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5:01 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' pleberinos!
@CaptainObvious your right
I dont mind
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan avvniii o7
How are you doing?
5:13 AM
Heya shad
if I delete a table from db
will EF create the table again?
I renamed a model in my project but the changes were not reflected in the db
so I am thinking of deleting
@Shad afaik no
why should it?
i thought running update-database command would make it do it again
I had used cntrl+R to rename the model
and the changes were seen in the migration files as well
5:57 AM
AFAIK the Update-Database command cheks the Migrations Table for applied Migratrions
And applies the migrations that havn't been applied yet
yeah I figured that out
what are you doing?
I'm sitting here hungry
go fetch some nuts?
5:58 AM
Good idea
And i've started to learn vue
oh cool!
you already know blazor,angular,react?
Sadly not entierly
I've looked at angular and react a bit but mi work is going to use vue
I have heard good things about Vue as well
all the best
Welp I've heard good things about MVC and WinForms and see where that took us
6:09 AM
And whatcha working on?
web api!
6:29 AM
Gentleman. :)
Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm at home. I had a vacation :-)
I thoght you left us like avni did </3
6:32 AM
How was the vacation? :)
Good. Stayed at home, but spent my time doing whatever I wanted. Mostly anime, TV, and hiking with the doggo. :-)
How the litlle biggu doggo doin'?
Good as ever. Super sweet and quite lazy. ^^'
Good to hear :)
6:37 AM
Also have been trying to learn how to make decent YouTube videos. Talking to a camera is very awkward and I'm not very good at it yet, but I'll try :P
How are things here?
Chat's getting quite nowadays
The vamps still pop by now and then but over all it's same as usual :D
Alright. Might just be the vacation period too :P
6:44 AM
Or cuz new work and we need 2 shine :D
Who knows? Avni still drops by occasionally right? He's just not online all the time because Google, I guess.
16 hours ago, by Avner Shahar-Kashtan
Yeah he drops by every now and then
Google's watching all of us I tellz ya!
Yeah... your Android Phone is listening, your search queries are stored, your downloads are tracked, your smart home is just Google spy, etc.
Partially true you knows?
7:01 AM
Im creating a speedometer for gta5, using full c#
so awesome :')
github seems down
7:18 AM
Just wanted to ask that here :D
So I'm not the only 1 experiencing issues
Its up and runnning again
nope, is unstable
good morning
booked my mcsa exams
7:34 AM
Has anyone implemented MessagePack in Xamarin.Forms?
Hello to all. As you know, C# 9.0 is due to be part of the .NET 5 development platform, set to arrive in November. I have a question, is it worth it now to start updating the stack's wiki by [c#] tag, or still wait for the official release?
I'll abstain from that, i'm just a follower :P
7:52 AM
@Nikhileshwar has Messagepack got a non-garbage C# serialiser/deserialiser yet?
@timnavigate If you're currently using preview stuff I think it's fair to ask a question as normal. I think there's a preview tag you should tag it with though just to make it clear you're on the preview version
@CaptainObvious I'm not aware of what non-garbage c#serialiser/deserialiser mean.

I have posted a query in SO with more info.

I am banging my head for couple of days now...:|
@nyconing Cool. Looking good. Are you doing memory reads?
@Nikhileshwar Oh that should be fairly simple
these are the steps I followed

1. Installed mpc tool.
2. Used `donet mpc -i "{FormsProject.csproj path}" -o "{FormsProject directory path}"`
3. Added the created message pack generated class to the forms project.
4. Used the following code in App.xaml.cs Initialize method
Okay kiddeos
Seeing you in like 3hrs
Breaktime is KidsTIme
8:02 AM
@CaptainObvious I'm not sure where I'm doing wrong
It looks like your FormatterCache type contains a Drawing2D.matrix
Yeah, @CaptainObvious I figured that one. I Removed that property, It works in Android. But still iOS throws Operation not supported in platform.
@Shad no, entire native
@Hozuki yeah, it reads memory
I'd look at the docs but github is still dead again
I'm too trying to raise a question in github.
8:11 AM
Yeah I wouldn't bother trying for a couple of hours
github looks fine for me
at last
at first
last first first last LFFL chat structure
@nyconing which lib?
8:19 AM
first out, last out
entry closed
a queue where only one person gets through
Jesus, Github's uptime is now worse than ours
We've had 15 minutes downtime in the last month
And that was when the database server decided to block all of the hosts from connecting
That's what amuses me about all the cloud services, what happens when the line goes down
who is the new squirrel?
8:21 AM
grangted GitHub is different
Github is probably the only major Microsoft service to rely on AWS
why so?
oh dude, how can I sort a list of object by property with a specified value list order?
how what now?
obj list: obja,objb,objc,objd
ordered list: c,d,b,a
ordered obj list: objc,objd,objb,obja
8:24 AM
All hail IEnumerable<T>.OrderBy()
OrderBy()....by other list?
        public static IEnumerable<A> OrderBy<A, B>(this IEnumerable<A> data, Func<A, B> dataMapper, IList<B> order)
            IDictionary<B, Int32> orderMap = new Dictionary<B, Int32>(order.Count);

            for (var i = 0; i < order.Count; i++)
                orderMap.Add(order[i], i);

            return data.OrderBy(testData => orderMap.Find(dataMapper(testData)).OrElse(order.Count));
all hail having solved stuff before
What in the bloody fuck is that
in this line: new Dictionary<B, Int32>(order.Count) What is order.Count doing? Assigning to B?
just trying to understand it
i dont really use dictionaries as much as I should
8:29 AM
Just creates a dictionary with order.Count capacity
uh... what's "Find"and "OrElse"
oh, that :D
uhm... you can use something like TryGet, I think
@DAustin see docs, although there's fairly limited reason you'd want to use that constructor
ah its the length initialiser? got it
@Wietbot evalcsharp new Dictionary<String, String> { {"A", "B"} }.Find("A").OrElse("C")
8:30 AM
No, capacity, not th esame as length
oh shit, he isnt here
i would but im currently grinding through 70-480, 483 and 486 test books
oh whats that then?
The docs page linked was for that particular version of the constructor
ill be on disctionaries in the next book lol, dont wanna go too deep tile
til then*
Basically, it's all to do with how .net handles collections
8:32 AM
ah ok, but capacity is the no. of things it can hold?
Not dictionary specific, but basically when you add items to a List<T> it will use up spaces in the array of T which is backing the list
something weird is up with Wietbot's connection... dang it
@CaptainObvious Oh, think im with you
didnt realise thats how a List<T> was working under hood
When the array runs out of space, the original backing array is replaced with another one double the length, all the items are transplated and then continue adding
8:33 AM
oh, so thats why they prefer it if you set the length at the start (or capacity)
@Squirrel.Downy indexOf might be a bit... annoying
i did always wonder lol
TLDR it's handy if you're gonna dump tons of entries in the dictionary in one go, amkes sense yo tell it how many you're starting with so it doesn't have to keep extending iot
yeh im with you now
makes sense
if your collection is small, then it works fine tho
8:34 AM
Yeah with small collections the benefit it negligible
im slowly warming up, studying HTML5 and CSS3 according to microsoft
they still advocate using tables for layout
That's an optimisation I keep forgetting about actually
then c# then MVS App development
I use List<T> all over the place, with thousands of entries in each one
8:36 AM
basically i didnt get the dev job i was going for the other week, came 2nd apparently after 2 hours of intervies, so thought fuck it, time to actually get a qualification
I use List<T> near constantly
usually for holding my EF results without running into context issues
If you're starting with a source collection and doing ToList() then that sorta does it for you I think
honestly no idea, just kept getting context not found issues once trying to access the results from a method call, makes sense really why that wouldn't work, found .ToList() was the easiest way to sort that
this made me lol
@DAustin which mcsa have you choosen?
I need help with migrations!
WEb Applications
closest to my day job really
@CaptainObvious not sure if you meant the dictionary constructor or my overly complex function, but I guess it applies to both :D
8:43 AM
html/css scheduled for end of July, Prgrammin in c# scheduled for end of Aug, MVC Apps scheduled a month later
so you will be giving 3 exams ?
it will be online or offline/
its really easy to sign up etc, but not cheap
do tell the experience
Send link
8:44 AM
offline, i read the t's & c's for online and there's a catch all in it
the invigilator watching you can end your exam at any time for any reason if they suspect any dodginess
which includes hearing anyone on the mic
even if theyre outside your house in the street
fuck that
oh my
so im off to an exam center for all 3 lol
what is your exp btw?
8:45 AM
yeh there's no refunds, but you can reschedule easily and for free if you give at least 6 days notice
about 2 and a half years developing
oh cool
and about a decase before that being a shitty front end dev
mine is around same
shitty = I only had jQuery back in the day lol
still you might be knowing enough css
8:46 AM
so only so much you can achieve there
i should be fine
buuut, best to read the ref book for anything they might ask that ive not done
for HTML/CSS that is, c# and MVC i need more skills
I struggle with multithreading and async/await for instance
same here
8:48 AM
and the mvc app dev, i have no knowledge of build servers etc
but im fine with MVC as a concept
thats what ive being developing in for the last few years
but being self taught, i miss basic things
and cant wrap my head around some of the more complex stuff
Factory methods for example
no fucking clue what to do there
I guess, we can get used to it by practicing
absolutely, but i got torpedoed in the job interview by some really basic shit i should have known7
i didnt do badly, but yeah can see how someone actually trained would have beaten me
lol so im currently reading about the JavaScript alert box lmao
what you laughing at @ntohl?
3 mins ago, by DAustin
lol so im currently reading about the JavaScript alert box lmao
9:03 AM
oh :)
Factory methods + async/await arrear, but reading about JavaScript alert box
correct, got the html/css exam first
so going through the reference book for anything im not well versed on, gotta read it all to figure that out
now onto css queryselector
tbh the bits about canvas and cvg should be useful, thats not something i use very often if at all
dont wanna fill my brain with C# stuff too soon lol
thats interesting
the javascript section basically tells you the exam will expect you to be ble to use jQuery too
Why doesn't dottrace hava a dark mode :(
9:22 AM
does this chat have a dark mode btw?
my eyes
as a matter of fact, it does
And how do you switch it on?
my local council just sent this email
Electoral Register Annual Canvass 2020
Nice to know they can spell canvas right...
i have lived here for just over 2 years, in that time theyve asked 4 times and sent someone to the door to ask whos eligible to vote
wouldnt mind if it was a rental, but we own the house lol, they have us on reord since day 1
9:32 AM
@DAustin imagine an average voter. They have to communicate with them. So they sank the level to the average degree...
true, but its not against the law here to be unregistered, but they send these letter out with quite legal heavy language
if you dont tell us we'll have to send someone to your address etc.
we stopped responding to the letters after the 3rd one, about 3 months later someone with a clipboard showed up
this time im refusing to even answer their questions if they show up again, never known a council like it
funny thing is, the area we're in is a tory safe seat (wasnt the reason i moved here) since the 1980's
so its not as if it even matters that much, surrounded by old people with conservative views lol
This works quite nicely in Edge: darkreader.org/help/en
get out
Edge is Chrome
built on chromuim
chromium != chrome, its just the engine underneath
still plenty of room for MS to balls it up like they do
tbh ive not actually tried the new edge, it could be good, ms burned the browser bridge for me over a decade ago though lol, never really used it since
9:43 AM
You should try it, you can always uninstall it. It's nothing like IE
buuuut i have chrome lol
i do need to try it though, being a web dev i need to know what its like
I guess it's less an issue these days, but not so long ago to be a web dev you had to be running all the browsers, if not on your own machine then on VM's somewhere.
its just difficult to bring myself to install it, it feels like im pissing on my computer, disrespectiful
oh yeah i know
its where the deep hatred of IE comes from for me
hey here's some code that works perfectly in all browsers that follow the web standards
My favourite is still Firefox, particularly Developer Edition. My fave feature is single quote to navigate links from the keyboard
and heres the additional code you need to inject to make it work on ie 11
and some more for ie 10
and9, and 8
i do like FF
but i found it was a bit sluggish compared to chrome
not much, but noticable
9:47 AM
I love how in kotlin, almost all of the browser compatibility is done for you
i used FF for years, but for some bizarre reason aroun 2014, it caused hard locks on my pc randomly, so i ended up moving over to chrome
So Firefox got way better since Quantum
I often see this in css, where I just write something like
blabla = 1.px
and in the website, I see
Which was version 58 I think
oooo thats what Kotlin does? heard the name before but never looked into it
Adding to bookmarks
9:49 AM
blabla: 1px;
-moz-blabla: 1px;
-webkit-blabla: 1px;
yeh im with ya
@DAustin it is not what kotlin "does"... as in, that is what it is meant to do
cant remember what i was looking at in the past for sorting mixins, probably sass or less
kotlin is just a language designed to be good at everything
any language? seems a bit far fetched
9:50 AM
I think that's pretty much most language authors top strategic intent :)
write some bash and then come back :D
I didn't say they are all successful
i am sure you want a big banking app to run on bash
lol bash is ok, just not easy lol
hmm will have to take a deeper dive into kotlin at a later date
cant afford to fill me head with that atm
bash is far from ok
9:52 AM
bash >> powershell
its fine for interacting with the os in a sysadmin sense
i wouldnt do much if any programming in it
sre a few scripts for running backup processes
but yea, I use kotlin now for basically everything
but not any actual "apps"
Even making new folders?
from command line scripts to big monolithic applications
9:53 AM
so kotlin will do you c# too?
kotlin is a very fine substitude for glasses, yes
@hollystyles I do that in windows explorer :D
Kotlin doesn't have a file manager?
neither does any other language :D
so all are garbage :D
the biggest issue with working from home during lockdown is both my damn neighbours deciding to do house renovations
im getting drills etc in stereo
bastards, wish i was furloughed
Noise cancelling headphones
oh i can drown it out with music etc, just trying to keep distractions to a minimum
can you tell me one thing
is noise cancelling implicit or explicit?
depends on the model of headphones
expensive ones will sample the environment audio and try to cancel it out
I mean, if noise cancelling, that means I can't hear outside noise
or others can't hear my song's noise
cheap ones just use a fucktonne of padding etc
just buy a pair of in-ear sony bass boosters
for like £12.50
theyre so good its insane
9:59 AM
I couldn't part with £300.00 for the Sony ones, but I tried a pair a colleague had purchased, they literally detach you from the world! It's weird feeling the first time.
which is why i cant stop laughing at people who spend over £200 on the muddy audio of a pair of beats headphones
SOny or Sennheiser verytime
everytime* ffs lol
which model was that holly?
will keep an eye out
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