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11:00 PM
@roganjosh but were in different categories for you simple questions serve no purpose, you have the capabilities to work on larger questions, and the scope of knowledge is greater, you don't bother with a lot of lower questions that are the closer to the celiing of my knowledge
All of this happens without me posting any answer
@vash_the_stampede you realise we started from the same point, right? No programming experience at all.
@roganjosh yeah im saying though you are still far ahead of me, where some things I answer if i were in your shoes I wouldn't
So why do I have 100+ fewer answers than you?
im a newb these groupby itertools dictionary stuff is a challenge for me, I like it
there are less challenges for you present you have far more knowledge, you leave these crumbs for me :)
I don't know how else to re-word it
You don't have to post an answer
11:04 PM
I know haha
It's not about leaving crumbs or anything else. Just like we ask for questions to be closed in here all the time, the answers to any question are supposed to be good. If you're not in a position to determine whether the answer is most appropriate, just don't post it
Okay and like i mentioned if my answers were not good with the quantity I put out, it would be glaring, there would be plenty of downvotes and it would be brought to my attention long before I reached this point , but for the most part I stand by the quality of my answers and only post if I believe it is of acceptable quality
@vash_the_stampede that I can't argue with
@roganjosh tbh I admire all of you and when I post, I usually am thinking that all of you, which you may never, are looking at my solutions and critiquing them, so I try my best to make you guys proud and put stuff that reflects me learning from you guys :)
Eh, I know **** compared to the guys in here. I look for problems that extend my knowledge usually, and occasionally answer
11:19 PM
to each his own, very little background on me but to keep it brief and bring closure to this extended conversation, I'm what most would commonly refer to as troubled hehe if i'm on stack im prob doing things I should not say, and the more the more im on stack the less im doing those things :) its an outlet an accepted answer is a hit, its better for me than the other hits
if im not on stack***
stack, not even once
I injected 3 stacks once and I was out of it for a week
ay its about time you guys loosened up, these are good 'stack, not even once' hahaha
@vash_the_stampede and that was a good closer to the conversation.
@roganjosh ;) ty, your responsible mannerism is admirable from my point of view, I respect your concerns for the maintenance of quality here on stack
11:25 PM
@vash_the_stampede belies the wreck that walks the planet. Nobody knows your life is in disarray on the internet :P
or that you're a dog
@AndrasDeak I'm pretty sure the canines of this room make it well-known
It's the regex that gets me. I swear it's just cats hammering on a keyboard and other cat owners are pressured into accepting that the jumble of characters makes sense, lest they get their face mauled
&^&%(^ "Yep, that totally makes sense. Please don't hit me again, Bagpuss"
hehe I wish we could all go out one night on the town, omg are there like python conventions ill go, after hours we will a blast
@vash_the_stampede paying for my flights?
dont tempt me im very careless with my finances hahah if its in vegas hell yeah and vip for us
there should be an annual stack overflow convention hmmm
11:35 PM
Let's go to Vegas then, VIP
Im averagin 1.5 trips a year currently, no ragrets
Any regrets, though?
Anywho. Bed for me, night guys and girls. rbrb
yeah same i think time for a break, see you guys later, good talks
@vash_the_stampede it's called pycon
11:59 PM
@Code-Apprentice see you there!
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