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4:55 AM
@nyconing that sucks
Do you guys have any recommendation redesign this without the boiler plate code?
I'm trying to decouple the interface specific to a View and the Service
Basically, they just do the same thing but I don't want the Service to touch any View specific method.
@nyconing VSCode can probably use WebKit for their UI. WebKit is very versatile
1 hour later…
6:22 AM
6:34 AM
6:46 AM
GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOd Mornin' neglecterinos!
10.000 years!
Sup training
Well, I've heard that tenthousand years can give you sucha crick in the neck!
Also sleeping in a bad position can do
Monday, 9 am, you get sleeepy in front of the monitor and read questions that ask how to do a Console.WEriteLine for example
7:11 AM
Haha I dig
7:47 AM
Morning Weapons
7:59 AM
There's been an addition to our office today
Sorry but how do I add an element to an array
I tried `array.Add(8)` but it says:

error CS1061: 'int[]' does not contain a definition for 'Add' and no accessible extension method
What is that? A device used to serve water?
I've the following JSON.
    "Name": "3GDirectPay",
    "DisplayName": "Direct Pay Online",
    "PaymentGatewayUrl": "https://www.directpay.online",
    "Description": "3GDirectPay Payment gateway",
    "CredentialsNames": [
    "Name": "Adyen",
    "DisplayName": "Adyen",
    "PaymentGatewayUrl": "https://www.adyen.com/",
    "Description": "Adyen Payment gateway",
    "CredentialsNames": [
question if I take black tea from lipton add sugar cinnamon and milk
can i call this a chai latte
how best should I represent in a class/interface
8:04 AM
@AnArrayOfFunctions Sounds like buy your name you should know. You can't add items to arrays like that. You can with List<T> though, which is probably better suited.
@AnArrayOfFunctions Arrays are static and can't have elements added to them.
error CS1061: 'List<int>' does not contain a definition for 'Length' and no accessible extension method 'Length' accepting a first argument of type 'List<int>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
Basically he Name/DisplayName/PaymentGatewayUrl etc are all the same, but the CredentialsNames differ
Ok so I need to include something now
@AnArrayOfFunctions google
b4 posting "random" errormessage here pls
8:05 AM
If only people could read the error
Also, I like being an asshole here.
Google engineers fucking sucks
as compared to Apple
@neildt Appropriate types for all the properties, except I'd make CredentialNames a dictionary or something
public class Neildt {
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string DisplayName { get; set; }
    public Uri PaymentGatewayUrl { get; set; }
    public string Description { get; set; }
    public string[] CredentialsNames { get; set; }
8:06 AM
@nyconing you rang?
What rang
public class Neildt
why do you have a payment gateway @Neil?
what kind of service you provide
!!votekick mr5
Hmm... then what is rang
8:07 AM
@Squirrelintraining voted to kick @mr5
@misha130 I know it says it's a public class, but it's not
@bradbury9 Thanks, this is ideal
Indeed, it is in my firefox bookmarks
decide a class name: IO or Io
r# keeping complain me IO
IO. It's an acronym
acronyms are left in all-caps
IBMDrivers and not IbmDrivers bleh
8:15 AM
@Neil According to the .Net naming guidelines you'd use the latter
good morning
@nyconing Im with Neis, IO is totally fine, consider [System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis.ExcludeFromCodeCoverage]
@SebastianHofmann Because IDE cannot know when a word is an acronym
It would be neat a [ThisIsAnAcronym] attribute
The convention is basically: if the acronym's length is 2 characters, use uppercase characters (i.e. IOException), otherwise use lowercase characters except the first one (i.e. Guid)
Feel free to criticize my wrapper library
8:25 AM
@Neil You mean Blehhhhhhh, right?
It's not a Java const.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan No I mean BLEHHHHHHHHHH
I'm pretty sure it's BleHhhhhhhhh
In Java, it would be, BLE_HHHHHHHHH
@Neil Wait, that's 10 H's? That seems excessive. 8 H's is perfectly fine.
I wanted to make sure I had enough
I may have overdone it a bit
With 10 H's, it's a 13-letter word, and that's unlucky.
8:32 AM
I'm wondering what would be a better way to determine a "skip" in a VideoView
and another Weekend went by wayyyy too fast
yeah thanks all
Yeah, but it was a good weekend. Found time to watch the new Spider-man movie.
8:39 AM
nice. I finished S.H.I.E.L.D. 2nd season
@Neil your alright ?
my alright? what about it. and your alright?
Hans wanted to ask :what about your weekend?
@ntohl Was a pretty good season, IIRC.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yeah. I liked it.
8:50 AM
No , I dont give a heck about his weekend
i was just refering to the Bleeeeh
only Thing that matters to me is that MY Weekend is over :(
and that sucks!
@ntohl I loved Kyle MacLachlan in it.
I managed to mount the vacuum cleaner on the wall this weekend
that was my big accomplishment. I had to drill holes and everything
\o/ Drilling holes
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan Smashed table. Sorry. It looked antique :D
I got caught up in traffic
so it took me 3x the time i usually Need to get to work
what a shitty start
!!Will there be traffic on my way back too ?
9:05 AM
@Hans1984 Impossible
how does Cookie + Bearer auth work?
my guess were I authenticate as a Cookie first, call the first /token request with that auth, than use the cookie just to store the bearer
theres alot wrong with this Chat today:
1.)where are the squirrels ?
2.)where is the roach ?
what @ntohl
3.)where is the green Lion ?
9:10 AM
you authenticate as a cookie first?
!!Is this the c# Chat ?
a physical cookie?
@Hans1984 Nope
!!Is this real life?
9:11 AM
@misha130 Indeed
@misha130 no. ethereal cookie
9:34 AM
help me. I can't make out how to configure my middle authentication
client -> web api 2 server behind firewall -> auth server with only connection point with the web api 2 server
between layer 2 and 3 there is password auth, than bearer
I know it's a bad practice, but client sends password + login encrypted to the 2nd layer. It decrypts it, authenticate with 3rd layer. From that point only bearer is used

            // Insert a new cookies middleware in the pipeline to store the user
            // identity after he has been redirected from the identity provider.
            app.UseCookieAuthentication(new CookieAuthenticationOptions
                AuthenticationMode = AuthenticationMode.Active,
                AuthenticationType = "ClientCookie",
                CookieName = CookieAuthenticationDefaults.CookiePrefix + "ClientCookie",
what am I doing wrong in the 2nd layer?
no squirrels, no help
9:56 AM
Dammit. Just got back from lunch, now I'm off to get a cookie. Damn you all!
Cookies are yummy
I don't want to eat cookies ever.
can turtles get fat ?
oh wow
snatches Cookie out of Avners mouth
its for your own safety !
10:00 AM
But that turtle is awesome!
I think the squirrels and the Roach are having a Party without us!
that's why they are not here
ahoy mateys o/
Had to pick up fat cat from the vets :(
She ate a rubber charity band & she needed surgery on saturday
So we picked her up this morning
my cat once ate the carbon filter on the litter box
Hey one of my dogs did basically the same thing a few months ago
lol wot
10:10 AM
he stopped eating entirely.. 800 euros of cat surgery sigh
hey cpt o/
Yeah, i can imagine @Neil
so basically we couldn't have a filter anymore or he'd eat it
@CaptainObvious bit easier to induce vomiting with dogs, not so easy with cats
I read it as carbon fiber litter box lmao
not carbon filter
@CaptainSquirrel figure the very day he gets home after the surgery.. he's walking around like he's a drunkard.. Guess the first place he goes..
he goes to eat the carbon filter again..
we removed it thankfully, but my god.. he's a masochist this cat
10:12 AM
Cats are too smart for their own good
and also really fucking stupid
10:31 AM
they are too cocky for my liking
i prefer dogs
!!Dogs or cats
@Hans1984 cats
but of Course caprica would say that..
!!Dogs or cats
@anand_v.singh cats
Okay it's not a random distribution
10:33 AM
!!Cats or dogs
of Course not
@nyconing :3 :3 :3
its science
Cats win
10:34 AM
Can I create a class alias in another namespace?
@AnArrayOfFunctions An alias is scoped to the file it's in.
@Neil good one
It's not an "class", with a namespace, that points to a different one.
using MyBlah = System.My.Blah simply creates a local alias.
You can't use it to trick existing code to use a different type than it was compiled against, because namespace aliases are resolved at compile-time.
How to remove trailing new line?
When will Xamarin fix their buggy debugger
10:44 AM
Because for some reason C# is giving me an exception for parsing a JSON
Which if I copy over as plain text works
What's the default encoding for char array
You're going to have to stop, take a step back, and tell us what you're trying to do.
I want to convert from StreamReader to a JSON object
> StreamReader defaults to UTF-8 encoding unless specified otherwise
@Proxy ?
Client: Hey I cant operate this action, please help.
Support: Hi, Why you cant and what happened?
Client: I dont know, thats why I ask you.
Support: Yes, please be specify, what happened?
Client: It is give me a dialog with error, and I cant proceed, please help.
Support: Can I have exactly what error is show?
Client: I dont know, I cant proceed, it give me error.
Support: Can you take a picture on your screen for me?
Client: (Sent a picture in MainMenu without error)
Support: (throws keyboard)
10:52 AM
I'm using UTF-8 but it doesn't do nothing
It excepts
What's the exception?
Error during running: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: There was an error deserializing the object of type Programming.Get. Encountered unexpected character ''. ---> System.Xml.XmlException: Encountered unexpected character ''.
@AnArrayOfFunctions XML?
i was unprepared for today
10:55 AM
Yeah, I've seen that too.
- "I can't log in"
- "What error is shown?"
- "No error. No message. I type my user and password, press Enter, Enter, and I'm back to the login screen"
- "Wait, why do you press Enter twice?"
- "Oh, there's some popup window after the first time, so I press Enter again".
and you unwittingly got me too
@nyconing You are support dude?
@Proxy 'tis the wrong day of the week
to be fair, I posted that link on friday :P
10:55 AM
this was an explanation
Nah Im developer, my colleagues was IT software support
also since when do squirrels care about what day it is?
Feels daut man
Since Squirrelday
(The error message in the login popup, if you were wondering, was "no network found")
more importantly, since when do squirrels talk?
10:57 AM
@Neil Since the Great Squirrel Uplifting of 2007, of course.
All squirrels were uplifted and given the ability to talk. We discovered they chitter nonsense, idiocy and conspiracy theories, and we rolled back the uplifting to 99% of them.
@Neil Now dis is news that deserve star
Us squirrels rule the world
I moved to a new company, a startup, I'm amazed by the intellectuality of the code: a lot of patterns and good separation of concerns, the problem is that I suppose to increase the performance of the app, Do I need to hate the code!
just take their nuts and they are nothing without it
11:00 AM
@mshwf A question disguised with an explamationmark., Clever?
@Squirrelintraining why that's just dastardly?
@Squirrelintraining I got a new keyboard
11:54 AM
I was dead happy because a load of roadworks started literally outside the front door
But now the lazy bastards arne't doing anything
must have been squirrel workers
they are known to be very lazy
@Hans1984 lel
oh btw
I couldnt find those blueberry Muffins at my lidl @CaptainSquirrel
I was very disappointed
wasn't me who suggestet them
I was looking Forward to buy them last staturday
my bad
11:59 AM
Yeah, your friggen bad man!
12:32 PM
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat @Hans1984
They are at the bakery section
so if your lidl doesn't have a bakery section that's why
they only have some 4pack muffins
with chocolate
I didnt buy them why would i buy 4 freaking Muffins they are gone before im even at home
they look like those
anyway they were just some regular muffins
12:33 PM
no, we dont have those i guess
sucks :(
I was looking forward to them after your description
They are Soooooo good
now I ll have to go back to this lidl... with an axe and a knife
12:34 PM
just try and find a lidl near you that has them
yeah maybe i ll look into another store
but this one is just 3 mins by foot I buy almost all my Food there :/
why they let me down?
lol my boss was coming into the room and giving me a letter
at first i thought im fired
but it was just my loan
you never know
those are the only ones my lidl has
oh those you were talking are sold seperatly like this
right ?
These are the kinds of "cupcakes" they have here. Good, but you can't really call them cupcakes.
12:41 PM
sometimes you just want a cupcake
Looks delicious
the one with the White powder sugar
I think those are puff pastry with cream inside
yum yum
they're tiny though
like just a mouthful
I ll just eat more then
im not too much into sweets
but sometimes i enjoy them
especially if its bakery not just some chocolate
12:44 PM
@Neil I dig
@Squirrelintraining they don't use nuts though, I'm afraid
@Hans1984 Lohn != loan
> In finance, a loan is the lending of money by one or more individuals, organizations, or other entities to other individuals, organizations etc. The recipient (i.e. the borrower) incurs a debt, and is usually liable to pay interest on that debt until it is repaid, and also to repay the principal amount borrowed.
yeah i alwas mess that one up
I meant my salery
NOT loan
Bloody germans
angry squirrel
12:46 PM
There are two surefire ways of losing a friend. One is to lend money and the other is to borrow money.
@Neil nat true
also farting, but it has to be a real nasty one
1:04 PM
Alan Turin in 50 pounds bill... incomin in 2021
I want one of those!
if only he knew how his marvelous invention was put to use. downloading photos of funny cats
we have a device capable of providing the collective knowledge of mankind accessible anywhere in the world, and we use it to look at funny cat photos while we're sitting on the toilet
he would have loved those cat gifs
MOVING Pictures ?!?!
Talking pictures
Thats magic
@Hans1984 yeeeeees
those are the exact muffins
1:22 PM
1:36 PM
Yes haa
New apartment
good morning
public static void RegisterAssembly(this IServiceCollection container, Assembly assembly) -- Can anyone please expain what is 'this' in parameter? what is the use of it?
@user23333 where are you from?
@mr5 Canada (country), Ottawa (city)
@KiddoDeveloper it's called Extension method. Look it up
@user23333 reppin shithole country, Phillipines. We're actually on the opposite side of the globe
1:42 PM
Oh yeah..Thank you so much sir. Really Appreciated :)
@Hans1984 You do know that he died in 1954 and was aware of the concept of moving, talking pictures, yes? He had television.
@mr5 so to your late afternoon / evening?
what does that [0] means
@user23333 it's 9:42 PM here
1:43 PM
@Shad [0]? first position
@mr5 wow
We get that sign
@Shad cant see image sorry
cant you paste your relevant code instead?
well it has to do with group join
Is that LOJ or i o j?
just namespace name
l -> L
I was trying to debug to see how a person who doesn't have any pet associated with it
1:45 PM
!!> 'l' == 'l'
@mr5 true
   var query =  from person in people
                             join pet in pets on person equals pet.Owner into gj
                             select new { pets = gj };
I have 3 persons
!!> 'I' == 'l'
@mr5 false
@Shad that person is probably unhappy
1:47 PM
second person has no pets
Give him some you monster
I hover over query2 via break point
and see that
{ pets = {loj.Pet[0]} }
other 2 have
{ pets = {System.Linq.Lookup<loj.Person, loj.Pet>.Grouping} }
@mr5 I will give him
Can be hard to debug IEnumerable. Transform it into List first
I just wanted to see how via DefaultIfEmpty I get the second person
otherwise not
loj = left outer join
So the other person have an empty array of pets?
1:55 PM
yes it seems like
And it's not what you are expecting?
var query3 = from person in people
join pet in pets on person equals pet.Owner into gj
from subpet in gj
now when I hover over query3 I don't get person2 anymore
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