8:06 PM
You were asking me about my ban and the great edit wars and such, well it is right back to where it was.
And for reference, a bunch of comments were removed because of their abusive nature from this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/5501955/…
But not my comments. But I will be banned for being in the proximity of a problem user.
Yeah, I noticed that this AM and was kinda curious.
That is out of the 50+ edits I have done in the last two days.
Which were (from the handful I noticed) really needed
kev is a long time member of my 'fan club'. He is purposely rolling through my edits and rolling them back.
Then flag 'em for a mod, say that you thought they were useful, and skedaddle
8:14 PM
I have. I have also communicated them to Billie Boy the Iguana directly.
Nothing has been done so far.
And I can tell you the outcome from experience anyway.
Something tells me it's that very "fan club" that's going to cause you grief. I know I don't know all the backstory, and I don't know both sides of the story, but ya just gotta distance yourself.
I am well aware. But that is the problem.
@GEOCHET you and I both know that isn't going to make a difference. You gotta to go ole PHB to get anything done
There is a different standard of moderation being applied here.
@GEOCHET yeah, I feel your pain, and don't know what to say.
@GEOCHET I agree totally with that
8:16 PM
This is just business as usual with SO.
I noticed today a thread on chat where Atwood says he never did mind my large qty of voting (especially downvoting).
And yet I was banned at least once for it.
I was banned from MSO this last time for talking to Gortok.
So that sounds like something you should take up directly with Atwood. What does Atwood say when you try and approach him on it?
Show me the bannable offense in that.
Atwood has been talked to directly plenty of times. He doesn't respond.
Just the mention of his name in this thread will likely result in my ban again.
@GEOCHET talked at then?
@GEOCHET nah, that wouldn't be reason enough for a ban
Then show me what was reason enough for a ban in the linked thread.
@GEOCHET of course there's no bannable offense in that. Something tells me there's a deeper rooted issue.
8:21 PM
That is a non answer.
@GEOCHET I was in most of that thread, I never saw anything particularly ban worthy (cos a person who has a strong desire doesn't need a reason)
Here is Atwood's email:
@GEOCHET yeah, cos that's all I got

I'm writing in reference to your Meta Stack Overflow account:


I was hoping you'd keep a low profile after a 1 year timed suspension. But the return of your account has coincided with some rather high profile negative behavior in chat.


I don't think this kind of behavior is conducive to a friendly community -- or adds anything to it at all, except negativity and angst, so I am extending the meta timed suspension for another year.
So I didn't unload sunshine up everyone's butt when Gortok was being abused by Atwood publicly. That is my bannable offense.
rereading the thread
8:26 PM
Anyway, I figured since you expressed interest last time I would show you what happened as it happens.
Yah, I am curious to keep abreast of it, if only because everyone wants to make such a fuss.
But on the edit wars with Kev, just make your edits and move on man.
Take note that I have not rolled back the user's edits like he has done to me repeatedly. I simply fix what I think is wrong, if there is a conflict, I send it to the mods for review.
Why should I make edits if a user is just going to follow me around and roll them back?
Here is a shining example: stackoverflow.com/posts/5503414/revisions
He even had to go back and fix things that his rollback broke.
Yeah I don't know what's up with that thread, since it didn't seem out of control at any point or anything, and then he posted:
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Feb 16 at 4:39, by Jeff Atwood
Jan 8 at 1:10, by Jeff Atwood
I spent christmas with Evan Carroll and Rich B.. sitting around the fire drinking delicious hot cocoa and reminiscing about the good times.. sigh.. the good times
He wishes he could sit around a fire with me.
@GEOCHET because that's the SE2.0 way ... you do your part to make things better, you don't gotta be a cop too.
We got the "SO police" and you know how to get their attention same as I do. Flag for mod and move on.
8:30 PM
That is not an accurate statement.
I have told you that I have flagged them and I moved on.
I was going for hippie peace and love overtones ya know
But you can also clearly see that the 'police' are not going to do their jobs.
So any user with a problem with me can simply follow my activity and roll back my edits and flag me. No matter what the context, I will be the one banned for it.
(hang on, work beckons)
Q: Pool with mysql and ASP.net MVC

PipelineI am developing a web application with ASP.NET and MySQL, but I not using the SqlClient provider. I read somewhere (I do not remember where) that if I need to establish a connection pool I need to add some lines to web.config. To make a connection, defined in each model there is a connection s...

I do notice that someone went through and deleted all the comments... But that leaves more questions than answers.
8:57 PM
Sorry, had to show off my new production app. Boss was most pleased. :D
@GEOCHET I see Kev was on that post, were you and he into it there again? Apparently you've attracted the attention of the mods and they're watching you and Kev?
Which raises the question, of course, what Kev is up to and how much of his activity they're watching.
So what part of the country are you in G?
Just got a mod message.

I'm writing in reference to your Stack Overflow account:


You and Kev have been making pointless, trivial corrections of each other's edits today. You both know (or should know) full well that this is not acceptable. The person who makes such an edit is wrong, but the person who rolls it back is worse. Just let it go.

I'll give you both a couple of days to see if you can play nice. If not, you will be suspended again.

I see that you've made a lot of edits since your return, and only a few in the last day or two have caused any problems.
So this is between you and Kev then ... What we need is to know if Kev got the same message (makes it fair) or if someone is picking on you directly
Well there is something to be established here first.
9:12 PM
I'm listening.
He says I have been making 'pointless trivial corrections'.
Ok. Well that is subjective. All edits could be argued to be pointless and trivial at some point honestly.
So the question might arise "Who judges what a pointless or trivial edit is?"
Well in stackoverflow.com/posts/5503414/revisions you made small grammatical changes (the very same sort I make regularly) so it wasn't like you did this change: stackoverflow.com/posts/5490024/revisions
I would argue "Why would we need anybody to do so?"
@GEOCHET and the question is, as always, it's subjective. I know it when I see it sort of thing
@GEOCHET no, the code reformats and english language corrections so it's readable are not trivial :p
But who cares? Who cares whether an edit is trivial or not?
Who cares if you even think it improves the question or not?
9:16 PM
@GEOCHET I think it was the "corrections of each others edits today" like "an edit war"
I didn't change his edits except for maybe once.
(Or at least not knowingly, I will have to check)
But editing the same post and going further is hardly a problem.
Well, if you knew about it, that would make it intentional, which would make it an edit war. Doing it absentmindedly or inadvertently would not make an edit war
It would just mean you happened across a post that needed to be edited
Here is a perfect example of how this started:
Even if I was to only edit posts he is editing and make small further corrections, what is the issue?
(Note that is not what I am doing)
So in that example, Kev edited yours (altho you poking fun at Bill - let's face it, you both have been around for a long long time - could be misconstrued) and seemingly negatively. I see Bill and then Will both pushed it back (which I personally disagree with, I think you helped, not hindered)
@GEOCHET no, that is part of the issue. If you were editing all of his edits, that would be a problem. But it's patently evident you're not.
It makes no difference. Kev is in no position to judge my interactions with anyone, especially with a mod.
Billie the Reptile and I had reached a compromise and I explained in depth why I thought his rollback sucked.
Then Kev nukes all the edits.
9:21 PM
@GEOCHET I think we're talking in two different directions. I'm saying, had you been doing that, not that you were or that it had anything to do with what kev had done.
@GEOCHET Yeah, that's what I mean, I see that from the edit log
Ok. So Kev is clearly in the wrong, correct?
(on that rev thread)
@GEOCHET From what I've seen so far, it seems Kev is doing worse by you than you by him.
Lets establish a baseline.
Compare these two actions:
(Understand I am not implying that either person in this case is doing either of these, I am using examples)
Scenario 1: A user is 'following' another user and further correcting posts that user is correcting. Whether the 'following' be accidental or coincidental.
Scenario 2: A user is rolling back any edits by either any user or by a specific user to any of his edits with no comments, not explanation, nothing.
Which scenario is a larger problem for the continued quality of the site?
Sorry, that whole pesky work thing. Lemme read.
@GEOCHET I think #2 is worse.
@GEOCHET both. You're both assholes.
9:28 PM
Shog: I couldn't agree more.
Allo Shog
If #2 is worse, then why even mention #1? #1 has no tangible consequence to the long term data of the site no matter what the intention you might pin to it.
eh, @drach
And I disagree, I am not an asshole. I merely play one on tv
@Shog9 I kinda liked the other one, I should use that as my new nick for April :p
@GEOCHET I would only mention #1 on account of it's detrimental to "correct one other users posts constantly" as tho the correctee is incapable of making good edits
that's like OCD behavior
But yeah - at this point, there are an insane # of flags popping up on SO, all the time; if it ever mattered who was more wrong (it shouldn't have), it doesn't now - BAN HAMMERS ALL AROUND!
(and oh yeah - I'm gonna have to ban you now for talking to GeoChet @drach)
9:32 PM
lol, what, a month later or something?
Sheesh! :p
But it has no tangible effect on the quality of data. So who cares?
When you least expect it (one month + one day)
I'm kinda curious (as G is) why he got banned for what was in the transcript on meta
Shog: What is the real status of flags on the subject at hand?
@GEOCHET because community is as important as quality. This site is nothing without community. I don't know if you followed what happened on math when it started
talk about a community schism
9:33 PM
@drachenstern Jeff didn't like it? I have no idea. But that's a pretty good start...
If a user doesn't like being corrected, don't leave anything to be corrected.
@Shog9 yeah, that's all I could come up with
Oh, great. I just rotated my screen output by 90°. Now you all look sane. And I can't remember how to flip it back. FAIL.
lol, windows 7?
it's a shortcut on the keyboard ...
yes, I figured as much, when I fat-fingered it into action.
9:38 PM
alt - shift - arrow
That did it. Thanks!
Thank google ;)
Now you have done it... the last thing we needed was for Shog to be able to read his screen.
As for the flags, I have no idea. Mmyers has been watching this & has sent messages to both involved. Either it stops, or... BANS! BAN-CAMP! BAN-DAIDS! BAN-ANA-SPLITS!
9:43 PM
@Shog9 oh yeah? press ctrl - alt - del
Fortunately, delete is well-segregated from my beloved arrow keys.
Remember when that used to actually cause you harm on your computer?
@Shog9 lol
This is not at all what I am seeing. Take this for instance:


Where is the 'trivial correction' to anything 'Kev' did? Why did he step into a situation that did not involve him and correct both myself and a mod when the mod and I had discussed the issue and reached a compromise?

Why did another mod then come in and roll back past the compromise instead of rolling back to the compromise itself?

Then we get to another instance:

Shog: Do you believe for a second that Kev has been warned with anything at all? And if that was the case, why are the roll backs to my valid edits not being corrected?
@GEOCHET I imagine the answer to that is to not cause a edit war to escalate. And I think that he was warned, if it's @mmyers who's watching it. He's fair but stern.
@GEOCHET Yes. I have powers now. Powers I'm willing to abuse for personal pleasure. As for correcting anything... I'm more than willing to let the individual OPs step in and do that.
But yeah, mmyers is cool. He's ugly but fair.
9:49 PM
Shog: Mods still have the ability to delete a revision, no?
No. Fair is not reviewing things with no context and threatening a suspension.
@GEOCHET no. That's not an option anymore.
Fair would be contacting me and discussing the issue to gather more evidence.
@GEOCHET I don't know that moderators ever had that ability. The devs occasionally monkey around with that though I believe.
I had a long discussion with Billiam last night about this.
Mods used to, pre edit wars.
Of course mods were almost all admins back then too.
Heh... SO was very different back then. I still occasionally come across some post where there's a huge long argument in comments about editing, but only one or two revisions...
9:51 PM
Gatekiller used to do this shit. Just way more blatantly.
Kev does it in a passive-aggressive trolling manner.
Is a great example of this.
But never fear. Atwood will be along in short order to ban me for 'causing negativity'. As if I have some sort of control over other people.
I don't know. In theory he's been more about letting the community deal with the community, and if you and Bill and Michael and Kev are sorting it out rationally ...
I know
Have you ever interacted with Atwood?
I was smiling as I wrote it
@GEOCHET only passively. or inverse-dismissively (to coin a phrase, meaning he was dismissive of me, which he seems to do with everyone)
9:58 PM
Shoggie: I was banned at one point for having my downvote ratio too high. Then I came across a thread on chat where Jeff is admitting that he actually liked my voting style. Go figure.
Community driven, except when I don't like what the community is doing, which is almost always because the community is stupid.
@GEOCHET hear hear
I have a tendency of blowing up on newbs and not groking why they can't understand interaction
Then I get all softie and backpedal to show them that they really have no business accusing me of being a dick when I was merely answering their questions :p
in C#, 5 hours ago, by swordfish
well u could have asked for a bit more explanation like this at first, isntad of insulting me with a wiki paste
I treat everyone the same.
@GEOCHET I'm pretty sure I get more offensive with people who prove they're idiots.
Swordfish was obviously abused as a child.
If you prove to me that you're only wasting my time, then I'm not going to take lightly to that. Since I can't bill you.
10:02 PM
See, I assume you are an idiot until you prove otherwise.
If I can bill you then I'll smile through my lips and bare my teeth and say "how pleasant"
I am disappointed far less than you are I imagine.
@GEOCHET He's come around. Donno if you follow Meta much, but... A lot of stuff has changed. Have you seen this?
@GEOCHET probably
@Shog9 uh, broken?
Shoggifer: Page Not Found
10:02 PM
Is that a 10k tool?
IT didn't used to be if it's what I think it is. Or something
bloody hell, neither of you has 10K on SO.
lol, nope
Shog: I did on MSO until I was banned again for nothing...
My damn trivial edits!
But despite that being an edit to his edit, he didn't rollback amazingly enough.
@GEOCHET I think those are good edits
I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess I changed a lot of stuff he did.
But notice that I didn't just revert them, I fixed them.
I have no idea why he insists on using so many backticks everywhere. I can't find a good pattern.
I almost want to say that he thinks pronouns need to be escaped...
I think the thing that caught my eye on that one was the the stacktrace in a code block instead of in a quote block.
10:07 PM
@GEOCHET I would rather see a stacktrace in a code block myself
It is not code. It doesn't need syntax highlighting.
Now we are escaping with code blocks urls, extensions, and everything else that isn't code and doesn't need to be escaped: stackoverflow.com/questions/5492493
Shogstein: Me too, but mostly in my cereal.
And FWIW, tic-escaping URLs keeps them from being auto-linked.
cereal... I just realized I haven't eaten since breakfast.
Fair enough on URLs.
Make sure you code block your file names as well though.
And your file extensions .aspx.
10:20 PM
mmm... tasty monospaced goodness.
I believe it is actually a law in Turkmenistan that all file names and extensions be displayed with a monospaced font.
When I am King of All Turks, all text will be monospaced. And displayed in green on a dark background.
tbh, I do that on mine because I want the point that it's a file with code that I'm referencing to stand out. Sometimes .aspx disappears in a larger block of explanatory text. Especially if I'm contrasting with what happens in the .cs or the .html and I'm discussing the failure of the .js to highlight ... blah blah blah
I get your overall point tho
@Shog9 I thought we established light text on a dark background was no good :p
@drachenstern Physics people established that. I don't buy into their facts and sciences. I listen to my gut.
goes to find food
10:25 PM
food? Why when I was your age we were lucky to have food. Damned lucky.
That is what you get for growing up underwater.
Those of us who grew up above sea level have abundant food
And a distinct lack of water flowing through our living rooms.
Darlin' it's better, down where it's wetter, under the seeeeeeaaaaaa!
I think you two have been smoking too much of the seaweed.
10:30 PM
That is offensive. Take that back.
I am telling Jeffrey on you!
This is what I get for turning my head for 7 minutes
And coughing.
So Butterworth is permanently gone?
> WARNING: JSLint will hurt your feelings.
10:39 PM
@GEOCHET Gone, anonymized, partially-disassociated, but not forgotten.
I have no clue. Apparently I'm not that much of an oldtimer
Shoggelton: Couldn't stand mods anymore?
@GEOCHET Couldn't stand mods, couldn't stand users, got a job, abducted by aliens... I have no idea.
Odd to not just be inactive though. He closed his account.
Shoggleberry: Tell nick to change his avatar. I am the only one allowed to have a cat avatar.
Yeah. AFAIK, he didn't just disappear from SO - I seem to recall someone saying he was gone from USENET too.
10:43 PM
The aliens thing, it's plausible.
@GEOCHET it's bunny with a cat costume.
Maybe Jeff ate him?
goes to post about it on Skeptics
@Nick: I don't believe that at all. You must pay me reparations.
10:44 PM
@GEOCHET I'll have my people talk to your people.
@Nick: We can do lunch, but leave your mutant bunnycat at home.
If i'm changing my avatar it will be for the sniper kitty
Shoggston: I guess my new avatar and experience indicates that my avatar was not the problem, eh?
@Nick: Not without my approval it won't be.
@GEOCHET Don't be too sure. I'm pretty sure I see Mohammed reflected in your cat's left eye...
10:47 PM
@GEOCHET How about you put out a bounty on a question for 8k rep and award it to me.
Yeah. He's totally flippin' me off too. FLAG!
@Nick: How about you sit and spin?
My cat is a terrorist.
How could this happen?
I blame @drachenwhateverhisnameis
10:49 PM
I figure that's obvious
while you were editing posts I fed the cat some Iraqi catnip
That is some bad stuff, man.
Now he is all Jihad and Purina.
It immediately converted to Judaism. So then I showed it some Saudi Kitty Porn, and it became a (Hindu holy man ~ whatever they're called). So then I gave it an AK47.
The rest is history.
I suppose he's already lost the AK47 hasn't he?
rocket launcher > ak47
Traded it for a bit of yarn...
@Nick was there really any question?
10:51 PM
/me bets that Nick means an RPG and not a rocket launcher.
no actually i meant a rocket propelled nuke
That is just silly.
like an over the shoulder
You have lost all your credibility now.
10:52 PM
I had some?
You are somewhere near our Icelander on the plain of credibility now.
That makes me feel fuzzy inside
Shoggles: How is our volcano worshipper doing?
@Nick: No, that is the feelings of youthful molestation bubbling to the surface.
ok folks, going home now
Have a good swim.
under the seeeeeeaaaaaa!
10:56 PM
Are you people still here?
yes sir
or ma'am
@GEOCHET Busy with school, AFAIK. I saw him pop up briefly somewhere earlier.
@Nick: I prefer $undefined
@shogarino: Next time lets get a representative of volcanic rock that is not in elementary school, ok?
error: $undefined is undefined
10:59 PM
@Shogamino: Where did you find this guy?
Quiet. The awesome people are trying to talk.
Then why are you talking?
Great. Another TheTXI.
The red-light district on craigslist just ain't what it used to be. Back in the day, I would never have ended up with an actual cat.
11:03 PM
@Rear Admiral Shoggins: You brought it home. It crapped all over the floor. You put it to sleep.
grumbling grabs baking soda
/me grabs shoulder-fired-rocket-propelled-nuke-launcher
Take this with you.
@GEOCHET A. I have copyright on the rocket nuke launcher. B. You have lost all credibility( not that you had any). C. Null
D. None of the above.
I pick D.
It's not multiple choice
11:07 PM
*It's not not multiple choice.
It's a list of statements, not a question.
Speaking of TheTXI... UNICORNS LIVE ON SO! grabs fork
Is he dead?
Speaking of unicorns
We buried him alive... but he could have ate his way out.
11:10 PM
On that note... Time to get back to work. Catch you cats later
I see what you did there!
Speaking of leaving inferiors behind, I am out of here.