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12:28 AM
Yes, but that has nothing to do with scoping. Scoping is about name resolution.
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5:19 AM
seems everyone is on vacation?
in bed
or traveling to work
as I would be doing if there weren't a release to production this morning
6:15 AM
good morning
6:34 AM
I'm used to my projects being built into bin/debug/
Why do some get built into bin/debug/[FrameworkVersion] ?
I have a server running WCF, and a client that communicates with it. Now, from research when connecting to the server from the client one should always dispose/close the the object when its done with the request. What would be the consequences by not closing it, and reusing a global one for each request?
I am doin that right now, and i have emulated around 500 clients, and everything seems to work just fine
guys. let me decide. should I go now or tomorrow?
everyone is going home and I'm just soo lazy to do it right now, plus, it's kinda late to go home and hot outside.
@mr5 tomorrow
Without understanding the context for that question
6:48 AM
I'm away from home, where my relatives are. I'm at my apartment lol
this is too relatable
Peele: "First round's mine"
Key: "Oh no! Oh no! There will be no rounds! It's gonna be a fucking street fight!"

It's like I had this conversation with my GF until we videochat and realize I completely misunderstands her :D
7:08 AM
Once you keyed in, you can't peeled out
I was about to take a shower now I'm stuck watching K&P
your eyes are Peeled
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9:16 AM
Take 1 day to realize fullchain should taken instead of cert.
Hey, lately I'm coming here probably too much often searching for help, but well, you can always just ignore me xD
9:34 AM
how do you do, select then group by in linq?
10:03 AM
I have a form with many input file elements and some select elements and input text forms. Anytime I click on the submit button and the actionmethod hits at the breakpoint, the IFormFile value for each input file element returns null
PS - using NetCore MVC
my form -
<form asp-action="Client" asp-controller="MyController" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    //some input text files and select here and there

    <input type="file" asp-for="GeneralUpload.GenPassUpload" name="genPassUpload" class="uploadlogo"/>

     <input type="file" asp-for="GeneralUpload.GenSigUpload" name="genPassUpload" class="uploadlogo"/>
My model -
public class ClientViewModel
        //other values here

        public  GeneralDocUpload  GeneralUpload{ get; set;}
        public ClientViewModel ()
            GeneralUpload = new GeneralDocUpload();
    public class GeneralDocUpload
        public IFormFile GenPassUpload { get; set; }
        public IFormFile GenSignUpload { get; set; }
My action method -
public IActionResult Client(ClientViewModel model)

10:55 AM
>It's because I don't like you.
@Lemonade1947 I dont care about you, sorry.
Your transparent to me cuz i dont even know you
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