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4:11 AM
Q: How to import mixin file without giving it's location in sass?

Levi AckermanSee Line No. 1 and 2, it's easy to import mixin Now see this Line No. 1 and 2, it's not easy to import mixin file like this. Is there any way to solve this problem?

5 hours later…
9:30 AM
Q: How to use C # to read large Excel

user1771255There are four xlsx files in total. The first column of each file has an ID, which can be 1 from the first line to 3000 and 2 from 3001-4930. It is similar to the one-to-many relationship of a database. The number of rows in each file exceeds 100w, so it can be divided into multiple xlsx. My curr...

1 hour later…
10:54 AM
Q: How to make Collab-dependent Python code self-contained?

P. N.sorry if this question isn't in the right place, but I wouldn't qualify myself as a developer. Overview: our organization runs a piece of critical Python code on Google's Collab from Google Drive. This code processes sensitive data and for privacy reasons, we'd like to move it out of Google. Ther...

6 hours later…
4:49 PM
Q: Primality of a number of more than 50k digits

YottakuttaWith modern tecnology is it possible to prove the primality of a number of more than 50k digits? Obviously not a prime for which specific methods for testing primality are known like Mersenne primes.

4 hours later…
9:19 PM
Q: At most one representation as a sum of two fibonacci-numbers?

PeterI wanted to start a project to find primes of the form $F_m+F_n$ with integers $m,n$ satisfying $1<m<n$ , where $F_n$ denotes the $n$ th fibonacci-number. I wondered whether duplicate numbers will appear. Question : Does a positive integer $N$ always have at most one represenatition $$N=F_m+F_n$...


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