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5:38 AM
Damn. I try to stay informed, I'm the guy who introduces technologies at work, and somehow I missed git worktree until today. I've just read about it. How did I miss that ?
6:03 AM
Good morning! :-)
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
@DenysSéguret I still should look into this. I think I was having some pain with stashing things when having to check out and work on other things and someone suggested git worktree could help with that…
I have some use cases too. For example a very heavy project with long complete compilation. I don't want to have all built things erased every time I try a different branch
3 hours later…
10:25 AM
@DenysSéguret well... On the plus side, you are informing us of that command now. :') gotta try it out
Hi I'm looking for some conceptual help on how to code something. It'll probably require a bit of back-and-forth, but its too big of a question for posting to SO in the usual ways. Is anyone about and up for giving me a hand?
2 hours later…
1:21 PM
@DenysSéguret maybe because you didn't need it? I found out about it when doing Rust dev where I didn't want multiple clones of the repo and didn't want to switch branches (and incur large rebuild times)
@DenysSéguret or maybe you did... and just didn't think there was a solution ;-)
I have a hole in my technological watch process, a hole with the shape of dev tools
1:37 PM
Kind of like my editor hole — I don't even think about better ways of doing things until I see someone else do them
And then I google for "how do I do coolthing in emacs"
2:33 PM
@LaytonGB By 'don't ask to ask`, we mean 'sure, but asking a question to ask a question is... kinda redundant'. But I know the whole SO-feels-unfriendly for this kind of thing.. it's a whole thing.
So, if you come back and see this, just go ahead and ask. If one of us can help, we will. But I wouldn't necessarily expect a quick response. We all kinda check on the room when we have some free time, in bursts between other life (work, family, etc.)
> I have an opinion! What should I do?
So dangerous
> XXX finish this
@E_net4lovesGATs so when do you think they will be stabilized
we need a betting system
@Zarenor I actually managed the task I wanted help with through repeated trial and error. Thanks though.
4:09 PM
@LaytonGB this is the way
2 hours later…
6:39 PM
posted on August 03, 2021 by Jack Huey

The push for GATs stabilization Where to start, where to start... Let's begin by saying: this is a very exciting post. Some people reading this will be overwhelmingly thrilled; some will have no idea what GATs (generic associated types) are; others might be in disbelief. The RFC for this feature did get opened in April of 2016 (and merged about a year and a half later). In fact, this RFC even

But how do you parse this file efficiently if it's 10 GB size ? — R Sun 9 mins ago
7:00 PM
Q: How to parse very large JSON files using serde_json?

R SunI have a 5GB JSON file which is an array of objects with fixed structure: [ { "first": "John", "last": "Doe", "email": "[email protected]" }, { "first": "Anne", "last": "Ortha", "email": "[email protected]" }, .... ] I know that I can try to parse this fil...

@Shepmaster haha
> This account is temporarily suspended network-wide. The suspension period ends on Aug 5 '24 at 15:39.
O boy o boy o boy
@Stargateur That's not this large JSON user; who is it?
@E_net4lovesGATs G A T?
@Shepmaster jeremy
@Stargateur oh, right.
That was a thing when it happened
but I don't remember any of the deets
7:41 PM
I only barely remember, but moderators agree that a suspension of such a length was deserved.
I wonder if someone will throw a party on that day. At least that is more feasible than waiting for the kid who got chat banned for 3000 years.
@E_net4lovesGATs is there a meta post about this specific case?
> we have high hopes we can stabilize this feature within the next couple months
@E_net4lovesGATs why would they say this aloud
@Shepmaster I strongly suspect that there isn't, but I overheard a moderator claiming to have read some internal notes on the case.
@Shepmaster Fearless feature delivery.
8:10 PM
One new rule in clippy, 145 new warnings. I won't commit this evening after all...
(it's a good cosmetic rule: rust-lang.github.io/rust-clippy/master/…)
I suspect this question should be reopened: stackoverflow.com/questions/68641157/…
but I won't dive into it, I must sleep
8:25 PM
@DenysSéguret cargo +nightly clippy --fix
8:49 PM
@E_GAT4 (a) nice new name (b) what are your innermost feelings on type Item<'a> where Self: 'a = &'a mut [T];
9:45 PM
@Shepmaster Decisions made at this point are unlikely to compromise the use cases I have in mind, but one's got to bring it to the masses.

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