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2:13 AM
Q: Slice knots in 3-manifolds

Qiuyu RenIs there a nonslice knot $K\subset S^3$ that is slice in some closed oriented $3$-manifold $Y$? Here, when we say $K$ is slice in $Y$, it means that when regarded as a local knot in $Y\times\{1\}$, $K$ bounds an embedded disk in $Y\times[0,1]$. One can ask this question in both topological and sm...

2:56 AM
Q: How to input equation in sympy in python

Hamid Salariimport sympy as sp x , y , z , w = sp.symbols(" x , y , z , w ") eq0 = sp.Eq(input("enter 1st equation :")) eq = sp.Eq(input("enter 2nd equation :")) print("equations :") print(eq0) print(eq) solution = sp.solve([eq0,eq ], [y,x] ) print(solution)

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8:25 AM
Q: Pandas: new column, sampled from list, based on column value

Ben Farmervalues = [1,2,3,2,3,1] colors = ['r','g','b'] expected_output = ['r', 'g', 'b', 'g', 'b', 'r'] # how to create this in pandas? df = pd.DataFrame({'values': values}) df['colors'] = expected_output i.e. I want to make a new column in my dataframe where the colors are selected based on values in a...

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8:55 PM
Q: Symplectic diffeomorphism of the cylinder moving a point to 0

user14334I am currently reading though part of Zehnder's Lectures on Dynamical Systems. In Chapter VII, I have found myself in the following situation: $Z(1)$ is a subset of standard symplectic space $(\mathbb{R}^{2n},\omega_0)$ with symplectic coordinates $(x,y)= (x_1,\ldots,x_n,y_1,\ldots,y_n)$ define...

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11:25 PM
Q: Why is builtin sorted() slower for a list containing descending numbers if each number appears twice consecutively?

no commentI sorted four similar lists. List d consistently takes much longer than the others, which all take about the same time: a: 33.5 ms b: 33.4 ms c: 36.4 ms d: 110.9 ms Why is that? Test script (Attempt This Online!): from timeit import repeat n = 2_000_000 a = [i // 1 for i in range(n)] # [0, ...

Q: Intentionally craft a 180 to 255 bits Integer that bypass the miller‑rabin test with having a known factor

user2284570I’ve a signature system using modular exponentiation where having the exponent being a composite with a known factor allows to forge signatures… In order to check if the exponent is a prime number, the Integer has to pass 27 rounds of miller‑rabin : if it is found to be composite, then the signat...


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