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thanks you for your contribution
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Hello, guys. Has someone activities' solutions for the "Rust by Example" book? Thanks ;)
I think rust by example book is quite outdated
if you have specific question about one problem feel free to ask
@Stargateur Oh. Which book do you can recommend? With the same style. Theory and activities.
did you read the official rust book doc.rust-lang.org/stable/book ?
It's nice for newbies too?
The official book is generally good for those already familiar with some other programming language.
10:37 AM
@E_net4 hola, crabby :) I have already familiar (mostly R)
Then you should be fine. :)
I'm not seeing any activites in this book. Where we can exercise?
for exercice I advice to pick a year of advent of code and do it in Rust adventofcode.com
Yeah, the book is not very focused on exercises. I personally prefer thinking of a personal mini-project and trying to built it in the language.
@Stargateur ...depressing place. Is this really for newbies, not for geeks? :)
10:44 AM
that the best of web design IMO
@E_net4 I can't do it in this stage (mini-project). Maybe you know other book?
Well, there is also the Rustlings course.
@Stargateur Really? Tough, opressive atmosphere :(
@E_net4 Thanks. How is outdated the "Rust by Example" book?
I don't know much about the evolution of the Rust by Example book, but it's worth noting that it has existed since the days of the first edition of The Rust Programming Language.
I see that rustlings also recommend this book.
Then i can use it too
10:57 AM
Regardless of which book you pick, you'll want to use Clippy, the official linter.

There's quite a few styles lints, enabled by default, on top of correctness/performance lints. So just go `cargo clippy` and it'll guide you towards the current idiomatic style.
Can I ask questions here later? Is this room for the newbies too? :)
@manro We may eventually help you find relevant questions. At some point of your research you might prefer using the actual Q&A to ask a question there.
@E_net4 I think, questions from the book will be like a magnet for experts' downvotes :)
I'll try to solve by myself
I mean, if they would be answered by a careful read of the book, then that is likely.
Not to mention that most of the usual issues new Rust developers come across already have questions here.
Hence the focus on searching first, and asking as a last resort.
yes, like with the most of well-known languages
Guys, for which tasks do you use Rust more often?
F.e., I want to learn how to integrate some Rust things in R code :)
11:19 AM
It's great for CLI tools, of all sorts.
we can change C and bash to Rust?
Not sure what you mean by "changing C", but there are many alternatives to established tools written in Rust: dust instead of du, bat instead of cat, ripgrep (rg) instead of grep, and the list goes on.
There are also shells written in Rust, such as Nushell.
I'll see little by little
Thanks, guys :-)
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4:16 PM
posted on September 22, 2023 by Tobias Bieniek

Around the end of July the crates.io team opened an RFC to update the current crates.io usage policies. This policy update addresses operational concerns of the crates.io community service that have arisen since the last significant policy update in 2017, particularly related to name squatting and spam. The RFC has caused considerable discussion, and most of the suggested improvements have sinc

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9:10 PM
posted on September 22, 2023 by Leadership Council

Announcing the Project Director Nominees Over the past couple weeks, the Rust Leadership Council has been soliciting nominees from the whole Rust project for the role of Project Director. Now that the nomination period is closed, we are happy to announce the list of nominees. As described in our last post, we will elect from these people three new Project Directors. The nominees are: Jakob


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