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9:03 PM
@PM2Ring PM 2Ring Thanks for the suggestion.
@AnnZen I've done a tiny bit of RSA stuff in Python, eg see this old answer, using an old Crypto library that has been superseded by newer libraries: stackoverflow.com/a/28427259/4014959 You can easily do basic RSA calculations in Python using the built-in pow function, which takes a modulus as an optional 3rd arg.
@PM2Ring interesting. Well written!
@PM2Ring Yeah, I posted some videos where I teach how it's done.
The first rule of crypto is: Never roll your own crypto. But it is fun to write crypto stuff, just to get a better understanding of how it all works. But you need to be a security expert to write crypto code that is safe to use in a real-world environment.
9:06 PM
@PM2Ring Just yesterday I downvoted 2 answers in the how to change case in Python question for not adding any new information relative to the accepted (!!) answer...
And just the other day down-voted 3 answers to how to concatenate 2 lists....
@AnnZen Excellent.
@Tomerikoo I'm a little bit uncomfortable downvoting answers that are technically correct, since it might confuse future readers into thinking that the code is faulty. OTOH, it's certainly legitimate to downvote answers that aren't useful. In those cases, I like to post a comment explaining why the answer isn't useful.
@PM2Ring in general I have it as a rule to leave a comment when downvoting, unless of course there is already a comment expressing the same of what I meant
I really hate it when a (good) answer of mine gets downvoted and I can't know why...
If you see new useless but correct answers on old questions, it may be necessary to delete them. Sometimes the author will do that, if prompted by a diplomatic comment.
yep agreed
We can coordinate deleting bad answers in this chat room, but we mostly only do that on answers that are downright dangerous, eg the code does SQL injection & the author refuses to fix it. Sadly, there are lots of answers like that.
9:18 PM
Well, to take a turn for another direction....
I would like to mark a reagion in an image with a bounding box. Is there a way to take that region of the bounding box an compare it with a second image and check if there is a similar region in that image? Is something like this possible in OpenCV?
A thank you answer...
@Tomerikoo flag that as "not an answer"
Should we edit out large text in answers? stackoverflow.com/questions/62207218/…
@AndrasDeak Flagged it 2 days ago :(
9:20 PM
@AnnZen In that case I believe that yes... It's completely not called for. It should be used to mark headings of sort
@AnnZen Maybe only the last one makes sense...
@AndrasDeak the weird part is that in my flags page under my user, this flag is marked as helpful...
the mod may have misclicked
it would only be helpful through the review queue if it were deleted, I think
Ah. OP deleted and undeleted it, which cleared the flag stackoverflow.com/posts/62176673/timeline
Oh good catch!
So because OP himself deleted, the flag is considered helpful?
Because it was deleted it was marked helpful. And OP has a binding vote so they can single-handedly delete.
When I just started contributing to SO, this incident still gives me the giggles: stackoverflow.com/posts/61854773/revisions
9:26 PM
@AnnZen that was pretty bad form from the editor, messing with indentation. One should not do that in python.
They are right that going forward it's easier and better to use code fences (triple backticks), but manipulating indentation syntax can introduce or remove bugs in python code.
they should have just edited your heading
What indentation?
@AnnZen haha, we were all new once....
@AnnZen you can define code blocks in two ways: 4-space indentation, or triple backticks (also known as code fences). The editor replaced your 4-space-indented code markdown with code fences. The result is probably the same but it's easy to mess it up and change the python syntax.
So when you see whitespace formatting in a python post, you leave it alone.
A related, worse problem is when somebody "helpfully" edits a for-else construct into a broken if-else construct, because they have no idea that for-else is a thing.
I'm confused. How can I tell whether there's a 4-space indentation, or triple backticks?
9:30 PM
look at the markdown of the answer
and the edit you linked shows that four spaces are removed and triple backticks are added by the editor
assuming you click the "side-by-side markdown" button
Now I see.
@AndrasDeak Cloooosure lol
@AndrasDeak a question related to the topic from before: If an answer is deleted through queue or mods, does the OP gets blocked the option to undelete?
If a mod deletes something it stays deleted. If the review queue deletes something the OP can undelete, but this will raise an automatic moderator flag.
Cool. Good to know. Thanks @AndrasDeak!
@Tomerikoo As Andras said, flag that as Not An Answer. I'm tempted to close that question as a typo, although it's really a RTFM question.
9:39 PM
and as they said they did ;)
read the fine manual
@PM2Ring well I did flag as Not an Answer, but apparently the OP deleted and undeleted. So now I flagged as low quality....
@Tomerikoo Never underestimate the ingenuity of an obstinate OP. ;)
lol nice way to evade mods
9:46 PM
it doesn't affect custom moderator flags
you mean the in need of moderator intervention?
Related to previous discussion: stackoverflow.com/a/62224208/6045800 OP marked as dup himself, and re-posted one of the answers...
in the wrong order
But let's not go on posting low-quality content here unless it's actionable
No probs, sorry
9:56 PM
@JumbleGee That sounds reasonable. But I don't know OpenCV. There are others who visit this room who do know OpenCV stuff, but we don't get a lot of OpenCV questions in this room.
10:13 PM
I missed that question. @JumbleGee you can use template matching to look for the smaller bounded region in the other, larger image.
@AndrasDeak Thanks! But does templat matching still workd im the view point is slightly changing?
It will only ever tell you whether putting the template on the larger image at various possible positions gives a reasonable match. It gives you a measure of similarity. The larger the differences, the smaller the peak similarity will be.
I can't believe I just found out about pickle and how I've missed out. (I always see posts that involve pickle, but never bothered to learn because I thought it'll be something like BeautifulSoup, aka "confusing".) I never even knew it was built in!
@AnnZen you should also learn early that it's unsafe
meaning you should only unpickle files from verifiably trustworthy sources
@AndrasDeak Thanks for the hint. It's worth to try out. :)
11:06 PM
Does doing tkinter.Button(...).pack() without assigning the Button to a name run the risk of the Butten being prematurely garbage collected? Or are widgets exempt from this quirk?
@AndrasDeak No, that's perfectly safe.
ah, OK, thanks :)
ugh, "Butten"
IIRC, once a widget is put into the GUI, it's safe because its parent holds a reference to it. But I don't know why widgets don't hold a reference to associated objects like Images. Maybe Bryan Oakley knows...
I think the problem is that Tcl manages stuff using strings, rather than pointers. But I'm a bit murky on the details.
I think that was mentioned here not long ago
Apr 18 at 15:32, by PM 2Ring
@AndrasDeak Ah, here we go. From http://effbot.org/pyfaq/why-do-my-tkinter-images-not-appear.htm
listen to the wise man! :D
Apr 18 at 15:32, by PM 2Ring
The problem is that the Tkinter/Tk interface doesn’t handle references to Image objects properly; the Tk widget will hold a reference to the internal object, but Tkinter does not. When Python’s garbage collector discards the Tkinter object, Tkinter tells Tk to release the image. But since the image is in use by a widget, Tk doesn’t destroy it. Not completely. It just blanks the image, making it completely transparent…
11:22 PM
diffusion of responsibility
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