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12:22 AM
Q: gcov produces different results on Clang and GCC

ИванКарамазовI'm trying to understand how to properly structure a C++ project by using CMake, googletest, and gcov for test coverage. I would like to build a general CMakeLists.txt that would work for any platform/compiler. This is my first attempt. However, if I try to build the project and then run lcov (to...

12:52 AM
Q: Classification of knots in solid torus

Calvin McPhail-SnyderWhat is known about the classification of knots in a solid torus $S^1 \times D^2$? Is enumerating them a reasonable problem? Do we get a similar classification as for knots in $S^3$? Ideally there would be a simple description of the Seifert fibered knots in $S^1 \times D^2$ like for prime non-s...

1:19 AM
Q: Faster computation of p-adic log

Oleksandr  KulkovAs I see it, $p$-adic integers work very similar to formal power series over $x$ (e g. with regards to Hensel lifting). When it comes to computing $\log P(x)$, one may use the formula $$ (\log P)' = \frac{P'}{P} $$ to compute the expansion of the logarithm of $P(x)$ with $P(0)=1$ as $$ \log P \eq...

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1:40 PM
Q: knitting rmarkdown throws error printing result of contour()

Jan SpiegelI want to knit the following code into an html document. The code runs fine in Rstudio but fails when I attempt to knit - what am I missing here? load(url("http://www.stanford.edu/~hastie/ElemStatLearn/datasets/ESL.mixture.rda")) names(ESL.mixture) attach(ESL.mixture) plot(x,col=y+2,pch=c(17,19)...

6 hours later…
7:40 PM
Q: split column in R data.frame

Yuxiang lithe data.frame is like: |col_1| |------| |A | |B | |B | |A | |A | The expected output should be: |col_A |col_B | |---------|-------| |A |NA | |NA |B | |A |NA | |NA |B | |A |NA | |A |NA | I can do this manually in excel but is there a concise way in R t...

8:28 PM
Q: How would you create an HTML code for an (RSS Feed Like) text box that

AmmarSKGHow would you create an HTML code for an (RSS Feed Like) text box that automatically creates next box in ascending order? It is Something Similar to TT-RSS Example: BOX3 (newest): HELLO TEXT 3 (DATE DD:MM:YYYY) BOX2: HELLO TEXT 2 (DATE DD:MM:YYYY) BOX1: HELLO TEXT 1 (DATE DD:MM:YYYY)

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10:08 PM
Q: In between fractions

Wheat WizardGiven two positive integer fractions \$x\$ and \$y\$ such that \$x < y\$, give the fraction \$z\$ with the smallest positive integer denominator such that it is between \$x\$ and \$y\$. For example \$x=2/5\$, \$y=4/5\$, the answer is \$1/2\$. Other fractions such as \$3/5\$ are also in between t...

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11:34 PM
Q: How to interpret half integral modular forms? Why not considering more general things such as third integral modular forms?

ronggangMy knowledge of automorphic forms basically comes from Lang's $SL_2$ and Borel's automorphic forms on $SL_2$. I try to understand them from representation theory. For example, an integral weight $k$ automorphic form corresponding to the $k$-th character eigenspace for the right $SO_2$ action on $...


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