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1:16 AM
Q: Different Bialgebra/Hopf algebra structures on coalgebras

Alain RochefortGiven a coalgebra $C$, can there exist more than one algebra structure on $C$ giving it the structure of a bialgebra? I will also ask the same question for Hopf algebras.

11 hours later…
12:16 PM
Q: How to build FFmpeg with Apple Symbols

Meh.I'm trying to build FFmpeg 4.4 with OpenSSL >= 2.0.7 (3.0.0) from source so I can use it's binaries in another project. I just do this: ./configure --enable-openssl and when I build with make -j5 (-j5 speeds up the process) then make install to use it in said project, I get this error: Undefined ...

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2:28 PM
Q: Checking if elements in an array exist in a pandas DataFrame

NewbieAFI have a pandas Dataframe and a pandas Series that looks like below. df0 = pd.DataFrame({'col1':['a','b','c','d'],'col2':['b','c','e','f'],'col3':['d','f','g','a']}) col1 col2 col3 0 a b d 1 b c f 2 c e g 3 d f a df1 = pd.Series(['b','g','g'], index=['col1'...

2 hours later…
4:28 PM
Q: Banach spaces whose second conjugates are separable

Dongyang ChenIt was known that the James space $J$ has separable second conjugate, is non-reflexive and isometric to its second conjugate. I want to know whether there are Banach spaces $X$ with separable second conjugates $X^{**}$, but $X$ is not a dual space (the James space $J$ is a dual space). Furthermor...

4:58 PM
Q: Fundamental groups of degree 2 covers of projective spaces

whalDoes being a degree 2 cover of a projective space impose restrictions on the fundamental groups of non-singular complex projective varieties? For curves it does not.

2 hours later…
6:46 PM
Q: Categories disguised as other structures

Alec RheaIt is common to hear that category theory unifies many apparently disparate areas of mathematics. One way it does so is by allowing us to take other mathematical structures and organize them into categories, then explore connections with other structures organized into categories and their opposi...


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