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8:12 PM
I kinda curious about the % of people getting into coding because they want to game dev, then realizing it's hard work and super math based which ultimately causes them to give up on it.
I'm also curious on the %'s for why people get into programming.
I thought to get into it because it is constant learning...
I first coded usefully on my graphics calculator. I ultimately want to use programming as a tool in the public health space, and/or developing educational apps for my wife.
YES! That study sounds very interesting. I worked for our Welcome Week team in college and would always ask what peoples majors are. Every time I met a freshman that was going into CS I would ask why. A huge amount wanted to make games. Very few of them enjoyed math.
But got into c#, it relates me to a bacery store... So trying to learn new stuff like Python
I didn't know any c# and I got a job using c# :\ I was looking for a Python job and they told me I would be perfect in my current position :shrug:
8:19 PM
Now You are working as... ?
c# dev
Me too
I have now a task from Python interview, pretty much done with that, hope I will get a new job as a python developer.
@ZackTarr that comment u left me on question, print(variable_something) works in python 2. so it's not a python 3 syntax, while most people wouldn't code like that in Python 2, it doesn't auto means it's Python 3.
From the job listings Ive seen python is definitely not the most popular one in the market. Everyone wants some sort of .net dev.
@MooingRawr Noted. Didnt realize that. You have the link to that question still? Ill go delete my comment if you havent responded there too
8:21 PM
nah i don't care enough to delete it
I'm just letting u know
Same here, .net developers all around... :)
Sounds good to me!
Makes me want to learn .net to get me out of the IT world and into the development side. But Id rather be doing python because I know more about it right now ha
I told this to a co op student I was "teaching", programming is not language base, it's understanding how things work and modifying it to do something you want it to do. If you can program in one language you can program in any language. Different language is just basically just syntax and constraints, at the end of the day 1+1 is the same in all language. (of course there's exceptions but generally this is the case)
Why you want to go to .net Development ? In my country lots of companies using .net have shit projects, i got raised 50% salary from last employment, but in 8 months learned shit... Only I can see Azure logic apps, Azure integrations and freaking SITECORE...
8:26 PM
@MooingRawr Ive explained that to others as well. Really it wouldnt be too hard for me to jump to another language. But I likely need to work on my basic development skills before I can do anything professionally.
c# is not that hard, it is very easy to learn
the only language I had trouble picking up the syntax was cobol :\
Thats what Ive been told as well. Seems like the most popular out of the .NET from what I have seen.
Never tried that one... Actually my background is mathematics, so I did not know even after a studies if I am going to be a programmer...
be a game dev :D you working with c# already :D
8:29 PM
You offer me to work with Unity ?
get into the unity egine and use your math background to work at any game dev studio
No chance in my country, there are no gaming studios :)
Random question about development. Is it common in the dev world for one to be on call after hours? Its one of my major dis likes about being in the IT side.
You are lucky, that You are living in Canada, open to many opportunities :)
Yes I count my blessing every day.
and Zack, only if you are important and people need your help urgently
it happens quite often if you are near the top (lead dev, or what not)
8:31 PM
For now i want to try to work on product based companies, not with consulting companies...
if you are an average dev you don't get called on
I guess product based companies prefer quality much more...
shrug can't help sorry
btw, how old are you guys ?
Im 24. But I kind of figured that Mooing. I just am not a fan of it. Im willing to help when Im awake, just not when Im sleeping.
@toonarmycaptain What all were you thinking of doing in the education space? Just curious :D
8:42 PM
@ZackTarr Well at the moment there's pressure for my wife to communicate with parents on an unnecessarily frequent basis, to justify failing kids who sit through class and refuse to do any work. So I was thinking of something tied to attendance that would compose and send form emails, student not working, student came late, student refused to work in class and thus that work is homework, not given opportunity to ask 1000 questions after student ignored instruction/materials on whiteboard, etc
@ZackTarr But she's also interested in machine learning/adaptive instruction systems, online tuition, so the thought is there, when I'm much, much more skilled, to developing something in that area.
That sounds like a good idea. What age group does she teach?
1. enter the repl
2. del __builtins__.__import__
3. now, try to unbreak everything
@ZackTarr Also, the health services team I work on spends many hours chasing up vaccination records in online state records, and I'm like surely this can be automated, so records get pulled into our system upon enrollment, and before deadlines, and parents get an automatically generated letter when there are upcoming shots needed.
@ZackTarr at the moment, highschool math.
8:48 PM
I like the health care one as well. I work in Healthcare IT currently so am always looking for ways to improve that.
But the education would be something I would help out on if you started a project. My mom is also a HS Math teacher. So its near and dear to me as well
@wim what's the prize :D ?
@ZackTarr You do? Can you fix EHRs so they're all inter-operable and housed in one place, kthanks?
@ZackTarr I'll keep that in mind. At the moment I've gotten as far as thinking through a class(student) for a database, before going "maybe I need to work through an OOP tutorial." Which goes on the same list as the GUI and SQL tutorials...
I do. And man that would be nice. I work on a Cerner system. And from what I have seen Cerner is willing to interface with most anyone but others dont play as nice.
@toonarmycaptain Hey sounds like the project can teach you about all 3! I dont have a ton of experience in each but enough to make something. I dont think @Simon is in here but we were both looking for project ideas to work on. So he might help out if something comes of this conversation
Ah, we get to interface with Cerner soon
And Lorenzo
8:58 PM
Oh yeah? In what way? You working at a hospital Im guessing? I use to work at Cerner but now am just at a hospital that uses it
@Aran-Fey Hmm, let me clarify number 3
And many other systems not really designed for the UK because they all revolve around US insurance and billing :-)
$ python3 -ic 'url = "http://httpbin.org/status/402"'
>>> del __builtins__.__import__
>>> # your code here
>>> requests.get(url).text
'F**k you, pay me!'
We're doing some systems that will sometimes be based in hospitals, and so will integrate with EPRs
Good to know you used to work for Cerner; I may have questions :D
good on you for using the spoiler text though
9:01 PM
@RobertGrant I can try and help where I can. Im fairly handy in CCL (Cerners wrapper around SQL). So that might help out
@wim Looks easy enough? view spoiler
@ZackTarr I'd love a project to work on :) What stopped me from trying to start most of what I was talking about is the need to interface with Skywards educational software, which wouldn't be so much of an issue, but as I actually work for the same school district, when I mentioned the vaccinations thing to my boss, she was like, let me pass that on to the powers that be. I doubt they'll even consider letting me try to interface with their system.
Hey you never know. I thought the same about working at this hospital. But I showed up and started automating stuff for them and now Im seen as a god because I can speed up their work. Its pretty fun. Just hoping they dont find out how little I really know ahaha
But show them a little automation and they might take the bait.
But rbrb for a few. Ill be back on in an hour or so.
@ZackTarr rbrb
@Aran-Fey did you try it?
doesn't work
9:16 PM
@ZackTarr thanks :)
9:28 PM
@ZackTarr You called?
9:51 PM
10:18 PM
cbg all
cbg and rbrb \o :D
Cabbage everyone.
cbg @Simon
This might be a stupid question but is there a better way to do the following:
class Frame:
    title = ""
Frame.title = "k"
I don't like the title = "". Is there a better way other than declare title with an empty string.
10:33 PM
how would that work?
Would you want any class attribute to default to an empty string? Otherwise you'd have to specify that title should be the empty string by default; right?
if you want an instance attribute rather than a class attribute you can define a default value for the title keyword in __init__
judging by the name of Frame you'd probably want individual Frame instances to have individual titles...
I had considered that already. Yes I do.
then you're doing it wrong:) read about class attributes vs instance attributes
class Frame:
    def __init__(self,title=""):
        self.title = title
myframe = Frame()
otherframe = Frame("k")
probably not the best source but I first read this in the subject of class vs instance attributes and it helped clear it up for me
I think I have made another communication failure. :{
you might have :P
directed replies are a useful feature, use them to alleviate contextual ambiguity
"Yes I do" applied to judging by the name of Frame you'd probably want individual Frame instances to have individual titles...
10:40 PM
that's how I read it
Good. :)
Just making sure.
now go read what I linked then what I wrote (or the other way around) and see if it makes sense
then check my example and see that myframe.title and otherframe.title are what they should be, and Frame.title doesn't exist
Any windows guys here?
A: Importing files from different folder

Ax3lSince your question looks *nix specific, I think a clean way would be to use the environment variable PYTHONPATH as described in the documentation: Python2, Python3 export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/dirWithScripts/:$PYTHONPATH

I want to edit that answer, because afaik PYTHONPATH is not *nix specific.
Anyone can confirm?
also what's windows the equivalent of export VAR=VALUE ? is it SET?
regular set, I think
is cmd case-insensitive?
I have downvoted literally every other answer on that question (23 of 24)
We really need a canonical Q&A for importing files from other folders
10:58 PM
@wim yes, it is set
thanks. and $HOME still works the same, right?
@wim that I'm actually not so sure about
@wim a few different cases for Windows
@AndrasDeak I've read it and it does make sense, it is quite a lot different from what I had before.
@wim Is $HOME full path of the user's home directory?
more correctly, though, $HOME is whatever you've set $HOME to
I don't know if this is helpful then: superuser.com/questions/168714/…
11:09 PM
Although the link I have showed it's different for different versions of Windows, I'm not sure anything other than "Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10" is at all relevant
echo $HOME prints $HOME so I am quite sure that is not even a valid windows command.
@Simon OK, let us know if you have any problems
One more thing:
Also, I'm not sure this is the full way to achieve this in Windows
11:21 PM
Running `%HOMEPATH%` on its own returns `'\Users\Simon' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.` Running `$HOME` produces this: `'$HOME' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.`
@roganjosh I want to make a HOMEOPATH pun so bad...
@AndrasDeak I ain't stopping you :P
@AndrasDeak Thank you for your help by the way.
No worries
@wim looks like it's already answered here?
Sometimes I really wish there was a proper happy medium between Windows and Linux
11:28 PM
That will be the day.
I settle for running a Linux VM and bridging ports for any servers I run on Linux (because that thing just works) while giving me the nice features of Windows
As it stands, Windows refuses to let me turn off auto updates so my PC wakes itself up most nights at 3am and reboots, completely defeating the point of "sleep" for me and the PC. Nice.
Same here. I'm planning on switching one day...
@roganjosh sounds like malware
@AndrasDeak I have a lot of anti-virus stuff running on the PC and they pick up nothing
Don't worry I get that occasionally as well.
Unless we are both infected with the same thing.
11:35 PM
I had a similar thing with Windows on my laptop that a service (I can't remember the name, I think I've blocked it out of my mind) used to just consume 100% CPU all the time. It was a known Windows issue and half the fixes didn't work.
@roganjosh sorry, I was referring to Windows itself
11:51 PM
@AndrasDeak I'll have to defer my proper response for another day as I can't find the meme (I guess) that I want :(
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