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9:25 AM
I have a fun bug with cargo fmt. I have a let...else statement in a macro. Each call to cargo fmt adds an indentation level. As a consequence it always fails in the CI...
@DenysS├ęguret You reminded me I needed to update rustc (been a while). I did, and now the compiler ICEs on my code :(
9:41 AM
That'll teach me to use nightly features, I guess.

`!infcx.is_in_snapshot() || self.usable_in_snapshot', compiler/rustc_trait_selection/src/traits/fulfill.rs:129:9`

While evaluating a where close mentioning an associating constant for a generic argument...
I have already enough problems to solve, I won't add nightly to the list
@DenysS├ęguret I hesitated, but coming from C++ I have a hard time doing without const-generics.
9:56 AM
@MatthieuM. haha
@MatthieuM. time to add an unit test to compîler
@MatthieuM. the one I need is to disallow array of size 0
I really need to make the documentation of my parsing crate xd
even GaTs that I used as nightly is out before my crate xd
10:33 AM
Nailed a reproducer: https://play.rust-lang.org/?version=nightly&mode=debug&edition=2021&gist=08c7748bc997828953411bfd625faea6

Not sure if I can reduce it further.

Seems to be an inference issue, specifying `Conster::<COT, CNV>::new()` solves the issue.
10:52 AM
seem we all want const generic for array size xd
It's a bit more complicated than that, but in my case it does, indeed, boil down to compile-time checking that an index is within bounds of a slice, so... kinda :D
Simpler reproducer (play.rust-lang.org/…). So it seems to boil down to checking the associated constant of an inferred type, somehow.
7 hours later…
5:35 PM
And reported github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/107474 => closed as duplicate in 3, 2, 1, ...
3 minute
1 hour later…
6:43 PM
Shit. I searched for panic message in Google, and got nothing :(
I don't think google index what it's inside a spoiler block like that
2 hours later…
8:47 PM
posted on January 30, 2023 by Eric Huss

Cargo's new index protocol will be available starting in Rust 1.68, which will be released on 2023-03-09. This new "sparse" protocol should usually provide a significant performance improvement when accessing crates.io. We would like your help in testing this new feature and infrastructure. If you use beta (1.68) or nightly-2023-01-21 or newer, set the environment variable CARGO_REGI


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