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12:25 AM
posted on May 29, 2023 by leadership chat membership

On May 26th 2023, JeanHeyd Meneide announced they would not speak at RustConf 2023 anymore. They were invited to give a keynote at the conference, only to be told two weeks later the keynote would be demoted to a normal talk, due to a decision made within the Rust project leadership. That decision was not right, and first off we want to publicly apologize for the harm we caused. We failed you

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7:14 AM
@Feeds It was long overdue, although there's a chance that we won't see individual accountability.
7:28 AM
@Enet4 "Long overdue"? It's the first working day since the beginning of the incident!
As for accountability, I must admit I care most about organization accountability and not as much about individual accountability. Errare humanum est => I favor seeing the _process_ being fixed so that on the next "error" it's caught and corrected before it makes it through.

Still, it seems there are consequences:

> Recognizing their outsized role in the situation, those individuals have opted to step back from top-level governance roles, including leadership chat and the upcoming leadership council.
7:45 AM
is there a TL;DR ?
7:58 AM
In essence:
- The Interim Leadership Council (referred to as Leadership Chat here) reserves itself the right to pick the Keynote speaker at RustConf, and this year picked JeanHeyd.
- JeanHeyd informed them they would talk about compile-time reflection -- following their article "A Mirror for Rust", and got the OK.
- The schedule of the conference was published.
- A number of "Team Members" were uncomfortable about the Keynote speech -- seemingly its content, not its speaker.
- The concerns were brought to the Leadership Chat and downgrading the keynote was mentioned.
what the fuck
I didn't think I was this right when I critic the "need to be on chat" mentality. I much prefer talk on github
on the subject I think I'm completely opposed to add any form of reflexion on Rust but I don't see why it should be a "problem" to talk about it
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3:04 PM
3:34 PM
O no it's here

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