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1:07 AM
Q: Enumeration of dominated Dyck paths

T. AmdeberhanUsing horizontal steps $(1,0)$ and vertical steps $(0,-1)$, consider the lattice paths starting from $(0,q)$ and reaching $(p,0)$ with $p$ horizontal and $q$ vertical steps. The set of such paths $\frak{C}_{p,q}$ has cardinality $\binom{p+q}p$, which is ordered by "dominance": a path $\pi$ domina...

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4:29 PM
Q: How secure are python socket servers?

HaspicI got the idea to make an intranet so i can learn how to manipulate online stuff using python. The project is going well but I've encountered an issue. I have a group on discord with friends where they can download the client and connect to the server but i'm not aware to this moment how many of ...

Q: Tampermonkey Not working with script that works in console?

hiiiiiiiiiiI have this script that I run in the console to improve the way pages look, but as soon as I put it in tampermonkey is does not completely work. It adds the elements, but doesn't run any functions. I have tried delaying the script, I also tried running it onload and running it on context menu not...

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8:10 PM

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