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10:00 AM
I dont want to get the bug
bugs are nasty
Also, my wife emailed some people in China she met a few months ago and got the most dramatic out-of-office email I've seen.
something something we might be dead so i might never see this
10:00 AM
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan pics
something something nda
Google Translate had it as "The fight against the epidemic extraordinary period, is expected to reply within 60 working days"
I would hope poor Avner didn't have to sign an NDA when he married his wife
10:02 AM
My wife grows plants. It isn't really an NDA-intensive industry.
She grows plants... I get you
"If you get this, hide your wife and your children somewhere. THE VIRUS IS COMING!!! Also, should reply within 60 working days. Have a nice day."
71442 confirmed, 1775 dead, 11205 cured
@nyconing That's a 13.7% mortality rate.. that's way worse than 2%
10:06 AM
hideyowife, hideyokids, hideyoself
Mr. xXxPuZzSnAtCh3rxXx is in da hauz
calculation never accurate when confirmed case> death + recover
calculation never accurate when numbers are made up
But sure, ncov might have more deadly than sars
This is the latest WHO numbers I've seen, from yesterday:
> China - 51,174 laboratory-confirmed (1121 new) - 1666 deaths (142 new)
> Outside of China - 683 laboratory-confirmed (157 new) - 25 countries - 3 deaths (1 new)
I think the virus can't survive in tropical countries
10:09 AM
I think the virus can't survive outside of china
it will mutate fast
most of its neighboring countries are from SEA, and SEA == tropical countries
@ntohl we dont like that word in here
> it will edit fast
it will inbreed fast
@mr5 Almost all cases are in Hubei, and Hubei is inland with no international neighbors.
10:11 AM
that just means quarantine is working
Exactly, meaning we have no basis for claims like "it can't survive in tropical countries".
Singapore is 2nd disaster area. But 'response-system condition' still in orange, not sure Singapore will repeat the mistake as China made.
cant they just spawn the disaster on the moon?
Sometimes I wonder if I'd still understand what would happen to nyconings messages if I put them in google translate
it would save us a lot of trouble
10:14 AM
Its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition
the system which used in Singapore
Singapore has 72 confirmed cases, with 22 of them apparently people who were infected in china and brought it in, and the rest infected later, locally.
I understand when you're put into quarantine, they give you a mask and your own private room with a common area and you're just told to not leave your room if you feel sick
I'd be scared out of my freakin' mind to be put into quarantine even if I was well
No they fleeing
They claim it was like a jail
Does this DORSCON system have some kind of...way to warn the population when the level rises? Like sending texts to all phones in the country or something?
And then the hospital made a police report, after caught, blame the hospital ignore him....
Chinese = self fish
10:20 AM
I don't understand all these stories that are coming out
about chinese people who know they are infected
and then go somewhere else and knowingly endanger other people
@Squirrelkiller yes, basically a response system work similar like that
After orange condition is issued, citizens cleared all the supermarket in Singapore
Can't wait to have a feature of "Go VR" for every chat system
They also came Malaysia for stockpile
why would you go VR for chat?
VR? do you think VR by headset is practical?
I cant even typing properly while VR headset on
Even Siri dont recognize human speech properly
@Wietlol it's a way to level up the "relationship" among your anonymous circles
I dont want to level up
There is no level up, Youre just voice chat in a game
like you already know their way of communication, now you want to see how they behave irl when communicating. idk, but that's my thought
10:35 AM
I already am max level
lol you noob
hey, I cant halp it
@mr5 we're living in such a weird era
This world is not yet ready for VR
we are weird among the majority
that's why we're here
instead of talking to our colleagues
10:36 AM
good point
our colleagues dont understand our level of weirdness
my colleagues are weird than everyone here
but hey, I started to play VR Chat
but most people there are from US
and most are not really socially awkward like me.
my colleagues love to chat about the weather and about local sports.. not really my thing
I don't even have VR gear yet but I can feel it's very exciting to play it with one
yeah, it's one of the reasons too
10:38 AM
I can contribute, but just feels like small chat
Yes until you feel pixelate pain and a serious headache
yeah same here
but VR in desktop mode is also fun
earphones + keyboard + mouse + monitor
I paid for that, opened few times and throw in oculus library
how does it work? do you provide your own character model?
most of models are free
you can even create one from Unity
my favorite is the cool banana and the black cat
can't find Finn yet
@nyconing you bought an oculus library?
is that from Facebook?
10:42 AM
I thought VR + infinite virtual desktops + immersion = productivity
the cool banana? You mean the peanut butter jelly time banana?
uhm, almost but it's wearing sunglasses
or shades
or sunglasses in color black
monday monday monday
10:44 AM
almost Tuesday here
where have you been all this day
I just had a Mandela effect moment.. I thought that the peanut butter jelly time banana wore shades..
does he not?
holy crap
10:45 AM
it's the first time I know it has a name
or maybe first time seeing it
it was popular in ancient times when the internet was young
oh from IM?
I think originally it was a flash
yes it was
Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash had a couple of neat paragraphs about the avatars used in the "metaverse", the VR internet. You could get standard-issue models for free/cheap, but everyone knew they were standard. Better models with better resolution/rendering cost more. And custom avatars were for show-offs and geeks.
10:48 AM
@mr5 well its only 11:45am over here
> The couples coming off the monorail can't afford to have custom avatars made and don't know how to write their own. They have to buy off-the-shelf avatars. One of the girls has a pretty nice one. It would be considered quite the fashion statement among the K-Tel set. Looks like she has bought the Avatar Construction Set and put together her own, customized model out of miscellaneous parts. It might even look something like its owner.
sup squirrel
are you back healthy ?
@Neil I can tell from the title that I already watched it.
haha yeah it's funny. I wish I could do the same in the future
yep, you probably did then
someone wrote the comment:
> Kids, next time start the instructions normally, but somewhere in the middle add.
* pick up your wallet
* open your wallet
* pull up your largest bank note from your wallet
* give that bank note to me
* put your wallet back where it was
* forget the last 5 steps ever happened and continue with the instructions.
10:52 AM
absolute win!
I wish I can tell that to my computer
and then it hands me Neil's bank account
there is no exit condition
and then due to a typo, you type 55 instead of 5, and then your brain crashes
Hi all, someone plz help me with Linq
Instead of all this data-

var results = studentsList
.GroupBy(x => x.GroupID)
.Where(x => x.Any(y => y.University == "OPQ"))
.SelectMany(x => x)

How do I get matching x.GroupName only?
@YoKidYo you mean x.GroupID?
11:01 AM
change the Where() ?
here you have var1, var2 in the grouping, so you can select your GroupName same as var2
@Hans1984 healthier than i was
I no longer have 100% sickness
I am still not 100% healthy, but is better
@Neil so the kids wrote their first programs
@ntohl in fact :D
I don't think the father was being particularly obtuse
I don't think WCF is not the same obtuse
11:12 AM
@CaptainSquirrel great
@Hans1984 how about you good sir?
how is your health
I'm okay
exccept my thrombose
and I have a big teeth surgery on thursday
3h surgery:/
Do they at least give you loopy juice before hand?
3 hours, wow
11:19 AM
I will get some kind of anesthesia for sure
yeah terrible
they removing your wisdom teeth or something?
never had such a long teeth surgery in my life
they remove caries from a dead tooth
that had root treatment years ago
I was put under anesthesia once. I swear when you wake up, you'll ask when the procedure will begin
and then put a ceramic crown on that tooth
so a lot of things
ngl, i read that as canaries then for a second
and thought to myself, why would he have birds in a dead tooth
11:22 AM
because if we dont this tooth will break apart eventually
since its basically hollow and dead
its ded jim
so rather 3hour surgery than letting this happen..
laying upside down for 3 hours is anoying af
@Neil oh no not this kind of
i meant a local anesthesia for the tooth region
so you'll be awake the whole time?
im wide awake all the time
oh that'll be just grand
11:24 AM
glad you don't get to miss the big show
yeah but its better for your body
less risky
Why don't these methods return the same data? Am I missing something?
private async Task<byte[]> GetBinaryDataAsync()
    var buffer = new byte[2048];

    var bytesRead = await _networkStream.ReadAsync(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);

    while (bytesRead > 0)
        bytesRead = await _networkStream.ReadAsync(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);

    return buffer;

private async Task<byte[]> GetBinaryDataAsync()
    var buffer = new byte[2048];
    var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();

    var bytesRead = await _networkStream.ReadAsync(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
but those 3 hours will feel like 10 hours
@Neil Sorry, just saw your msg
11:27 AM
@AshKetchum memoryStream.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);
You don't want to write buffer.Length, but bytesRead
it could be smaller than the buffer size..
No, not x.GroupID... Any other property in my collection (example: GroupName, StudentName, etc)
that doesn't explain why it works for memorystream but not buffer
@AshKetchum you're also filling up the buffer of 2048 bytes repeatedly..
you should be saving it probably..
@YoKidYo If they all share the same GroupName with the same GroupID, you could just grab the GroupName of the first one you find
@ntohl Lemme check ur link
neil: Sorry, i don't knw how to grab the Group Name
11:49 AM
did someone die? Unusually low traffic for C# at this time of day
@Wietlol fuck you
It's because roach boi showed up
@Harry lol
people love it when im here
If you say so :D
@Neil again that doesn't explain why it works with the memory stream and not the buffer.
its the same code, different "stream"
11:54 AM
@AshKetchum Sure it does. In one case you're actually writing something to the memory stream after each buffer read. In the other you're simply writing over the previous buffer and returning the last read
its too quiet
for a monday
corona striked again!
Just adding the caveat that you should write only the bytes read, and not buffer.Length
@Harry ok
@Neil trains are low traffic
we need message buffers
@Wietlol did you arrive by train to this chatroom?
@Neil so I need a second buffer to write to?
11:57 AM
quarantine train
only from/to c# chat
@AshKetchum you need to persist the buffer somewhere piece by piece, whether that be in memory or to a database or to a file..
unless you don't mind throwing away most of the byte contents
I mean it is also a monday
and no one likes mondays
@AshKetchum looks like you are only getting the last 2048 bytes of a message in GetBinaryDataAsync first version
@AshKetchum you need to position the memory stream back to 0 if you are done
memoryStream.Position = 0;
12:24 PM
ae we still talking about inbreeding...?
@ntohl no the memory stream works fine its the buffer that's the issue
@nyconing :'(
speaking of inbreeding: some guy in this #Resist group I've been looking at won't stop asking people for money and I'm on the verge of setting up an email address to troll the shit out of him til he stops
at least if a bunch of people reporting him doesn't work
I mean
You could just keep sending him 0.01
12:33 PM
what do you mean?
keep sending him 0.01
Technically, you are sending him money
if you send him a penny
I thought you meant something in regard to packets lmao
oh lmao
I thought was obvious with the context tbh
@CaptainSquirrel 0.01 what? kilograms?
be clear, man!
12:37 PM
0.01 dollars
whoosh! :)
hmm...the thing is he's been spamming the group with meetup messages every single day with "Loan offer between individuals serious," but he never gives a location, so....
also I looked up the email address provided, as well as the name...nothing on haveibeenpwned or facebook
@Freerey maybe he's the troll.. ever consider that?
he prolly is; he just chose the wrong place to troll
I'm sure lotsa people would wanna troll #resist
just like they did the 'he will not divide us" bs
so idk maybe if I take this to 4chan, I'll find him? :^)
there are trolls everywhere
you know about the guy who comes in here speaking a different language despite being told not to, right?
12:41 PM
I do -- I also know about the guy who's trying to make a programming language that he named after himself
Oh that one is actually working on it, so technically he's not a troll - just a bit crazy.
@Neil 0.01 UTC+3
@HéctorÁlvarez that does make sense
Guess that happens when you inbreed
is he trying to reinvent the wheel with this language?
12:42 PM
More like making it three-dimensional
ok so yea h....people who try to do that stuff tend to be a bit on the crazy side
just look at Terry davis
@Freerey that guy is definitely crazy.. no doubt about that
@Neil kilocents
@Freerey Speak of the devil..
neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it
oh wait, that's me
12:51 PM
Henlo, I iz devil
reminds me yesterday I found someone who apparently had never heard American Idiot
@Neil to be fair tho, I didnt initially name it Wietlang
I had a name... only to find out that a programming language with that name already existed
then I had another name, but it sucked
it remains Wietlang for the time being until I find a name that is nicer
I found out yesterday that X++ is a language
which is annoying cause I wanted to make up a fictional language for my fictional OS
@Wietlol well, just teasing you for the most part. I get it
12:53 PM
wietlang wouldn't even be a bad name for a language, considering most wouldn't understand the reference
@Freerey what is that?
1:15 PM
@ntohl please tell me that was a joke..
I'm starting to feel old
why it should be "you must hear"? I'm old enough to just skip it. So don't feel old
@Freerey is that a nickname for trump?
I listened first 3 sec, than close
no, it's a nickname for myself
it's ironic that American Idiot is my least favorite song in the album of the same name
there were a lot of good songs on that album
1:25 PM
Jesus of Suburbia may still be my favorite song of all time
as a writer: these hurt me
To whom it may furthermore pardon
adjusts monocle
1:31 PM
but I guess, like dogs, a lotta writers like to stick their noses up other people's asses x-x
@Freerey do you often find yourself typing those words?
whom and furthermore, yea
but I'm not as flamboyant and arrogant as other writers; if I were, I'd be delusional beyond repair
not to say I was never like that, though
2:01 PM
SELECT temp,p.imei,timestatmp
FROM dbo.pond as p
inner JOIN customerdevices as cd ON p.imei = cd.imei
inner Join users as u on cd.CustomerId = u.CustomerId
where u.username='user1'
can anyone convert htis to linq query
return Ok(await entities.ponds.OrderByDescending(u => u.timestatmp).FirstOrDefaultAsync());
like this query i req
hi @ntohl
2:17 PM
was body: -1
a valid response for a failed call
some 15-20 years ago?
2:28 PM
Time to figure out how to use complex libraries to send RPC messages to remote services: 5 minutes.
Time to figure out C++ syntax to conditionally initialize different classes and assign to a pointer to an abstract base class: 15 minutes.
Syntax is more of a headache than actually doing something in this damned language.
unsure if you mean C# or C++ now
2:30 PM
the marvel of syntax wore off after my first "missing semicolon"
which is to say, first day of programming I think
from pond in Ponds
join customerdevice in customerdevices ON pond.Imei equals customerdevices.imei
join user in users ON customerdevice.CustomerId equals user.CustomerId
where user.username=="amit"
select new { temp = temp, imei = pond.imei,timestatmp };
can any1 check where im doing wroong
in writing linq query
you are using query syntax
I guess that is what is wrong
at least... I never understand the scope of each variable
or what types everything is
i want to convert sql to linq query.
my actual query is
SELECT temp,p.imei,timestatmp
FROM dbo.pond as p
inner JOIN customerdevices as cd ON p.imei = cd.imei
inner Join users as u on cd.CustomerId = u.CustomerId
where u.username='amit'
i wanted to convert to linq
39 mins ago, by krishna mohan
can anyone convert htis to linq query
what makes you think that your linq query is wrong?
2:41 PM
I gathered that from the last time that you said that
its saying syntax error.
what is the error?
Cannot execute text selection: ) or end of expression expected (change the Query Language to 'C# Statements' for statement-based queries)
Cannot execute text selection: CS0743 Expected contextual keyword 'on'

CS0744 Expected contextual keyword 'equals'

CS0742 A query body must end with a select clause or a group clause

CS1002 ; expected

CS1003 Syntax error, ',' expected
use == instead of equals?
Cannot execute text selection: CS0103 The name 'customerdevices' does not exist in the current context

CS1938 The name 'customerdevices' is not in scope on the right side of 'equals'. Consider swapping the expressions on either side of 'equals'.
2:44 PM
ye... just convert to C# statements
sql syntax was a nice idea... for an april fools joke, not really for any production code
Cannot execute text selection: CS0103 The name 'customerdevices' does not exist in the current context

CS1938 The name 'customerdevices' is not in scope on the right side of 'equals'. Consider swapping the expressions on either side of 'equals'.
do we have a bot compiler now?
ye... just convert to C# statements
sql syntax was a nice idea... for an april fools joke, not really for any production code
@mr5 I think it's a machine learning bot using us to resolve compiler problems
hmm I was also planning to integrate a Natural Language bot here but who got time fo dat these days?
2:48 PM
ain't nobody got time for that
I smell machines
...you can smell machines?
smells Rust
from pond in Ponds
join customerdevice in CustomerDevices on pond.Imei equals customerdevice.Imei
join user in Users on customerdevice.CustomerId equals user.CustomerId
where user.Username=="amit"
select new { temp = pond.Temp, imei = pond.Imei,timestamp=pond.Timestatmp };
Cannot execute text selection: CS0201 Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, and new object expressions can be used as a statement
can anyone check. where im wrong
i got it ; not req
2:54 PM
Smells like combination of weird stuffs but addictive
hash table or hashtable? and does persistent hash table in NoSql terms mean the same thing as a hash table in C#?
@JoJo in NoSql, probably.. that said, don't assume that that is how it works under the hood
you shouldn't make assumptions about implementation
Just some unknown implementation of KV map
I can definitely smell machines when they're burning
@Neil okay thank you
do we refer to them as Hashtable or Hash Table?
2:57 PM
also because it may work like this today, and tomorrow it may be done differently to favor some other constraint
Dictionary, Map
seems by searches on the interwebs, they are interchangeable
KV Map, Dictionary, HashTable, Hash Table.. all the same
well you talking about implementation?
In computing, a hash table (hash map) is a data structure that implements an associative array abstract data type, a structure that can map keys to values. A hash table uses a hash function to compute an index, also called a hash code, into an array of buckets or slots, from which the desired value can be found. Ideally, the hash function will assign each key to a unique bucket, but most hash table designs employ an imperfect hash function, which might cause hash collisions where the hash function generates the same index for more than one key. Such collisions are always accommodated in some way...
keeping it in context, I am just doing a mini-dive to learn about NoSQL (context)

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