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Q: Index and return 3 characters

WiredUpDIYThe challenge is simple: Read the first 3 letters from a system input¹ and convert them to numbers (A-1, B-2, C-3...Z-26)². Print each of those numbers in the order the letters were inputted in, each on a new line and then the sum of all 3 numbers, on its own line as well. This follows the standa...

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Q: Invariant section of a linearized sheaf

Samantha SmithI am struggling to understand what an invariant section with respect to a linearization of a line sheaf is. In Geometric Invariant Theory, given a $k$-scheme $X$ (being $k$ an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero) where a reductive algebraic group $G$ acts on by $\sigma$, and a line ...

4:21 PM
Q: Access callee/this in Raku map code/block

mykhalIs it possible to access the "callee" ("this") in Raku map code block and/or whatevercode? E.g. if one wanted to calculate arithmetic mean my $data = <1 10 0 7 2> ; say $data.sum / $data ; # or @$data, same as $data.elems in this numeric context # OUTPUT: «4␤» by sum of fractions say $data.m...

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Q: Remove duplicate element within a row in a specific column

chippycentraI have a dataframe such as ; COL1 COL2 A,A,A 2 B 1 C,C 4 D,D,D 1 A 4 F 2 C,C 1 And I would like to first remove duplicate within COL1 and get: COL1 COL2 A 2 B 1 C 4 D 1 A 4 F 2 C 1 and then sum the same COL1 letter by the COL2 values and get : COL...

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