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1:55 AM
What's the best way to wait Process to exit and Dispose it?
Could I just write
process.Exited += (sender, e) => process.Dispose();
process.Exited += (sender, e) => SomeActions();
(hmmm to be precise I don't actually need to wait for Process, I just need run some code when it exits, and since I don't know when it actually exits, I can't wrap this Process inside a using block
2:22 AM
hi all
where are you guys lol
3:05 AM
hey man @Arphile ever used ag grids?
long weekend incoming!!!
ag grids?
idk about that..
looks like hitbtc's grid
@mr5 hey man
3:19 AM
@mr5 why wassup . you goin somewhere?
long time no see mr5
@Arphile nvm bro got it fixed
My summer vacation starts after 6 weeks.
@Arphile you studying?
I work for living.
3:20 AM
@Arphile oh so you taking a break then
@Arphile go party!
@Arphile if youre single that is
@Arphile or answer to wifey.
I build messenger for my companies' group.
more than 1000 ppl use this
@Arphile so youre that trustworthy
but there's no one except me who can handle C# programs.
anyways, it's friday!
3:24 AM
arphile is about to go home again I know
@c0dem0nkey nope. it's just exciting to have long RD :)
3:44 AM
Machine learning lecture which I currently participated in is really difficult.
I think I need to learn python
why do you need to pay to learn?
python is growing fast and kept growing
it is worth to learn
4:01 AM
I mean, I could learn it without paying?
4:17 AM
paying? no. why pay
I mastered the C# without paid anything lol
I learn it from zero, at the beginning I even dont know what is class
that's why I'm asking
They said python is easy
Easy for the beginner
Did I miss something? Who said they're paying?
4:41 AM
I didn't
what I need to pay is my time
and my effooooooooort
5:02 AM
how the hell I misread again. It was me again :(
@mr5 whered the holiday come from
@mr5 or you just took a day off
5:30 AM
@c0dem0nkey nope. I mean, it's holiday in monday
@mr5 why whats with monday
5:52 AM
it's national heroes day
hello everyone
@mr5 wutcha planning to do
@mr5 were also having long weekend
@mr5 ill probably be drinking
6:13 AM
Hi Everyone!!
What are best resources to learn Angular??
heya lal
6:56 AM
hello everyone
need help regarding ajax call
I'm getting response like
{"Message":"Authentication failed.","StackTrace":null,"ExceptionType":"System.InvalidOperationException"}
function TreeView_ToggleNode(data, index, node, lineType, children) {
var rootnodeval = $('#MainContent_MainFrameObjectTreeViewt0').text();
method: "POST",
url: "Main.aspx/GetChildrenTest",
data: { rootnodeval: rootnodeval },
contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
dataType: 'json',
success: function (response) {
// console.log(data.length);
error: function () {
You're probably not including the authentication token in the request... or your authentication is broken
in config file I wrote

<allow users="*" />
I want to get this rootnodeval into main.aspx.cs file
getchildrentest method
[System.Web.Services.WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]
public void GetChildrenTest(string rootnodeval)
string rootnodevalue = rootnodeval;

but not working at all
Been a while since I've done forms auth
i must say after ajax call page is refreshed
7:34 AM
posted on August 20, 2019 by Scott Hanselman

I LOVE my Amplifi Wi-Fi Mesh Network. I've had it for two years and it's been an absolute star performer. We haven't had a single issue. Rock solid. That's really saying something. From unboxing to installation to running it (working from home for a tech company, so you know I'm pushing this system) it's been totally stable. I recommend Amplifi unreservedly to any consumer or low-key pro-sumer

8:04 AM
8:19 AM
good morning
8:44 AM
ahoy mateys o/
!!info funfriday
@Harry Command funfriday, created by Nerd in training on Fri, 04 Aug 2017 08:02:44 GMT
oi kieran im coming scouse land this evening @CaptainSquirrel
8:51 AM
where in scouseland are ye going?
9:12 AM
tis rather far from the city center
So i hope you like potholes and shitty housing estates
unless its the richer part of liverpool
nahhh megan lives in a nice area
ive been there before i helped her move in
close to the parks
Megan ey?
my gf
I just made that connection in my head lmao
9:14 AM
this stock photo i'm using is fucking amazing
I'm having trouble not laughing while doing this work
He's also got braces
jesus christ
You think just the picture is bad
I'm making a new thing for this site
i'm using that to check that the images get pulled through correctly
And that is staring me back in the face
@Harry i feel like he is staring into my soul
that is terrifyihg
9:30 AM
Hi all
Fuck git submodules
Ok, I'm done.
straight to the point
i like it
Hello Everyone
What will be called 1st constructor or proprietors in C# ? properties
initializers -> constructor
9:53 AM
Fuck electron apps (again)
what's wrong with electron?
They're huge
I approve of this behavior
They cache everything under the fucking sun
They're inefficient as fuck
Many fundamental parts of Windows are based on COM. Windows Explorer (the file manager), for instance, is basically an empty shell. It defines a bunch of COM Interfaces for navigating and displaying tree hierarchies, and all the code that actually displays "My Computer", the drives, the folders and the files is as a set of COM components that implement those interfaces.
I am not able to understand this sentence :(
9:54 AM
Neither are we without context
Q: What is COM (Component Object Model) in a nutshell?

RBehelitIt seems COM objects are general use objects which are governed by the OS. The objects follow a strict interface and allow you to query the objects to determine information. Is this what COM objects are?

All i know is
to get interop to work correctly, you must fuck with the com settings for it
the drives, the folders and the files is as a set of COM components that implement those interfaces.
is as a set of COM?
9:55 AM
Which even for the 2016 version of word (The last i tried it on), was under the word 97-2003 com object
so fuck com objects too?
I reached here reading about STATThread
looking at COM and Electron, I think it is time for me to appreciate my tech stacks :D
I want to try fucking around with electron
but at the same time, i don't
But still, I want to understand that sentence
is as a set of COM components that implement those interfaces
who are the set of COM components?
all the code?
@CaptainSquirrel Why would you do that to yourself
10:06 AM
@CaptainObvious something new
Have you tried heroin?
plus then i don't have to learn UWP
Implying i'm not currently strung up on black tar heroin right now
Xamarin forms is your friend
I mean i guess
But i'd have to learn how to do styling etc etc etc
stand ups suck
10:18 AM
try sit ups
much more efficient
@Harry its not that bad
what you do this weekend?
10:41 AM
Me? Work. Hopefully, will have enough time to play some boardgames (Netrunner online and Arkham LCG IRL)
10:54 AM
is stacks down ?.
screams MUFFINS in the background
@CaptainCthulhu stacks?
oh my bad, a long night without sleep, to meet a deadline, i accidentally headed to stacksoverflow.com instead of stackoverflow.com
(coffee is no longer effective)
You type the full thing?
11:12 AM
stacksoverflow is blocked by my organization XD
kinda feel suspecious thou
oh boi
according to my profile on the corporate overlord system
i'm actually based in london
11:27 AM
heh...according to my IP address on my work PC, I'm in Columbia City, IN :P
11:38 AM
i have been absent for many days now, :D what happened ?
well I first popped in around 3 days ago, so hi!
am doing a hunger
Hopefully pizza slice won't be rammed today
@Harry i didn't tell you did i
I couldn't get pizza yesterday
too many peoples
12:08 PM
What the heck is water juice ananans?
the best water juice ananans there is!
Water juice sounds like the kind of brand you could sell for $15 for bottle
I'm not sure ananas makes it better
12:17 PM
funny, I almost misspelled ananas as ananans but I was fast enough to spot the mistake
perhaps ananas juice water would sell good
its just water with water flavoured juice
12:40 PM
for f(N) = N+1: How we choose the upper bound of f(N), for example, we say 1.5g(N), why we choose 1.5?
big O(N) (algorithms)
12:57 PM
Be sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of Ovaltine
ill just take some syrup, thank you
Absolutely horrible crash on the QEW. Tracktor traller crashed into like 4 cars and blocked all 5 lanes for over 2 hours
Karvan Cévitam all the way
One of the major highways around the golden horseshoe in Ontario
1:04 PM
god I hate the QEW
> and blocked all 5 lanes for over 2 hours
you say this like it isn't a weekly occurrence
I drive to work in 6 minutes
5 of which I spend looking for a parking spot
fookin rip
I drive to work in 5 to 10 minutes
Of which about a second is spent finding a parking space
Because there's about 30 spaces and usually only like 5 cars
I don't drive, so never waste time looking for parking spots. Just a quick 2 hours commute using public transportation, and I'm at work!
yea, I used to have to drive far for work. but we moved offices recently (year+)
so now I'm 5km from work
with a dedicated parking spot
1:09 PM
5km? Why not use a bike?
@rlemon If your headed into Toronto its a daily issue but from Hamilton to Oakville its normally pretty clear in the morning
if I biked, it would be for 5 weeks a year
@chillinOutMaxin yea we have people who drive in from around there.
If I was 5KM to work I would just fucking walk.
I wouldn't 😛
Canada. You don't walk, you ski.
1:10 PM
Lucky you
Not in the summer
+30 out dies
You can skate in summer
you at least get it, southern ontario. summer 30+ with humidity
winter -30 + windchill
you get 5 weeks of nice weather a year
5 weeks is being generous
@chillinOutMaxin get it right, its not a tractor trailer, its an 18 wheeler
and by 'nice' I mean. mid 20's with no humidity or heavy rain
1:12 PM
unless it was actually trailing a tractor...
lol ya I have hear it called that before
+30 is nice..
Not with this humidity
if you like that kinda thing. sure. regionally we do not
i like 20
1:12 PM
like I get it, people who see 40+ with humidity and never go below 15C might see 30 as fine
but we do not
am I the only one who likes 10 - 15
if I'm doing stuff. 15 is fine. shit if there's no wind anything > -10 is fine
hell even 0 is not THAT bad
unless there is wind
in houston we see 40 a lot with humidity, we also see 0
1:13 PM
we got -50 last winter
your 0 is like our -30 I think
i'm talking in C
ya -50 was fucking dum
this summer we saw 45 with humidity
it was tough
1:14 PM
I would have died without AC I swear
pretty sure people did
i'm one of the rare non engineering americans that can do both metric and imperial
how much humidity is "with humidity"?
Probably too much
1:15 PM
enough to bring the temps from mid 30's to mid-high 40s
I can confirm 40 degrees without humidity is not that bad
Hey Rlemon, where about are you located?
bout' 40 mins from you
Oh man I almost took a job out there
1:15 PM
where abouts?
Next to the old google office
yea, what business?
i ask google assistant what the weather is, she answers 35, with humidity feels like 45
Sadly I cant remember
All I remember is they wanted to pay me 18/h as a full stack dev so I was like ya no
1:16 PM
lol, probably D2L then
KW is nice though. Better then Hamilton thats for sure
smells less
the factorys are so bad
I lived across from one for many years
fucking still chuckle when I think about it. probably 20 years ago I was driving through hamilton on a school competition. the radio in the van was tuned to some local station and the ad was basically "some people say Hamilton stinks, or has a funk, but to the local Hamiltonians, that's just the sweet smell of success.." without a hint of irony
1:20 PM
omg I remember that
I think I was just a kid back then
1:42 PM
good morning
Don't suppose anyone has some knowledge on OAuth2 in ASP.NET Core?
I have some knowledge in OAuth2 in ASP.NET Core
@ton.yeung that's why if you want a smart house, just air gap it

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