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6:02 AM
Buenos dias
6:38 AM
6:49 AM
Why do developers do this!?!?!
Because they wand it quick and dirty and aren't experienced enough to quickly throw out a nice little method, so they throw out this.
And then 5 years later the quick and dirty version is just there and noone touches it because it works so there's no reason to change it.
The sad thing is, that developer actually has decades of C# experience.
I'm not really sure what was the rationale behind with this decision.
Maybe I'm missing something else.
7:04 AM
Well ask him then. Maybe there is indeed a good reason.
risking to sound like an idiot, what is so terrible about this code again?
some of the lines are a little long, but on its own, it doesn't merit its own method
There are methods on HttpClient that let you doesnload data and directly deserialize it to some object. Also all the .Result calls suck. You can read a stream in a sync way if you don't want to do it async. No need to do it async and then block on it. That's just negligent.
a number of information would be lost in case of failure. would be hard to diagnose from the higher end what causes the issue in case of failure again.
could be misused. e.g., calling this method inside a loop.
Why do developers do what specifically
@Squirrelkiller so the crime is not serializing it to some sort of model?
I can see why that might be bad, but if you're not sure what you're getting, that's perfectly valid
7:21 AM
Ok in case this is really just a proxy shoving through whatever data is loaded, at least get rid of the .Result calling. Either do it sync or async, but using both sucks. Whenever we have a deadlock somewhere it's because someone called .Result on an async method.
retrieving the result of an async call right away is just converting async to sync isn't it?
I mean I suppose not really, but it makes the thread sleep until it gets the result
Yup Neil
I have been tasked to document database changes so they can be put into integration... Some mf'er created a table named "code_description"
lol, yep
The column names are not helpful either
a programmer definitely named that table
7:28 AM
Not exactly somehow. Not sure why, but directly calling .Result sometimes makes a deadlock. Doing it via GetAwaiter() doesn't deadlock in these cases. Also you could just make it async, or, at least for reading the stream, use the sync method.
I am a programmer myself, but I wanna kill my coworker
is the table like code, description, creation_date ?
I'm not a big fan of reusing tables like that as a generic key/value store
if it were supposed to hold configuration values, then call it a configuration table at least
Columns are: table_name, column_name, name, description PK is table_name and column_name... So some kind of metadata I guess
Now I need to check who did the commit and ask politely to describe what that shit is so I can document it
that data is usually already provided by the database engine
and relying on meta data to retrieve data is overly obtuse and hard to debug
@Squirrelkiller yeah. .Result is the only thing that bothers me from my example. I've seen this misused just recently from our project. The VB developer called this from the constructor of a service which happens to get executed from the main thread (mobile development). It's pain in the ass to debug.
Fortunately, the example above was used from ASP WebAPI so the framework doesn't throw when the main thread freezes.
7:49 AM
It's just the UI thread that freezes what's the harm in tha-
*Killed by OS for misbehavior and unresponsiveness*
good morning
I seem to see the code I and my colleagues wrote before...
(oh what a shame
@ntohl It's not obvious why that would cause a deadlock
I mean it's obvious to those who know I suppose, but as someone unfamiliar with C#, it's scary to see code that doesn't seem to create deadlock which actually does
8:04 AM
yes. I hate fighting deadlock.
obviously not ideal to make the UI thread await an async result
but it's not apparent why that causes deadlock
8:36 AM
my favorite is starting a task with async, and ContinueWith with some code modifying the UI. And using Invoke at the end of the task is not working, just the ContinueWith.
8:48 AM
So anyone using gitflow with gitlab?
Q: How to use a Gitlab Merge Request to finish a release/hotfix branch using Gitflow?

SquirrelkillerSo our company is using Gitflow. Can't currently change that. I have looked into github-flow and gitlab-flow, but we can't currently move to a different model. When finishing a hotfix or release branch, right now we don't use merge requests, but manually use gitflow to locally merge the branches...

9:07 AM
@Squirrelkiller "I'd've"
Yes thank you I'm proud of me too.
some more squirrels?
and you will kill them? Mr.Squirrelkiller?
Or will I use them to kill? We will see I guess.
9:19 AM
Congratz Squirrelkiller
Uh...thanks I guess?
last squirrel standing
For now
sqrl in training, cptn sqrl and blck srql are nowhere to be found
9:27 AM
So I missread, thought this was related to parenting:
- Mr5: Some more squirrels?
- SK: Soon
Kinda. For now it's only about Squirrel in Training currently being in a new job, so I guess it'll be a few weeks or so until he gets back in here.
But he also has two kids, so give that some time.
Teaching kids logic? Great idea! But letting them become profesional coders? Not so
There are far better jobs
Yeah, like Cloud Solution Architect or AI Engineer
@bradbury9 spits in coffee There are better jobs than building castles in the air?
Coding, at least in Spain, is not a grateful job. As a hobby, can be fun, it is creative. As a job, many times it is not.
9:44 AM
it varies on the culture
But but .. we literally create ALL of the value in most endevours!
in America it is generally more prized, but in Italy, you're just a lowly code monkey
Why do people prize anything?
because they have value
it's kind of the cornerstone of modern society
And right now who have the biggest value levers?
9:57 AM
How expensive can levers be?
like 20 bucks tops?
Dirt cheap these days
But they are complex to operate
well, they're a step up from buttons, but not that much more
10:31 AM
I heard some of those stuffs
10:46 AM
I bet you there is a lever with diamonds on it somewhere.
Definitely more than 20 bucks
11:00 AM
is this the lever you guys are talking about?
Put the weight on the other side, so it flies further!
why does a lever needs to fly further
why does it cost 20 bucks
why are they complex to operate
or maybe this lever?
I think there was a British joke to use the first meaning as the second
11:15 AM
Wow this really blew up :)
11:25 AM
pls explain
I'm no education
you use the lever to move values, duh
"Leverage" google this, you will got what you want
yeah but which aspect does it describe?
It could be literally
11:29 AM
Leverage (finance)
could mean anything
Doesn't look like anything to me
oh what?
I'm gone, have a good time today!
Software is a powerful lever, for a moderate I in ROI you can get significant R. Because once software is made it can be distributed globally for almost zero cost and repurposed/reused.
11:32 AM
if it's available for multipurpose. Not like embedded stuff...
so I'd make a console app that prints "hello world" and repurpose it to say "hi world"
you can produce a ton of webshops while you create 1 embedded break system software
oh yeah I think I get it. but why does it cost 20 bucks?
Physical levers cost 20 bucks
11:34 AM
here comes the joke.
Nah I just explained it, too late
and why does it has diamond sometimes?
Joke is dead now
11:35 AM
Because everything you can imagine, somewhere there is a version with diamonds that is way more expensive tha nwe imagine such an item to be.
where is swoosh?
Invalid command! Did you mean: woosh, woah, choose? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
Smartphone cover 5-20 bucks depending on how nice it is? Try one with diamonds.
yaay. That's the one
80000 for a nice car? Why not make one with diamonds around the wheels or windows?
thanks for explaining sqruielrelrekr
you da best!
just kind of weird devs starts talking about finance
squirlekerel knotting tongues since 2015
11:39 AM
is the lever value a common knowledge from where you guys are from?
I did an image search for diamond encrusted crowbar... was disappointed :(
If you don't know where to get it, you can't afford it.
Damn I gotta play generals again
yeah. Me too :D
61 players online
11:51 AM
Great project :D
12:27 PM
This has bugged me in VS since forever
I don't have those in our web config
it's like 500 lines
I just upgraded to 2019 (early adopter I have never ever been :) I think it might be the .suo file ...
But I think this behaviour has many causes ...
We got VS2019 two weeks ago...after some time asking and now giving the "we're building this microservice but VS2017 cannot build coreFx31, get us VS2019"
So I didn't know when this happened but now .suo is written to .vs/<solution_name>/v16/.suo anyway I binned it and restarted VS and problem has gone away .. for now anyway.
LOL how many lines should configuration be? before it becomes a confusion file :)
a decent size config should have a tool to manage
12:43 PM
Yeah but the tool is often broken as we have just seen.
Even the tool was confused.
Said a tool using a tool LOL
tbf it's probably a good idea anyway to delete the .vs/.suo after a VS major update
Yeah our web config is giant. The reason is basically we build a platform uniting 5 different applications from our company under one frontend. So we have to have ALL the configuration of all other applications.
You can... reference other files from your web.config, splitting the config files in chunks that make sense.
Well a 500 line file is pretty easy to generate these days
It's easy to generate a million line file, but readability remains key.
You know, when is "Big data" actually big? It depends right.
12:48 PM
"Big data" has no clear definitions, no.
@hollystyles which tool? I mean for example this is a tool> c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/db2972/…
for a 500 line config I would build a "WCF Service Configuration Editor" like something to manage.
My first 8bit computer would not have had the ram for a million carriage returns probably ;) @ntohl any tool, in my case VS itself parsing the web.config I had to remove the .suo file it had generated and restart it.
next step redirect the output from json/ini/txt/yaml/hopac/etc. to binary.
@hollystyles but it's not the managing tool for the config. VS is the user, upgrade tool is an... upgrade tool. But it doesn't have textbox to change the server ip to something different
In 5 minutes I am about to deploy software that will save my Co. 40k a month in costs. That's what I was on about with levers earlier. I am ... quite excited right now.
1:04 PM
a program to fire 12 software developer monthly...
1:14 PM
@hollystyles Nice. Get yoursef a shiny new standup desk paid by your employer.
here is your yearly bonus. 200. Good work
Hey a nice standup desk is like 800€
Also get a vertical mouse. You'll get used to it so damn fast.
I forgot my vertical mouse in the office. I miss it working in home office :/
vertical mouse is painful to use
standup desk, that sounds so annoying
@Neil It's great. Can just drive it up and work standing for 20 minutes. Also lets you pace around without having to sit down or stand up. Also really helpful for showign stuff to colleagues, as you don't have to get chairs for everyone involved.
@nyconing It should be the opposite. And for me it worked great. Feels way more natural.
1:32 PM
maybe that design isnt for asian, specially me
I used to use the dual shock 4 until my index finger peeling and bleeding
ds4 simply too big for my hand
Uh...the playstation controller?
@Squirrelkiller I think that would be fine if I were used to standing up
yes. besides, the switch's joycon are fited perfectly on my hand
These days, I don't like standing up to drink my coffee
I mean, I prefer the xbox controllers too. Was just really confused as you jumped from a vertical mouse to a playstation controller.
I like the joy cons too, but they aren't ergonomically shaped at all.
1:40 PM
i mean, product design that isnt not suitable for asians, while Asian.Body.Size are smaller
2:06 PM
Give me the PS4 controllers any time.
yeye I ll own ps5 later
Same. I'll get the PS5 when it comes out.
idk about the ps5.....the more they keep delaying things, the more I'm led to believe there are problems with hardware and the more I think it's not gonna be a good system
they seem to be in a similar mindset to where they were before the ps3 launched, which is...not good
2:23 PM
everything about those consoles make me think it's temporary and that I'd be wasting money to invest money in them
especially now that games can literally be downloaded
that said, I know for a fact there are some great strictly console games
that was my standpoint before. while 'if i can play for free why should i spend money on console'
1. ps4 multiplayer games are 99.99% no plugins
2. too convenience, i paid for the game, i can play it right now, no download was needed
3. game stores are very attractive, i buy it because i saw it
4. most of games i played wasnt releases on pc
..... many more you know
most console games require downloads/updates anyway
it's not even that you can say you insert it and play it
not recently at least
no, it is.
on switch, it was just plug and play, no installation needed
I'd just assume invest money to improve my pc which I use for non-gaming usage as well
on ps4, installation was needed but no downloading
I invested on a new tv just week ago
50' uhd
and then play games at fhd
2:40 PM
uhd? that's 8k isn't it?
or is that 4k?
I can never seem to keep track of it
when my wife and I got our tv a few years ago, it was 48 inches and supported 4k, which at the time was the best
now there's 8k, but it doesn't really matter anyway, because at best, there's only hd cable service supported with some minor exceptions during sporting events
Isn't picture quality now beyond what our eyes can even percieve anyway pr somrthing stupid and all thos 4k and 8k is nonsense because you can't even see it anyway?
I am a 4 eyes so my eyesight is shot anyway so 4k is wasted on me
Hmmm ok it's a factor of screen size and distance.
mostly yeah
there's a huge difference from normal to hd, and a far smaller difference between hd and 4k
my guess is you'd have a hard time telling a difference between 4k and 8k
14 mins ago, by nyconing
on switch, it was just plug and play, no installation needed
not always
So I think 4k is 4 times as many pixels as 1080p so 8k is twice 4k ?
"here's our game on the cartridge, kind of; please download the 32gb package for the full thing"
4k is 4 times 720p
2:47 PM
Ohh okay
8k is twice 4k? not sure how that works but I'd assume it means twice the pixels
which being a 2d screen, doesn't mean twice the horizontal and vertical resolution
I grew up watching VHS so pretty much anything since then looks amazing to me :)
twice the horizontal/vertical resolution would be 4 times the resolution
VHS was crap by comparison :)
it even had anomalies and inconsistencies in the playback
posted on June 04, 2020 by ericlippert

Code for this episode is here. Where were we? I was gradually changing Abrash’s “remember the neighbour counts” into Stafford’s algorithm from an early 1990s optimization contest. In this series I’m going to illustrate the algorithm in C#, and we’ll … Continue reading →

talkin about vhs reminds me a year ago I went into a flea market and my brother found a Betamax tape and asked wtf itw as
2:57 PM
yeah, I read about that
it was actually a superior "VHS" system that ultimately didn't win the battle
they think because it cost more to the average consumer, so people went cheaper instead
there are little things about Betamax that made it fail
with VHS, anybody could make a tape, but things changed once tech companies started making DVDs and Blu-Rays, with Sony's hold on Blu-Rays meaning certain restrictions have been put in place
I'm sure they tried the samething with Betamax
also like....vhs lets you see both tape wheels,w hich lets you see how far into the film you are; Betamax can't do that
how would you rewind it though?
magnetic media like vhs and Betamax were a mistake, anyway; way too easy to break and the machines are too complex for their own good
you have to turn one or the other to push it forward/backward
you rewind by putting it in the machine and pressing "rewind"
3:01 PM
ok, but it's a tape.. if you spin it to pull tape, it works.. if you spin that same reel to "push" tape, it just makes a mess
yeahh lol
idk man; I've never used a Betamax player
it probably uses two wheels, but the fact is the user can't see the second one due to how the tape was designed
Overcooked game free on epic games
I found an article in 2015 saying "Betamax is dead, long live vhs," except I remember the last VCR manufacturer ceasing the year after
@Neil okay they do have two wheels
@Freerey the player has to access both wheels though :)
found out what they look like when opened....but again: the box's design doesn't demonstrate this
3:05 PM
I'm sure there's a way, otherwise it simply wouldn't be viable
I'm just talking about the way it looks
the user can't look at a Betamax and be like "oh, it looks like I've already seen part of the movie already
9gag has been depressing to visit at lately
do you guys know another meme site?
less emphasis on the memes though
3:07 PM
@Neil I mean, that really depends on the subreddit.
reddit is toxic
depends on the subreddit
That also depends on the subreddit
just don't visit the_donald
Great subreddit.
3:09 PM
there's a reddit for everyone trying to outdo each other on the biggest compliment
there are some very positive subreddits
also a great source of porn entertainment
ayt. that looks like it. thanks

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