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12:09 AM
Q: A question from pathfinder for Olympiad mathematics 3

Ouestion Asker 7-digit numbers are formed by the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. In each number, no digit is repeated. Prove that among all these numbers, there is no number, which is a multiple of another number. My Attempt: Total no. of ways of arranging it is 7!= 5040. So now we cannot check cases. Suppose $x$...

12:51 AM
Q: A narrower dichotomy for the quadratic variation of differentiable functions?

Iosif Pinelis$\newcommand\P{\mathcal P}$A "partition" $P$ (of the interval $[0,1]$) is a finite sequence $(t_0,\dots,t_n)$ such that $0=t_0<\cdots<t_n=1$; then the mesh of $P$ is $\|P\|:=\max_{1\le j\le n}(t_j-t_{j-1})$. Fix any sequence $\P:=(P_k)$ of "partitions" $P_k=(t_{k,0},\dots,t_{k,n_k})$ such that $\...

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2:39 AM
Q: Intermediate notions of bilinearity in higher algebra

ThéoIt is well-known that when passing to $\infty$-categories the notion of commutativity gets replaced by an infinite array of notions of commutativity: $\mathbb{E}_{1}$, $\mathbb{E}_{2}$, ..., $\mathbb{E}_{\infty}$. This is already apparent when passing from sets to categories and $2$-categories: ...

15 hours later…
6:03 PM
Q: Geometric interpretations of the exponential of entropy

Aidan RockeQuestion: Might there be a natural geometric interpretation of the exponential of entropy in Classical and Quantum Information theory? This question occurred to me recently via a geometric inequality concerning the exponential of the Shannon entropy. Original motivation: The weighted AM-GM inequa...

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10:33 PM
Q: Pronunciation of 800 / 八百

tvkA Japanese textbook labels the pronunciation of 800 / 八百 as はっぴゃく, but elsewhere labels the pronunciation of 5,800 / 五千八百 as ごせんはっびゃく (emphases added). Should the first syllable of 百 be ぴゃ or びゃ following 八, or does it depend? How to determine which to use?


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