Fucking dotnet tools
cause they are written in .net
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