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1:13 AM
@Stargateur Well it's not necessarily VSCode's fault. If you look at a typical Windows system, most files have the executable bit set, whether or not they are indeed executable. Most applications create files with the default ACL (i.e., they inherit ACEs from the parent directory), and the executable bit will be set unless you go out of your way to turn it off.
yeah, but vscode is mainly dev by windows dev so I still blame them
and I search I find no way to customise windows default permision
its would requiere to change it for ALL MY DIRECTORY IN ALL WINDOWS
are you using Git for Windows (based on MSYS2) or the Git that's available with Cygwin?
unsure, I think I use git for windows with a cugwin term :p
if you do type git or which git in your Cygwin terminal/shell, what does it print?
git is /usr/bin/git
so cygwin
it's so anoying even git lfs will create .gitatribute with exec bit to true
how can this be the default windows !
1:19 AM
@Stargateur to be compatible with Win9x that didn't even have filesystem-level permissions
you can try setting core.fileMode to false, then IIRC the executable bit will only be tracked in Git's index
I have no word for my hate of current state of sofware because of retro compatibility nightmare.
@FrancisGagné is this case insensitive ?
@Stargateur huh?
cause I already have this and if I understand the behavior is to ignore change but that doesn't ignore it when the file is new
@FrancisGagné cause I use this already
but I use filemode not fileMode
I'm not sure if git-config options are case sensitive or not
that would explain why this never worked for me
1:23 AM
Anyway, I would suggest you try Git for Windows instead of Cygwin's Git. I remember having issues with the executable bit when using Cygwin's Git, but not with Git for Windows.
btw who use abcDef for option specially when autocrlf doesn't follow it - -
@FrancisGagné will try
1:37 AM
ok so I understand
filemode is a config set by repository
change your global doesn't change anything
why it's not like autocrlf
Q: Git global core.fileMode false overridden locally on clone

Cyril CHAPONReading this, I was able to configure both globally and locally my fileMode config to false. However, when I git clone, git keeps initializing the projects with local config forced to fileMode true, so that it overrides my global false. As a consequence I have, for every project, to either remov...

mega useless
so I need to find a way to have windows not set by default exec bit on my new file - -
A: Git ignoring gitconfig?

ZeroGMaybe a bit overkill, but in Cygwin this bothered me enough to dig into the issue more. When git is built from source code, it checks the file system it's built on to see if it understands executable bits. I went ahead and built git from source on my Cygwin system and installed it to a local dir...

I have no word anymore
I going to add this to the list of thing I hate
2:28 AM
function git {
  if [[ "$@" == *"clone"* || "$@" == *"init"* ]]; then
    command git "$@" -c core.filemode=false
    command git "$@"
2:38 AM
function git {
  if [[ "$@" == *"clone"* ]]; then
    command git "$@" -c core.filemode=false
    command git "$@"
and for init you actually need to do
        defaultBranch = main
        fileMode = false
this is so brainfuck
nevermind that doesn't work
no solution found for git init
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6:44 AM
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11:10 AM
posted on September 29, 2022 by Josh Triplett

Rust has a standardized style, and an implementation of that style in the rustfmt tool. The standardized style helps Rust developers feel comfortable and at home in many different projects, and the tooling support from rustfmt makes it easy to maintain and to incorporate in continuous integration. rustfmt also provides many options to customize the style, but the style guide defines the default

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7:22 PM
> rustfmt provides various configuration options to change its default formatting, and many of those options represent changes that many people in the community would like enabled by default.
look there is mixed goal between between maintainer in rustfmt
That a nice rfc this team was needed
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10:44 PM
Hello again. I'm afraid I can't rubber-duck myself out of this one, so I'd appreciate some pointers in the right direction to understand this w.r.t. max_shift. I'm lost on how it's an assignment and also in the closure. Is this recursion?
11:06 PM
Maybe I can rubber duck it. The names are unrelated and it's taking the argument name of the closure?... God damn it. I will have a proper question at some point, I promise
11:40 PM
Is there a good way to programmatically add CLI args to a rocket::local::blocking::Client instance? I'm trying to write automated tests an app that requires CLI args, and I must provide them during the automated tests.
I meant that I'm using the Client, but the CLI args are for the server-side so that it can get started for testing. Just being able to programmatically add the CLI args so that they show up via env::args() should work, methinks.

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