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5:58 AM
Q: B. W. Jordan's thesis on arithmetic of Shimura curves

k.j.I'm looking for Bruce W. Jordan's thesis: On the diophantine arithmetic of Shimura curves. Thesis, Harvard University, 1981. I could not find the pdf at the following site. https://www.math.harvard.edu/graduate/dissertations/ I could not find it in my university library either. Would it be possib...

3 hours later…
9:22 AM
Q: about use of secp256r1 and x25519

0x41biubiuI'm not familiar with ECC, sorry if this question is a bit weird/stupid. I'm implementing some protocol using some 3rd party repository (Private Join and Compute), and the repo only supports built-in curves in FIPS modules (P-224, 256, 348 and 512) in openssl when creating EC group: StatusOr<ECGr...

9 hours later…
6:34 PM
Q: Can 10..09 be a perfect square?

Smart231I know that 10..01 can’t be a perfect square, since it is 2 mod 3, but 10..09 can a perfect square, since it is 1 mod 3. Am I correct?

1 hour later…
7:46 PM
Q: Can be the number of uncaught exceptions be more than one?

unegareThe introduction of int uncaught_exceptions() noexcept; in C++17 instead of bool uncaught_exception() noexcept; begs the question whether it is possible to have more than one exception at the same time. According to the en.cppreference.com: Return value The number of uncaught exception objects ...


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