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1:44 AM
Q: What are the centre and trace of the simplex category?

EmilyThe centre of a category $\mathcal{C}$ is the set $\mathrm{Z}(\mathcal{C})$ defined by $$ \begin{align*} \mathrm{Z}(\mathcal{C}) &\mathbin{\overset{\mathrm{def}}{=}} \int_{A\in\mathcal{C}}\mathrm{Hom}_{\mathcal{C}}(A,A)\\ &\cong \mathrm{Nat}(\mathrm{id}_{\mathcal{C}},\mathrm{id}_{\mathcal{C}}), \...

10 hours later…
11:56 AM
Q: Book on Hilbert spaces, including non-separable

Norman GoldsteinI am looking for a book that develops the theory of Hilbert spaces, including the spectral theorems and unitary representations, but includes non-separable Hilbert spaces in the main exposition. Any special results for separable Hilbert spaces are carefully marked as such, so as not to confuse t...

12:14 PM
Q: Is Malcev completion an embedding?

Qwert OttoThe Malcev completion of an abstract group $G$ over a field $k$ of characteristic zero is defined by $$\hat G = \mathbb{G}(\widehat{k[G]}) ,$$ the group-like part of the completed (by the augmentation ideal $I$) group ring. Question: Suppose that $G$ is residually nilpotent and torsion-free. Then...

6 hours later…
6:44 PM
Q: Reference request: about “SNF” (Smith Normal Form)

MatthersI've read about some studies on the Paley I Construction. Among them I found the following notations ( See this page: https://documents.uow.edu.au/~jennie/matrices/32P02.html ). $$SNF:1,2^a,4^{b},8^{b},16^a,32$$ I am not familiar with these notations. Could you please recommend me some books or a...


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