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4:45 AM
hello duck
5:37 AM
TIL: There's a place in SA called France
6:28 AM
I have installed Fody version 4.1.0 on one of my project but the error is telling me that Fody 5.0.1 needs to be there. So I deleted the section Fody 5.0.1 from my csproj file also updated my FodyWeavers.xml but no use
Can somebody help?
Have you tried deleting bin,obj folders?
NO....there is a obj folder ...could not find bin
after deleting the obj folder, restore the package. let's see what happens
How do I restore the packages??
Fody: No weavers found. Add the desired weavers via their nuget package. CoreLibs
6:56 AM
Are you using VS2019?
no 2015
I'm actually not familiar with its behavior anymore.
In 2019, we just right click on the project->dependencies->NuGet then a menu for "Restore packages" would appear.
yeah same thing on 2015 too. Its already checked
still facing the issue
Have you tried deleting the Weavers.xml?
It should be generated at build
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Weavers xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="FodyWeavers.xsd">
Create a file FodyWeavers.xml
under the root folder of your project
its already there. Let me delete
Not working
1 hour later…
8:37 AM
good morning
@mr5 no. It does not. If you delete it, you are just loosing your config
and also you should add your used Fodies in the <Weavers> tag
good morning yall
@ntohl how come it auto generates in our project?
also, morning people
8:44 AM
@mr5 when you first time install it with nuget, it generates
then you have to uninstall through nuget, and reinstall if you want it regenerated
Buenos dias
@ntohl ohh. good to know
9:03 AM
Good day
Magandang araw
9:34 AM
@Wietlol what do you think of my syntax?
config isn't as much fun as fun though
e what?
I have updated some comments
Oh wait it's an class enum
It's a mix of C#, C++ and Swift
9:49 AM
@mr5 cool cool
I have been trying to build a project which has C# and typescript.js. There are like 3000 errors
Build: Type expected.
imgur.com/a/eqQAiDF they were having a squirrel party but one left
@littlemisscomputerscientist lol
@AbhijitBorkakoty there has to be an error during the bootstrapping of the project. Either you restart your IDE or find the culprit that prevents the bootstrapping to happen.
is there any open source pdf to text converter for c#?
Try looking for OCR instead
10:03 AM
@mr5 restarted ide several times but no use.
@mr5 do you knw any?
@Speedy Nope, but you could try "C# OCR" in Google
Basically want read PDFs and extract specific information from it and store it in database
what would be the best way to do this
10:29 AM
OCR -> RegEx/Custom text search
Not use PDFs
11:24 AM
> cannot declare anything other than public constructors
> !.
what is that?
bang or conditional?
colon used for both type specification and value assignments, would be really annoying
you would have to differentiate between a type and a class reference
in C#, you have typeof for that
but if the syntax already makes an explicit distinction, such noise is unnecessary
what is the difference between a configuration and a property?
> D: new LocalConfig() // Error
why is that an error?
other than that, some minor preferences
such as consistency in naming (naming types by PascalCase (including String, Boolean, Integer, etc)), void is ancient and has some nicer alternatives, new being unnecessary, constructor chaining should be an option, constructor return types should be an option, etc
11:55 AM
Sitecore powershell addon is throwing shade
what runtime do they use?
well sitecore is c#
Maybe if it ran faster it wouldn't be held hostage
hey man
I just tell it what to run
I don't deal with the how it runs
in Java, 2 hours ago, by Devanshu Kashyap
Your are given 2D square matrix which has single alphabet written on each tile.
Also a list of words say L, is given separately.

You are allowed to traverse the matrix in up, down, left and right only and not diagonally. Tile once chosen cannot be reused.

Its required to find out maximum number of words from L that can be found in the matrix
How would you approach this without simply brute forcing it?
I don't know that there is a faster way, is there?
in Java, 2 hours ago, by Devanshu Kashyap
L = eat, in , rain,

given 3x3 matrix

e n i
a r a
t s r
12:05 PM
trying to understand that makes my brain hurt
only thing that comes to mind is verifying letter occurrence to check if the word could exist in the matrix
@CaptainSquirrel it's a google interview question apparently
And how does this question determine a persons's coding ability....?
maybe they want to see if you'd brute force every single word or if you'd at least attempt to reorganize
if you had a lot of said words, then brute forcing them all is probably not ideal
that'd be my guess at any rate
wtf 2/3 of the images are still blank and it's been a weekend since ._.
12:41 PM
@Neil try a trie
generating a trie from the matrix could be quite expensive
generating a trie from L should be relatively fast
then you can do the brute force on the matrix following the values in the trie
this would significantly reduce the number of times you would walk through the matrix
anyone ever had that problem where your asp.net dropdown list reverts back to its default value on postback?
despite the ddl being the one that's initiating postback
for eat, in, rain, it wouldnt make it any more performant
Why is math so fucking hard
but you will definitely see the performance boost on a larger set of values
and a larger matrix
annother approach is pattern matching
@Wietlol can't use a trie without keeping track also of the coordinates
12:45 PM
generating patterns based on the sequences of characters in the words of L
if a word starts with "a", and multiple letters in your matrix are "a", you cannot combine that into a single node in a trie
then recognizing those patterns (starting with the largest) in the matrix
@Neil generate a trie on L, not the matrix
eat e -> a, a -> t
Now what?
you need a larger dataset tho
eat, eating, eaten, eater
those could all be joined
that's besides the point
how do you use e -> a, a -> t towards finding if it exists in a matrix?
12:47 PM
 - e
 - - r
 - - n
 - ing
this way, you only have to traverse the matrix for "eat" once
you've made a trie.. ??? profit
and you would check it for all those words
you dont have to search the entire matrix for "eat", finding out that you cant make that word
then go and try the same for "eating"
so you've optimized searches for very similar words
only for words that started the same
if you have 100 words to search for, you'd be lucky if 2 of them start with the same four letters
it's not that useful, and you've dedicated yourself towards generating this trie that isn't useful
12:49 PM
also, from the other side
my idea is that it wouldn't be useful at least
in the matrix, you have "a", for each of the neighbouring nodes, check if they are in the trie
who knows? maybe the only way to be sure is to do monte carlo trials
the other approach I could think of is pattern matching, but I am unsure how to apply it to this scenario
and again, it would only work for words that have an equal sequence of characters
the advantage is that the sequence doesnt have to be at the start
the disadvantage is that it only works for the exact equal sequence
I think if there is something to optimize, it's determining whether or not you could potentially find the word or not
12:52 PM
while the trie approach gives you one bonus character
for varying lengths of words, you could generate letter counts that extend from each starting letter so you could legitimately say it is possible or not
generate a hashmap (char -> int) and verify the count of the letters on the matrix
on a larger matrix, this wont optimize anything tho
that would eat up a lot of memory though, but it could be worthwhile if you didn't have any guarantee you could find the word and you have a lot of said words
larger matrices would make the optimization less relevant
which kind of defeats the purpose of the optimization
I think I once did this
where L would be the entire english dictionary
and the matrix would always be a 4x4 matrix
I tried making a bot that could play Ruzzle
iirc, it worked
except that using the mouse was a bit buggy
> Think of words ending in -GRY. Angry and hungry are two of them. There are only three words in the English language. What is the third word? The word is something that everyone uses every day. If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is.
1:01 PM
aaaand now an update to windows 10 v1909 prevents you from booting into the system because Microsoft is run by ants
I recall the update Microsoft made some time ago to purposefully slow down the CPU to avoid an exploit by Intel chips
@AlRey [citation needed]
Can somebody remind me why my colleagues can't update their VB lib from framework 4.0 to 4.5+?
Because they're running Windows Vista?
Fair enough
I feel like there's a real reason though
I was in that teams once and tried and failed
1:06 PM
Oh shit
I was wrong
I thought 4.5 came out with 7, apparnetly it came out with 8. And is also supported on vista anyway
techradar.com/news/… siiiigh you can look these up gawsh @CaptainObvious
So "Because thye're running XP" which is a more likely option anyway
> download MSBuild without Visual Studio
> Thank you for downloading Visual Studio
@Wietlol Is that, like, some dutch city?
no, that is my mood right now
also, how do I generate a nuspec file based on the project?
I cant seem to deploy a nuget package with dependencies
1:23 PM
wow I just found out H P Lovecraft's first published story was written 5 years before publishing...maybe I should brush off some stuff from my college freshman year :P
1:52 PM
``` <Reference Include="LinkedInMicroservice.ClientLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, processorArchitecture=MSIL">
anyone have a clue why version is always ? the release is 1.1.57-beta
where do I set it up? It's my client library so I can change somethign it its end if need be
2:07 PM
@CaptainObvious i'll trade you a sammich for a cookie
2:36 PM
@Wietlol it means force unwrap nullable value (Swift) in C#, it's equivalent to nullable.Value
@Wietlol I was thinking of limiting the freedom of devs when you define a region. The concept is similar to how Python enforce indentation as body declaration
I am also thinking of mixing reference and nullable reference so the keyword new is preserved to refer for heap allocations
Anyway, that's just my idea. I have no time for it to make it real
Does anyone know where to ask about Angular?
Hey all btw o/
SO I guess?
@V.7 JS room is for JS.
Don't know if it too complicated or easy to ask in SO
Roger that @RoelvanUden
Although, saw there desert shrub rolling
3:03 PM
Ryan Donovan on January 27, 2020

We at the Stack Overflow blog want to provide our community, as well as the larger programming community, with interesting articles about what life is like as a coder today. Whether that’s coverage of research on security vulnerabilities in Stack Overflow code examples, insights into what it really takes to be a full-stack engineer, or a look at the never-ending migration from Python 2 to 3, we hope the articles we publish are the ones that coders—hobbyists, beginners, or professionals—want to read.  …

3:15 PM
@Neil I remember it. It was adding a locking on a read context...
3:28 PM
@CaptainSquirrel I haven't got one today
@CaptainObvious 😬 Pity
I got 12 cookies from subway
I bought 3 for me, 3 for the missus and the guy behind the counter was like
you can get another 6 for £1
so now i have 12 cookies
Omg I love that deal
those cookies are awesome too
I'm sure their meatball subs are pure heart attack fuel, but I love'em
how do you even find enough hunger for three subway cookies :o
Subway cookies are great
3:38 PM
I need to bake myself some tollhouse chocolate chip cookies
I don't know, I generally have just half a sub with the occasional crisps
they're easy enough to make. I don't bake a lot of things, but every now and again I'll get a hankering for something sweet and my wife isn't a fan of sweet things
@Morwenn i don't that's my secret
I Just snack at them
3:54 PM
@mr5 then why make the parameter nullable?
@mr5 but why only public constructors?
@Wietlol for show casing only
constructors should be allowed to be private, internal or protected
> mixing reference and nullable reference
I am thinking, classes that would have ctors other than public should not be declared "model"
what else?
nothing much. just a lot of partial ideas.
and a built-in IoC container?
3:59 PM
4:12 PM
I would recommend not making built-in stuff
if you can manage to achieve built-in experience with just a code library, you have yourself a significantly more powerful language
one that just allows you to do everything you want just because it is awesome
yeah I know that Turing complete idea.
I mean dont make features for specific tasks
such as an object initializer
but I would like to see a more restrictive environment.
or array literals
or dictionary literals
or try catch blocks... or for loops
or even if statements
Wietlang has none of those
its base library (sdk) has them
the advantage is that they will all be familiar because they are all functions, and that they can easily be composed with other functions
and that their apis are extendible
how about a language modeled out from the concept of iPhone instead of Android, that is more restrictive so that devs are encourage to create more expressive code
4:18 PM
I dont bother myself with android or iPhone
the sdk is based on a higher abstraction
it should work flawlessly on every platform
having said that... yes, I dont think JS is a platform
(I do hope wasm has multithreading)
actually, if I manage to finish the LLVM part, I get wasm for free
I mean, PWAs have a service worker
Wietlang is garbo
Huryr up and make it usable
4:34 PM
I suucuuck at llvm tho
4:48 PM
git gud then
4:59 PM
i wanna
actually I dont
I just want to have the LLVM IR generator, I dont care about making it myself or understanding how it works
5:52 PM
Alright its been awhile. Do y'all still want @JamesBot here?
6:04 PM
@JosephC God, I have no idea, I am just following the pattern in the code that they gave me. I am new and I am afraid to make waves. I am also not really very good at this whole programming thing. I mean, I used to be, but I don't really get any of the new high faluting new c#features (Task<> being one of them, along with the whole async /await ball of twine). So, to answer your question - maybe, maybe not, I'm not really sure
1 hour later…
7:31 PM
1 hour later…
8:59 PM
@מלךהמשיח Dude async/await and tasks are awesome! Somebody described it as a good cancer. It slowly makes its way through a codebase and keeps improving performance.
Also I don't know about your workplace, but where I come from you shouldn't be afraid to ask people if you don't understand something. At my job it's perfectly normal for the 60y/o senior dev to ask me, 29y/o and at the company for 1 1/2 years, about some C# or Gitlab feature.

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