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4:00 PM
@FaheemMitha well, I try to use python wherever I can, but you cannot do statistics without rpy. Basically no advanced stuff is implemented in python.
@cel Maybe.
@cel statsmodels? scipy?
Depends on your defn of advanced, I guess. R certainly has the edge with research type code.
@Ffisegydd yes, that's nice basics, but you usually need some fancy algorithm and virtually all algorithms published are written in R or matlab
In the rare case where I need to use a dict as a key, I do key = tuple(d.items())
4:02 PM
That'll only work if all of the values are hashable too, though.
Now that's blisteringly fast (thanks for looking at the problem earlier guys and gals)
@cel Or pseudo-code. If there is an actual implementation, you're in luck.
In the extremely rare case where the values aren't hashable, I hack together a general tuplify function that recurses into mutable collections and returns an immutable isomorphism.
I have to do some statsmodels stuff this week, actually. Need to convince a client that something they want done isn't going to be worth it because the data they've given us doesn't have the information they want it to.
4:05 PM
There seem to be some people doing statistics here. That's slightly unexpected.
@Kevin that was the expected answer which I started implementing (correctly, I must say). But after a while they said I'm not what they're looking for :)
I had someone ask me for a Poisson-like distribution that supports decimal numbers, does anyone know such a function on the off chance? (while we're discussing stats)
@FaheemMitha, fortuately, people in the applied stats field usually implement their algorithms :D
@cel Not always, unfortunately.
@DSM Oh I hear you - been there so many times - but they insist they want it done :(
4:05 PM
@ReutSharabani Maybe they wanted you to invent and implement a FrozenDict class.
@Ffisegydd You mean the parameter can be a decimal?
@Faheem I basically mean a "continuous Poisson distribution"
@Ffisegydd Hmm.
@Ffisegydd That makes no sense :P
I know :P
4:06 PM
Well, they told me to make a general function to make things hashable, so I started with checking if the object is a list, finished, started the dict hashing and then the interview was over :)
from what I recall I did it ok...
More generally, I think that interviewers will say "that's not what we're looking for" even if it is what they're looking for, because they're judging your ability to adapt to changing requirements etc etc.
Which rather strikes me as toying with a rat in a maze, but there's not much we can do about that.
Yes, "judging ability to adapt to changing requirements"/"protecting ability to be smug"
@Jon: I managed to convince them the last time, so I'm optimistic. In this case it's some epidemiological work. With enough pretty pictures, they can see the issue themselves.
4:20 PM
@JonClements Do you do statistics?
Not to any professional level... just enough to get a job done
@JonClements guess that applies to 90% of the people working in statistics :D
@JonClements I see. And you use R or Python or something else?
ERMEHGERD I can now click the "Edit tags" button to JUST edit tags. That is by far the best thing about 10k.
4:23 PM
@Ffisegydd ummm... I've toyed with R - never used it really - mostly just Python/Haskell and C# these days
I'm not sure what we could close that as. The problem is rather specific and is well stated. It's just another RTFM question.
I assume you meant Faheem :P tab complete eh?
@Ffisegydd I think he did.
@iCodez it occurred to me to be too broad, trying to explain someone some code when they haven't stated what they don't understand.
@Ffisegydd Just got to ask - why Ffisegydd? Does it have mystical Welsh significance or something? Or the name of a pet rabbit?
4:24 PM
Oooh, I know! I know!
Take it away @DSM
@JonClements Haskell for stats is definitely adventurous. How do you like it?
@DSM go for it.
the room waits with bated breath
4:26 PM
It's an ancient Welsh tradition to speak with small rocks in one's mouth. So when they say "physicist", it comes out "ffisegydd".
@FaheemMitha Who says I like it - I'd rather go back to using SAS :)
@JonClements Then why do you use it? And SAS, seriously?
SAS is the Spawn of Satan. They really should rename it to SOS.
@DSM pull the other one.
I know. He picked a random password and then set his username to it so he'd remember!
@Faheem: no, seriously. Ask a Welshman how to say "physicist", and that's what he'll say. :-)
Well - client wants something done in a certain way and I can't talk them out of it, then I still like to get paid... so sometimes that involves taking a sip from the devil's cup - I can live with that
4:28 PM
@DSM Hah, seriously? There are no Welsh people around here to ask, unfortunately.
@JonClements Wow, a client insisted you use Haskell?
@Faheem I do my PhD in Bath, but I was born in Wales :P
@Ffisegydd Yes, somehow I guessed that. :-)
hehehe... I read that as "in the bath" :(
Fluid dynamics for the win!
4:30 PM
Where in Wales?
I never had to do FD due to being a "materials physicist"
So I did condensed matter physics while all the space physicists were doing it.
@Faheem North.
@Ffisegydd Ah. Some place with an unpronounceable name, no doubt.
About 50 miles from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
That might actually be a real place. :P
It is :P
4:33 PM
@iCodez Unlikely.
Didn't you tell us that was pronounced "Lou-ellen" or something? ;-)
But apparently yes. There is actually a WP entry for that collection of gibberish.
Sorry my Canadian friend but don't make us bust out the Canada jokes, eh.
No offense.
If Peter visits London and we end up meeting with Jon then I'll teach them both to say it.
4:35 PM
"The long form of the name was invented for promotional purposes in the 1860s; with 58 characters it is the longest place name in Europe and the second longest official one-word place name in the world."
Ok, I claim partial vindication. Making up names is not playing fair.
No, it's llanfair!
Hah yeah. We've got plenty of names that aren't made up but are just as unpronouncable (though not as long)
Is there a way to iterate a collections.Counter's keys and count values?
I feel like I should drop the mike and never return.
I saw people use enumerate but I feel that's not the pythonic way to do it
4:36 PM
@Reut just iterate over it?
@Ffisegydd yes, like: k,v in dict.iteritems()
where k is the key and v is the count value
Maybe: for k, v in counter.iteritems():
In [16]: for x in c.items(): print(x)
('a', 3)
('d', 2)
('c', 3)
('b', 3)
They are basically just fancy dicts remember :)
Counter is a subclass of dict.
lol, I forgot iteritems in my code :) sorry
@iCodez yeah, that's why I found it odd
4:40 PM
@DSM That's certainly shorter and easier to remember.
Seriously? "Making up names is not playing fair. / No, it's llanfair!" Nothing?! A prophet of comedy is never appreciated in his own time.
Hate to say this, but you're no Kevin.
@Ffisegydd that's not a bad thing - one Kevin is more than enough :p
I want to say that a Kevin is a unit for something now, but not sure what to choose...
That was harsh. Little do you realize that your descendants will read this transcript in history class and want to change their names out of shame.
4:46 PM
@DSM Oh, I missed that. Bummer.
People miss my jokes all the time too, if that makes you feel any better.
1 Kevin == 20 cabbages, give or take a banana.
Usually what happens around here is that I think of something moderately funny and then while I'm typing it Kevin beats me to a pithier version. Originally I was annoyed but now I just hit enter and then sigh..
later, I begin my journey home with no car using the public, static, transportation
4:49 PM
damnit I need to reactivate myself, or I will soon be overtaken by Fizzygood.
cbg all
@DSM Who is this prodigy you speak of? Where is he hiding?
already voted..
voted to delete too.
@Ffisegydd was your CV created using LaTeX?
4:50 PM
@Faheem yes.
@Ffisegydd Thought so.
Any particular package?
What font is that?
@Ffisegydd Ok, thanks. Good package then?
The docs are non-existent, but there are some nice example TeX files that you can use. Not sure on the font.
4:51 PM
@Ffisegydd: wow, congrats on the 10k!
@Martijn Ta :D
@Ffisegydd Ok, thanks.
A world full of deleted crap has opened up for you!
@Ffisegydd I'm jealous. Mine's made on MS Word, and I haven't had the time to port it over
@Ffisegydd looks good, anyway.
Then again, LaTeX always does.
4:52 PM
@cel I cast the last one.
Ooh, I hate the deleted questions/answers. I wish they'd give us a way to hide them.
I remember someone made the joke about TeX/LaTeX, in the context of writing math. It looks so good you think it must be true.
I haven't noticed much deleted crap yet, all I've really done with my new powers is flag about 30 answers in the "new answers to old questions" that were NAA.
@MartijnPieters I can only flag :(
4:53 PM
A homework question, the OP has written the code But it has hell a lot of errors. stackoverflow.com/questions/28072403/…
@cel qualified the comment. There was an I missing.
Just try going to an old, popular question. They're EVERYWHERE.
I have a few choice troll posts on my questions, if you are looking for something entertaining / horrifying.
@BhargavRao That question is an unfortunate mess, because simply calling subtract(10) isn't going to do what the OP wants.
@iCodez I see dead posts
4:55 PM
They don't know they're dead.
@Martijn yeah share the wealth :P
Because the single argument to subtract isn't the amount you're deducting, it's the amount that's in the account, and subtract itself will ask you how much to remove. But withdraw already asked how much to remove. So some serious refactoring is necessary.
@Kevin There are tooo many errors for us to debug
@MartijnPieters Why the "wow" - it was eventual :)
hey @Ffisegydd: no rush (I'm just curious), have you had a chance to look at my stuff?
4:56 PM
Basically, to properly answer the question, you have to teach the OP a lot of introductory programming, and rewrite half of his program for him.
@inspector No I've been busy grinding away to reach 10k at work. Heading home soon though so will have some dinner and then take a look.
@Ffisegydd now that you have gotten 10k, you'd wish that you wouldn't have 10k :D
super! thanks. Like I said, I don't want to push - I was just curious
Probably with a lot of return/print confusion, and argument/input confusion. bleh.
@Kevin His traceback indicates there are 130 lines ...
The answer should be 1300 lines
4:57 PM
are 10k users therefore the Bruce Willis of the SO world, for being able to see dead posts?
His teacher isn't doing him any favors. "according to my teacher it has something to do with my "money" variable as it is a constant." Oh, money is a constant. Real helpful.
I'm guessing his teacher is one chapter ahead of the students in the book he's teaching from.
Ok, I partially retract my comment. Seeing deleted stuff is cool sometimes, when you come across a deleted joke post: stackoverflow.com/questions/2349378/…
@iCodez A screenshot to help people with rep < 10k
4:59 PM
@DSM I don't think he means it. He just wants to cause you pain, because that is the natural response to hearing a pun.
@Kevin Copied his code the debug ... Better leave it to others
I myself might have made a similar llanfair joke, if I knew how llanfair was pronounced. Luckily my Americentrism saved me.
Refuctoring - the process of taking a well-designed piece of code and, through a series of small, reversible changes, making it completely unmaintainable by anyone except yourself. amazing.
Anyway, gonna head home, rbrb.
@BhargavRao - Sorry, I didn't mean to exclude you. I was just giving an example for Fizzy. The post is an SO question with like 400 answers asking for people's favorite programming terms. I can't really screenshot that.
Sorry for not thinking. :*)
5:02 PM
Atleast the question
Incidentally, I think I did make a comment many months ago about how Llewellyn sounds like "Lou Ellen" but then someone said that it doesn't, not really.
@BhargavRao don't be so curious :p
Curiosity's kiilin me
Gimme a sec, I'll get a pic of the question.
5:04 PM
Here's another one from the funny department. It's also not deleted, so @BhargavRao can see: stackoverflow.com/q/184618/198633
@BhargavRao - When you do hit 10k, you can go play with this Meta post: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/256639/2555451 It lists a ton of good deleted stuff.
I'd bookmark it for later. ;)
Thanks .... I'll bookmark it too
Q: What is your best programmer joke?

hmasonWhen I teach introductory computer science courses, I like to lighten the mood with some humor. Having a sense of fun about the material makes it less frustrating and more memorable, and it's even motivating if the joke requires some technical understanding to 'get it'! I'll start off with a cou...

Speaking of joke posts.
Interesting potential bug. Mobile app won't allow me to view deleted posts. Wonder if that's permanent or will fix itself once the app has caught up.
5:14 PM
I laughed a little too hard at that one: "Feminist Unix Command? - man bash" :D
this used to be an SO post, which has since been deleted
Hey does anybody know about UC Santa Cruz+Stanford: Aspiring Researcher Challenge
5:32 PM
@MartijnPieters the tag used there should probably be burninated
I'm sure there was a meta post about not tagging specific code challenge websites.
5:47 PM
@Ffisegydd cbgcbg
Yeah, that tag is a meta tag.
is tempted to just burn it. No meta post required.
we don't need no water let the burn. Burn , burn!
hi pythoners how are you guys..
I can haz blowtorch?
5:53 PM
Another meta tag:
Was tagged submit, hackerrank..
Just got to use vars! Pretty rare for me.
morning everyone
@iCodez: o/
tag gone.
corvid: where d'you live? I'm about to hit the hay
@MartijnPieters \o
6:02 PM
@iCodez: wanna continue on ?
Let's kill it. >XD
6:04 PM
What should we do about stackoverflow.com/q/505976/2555451
it's only tag is the one we're killing
@iCodez retag to something else..
or delete it.
Better idea, actually.
the two things real programmers seem not to take very seriously: people who want to learn to program to be "hackers" or to be "game developers" (but aren't dead serious about it)
Let's delete because I can't think of any good tag
6:06 PM
too, since you guys are on some kind of wild burninating frenzy ...
@iCodez retagged it just to be complete.
They just keep coming.
Q: Clean up "looking for [something]" questions

LittleBobbyTablesAs of right now, there are 6246 open questions that contain the phrase "looking for" in their title. Some of them include: Looking for OCaml IDE Looking for a MVC Sample for WinForms Looking for lock-free container Looking for a graphDB Looking for EXT.NET Tutorial Out of 6000+ questions, so...

6:10 PM
Awww, I used to enjoy finding typos in people's numbers-to-English-words questions. No more?
@poke: he had me more or less nodding along with him until he mentioned Javascript.
It makes a lot of sense though
Whew, just sat through 70 minutes of narrated training slides.
My browser froze up in the 68th minute, right before I was about to get to the "click here to register your completion of this course" slide
6:19 PM
travel time, back to this perhaps later on.
Luckily my tears brought it back to life.
And the big one ... the beast that will not die ... run for your lives, it's (gasp) !!!
hello, I'm back
cbg @Reut :-)
is a monster. I don't think we'll be able to kill that. We're just stopping some of the smaller junk tags.
6:23 PM
In ten thousand years, it will just be the cockroaches and the Project Euler questions.
and taxes
the cockroaches will tax each other
what is this project euler?
A way to kill time and study number theory under the guise of improving your coding skills.
> Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems.
6:26 PM
I thought you're speaking of a single question
Criticized by many (ok, just me) for being more a game of "find the obscure math fact on Wikipedia" than actually testing your critical thinking ability.
@poke not too sure about his point... it kind of applies to every language
Ex. One of the questions is literally just "implement Langton's Ant and determine how many pixels are black at the 1000th iteration", but the question doesn't actually tell you that Langton's ant exists
also javascript doesn't seem like a great language to start with because it has some more "unique" paradigms that might be considered more advanced...
Or maybe it's the trillionth iteration, which you can't possibly find the result for unless you already know that the ant is periodic mod 17 or something, so you can find the answer in constant time
Re: javascript. If you want to teach OO, you should probably choose a language that has classes.
6:39 PM
ok I know I've said this already, but darn it! I love python
There's another Kevin who isn't as experienced as our Kevin.
We are many, yes.
Your name is legion.
I feel like python is in general one of the most intuitive languages to the way people naturally think
Just search for the name "Kevin" on the Users page. He's got a whole army.
6:42 PM
There are ~15 DSMs.
@DSM That's a translation hiccup. Fun fact: it's hard to pronounce a "K" sound when you're inhabiting a herd of pigs.
And only 1 iCodez! :D
@Kevin: heh. Very well played, sir.
there are over 120 species of corvid
If you're one in a million, that means that there are thousands of people just like you all over the world.
6:44 PM
The good old "You're a unique little butterfly. Just like everyone else."
The full slogan for Apple is "think different, just like everybody else"
There can be only one... inspectorG4dget
The others have an "a"
That's better than the "no, there are 4" line I was working on.
So me, Fizzy, and the inspector are all singletons.
I'd put the number of Inspector G4dgets in the world at the 10-50 range. It's was a popular cartoon, and letter-number replacement is fairly common.
6:51 PM
perhaps, but you'll have to account for 7-->t, 9-->g, 3-->e, etc
is even rarer than a singleton
Wait...there's a world outside of SO? Woah.
a halfleton?
Hmm, true. There are many possible letter-number replacements.
and then the double replacements
6:54 PM
@inspectorG4dget I prefer "nongleton" ;-) (which actually sounds rather like the name of a northern English town, cool :-)
Whoa, it is raining bounties for me today!
That one was unexpected; rewarding an existing answer.
I was trying to work a Harry Potter reference in there
luxury problems
which chat room is best for algorithmic type chat?
@user2179021 this one. It's the best chat room of them all!
just ask, and we'll try to help out
7:01 PM
probably the css or js room
@inspectorG4dget ok :) Any got any ideas about codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/44689/… ?
smells like a variant of the job shop problem
What does it mean to "switch machines", when you say "A task can't be moved from one machine to another after it has been started." Can you switch or not?
Ok, I guess in this context, "switching" means something like "after one task completes but before the next one starts, physically getting up from one workstation and walking over to another one"
You might be able to switch a job to a different machine in the schedule, but ONLY before the job actually starts running on the last machine it was scheduled to run on
Well, there's the brute-force O(m^n) solution, where you try all possible combinations of all machines and see what's fastest.
@Kevin you could add that for a large score :)
(while looking at questions, but that's obviously never going to be useful to anyone else)
@Kevin it means you can't stop a task half way through and move it to another machine
@inspectorG4dget thanks
@inspectorG4dget each job only ever runs on one machine...
yes, but it can be scheduled to run on multiple machines in turn (due to the switching), before it does start actually running
@inspectorG4dget I don't think so. Each task is performed after the previous one ended
@inspectorG4dget so it isn't scheduled at all until it needs to be
7:17 PM
@user2179021 I'll try to write something up, just so you have it ;-)
@inspectorG4dget why would you schedule a task before you can actually process it?
@Kevin you might win the bounty :)
because I know when the previous task is going to end, and therefore can save myself the hassle of being tense, trying to schedule the job in the best possible way when I'm burning CPU time
@inspectorG4dget the jobs are always executed in teh same order
@inspectorG4dget the scheduler doesn't get tense :)
you sure? it's running pretty hot. Perhaps it needs a backrub
7:21 PM
@iCodez ah, goodie!
@inspectorG4dget :)
only two left!
@ZeroPiraeus Gone.
"delv," huh? Hmmm.... "Downvote Every Leech/Vampire?"
7:23 PM
"Delete vote" 'cause typing that out is WAY too much effort.
ah ha :D
ha ha martijn, that user with thousands of well-written answers, sure is lazy and unhelpful, you sure did nail him ha ha
Alright, we knocked out that big one.
maybe my question is too algorithmic...
@user2179021 are you here under a different username promoting a question you posted on code golf?
7:26 PM
@BhargavRao That's a variable variables question.
Gave him a lot of time to edit with ample samples ...
Oops, I got all the way to a working implemenation before I read the whole problem description and realized there were per-task deadlines, not one deadline for the whole process.
And I don't have time to rewrite it at the moment.
We need a gong-like sound for tag annihilation: I propose "Kapow!".
Also: Kapow!
7:35 PM
I suggest "Ni!"
alright. The bed calleth. Rhubarb all
I'm working on now.
We only need one more vote for stackoverflow.com/q/25509212/2555451
Too broad
@iCodez It'll take another 20k+ user.
7:41 PM
Kevin has 20k. Mind helping us @Kevin?
@Kevin: yeah Kevin, put in some work for all those stars, you!
Get me another 1600 upvotes, even I'll help
RE: your removed message @BhargavRao that's hands down the worst docstring I've ever seen. It's almost worse than no docstring at all :(
umm... chilli con carne... yum yum yum
7:51 PM
@AdamSmith Yeah, removed as it was edited
I saw
Hey @JonClements, can you delete this: stackoverflow.com/q/25509212/2555451
Kevin went AWOL.
7:53 PM
@JonClements I was out of town for my company all last week and expensed my meals. This week has been a sad realization that although my company can afford nice things, I cannot.
@AdamSmith yeah... I remember being sent on a course that had 5 course lunches and 7 course dinners... I loved that... would never do that in doors though :)
last week every meal was a $20-$30 plate. This week I'm hitting up DQ for a five buck lunch. #firstworldproblems
stackoverflow.com/questions/28075619/… The code is working, but the OP doesn't know how to execute it
7:59 PM
no tags until I can participate!

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