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11:01 PM
@roganjosh found exactly the same question asked by another person on stackoverflow. but there is no answer to it. stackoverflow.com/questions/56097919/…
I like it how that question has as much code as your question
Now we have, uh, one quarter of a traceback. That helps I guess.
gunicorn works with flask well, the problem exists when I am creating a systemd unit file that will allow Ubuntu’s init system to automatically start Gunicorn and serve the Flask application whenever the server boots
Cool story ;)
@AmacOS thing is, "mysql" doesn't even exist in that guide, let alone string parsing. Where have you got that from?
@roganjosh if it's the same error as the linked question (who knows? Life is full of mysteries!) then that line is in flask-sqlalchemy
11:10 PM
I'm curious specifically about sa_url.drivername.startswith('mysql'). Whatever is propagating that is just bad
I got this error when I am starting my Gunicorn service
That wasn't what I asked
Where did you find sa_url.drivername.startswith('mysql')? Is it some wild coincidence that you and that other user converged on this, or did you pick it up elsewhere? It doesn't come from the DigitalOcean guide
Given the increased stream of Flask questions, I'm kinda interested in the source of bizarre info
@AmacOS OK, let me spell this out real clear because moderate subtlety doesn't seem to work. We cannot debug code we can't see. I only suspect you're using flask-sqlalchemy because the question you linked contains 1/4 of a traceback. You're the only one who sees your code. We can't tell you what's wrong with it. We do not see your code. We need to see some code to be able to debug it. It is impossible to debug code without knowing what it is.
@AmacOS this was your original message, posted here an hour ago. We didn't get any additional information out from you in this time. I do not want to spend more time on this until you come back with an MCVE.
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