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stackoverflow.com/users/10459256/beginner this user just pumping out questions I wonder if its like some exam related or soemthing seems too consistent is all
2:03 AM
covertly submitting SO questions from inside the exam room XD
what a ninja
I mean do you see the consistency in the questions and they are like playing dumb, hey im new but jumping into some quesitons that involve counting values in list of dicitonaries
double posting same question now i realized as well
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8:06 AM
this matrix transpose question is closed for some reason, while this one is not. Since it's got 90k+ views, I'd like to properly close it as a duplicate.
You want to re-open "Transpose a matrix in Python" so it can be hammered as a dupe of "Transpose list of lists"? We don't normally open closed questions just to re-close them as dupes, but I guess it's useful if the question is popular.
It's the first google result for "python transpose matrix", so I figure it should be dealt with properly
8:29 AM
I don't think that needs to be closed. We have plenty of combinatorics questions similar to that one
8:44 AM
It's a requirement dump with some whining
Most combinatorics questions are like that, though usually without whining
I'm OK with closing them all
I think this would be an acceptable dupe for it?
works for me
9:13 AM
@Aran-Fey I guess so, although it gives the combinations in the reverse order to what the new OP wants. That's easy enough to fix, though. I suppose simply reversing the output list is ok, but it's nicer to use reversed especially if the input list is large.
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11:46 AM
Hi there. Anyone knows why my HPC complains about $DISPLAY variable ? It shows the error for: pylab.imshow(image, aspect='auto', extent=[max_x, max_y, min_y, min_x]) but this just creates it.. it doesnt try to display it so I dont get why the error
11:58 AM
A function named imshow doesn't try to display an image? Are you sure?
Uh, is this the same function as pyplot.imshow?
12:13 PM
Would be great if someone who knows matplotlib could take a look at this 3-fold chameleon question with 150k(!) views and clean it up if necessary
12:38 PM
Hi all how do I check the type of my value going into a dictionary?
I have csv file I am parsing it into a dictionary. The key is a char and the value needs to be a float but I need to check that
Like this?
Python 3.7
Cheers thanks a million I am a muppet
12:58 PM
Hey I have 75 large, single-line xml files (each are ~9MB) that I need to search for all instances of a particular value. Then I need to read the string following that value into another document. I don't know if I'm just not searching with the right keywords but I can't find anything on SO proper. Suggestions?
@Thewise choose a non-interactive backend first. And use pyplot+numpy, pylab is soft deprecated
@Aran-Fey yes
Also would my above question fall within the scope of SO or would it be a better fit for another SE site?
I'm using pytest.fixture but I'm missing some annotations
Any ideas how to make MyPy happy with Pytest Fixtures?
1:27 PM
\o cbg
1:58 PM
@MarcosAguayo Put your source code in my_project/src and your tests, including fixtures, in my_project/tests. Run a happy mypy with mypy src --ignore-missing-imports
I need to use MyPy on some of the tests
Anyway I finally used: # type: ignore
Because I don't know any other way
I know next to nothing about the multiprocessing module, but there's currently a dispute on SO Meta regarding the deletion of this multiprocessing question about pickle vs JSON, due to it being POB.
But is is it POB? @MartijnPieters says that "multiprocessing.Queue uses pickle under the hood". So even if you use JSON for IPC won't it get pickled anyway?
2:13 PM
I don't think it is POB, and luckily the answers didn't make it POB, either. But at the same time I don't see much value in a question that compares 2 data serialization formats and ignores the other 3 dozen
Would we be happy if we had a "xml or json?" and a "xml or yaml" and a "json or yaml?" and fifty other similar questions to go with that? Probably not
it's gathering reopen votes right now
If only more people were throwing this kind of attention into closing blatant garbage ASAP :/
Ok. I just briefly skimmed the multiprocessing docs; it looks like there's an alternative to using a queue: you can use a Manager, if you want to avoid pickling.
Note that Martijn contributed comments to that Q&A, but didn't feel inclined to close-vote or delete-vote it. stackoverflow.com/posts/51991705/timeline
2:25 PM
@MarcosAguayo I just tested it in my project and I get no errors on fixtures at all. Are you using version 0.630? I know they did a lot of bugfixes/usability on the transition from .5xx to .600
Hang on. Isn't that example you just linked explicitly using pickle manually?
I don't think it's possible to avoid pickling, but there is another library that you can use that will allow nested functions to be pickled. The name escapes me.
I don't know whether you could substitute the IPC with this library too
Remember when davidism said "The SO community knows what it wants, but has to keep explaining it to everyone else"? Turns out the SO community can't actually agree on much
@PM2Ring slowly worked my way there :) You can use pathos which is multiprocessing built on top of dill instead of pickle so certain things will be possible that aren't possible in MP
It was one of those libraries in the back of my head to test one day, then I got proficient enough in numpy to not need multiprocessing for my particular tasks
@PM2Ring oops, missed your previous comment. Let me check I'm not talking rubbish
2:44 PM
morning cbg
@PM2Ring the BaseManager sets pickle as the serializer and it's also set here. But I'm not sure why pickle is a default serializer on the BaseManager, which suggests to me it could take some other value, but there's no mention of it in the docs
Boy that was such a bad question, based on entirely incorrect premises.
@MartijnPieters I feel sorry for J. C. Rocamonde. He obviously put a lot of work into that answer. But I guess it's a bit useless if he hasn't got the base facts correct. ;)
@PetterFriberg Cabbage, didn't know you came here
2:52 PM
@PM2Ring it's the fault of the person asking the question, not understanding how multiprocessing already handles IPC for you, using pickle no less.
@Simon cbg, well I check in sometimes to see what Andras and Martijn are up to :)
morning cabbage
@Code Cbg
@MartijnPieters I suppose so. But the answerers should have corrected the OP's misunderstanding. Instead, they just went along with it. But as I said above, I know next to nothing about the multiprocessing module. So is there any way using that module to avoid having your IPC data pickled?
long time, no see, simon
2:56 PM
Laurel I was just beginninng to think everyone forgot about me :)
@PM2Ring nope.
@PetterFriberg sup
well, you could avoid the managers and the queues and such, but the coordination between the master and pool of child processes still uses pickle.
then manually create an IPC layer on top. But then why use multiprocessing at all?
Come to the snek side
2:57 PM
@Code-Apprentice Yeah I've not really been coding much these last few months, run out of ideas, but I'm going to ease back into it now hopefully
@AndrasDeak \o, not much I was curious about a python request in SOCVR... hence just lurking some...
@Simon good to see you back. I've gotta finish getting ready for work. rbrb
@MartijnPieters as I found while clarifying myself to PM 2Ring, the BaseManager sets pickle as the default argument for the serializer. Was there some intention that something more flexible could be used to replace pickle, such as pathos does with dill?
And it just never happened to be implemented
@Code-Apprentice rbrb
@Code-Apprentice Currantly working on a terminal app (! who would use it !?), but I'm building that in C for maximum efficiency (and size)
@MartijnPieters oops, a couple of lines below my original link: github.com/python/cpython/blob/master/Lib/multiprocessing/…
3:14 PM
such a lively morning on meta
3:41 PM
@wim I think errorHand really stands for "hand you a ZeroDivisionError"
it's a way to do continue for someone that didn't know about continue.
if the question was marked CW, does that mean all the answers are automatically CW?
My python requests.post requests keeps hanging
stackoverflow.com/questions/52743774/… typo (albeit frustrating to find)
3:48 PM
while the javascript equivalent does not
pretty much every language is able to fulfill the request except python's requests
Anyone else ever come accross this issue?
@wim Yes
How do you know it hangs?
nothing happens
unless i include a timeout argument
is it something we can test?
@wim yup, but you need a mod to do that
3:51 PM
Hi everyone. @J.L.Louis are those requests identical, all headers considered?
It url is can't be tested by the public unfortunately (authenticated)
And yes, all headers are included as well
I should mention that it randomly works 1% of the time (identical code)
While for example, using javascript request.post works 100% of the time
And in the cases it works, it gives a fast response?
postman also works 100% of the time
@Aran-Fey thx, fixed
I'd like to use something other than requests for comparisson
any recommendations?
I think the problem is with the requests library
3:58 PM
urllib would be the obvious choice
wget --debug? I'd try to set DEBUG logging level on requests and urllib, to see what's going on
how do I do that?
I was using the interactive console
can i do it there, or am I going to have to save it to a file then use the debug flag?
@roganjosh ah, I guess it is supposed to also work with XMLRPCLib.
4:16 PM
Makes sense. Looking at the way the module is constructed, at least at a glance, it looks like there would be scope to use any serializer provided you use the same end of the IPC
*each end, even
And close it as dupe of stackoverflow.com/q/7262828/1222951?
Yes, perhaps. I was just looking at that..
How did this answer gather 2 upvotes? It does literally nothing.
4:32 PM
Same goes for this one.
A lot of misconceptions in one place here ...
sounds like a typical point of mass confusion
Not one answer here mentions the source of the problem, which is that an extra level of escaping is required because of the shell...
nudge nudge @win @win
4:39 PM
@AndrasDeak Nothing an educator of physics can't fix.
It works with the a and b in your question. Edit the question if you need to supply different a and b. — wim 13 mins ago
The OP had a canned data a = '123\t\r\n' which was not reproducing the problem. They edited in the real data which is ... a link to 8thstreetlatinas (a porno site)
too complete example
Taking a closer look, this question is actually hot garbage. It has nothing to do with raw strings; the OP wants to escape latex code...
@Aran-Fey Yep. But was obviously found by many people trying to "convert to raw string"
These are the worst kind of questions, when there is a solution that almost kinda works by luck if the data is nice enough.
So one question has a problem with the shell, one question is about escaping latex, and one is closed. Great.
4:47 PM
Yes but What is a function for r-prefix? [closed] looks like a good candidate to "commandeer" and answer the real question
Hi All,
I want to create a small tool which will download a driver and install it, but the problem is driver needs root user for installation, and python script is going to run as a normal user, is their is any way to do that?
The answer could be fleshed out to describe in which cases it's working and in which cases the idea is impossible in the first place
That sounds like a good idea to me, but I'm not sure how to deal with the 2 piles of junk
lift carpet, sweep fast
Karn Knechtel with the straight dope. Not sure whether to upvote, or flag as "not an answer" :)
And now Barmar is crashing in with bogus information in the comments ... sigh
5:00 PM
I removed all mentions of raw strings from both of those question's titles, I hope that's good enough
stackoverflow.com/q/42377885/1222951 best candidate for a canonical "How do I turn a string into a raw string" question
Actually, I just saw this one
@Aran-Fey This answer does. Am I missing something?
Oh yeah, I missed that one
@Aran-Fey I literally just linked that. The answers leave a lot to be desired.
Boy I suck at multitasking. Time to close some of these "raw string" tabs...
one is bogus, despite the upvotes, and the other two are basically comments and don't offer any solution.
To be fair, they're from 2010 when not answering in an answer was considered acceptable.
5:11 PM
Hmm, there are actually 2 different questions that we have to take into account. Questions like this, which are really about turning special characters into escape sequences, and then there are also questions about turning user input into raw strings, which are actually completely different
@wim The question too, actually. It's not really answerable because the problem statement is unclear. No surprise the answers aren't great
Problem is, people don't realize that they're different questions, so it might be a good idea to make a canonical that addresses both? Can we do that?
5:27 PM
I considered asking on meta for a second... then I realized that would only make things worse
Haha, yep.
asking on meta is like release_the_hounds.gif
So there's also this one, which is quite alright. The only problem is that the answers are python 2
I like the concept of meta but when I've ever spent any time there, I realize it isn't a place that I understand nor want to be.
meta has always been pretty awful but these days it's even worse
I think it would be a good idea to have one canonical question about raw strings that both shows how to escape special characters in a string and explains why it's not necessary when the string is user input. I'd be willing to hammer the existing questions as duplicate of a new canonical. Opinions?
5:39 PM
whatever it is, it should make it clear that raw strings are literals (unless rf strings, bah)
@wim Would you be willing to write such ^^ a self-answered Q&A? I'd do the hammering.
5:55 PM
No. A couple of times when I wrote a self-answered Q&A, users downvote them and don't comment why.
@roganjosh closed
Maybe I'm not very good at them, or maybe some people just don't like seeing the same user as asker and answerer. I'm aware other people have had good success with them but it was hit or miss for me.
Thanks. Sadly this "gem" made it through stackoverflow.com/a/52746088/4799172 the other answer was deleted
I guess I'll write it myself, then. As long as it's not deleted, it can't be a complete waste of time. Worst case scenario is that I have a useful duplicate target, even if it's closed.
Ignacio is often posting stuff like this, one line of code, no explanation. Usually correct.
6:14 PM
I think often code only and short answers are perfectly fine ... but thats just imho ... i know technically its a no no
my opinion of that changed a lot over time. I started as pretty much "fallow da rulz bro" and went to "that one liner explains everything there is to understand [mostly because I already know it]"
I suffer alot from "duh thats obvious" ... but its really only obvious because i do it all the time
I can't actually think of a good reason not to post my answer here... My question would be exactly as vague and unclear as that one
cant you just say "use python3" that makes it much less "magical" and as such more fixable
python3 string/bytes stuff is one of the best parts imho(other than type hinting)... str encoding decoding is such a problem in py2x
explicit is better than implicit
@Aran-Fey I'm sure I've read a good answer by Martijn on this topic, but I haven't found it yet. But I did find this related one on r-string vs repr confusion: stackoverflow.com/a/13669799/4014959
6:24 PM
4 posts on the tail of crap here
aparently strings are really confusing :P
@Aran-Fey nah, the question makes no sense whatsoever
> Something similar to the r'' method
the r'' method? what's that? "I'd like to make it a raw string" so what the input and expected output?
Well, if I want to write an answer that explains why it's not necessary to do that and shows how to do it regardless, my question would have to be similarly vague and unclear...
But doing both in the same answer is a bad idea anyway. I'll just tidy this up and link to it
fair enough
may as well make it Python 3 too
"dave" is not seen for 8 years
6:40 PM
@PM2Ring That r'Let\'s Python' surprised me! I didn't know backslashes worked that way in raw strings
which part surprising?
I didn't think the backslash would actually exist in the string
heh, it allowed me to find another syntax error that ast parses to add to my collection
>>> import ast
>>> ast.parse("r'\'")
<_ast.Module object at 0x7ffff77bce48>
>>> r'\'
  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
Try ast.parse(r"r'\'") :P
>>> "r'\'" == "r''"
a string literal cannot end with a \ ... or you simply escape your close quote
6:53 PM
@Aran-Fey facepalm
Okay, change of plans: this question stays as it is. This queston is closed as unclear or duplicate of something or other. I post a self-answered Q&A specifically about why it's not necessary to convert user input strings to raw strings. How does that sound?
by "user input" you mean a string the user has in a variable, right?
@Aran-Fey I guess it is a little surprising. From the docs:
Even in a raw literal, quotes can be escaped with a backslash, but the backslash remains in the result; for example, r"\"" is a valid string literal consisting of two characters: a backslash and a double quote; r"\" is not a valid string literal (even a raw string cannot end in an odd number of backslashes). Specifically, a raw literal cannot end in a single backslash (since the backslash would escape the following quote character).
presumably you're not talking about throwing input() data into the mix.
@wim I mean a string that originated somewhere outside of the python program. Something that's not a literal. So yes, input or sys.argv or file.read() or similar.
Then we'd have a question that explains why that's not necessary, and this question for people who actually need to do it. So that should cover everything.
7:01 PM
There's also this answer by Alex Martelli, although it's from 2010, so I think it predates u-strings being added back into Python 3.
If only the question didn't have to ask 2 different questions...
7:19 PM
@wim protted
I mean, it's a good countermeasure, but protecting a question like that makes my stomach turn...
@Aran-Fey it had 4 answers to delete...
I know, I know... I just have this strange misconception that protecting is for good questions
7:44 PM
@Aran-Fey that answer (Ignacio) is not good though. not even with your edit.
It neglects to mention the most important thing... that this idea doesn't even work in the general case.
@Aran-Fey nope. for popular questions collecting bad answers.
@PM2Ring surprised I never saw that Q before
and it's from e-satis (!) is this stack oveflow's first "Dorothy Dixer"?
@wim Maybe, although e-satis claimed "I realized I didn't know much about raw strings", and it sounds genuine to me.
@wim Well, we can replace that one with a new canonical too, if it's really necessary. I don't think it is, though. The question itself is good enough, and if you want to post a better answer, there isn't much competition - Ignacio's answer is the only serious contender.
@wim I'd like to believe that "popular" equals "good" :(
8:02 PM
Anyone heard about diveintopython3.net being parked now? It was up a few weeks ago.
I thought there was a repo for the site that was community maintained, but I can't find it.
link from the web.archive version of the site
Which is an old fork, so maybe the .net domain wasn't official in the first place?
Ah, I see. I'm not sure. Seemed official-ish. The original repo was last committed to in 2016 github.com/diveintomark/diveintopython3. And the url on both repos is the same different one from the .net, but similarly dead now...
just stating the obvious to save a few clicks for others
but the web.archive snapshot I found is dated yesterday web.archive.org/web/20181009120324/http://…, so perhaps it's only offline temporarily
the /about on the .net page suggests the author's email (seemingly), and the diveintomark github repo
(meaning it's probably official enough)
I'm messaging Kenneth, he was the last committer. We can always mirror it on sopython, but I'm not sure if it got too much traffic for the micro server tier we use.
sounds good, he's one of few people on that team
8:15 PM
@Aran-Fey Posting bad answers to old SO question is a popular pastime. ;)
On a related note, some people believe that a question with a high "Favorite" score must be good. But plenty of people use "Favorite" starring to make it easy to find bad questions too. Eg, questions they want to revisit later so they can delete-vote them.
I'm surprised that the author still hasn't fixed this wrong answer: stackoverflow.com/a/52563054/4014959 I only noticed it because the OP just pinged me.
some ironic part of me believes they're cool with +6 on a wrong answer
Probably. And even if they fix it, I guess there's little chance now that the downvoters would notice.
whistles innocently
which makes me think, hasn't it been some time since the last "ping downvoters on answer edit" meta question?
I wonder if public opinion could have started to shift on that
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I think I saw a fairly recent discussion about being pinged on any form of edit... but I might've been reading an old link.
public opinion is irrelevant, nothing will get implemented
8:30 PM
oh well ;)
let's trick @rene into writing a sede based userscript for that
good luck with that ping, it's been a while since he's shown his petals here :P
Does it even issue a ping?
probably not
I was betting on his spider senses and/or extensive chat transcript grepping
I was betting on his spider senses and/or extensive chat transcript grepping
... did I double post, or is my client bugged?
8:34 PM
You double posted
I thought you were extra enthusiastic about your hopes
@roganjosh BTW, the phrase "inverted commas" is unlikely to be understood by Americans, or other non-Commonwealth English speakers. It was used occasionally in Australia when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it in use much in recent decades. I'm not sure if they use it in India; I suspect not.
Apostrophe then?
@PM2Ring I thought I was communicating in a broader way by using it. Guess not.
Quotation marks? What would you say?
I normally say "quote marks", or "quotation marks".
See, to me that refers to "
Rather than the singular '
8:43 PM
Of course, apostrophes and quotation marks are different things, although single quotation marks do look like apostrophes.
Single-quote vs double-quote.
I take your point, though. I'll avoid the phrase since it clearly didn't help communicate my idea better
Python makes it more complicated because we have triple-quotes, which can be done using either single-quotes or double-quotes. :D
Well, the obvious solution to that is to have triple quotes and "sextuple" quotes
In Oz, we're a bit torn between British & American influences. British usage tends to feel more cultured and old-worldly, American usage tends to feel more modern. We mostly stick to British spellings, although even that is changing, mostly due to the internet, and the fact that many so-called Australian English dictionaries for browsers etc tend to accept American spellings.
Most English people can't use English spelling so you guys will need to revisit your cultural inferences soon :P
If I see "gawjus" one more time... !
8:51 PM
what's gawjus?
... I'm afraid so.
... this is gawjusly outrageous
8:53 PM
:D see, you're taking gusto to it
gawjus looks more sensible to me. Lose that french baggage!
gorgeous looks like it should rhyme with bourgeois. and means what, exactly? something that looks like a gorge?
I am disappoint, wim
just don't do it on a whim
8:56 PM
^ try harder :P
I'm still just a wimp with puns
Oh god, I need a few mins break from all this :P
It's folly to get sentimental about English spellings since the English language is a bastard in every way
@wim well all like python to some degree because it was influenced by other languages. "Gawjus" is the ass expression of Python
9:20 PM
Centuries ago, English spelling was fairly phonetic, and non-standardised. In those days, English wasn't taught formally, and in fact there wasn't a well-defined body of knowledge to formally teach as English grammar. Learning grammar meant learning Latin, and possibly Greek.
But with the rising power of the mercantile class, the demand for formal instruction in English grew, and scholars created textbooks for English modeled on standard Latin primers, warping the informal rules of English to fit the Latin model.
Around the same time, the first English dictionaries were prepared, and with them came a push to standardise spelling. Obviously, writing and using a dictionary is a lot easier if you don't have to deal with a wide variety of different spellings for almost every word. :)
Some of the scholars involved in this process thought it would be clever for the spelling of words derived from Latin and Greek to reflect the spelling from those languages. That's fine if you're familiar with Latin and Greek, or at least familiar with the common Latin and Greek roots used in English, but it does make English spelling more complex.
Another problem is that English has quite a lot of vowel sounds, with a fair amount of variation in how they are pronounced in different regions, which makes it difficult to represent English spelling phonetically using the standard Latin alphabet.
@vash_the_stampede right on my tail, 10 mins later? :P
@roganjosh oh that statement has been fashionably updated now
@roganjosh do check
I already knew the issue before I opened the question. The fact it took me just over 1 min to close is upsetting, but I didn't open it as it was posted
9:28 PM
2 days ago, by Andras Deak
I need a userscript that closes the tab when it sees "I'm new to" in the question body
@vash_the_stampede the pun work is dreadful. You and Félix need to go to classes or something
@roganjosh the more repulsive the pun in is corniness the better it rates
@AndrasDeak I actually think FGITW on typos has helped me in a way :)
@PM2Ring you need to make that into some inspirational statement that can be stenciled on a wall. What philosophical statement captures "too many ( rather than not enough )"?
Better than the old glass half full/empty
@roganjosh Antoine de Saint Exupéry already beat me to it:
May 9 '15 at 14:15, by PM 2Ring
@corvid: In ref to http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/23184428#23184428 Antoine de Saint Exupéry (author of The Little Prince) said "It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove."
Nicely done!
9:42 PM
sometimes I have 30 tabs open when I fall behind on questions , irrelevant thought
@vash_the_stampede do the questions interest you?
@Aran-Fey visual representation of programming puzzle approaches imgur.com/gallery/dXLM00p
^ that is absolutely awesome
Hahahaha, nice problem solving skills
@roganjosh it creates a source of problems for me to learn from and acquire new skills to learn, I have no other source of problems with such variety and consistently new
9:54 PM
Do you still think that you're learning from the questions you're answering now?
Or just applying the same methodologies in different contexts
problem solving also has to be learned, even if the basic tools you use are the same
Fair point
BTW, I updated my Bezier track program. You can now slide the white points around. chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/6?m=44206305#44206305
@Aran-Fey Lol, speed-reading? stackoverflow.com/questions/52749269/…
I blame my tag editing user script
10:00 PM
can we celebrate me hitting 3k :)
not yet but soon
ill buy drinks
10:17 PM
@vash_the_stampede the observation I was going to make was that you've answered nearly 200 questions more than me. But currently, most of them sit at 0 votes and very few accepts. I also mostly use SO to get exposure to new problems, but it's not always about posting answers because, ultimately, the answers have to be of high quality for others to learn from. You saw this when I spent ages on the list problem that you called "facebook source code" and threw it away
@roganjosh yeah I agree often I post my solutions in hopes for someone more experienced like yoruself to come along correct me and then I learn even more, I am still super new but I figure its a form of feedback I can't get anywhere else, seeing as I don't want to spam post a million quesitons, so far it has served me well too, you guys have shot down a lot of my answers, and at the same time guided me to more pythonic ways of solving
It was still 57 times faster than the posted answer, but I accepted that Aran-Fey had a better solution, so I didn't post. My learning experience was no less for that
Mind linking to the question you're talking about?
But see you understand the flaws in your code and that another is better, I dont know how to grade my solutions I only arrive at them
Oy, now you're asking something @user3483203 :P
10:21 PM
When people start talking about performance I get interested
Presumably you can use chat search better than me
Huh, I don't know what's in the link I posted
Probably unrelated? I thought I copied the link to the start of the convo
Looks like you linked to a comment
Did you navigate to it from the notification?
Aran got me excited by posting a link when he mentioned he was posting a solution, but it links to the docs, not the question he answered...
So I'm still lost
@roganjosh That previous link was to the "How to get control keys" question, which was self-deleted.
@PM2Ring thanks, no idea why I copied that link because I didn't intend to cv-pls it :P
LOL... even at @vash_the_stampede 's current question answering rate it would still take him about ten and half years to answer as many questions as John Skeet. And yet, Skeet has managed to maintain an average of about 30 rep points per answer. I can't imagine...
@W.Dodge the key being quality over quantity
And also starting earlier where the more fundamental issues can be solved and have over 1000 upvotes etc
@W.Dodge *Jon
10:38 PM
Hey. I'm looking for a keyterm/phrase to describe the performance boost that comes from good caching. For instance, a 2d array iterated over row vs col first. One get's a boost from less ram fetches.

Also, recursive functions get one very often by being in cpu memory already.
Eh its my 2nd month, even if drawing comparison to a super user based on rate, ill take it, I covered a lot of ground and I have had answers selected over some prominent users, I have quality answers, but due to my quantity there are alot of answers that get overlooked or not waht OP undestandds or wnats etc
It's kinda ok to post answers in the hope of some critique back for your own learning purposes, but not swamp the site with them
im hapy with my performance thus far
@AndrasDeak Yes, thanks
@vash_the_stampede it's not a knock on your performance in learning mate
10:39 PM
he's probably trying to tell you to make sure not to spew garbage
Just that I'm not sure it's good to keep throwing every trial you see as an answer if people aren't finding it useful (based on looking at the upvotes on your answers)
I don't believe I ever post a answer that is garbage, I provide the best solution I can always and make sure its worthy I know its being looked at by many others
@AndrasDeak the tables seem to have dramatically turned in diplomacy here
@vash_the_stampede not criticism of your efforts but more a comment on how prolific Jon Skeet has been on this site.
@roganjosh practicality beats purity :P
10:41 PM
@W.Dodge understood ;)
my posts have all progressively increased with quality, some I feel are as quality as they can get haha but I still would never post a solution I didn't think was up to par, or something you guys would tell me needs improved I pay attention to all solutions and comments adn compose mine in a manner to keep up with the quality expected :)
@vash_the_stampede in the same breath, that's asking us to moderate 450 posted answers
@roganjosh I'm very critical on myself, for having 450 answers even if 20% were garbage thats 90 answers and that would have raised some concern that would have been brought to my attention and others, so if i have this many and that issue has not been raised it must be that I am keeping the low quality responses to a minimu
and if you find yourself somewhere near the bottom, then try to do better
AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'add'
lack of set literals strikes again *shakes fist*
10:53 PM
@wim trying my best
@vash_the_stampede I won't try to claim that I post the most illuminating answers for complex Python issues; I still have to learn more to do that. But, genuinely, you see I land on a lot of questions (you know me as the closer) but, in a few cases from the day, I'll be trying to work on the problem
Maybe 90% (?) of the time I'll see "there's a new answer to this problem" before I've solved it myself
50% of those can be trashed as not actually dealing with the issue, the other 50% teach you the step you missed
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