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11:47 AM
I would quite prefer using sopython.com/chatroom instead of tinyurl.com/s2plygp as our Room Rules URL (room description text on desktop website). It is only 2 characters extra (does not cause an extra line of text), directly shows our domain & does not even show up on the mobile page (so not affected).
Code formatting guide URL can stay as is since it's actual URL is way too long & it's not as important as the chatroom page.
12:01 PM
Good point, I'll pass it on
12:29 PM
1:11 PM
What git command am I looking for here? I want to squash the two commands on the screenshot together (their content is the same, only the commit messages differ).

It is not "squash" as the commits belongs to two different branches, as you can see on the screenshots.
We are talking about the two commits with commit msgs: "fitfh and "fitfffh".
1:44 PM
@SebastianNielsen if you just want to change the msg you can amend the commit, but this will rewrite downstream history
of course rewriting is inevitable
This would be equivalent to rebasing your downstream commits onto the commit with the right name assuming the latter has no children
2:46 PM
Huh, Windows 10 comes with native support for mounting ISOs. That, coupled with me having my servers running in the built-in Linux console has really pushed it up in my estimations today. Maybe I was too quick to judge
3:15 PM
That's how they get you
Oh no, it's happening again!
It's also the first time that I've worked with an SSD and I've become prissy about what gets to use it. The overly-pedantic bouncer; "nope, wrong shoes, get to the D drive"
4:12 PM
"Drive D" does sound like a geeky nightclub name :)
4:56 PM
@JonClements Well, you do have to sell it to them that it's the hip place to be :)
Is "hip" still a thing? :P
Yes, yes it is. It's old enough now to be rad
and whoever says otherwise can eat my shorts?
That's perfectly cromulent as a response
cowabunga :)
5:07 PM
Man, my best friend when I was about 8 used to say that maybe 10 times a day. I've just had a proper flash-back :)
woah... don't have a cow man! :)
Which strangely has reminded me yonks ago when Blockbuster was a thing... I was there looking for something to watch for Friday night and a young kid was asking his mum if he could get a tape of The Simpsons and she promptly said - "no - it's too rude"... :) (Talk about flashbacks!)
@roganjosh good for a chuckle: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p03064m1/… - 15 minutes in :)
5:27 PM
@JonClements That's pretty remarkable. With the number of video cassettes I managed to chew up, I can't imagine I'd have been very good running one at 8000 times the normal speed :) I think I'm gonna have to watch the whole series now. I wanna see how that floppy disk works out; it loads as fast as clicking your fingers
Unlike these pesky modern SSD's - they just suck :)
5:42 PM
"...has the power to process them at the rate of 50 million instructions per second. And then, with a great primordial burp, out comes the weather for the next 10 days". What an odd expression, I'm going to use that at some point
Blimey - thought you were joking when you said you were going to watch more :)
No, it's fascinating. I'm not sure whether they have the other episodes though, I guess I'll have to look for them elsewhere
No doubt they're somewhere... the archive at bbc.co.uk/iplayer/categories/archive/a-z has some decent nuggets in it but it does mostly appear to be just an episode/two of stuff. A fairly interesting trip down memory lane though :)
Not quite memory lane for me, but it was only 5 years before I was born. Things had already moved on quite a bit by the time we had our first PC though I don't remember exactly how old I was
Hadn't noticed they had an episode of "Call My Bluff" there... might have to watch that later - I loved that show... although, by the looks of it, half the people in that episode are no longer with us
5:57 PM
@JonClements Easy enough, they're just on youtube :)
oh sweet... there goes my evening :)
1 hour later…
Thanks, that was wide open to a Sunday-evening-swoop for a terrible answer :)
7:36 PM
Hello Python Gurus
I have one issue , getting this issue ValueError: The truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all().
Devesh quick in there to claim the Guru title :P
My code is if frame['Date format'] == "MM/DD/YY":
frame['Job_Start_Time'] = pd.to_datetime(frame['Job_Start_Time'] , format ='%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S %p' )
elif frame['Date format'] == "DD/MM/YY":
frame['Job_Start_Time'] = pd.to_datetime(frame['Job_Start_Time'] , format ='%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S %p' )
frame['Job_Start_Time'] = pd.to_datetime(frame['Job_Start_Time'] , format ='%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S %p' )
@roganjosh haha not really
7:37 PM
@Taylor that's because you're thinking of arrays as though they are individual items in lists
You're basically asking if [1, 2, 3] > [2, 1, 3]. How should they be compared?
@roganjosh So how to fix bro
I'm trying to work it out from your example
What does if frame['Date format'] == "MM/DD/YY" actually do? A column almost certainly is just full of "MM/DD/YY". Are you trying to look at the header of the column?
Ok, so you have a column with mixed date formats and another column detailing the format?
frame['Date format'] has value like MM/DD/YY , DD/MM/YY , YY/MM/DD , so I am checking what format this row has , based on that I am doing pd.to_datetime
@roganjosh Yes exactly
Any work around to fix this ?
I'm working on it. It would have been easier if you'd given an example df; I'm having to build it myself before I can start on the problem
I actually haven't tackled mixed date formats before. There is this but I think that's probably prone to bugs
One minute I am sharing df
7:49 PM
I've already built it now :)
df = pd.DataFrame({'date': ['2012/03/05', '2012/03/04', '04/03/2012', '03/04/2012'],
                   'format': ['YYYY/MM/DD', 'YYYY/MM/DD', 'DD/MM/YYYY', 'DD/MM/YYYY']})
I'm trying to find a vectorized approach but it's proving difficult
8:05 PM
I failed and had to resort to apply
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

def parse_dates(row):
    formats = {'YYYY/MM/DD': '%Y/%m/%d',
               'DD/MM/YYYY': '%d/%m/%Y'}

    date_format = formats.get(row['format'])
    if date_format:
        return pd.to_datetime(row['date'], format=date_format)
    return np.nan

df = pd.DataFrame({'date': ['2012/03/05', '2012/03/04', '04/03/2012', '03/04/2012', ''],
                   'format': ['YYYY/MM/DD', 'YYYY/MM/DD', 'DD/MM/YYYY', 'DD/MM/YYYY', '']})
df = df.apply(parse_dates, axis=1)
2 hours later…
9:52 PM
Wow, a windows troubleshooter actually just solved a problem I was having. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket
10:02 PM
it probably caused the prolem in the first place
I celebrated too soon. 30 seconds later a new problem appeared, and keeps reappearing every couple of minutes.

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