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1:01 PM
c# is JavaScript on a higher level change my mind
punctuation saves lives
Let's eat, grandma
Actually C# is java buit better
Say ew all you like, but it's an objective fact that C# is better than Java
1:03 PM
c# is JavaScript on a higher level, change my mind c# is JavaScript on a higher level change, my mind c# is JavaScript on, a higher level change my mind
objective means don't you even try
> my mind c# is JavaScript on
no it doesn't
Objective is the opposite of subjective
thats why its not called subjective c??
1:04 PM
I mean objective means don't even try to come up with "in my oppinion" BS
>when they confuse Java for JavaScript
@AlRey i wasnt gonna mention that lmao
1:11 PM
Hey ladies,
Hey fellas,
And the people that don't give a fuck
All the lovers,
All the haters,
And the people that call themselves players
Hey mamas,
Pimp daddies,
And the people rollin' out the caddies,
Hey rockers,
And everybody all around the world
Look at this
It looks amazing
@CaptainSquirrel you want?
how much butter and mustard does that thing need??
@AlRey limp bizkit lyrics, Gorillaz profile pic?
1:12 PM
Fuck knows. All I know is its bread, meat and cheese, so I'm happy
lmao it's not gorillaz
Looks like Murdoc
Or whatever that guy is named
no it's just Augusta -- one of the characters from The Domain
is that anime related?
This place is full of weebs
1:14 PM
no it.....actually cap is probably kinda right
but it's primarily a book series
check out autorisedomain.com when it's done o>o
I remember dating a girl who turned on Netflix making me think I was about to Netflix & Chill, instead she put on a series called "seven deadly sins" and it became Netflix & uncomfortableforweeksprocessesingthatfreakshow
I heard of that one...have no interest
it's messed up, in ways I didn't even know existed
is it as messed up as the FMA episode where a dog and a little girl are killed to turnt hem into a hybrid?
@MwBakker I read about some woman who told her colleagues that she was ready to "Netflix & Chill" with her nephews without realizing what that meant :P
1:17 PM
no this was about a pig with a house on his back, two giant girls and some fight organised by an octupus girl/man and a bloke with a napkin in front of his head
and say hello to used napkin
but everything was so oddly sexual described, and the fights we weird so was the story
I took a qt to see FLCL....she thought it was insane, but she liked it
she thought Haruko was hot
instead of a fight suddenly stone creatures of the persons appeared and they fought.. I dk what or why
@MwBakker What teh fuck
1:19 PM
I felt very little and unwise after seeing that anime, last time I ever watched anything anime was dragon ball z which was 'normal' but this show was tickling my brain into a black void
I swear peanuts may be the best dieting food
or the best food to kill you
@CaptainObvious what is
I see bacon
1:28 PM
Nice food
And chez
Not anymore, is in my belly
dieting kills
But also sausage, and other porky products
It was a pig baguette with hoisin sauce and cheese
I got some Porky products for you right here
1:30 PM
They don't looke edible tho
they're fiberlicious
I don't know what hoisin sauce is, but it sounds delicious
Me neither
Pig baguette with hosin
You generally have it with crispy duck pancakes
That sammich does sound good tho, ngl
@CaptainSquirrel Baghdad with Hussein
1:41 PM
It was pretty good
Show the countries and their count of animals whom were born between the year 2000 and 2006 on any month that wasn't even (02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 12) in any zoo that has greater than 25000 visitors
select a.ZooName,COUNT(a.Species) from Zoo_Table z
inner join Animal_Table a
on z.ZooName = a.ZooName
where (YEAR(a.DateOfBirth) between '2000' and '2006')
and (MONTH(a.DateOfBirth) % 2 !=0)
and z.AnnualNumVisitors > 25000
group by a.ZooName
1:55 PM
Sounds like a homework question
But here i am confused whether i should do group by on country or zoo name
> Show the countries and their count of animals
you might as well replace "show" with "select" here..
Well the questiion asks for countries
and replace "whom" with "where"
i am still confused because i feel query is not giving correct output
1:59 PM
well in fact, you're doing select a.ZooName
ZooName is a funny way to spell "country"
Did you get those rep stats because of your username?
Somebody pls help. I have a enum variable in my model class in mvc. how to access that enum variable value in my razor view page (partial view) ?
> Employee
excuse me, what the fuck?
okay so I was just kidding with the whole peanut diet thing livestrong.com/article/318229-water-peanut-diet
@Wietlol you never worked for a lizzard?
2:03 PM
@Wietlol that's the system G-Man uses
anyone know where to search a case number on the paypal developer side of things
I don't see a spot any where, one would think they have said search
or in the dashboard
between the year 2000 and 2006
means in the condition we will be taking 2000 and 2006 ?
or it should be >2000 and <2006?
it's subject to interpretation, but just do whatever sql would do in that case
so "year between 2000 and 2006"
it should definitely include 2001 through 2005 though
between is often considered lower < value < upper
where "in the range of" is often considered lower <= value <= upper
2:12 PM
should guard for that year set
in the case of points in time, between and range of should be equal
I used to assume lower <= value < upper, but that isn't the case for date ranges for instance
but that is true for timestamps
>2000 and <2006?
in the case where the bounds are periods themselves, there could be a significant difference
@ILoveStackoverflow you can literally write "year between lower_year and upper_year" where lower_year and upper_year are replaced with the values you want
2:14 PM
I would implement "between 2000 and 2006" as where date >= '2001/01/01 00:00:00.000' and date < 2006/01/01 00:00:00.000
@Wietlol error.. no time component for date value
any date
or date time
Could not parse token "any"
or whatever
depending on what data you have
Could not parse token "whatever"
2:16 PM
@Neil stop being silly :D
I just realized this morning that the doomer meme is what I was about a year ago
I must've gotten over that phase fast, cause some people stick with that til their late 20s
any other doomerssss?
nope. For me it has been a gradual decline into hopelessness and cynicism
well then you're still a doomer
I have no idea what a doomer is
2:21 PM
its because you are OLD
so am I
i never heard of that word
someone in their 20s who's all doom&gloom about everything, think the world's gonna end soon, only listen to music from when they were like 10
I admit I had to google it
I saw a video this morning called "Sum 41 - In Pieces doomer version"
it's just a doomer listening to the song with his headphones on loud so you can hear it clearly, too
@Freerey okay
it's a sad version of the 30-yo boomer
2:23 PM
ok zoomer (j/k)
aren't you a zoomer?
well... luckly I am not in my 20s
or... am I?
checks year
I dont even know what I am
damn.... 123
@Freerey nope. I'm 37
2:27 PM
all I know is that my name is "Hans"
well..no its not
I had to sneeze AGAIN
is it corona?
I already sneezed once yesterday
im worried
@Hans1984 then yes
I sneezed last year
2:29 PM
I think im fine for the upcoming few
@littlemisscomputerscientist phew !
lucky me
wash your hands with lots of soap everyone one hour hehehee
@Wietlol no way me too!!
Soap dropped
2:30 PM
also wow Wietlol is 100 years older than me
yeah I wash my hands like 8 times a day
I should be fine
@Freerey depends on which calendar you use
if I use the Mayan calendar, I'm 15...cause I was 15 in the Gregorian calendar in 2012
In the gym I see so many guys leaving the toilet without washing their hands
its fckng disgusting
@Hans1984 omg and then you exercise with the same weights throws up
don't forget to wash your hands!
well I dotn touch my face when i work out there
and wash my hands right afterwards
but these days i work out at home for most of the time
2:34 PM
anyone use certifytheweb on windows?
its more anoyign when a co-worker gets sicks
and sneezes all the time or coughes
stay at home !
1 message moved to Trash can
w o w
someone born in 2000/01/01 is 3391 years in galactic standard time
At least let me delete it...
2:36 PM
can you over in the trash?
I can't
@Freerey how old are you in galactic standard time?
lame humm @RoelvanUden any ideas?
uhmmm….is there a calculator for this?
probably not
2:38 PM
do any of you guys know how to move a mouse cursor where the X en Y are relative to the openend window?
I feel bad for smokers who were born in the 2000s...they gotta wait a couple more years beore they can legally buy cigarettes again :P
@MwBakker so like in a virtual machine?
@DKDhilip i'm sorry you can't delete it, yet
I know how to literally move the cursor to X or Y
But I need it to move within the context of the current opened window
would be cool if something like this existed
I don't know if I know any programs that do that...other than PC games or virtual machines
it's likely you'd need to create a virtual environment
2:40 PM
var relativePoint = this.PointToClient(Cursor.Position);
@Freerey you could use this:
this may do the trick for me
object Main
	fun main(args: Array<String>)
		println(ageInGalacticStandardTime(LocalDateTime.of(2000, 1, 1, 0, 0)))

	fun ageInGalacticStandardTime(birthDate: Temporal): Long =
		Duration.between(birthDate, LocalDateTime.now())

	fun Duration.toGalacticStandardYears(): Long =
		toHours() / 52
but... ye
@Freerey Visual studio has a dll that performs user input, hence they have tons of automation tools
sucks for me I don' thave java on this PC
2:41 PM
@Wietlol fun fact: the 'K' in Kotlin stands for the Dutch word "kindersterfte"
I was quite surprised about it
im not sure that is either "fun" or "fact"
i don't make these rules
> Kotlin (Russian: Ко́тлин) is a Russian island, located near the head of the Gulf of Finland, 32 kilometres (20 mi) west of Saint Petersburg[2] in the Baltic Sea. Kotlin separates the Neva Bay from the rest of the gulf. The fortified city of Kronstadt is located on the island. The island serves as a gateway to Saint Petersburg and as such has been the site of several military engagements.
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotlin_Island
is it possible to add content ONLY to an ASP.NET panel footer?
are there even footers on those things?
how do I make html do what I want?
2:46 PM
@Wietlol you don't :P
I guess so
nth child on a child tree is bork
@Wietlol or that, it could be that
since nth child is updated on exit, not on enter
@MwBakker that is as far as my research goes
why that island is named "Kotlin" is still a mystery
I can only explain the 'K' in the name
I love karate
I love kara-tay
I love money-ay
I hate all of you
2:55 PM
Breanne Boland on February 12, 2020
DevOps job posts often ask for automation skills, which is a positive way of asking for someone who’s professionally lazy in a way that results in efficiency. The good news is that developers can also learn a few tricks from the land of ops to make their days easier and their work better.
feeds... pls... go... away
take that out of my face
whenever Feeds comes up, Jack should show something gory
What do you do when you try to build your project and it says that there are Build Errors, but there's nothing in the error list?
what happens when you rebuild?
Various dlls (corresponding to the projects in the solution) can't be found
3:02 PM
but they're there in your bin folder?
what if you build via the command line?
or via Rider
I think I got it working
The Output window was showing errors, but when I went to the line it looked fine. I tried rebuilding just that one project that was having problems (as opposed to the main web project) and it seemed to fix things.
output window is always better than IDE... code window... inspections thingy telling you what is going on
It was telling me that there was a problem with some code I had just fixed (got mangled in a git merge) but I guess something didn't realize it was fixed yet.
this pink degenerate is still around?
Oh dear
Why Microsoft do not describe their methods/interfaces a lot?!
Wtf this method does?!
@V.7 It activates your almonds
my current project is fun
3:35 PM
have you ever ate activated almonds?
Almond activation in progress. Please standby.
Beep. Almond activation 50% complete.
Beep. Almond activation 94% complete.
Almonds activated. S
Total: 991 almond proceed
I guess the process kinda goes like that
But it's an ancient japanese receipt
Yup, here some activate their almonds using a procedure which turns their green ones to nice brownies
Irregularities detected in almond activation sequence. Alert.
3:39 PM
I'm sorry, I can't do that, Dave.
3:57 PM
why is are html and css so weird?
> height: 100%
HTML: "oh, you mean 100% of the entire page, I see"
why is are
@Freerey he's making serious music now.
@Freerey why is are you waiting until I cant fix it any more?
see yall tomorrow o/
@littlemisscomputerscientist u cnt c mi
This is awesome
You just need to select a section in the image and another image search will be made
4:18 PM
made by Avner
bye guys
well,its time
@Hans1984 cya
wtf is that Roblox thing
3 hours later…
7:32 PM
Is INotifyPropertyChanged something that is only used for executables with graphic interfaces? Is it an issue if you use it in code that's just going to be compiled into a dll with no form/graphical output?
8:00 PM
If you can use it, why not?
There may be better tools for your use case though
Like IObservable or something
INotifyPropertyChanged basically goes "Here this property is definitely there and has changed, go reflect in and get it"
Might be useful for some use case where you're using a dynamic type...
8:41 PM
I posted the following question about policies if anyone wants to take a stab:
Q: AspNet Identity RequireClaim() - How to use OR?

Tom CrosmanI have this code for visual studio Identity `namespace BlazorBoilerplate.Shared.AuthorizationDefinitions { public static class Policies { public const string IsAdmin = "IsAdmin"; public const string IsUser = "IsUser"; public const string IsReadOnly = "IsReadOnly"; ...

Just a thought: Actually an admin doesn't >obviously< also have IsUser rights.
It is a valid design to have admins be able to change certain settings and stuff for user,s but not actually do that stuff themselfs.
Like maybe the admin lets the users make contracts with certain companies through the program, but not with other companies. But the admin himself can't make contracts at all. If he wants to do that, he has to use his normal user.
This way, admins dont accidentally mess something up.
People are stupid yo
The .RequireClaim method can take two parameters. You could make the "calimType" just be "Role", and pass an array of allowed roles to the second parameter:
AddPolicy("Admin", builder => builder.RequireClaim("Role", "Admin", "User"))
9:01 PM
does that not require all 3 claims to be true tho? rather than just one?
Ah sorry totally forgot the image, jsut a sec....
I made a wrong example actually
still same problem though right? requires multiple, rather than 1 of
Notice how it says "allowedValues". That implies that you need one of the provided values to pass.
Right example:
AddAuthorizationCore(opts =>
				opts.AddPolicy("User", builder => builder.RequireClaim("Role", "Admin", "User"))
Quickly threw that together in my startup file jsut now
Not exactly your architecture, but you get the point
You can say "If this needs the Policy 'User', your user either needs the role 'Admin' or 'User'".
So you can define for every policy, which roles have access.
Some things users may do, admin may do too. Some things only users may do. Some things only admins may do.
9:41 PM
squirell, thanks for all the effort. I tried it, and that syntax is an AND syntax and not an OR syntax, but the function helpers were deceiving
i implemented and tested it
10:39 PM
11:21 PM
anyone ever made an app for Linux?

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