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8:07 AM
like 10 question in the night ? american continent was rusty this night ?
1 hour later…
9:11 AM
Q: With Rust Regular Expressions, how can I use named capture groups preceding a string?

baluptonI'm using the sd tool which uses rust regular expressions, and I am trying to use it with a named capture group, however if in the replacement the named capture group precedes a string, then the string is included as the potential the for named capture group, causing unexpected behaviour. Here is...

wtf is these answers
There's really a problem here, he's right
I don't really care I just see answer doesn't explain anything
just say "here a solution" without explaining anything sux
specially 2 answer in a row
contains just mosty a bash line
Yes. It's bad quality and an alternate answer should be prefered. And there was no need to mix sd in there
I wrote an alternate answer because I wanted to understand this problem (I use the regex crate a lot)
I read one day a quote something like, linux is a place where there is 1000 regex versions that live together.
9:26 AM
Why linux ?
a old quote, now we could probably remove the os requierement :p
9:47 AM
This urge to answer low quality questions is becoming endemic.
that a classic SO
I mean, this tag is far from the state of pandas, but it could be just a matter of time.
well I expect it's the advance of code effect
1 hour later…
11:01 AM
I agree read is a powerfull syscall
yeah, I hesitated to comment on this
This lazy question deserves more downvotes IMO
11:17 AM
and the downvotes will answer !
11:50 AM
Seriously... I might as well just downvote and move on with questions and replies of this sort.
12:40 PM
Hi guys! Any linker experts here? Linking Windows' dnsapi doesn't work for me with "cargo:rustc-link-lib=dnsapi" in build.rs. It says "ld: cannot find -ldnsapi". Looking at the linker command line I saw many arguments like "-lwinapi_kernel32" "-lwinapi_ws2_32" but also their "normal" counterparts "-lkernel32" "-lws2_32". Sure enough, "cargo:rustc-link-lib=winapi_dnsapi" worked. But I'd like to understand why.
I didn't find any documentation regarding those winapi_ prefixes and they don't work at all when linking C++ programs with mingw-w64. -ldnsapi works flawless with g++.
1:28 PM
        lotto.prize_pool = lotto.prize_pool + (env::attached_deposit()/4)*3; // 75% of entries fees goes into prize pool
        lotto.climate_pool = lotto.climate_pool + (env::attached_deposit()/4)*3; //25% of entries go to climate change
From the last question. This is supposed to be a "smart contract".
Are you supposed to automate lotteries and money transferts with such code and such level of knowledge ?
bold of you to presume words have meaning anymore
People are going to get ruined
"smart" is probably more of a sound than a meaning, akin to when I was 7 and would sing songs in english by phonetic imitation, without any kind of idea that they were words.
@DenysSéguret yes :(
2:04 PM
@Shepmaster Modifying the path from the environment variables dialogs in windows 10 is sufficiently time-consuming that I shall very much steal your idea. I'm now looking at doing it with powershell, but would be happy to have a sanity check of the flow, which would be something like 1. get path 2. split on ; 3. find the one I want to modify 4. replace with the valid versions 5. rewrite the whole path with original parts except the modified one
I believe that to be the general idea?
2:23 PM
Mine is even dumber. The order of items in the path matters. I just unconditionally add what I want to the most important side (I forget if it’s the head or tail)
And it grows every time you switch version ?
Yep. However, I habitually open new terminals for things. It’s very rare I’d use two versions, much less many
Two usually means that I typoed
Next in SuperUser: "Where can I configure Windows10 to accept env variables lenghts greater than 4GB ?"
To be clear for other readers, the environment gets reset each time I open a new terminal, so my path doesn’t actually grow unbounded. There’s just nothing that prevents it with my scripts either
So if I did node16 in a loop, I’d be hosed
I also only do this for languages/projects I don’t care about as much. I use rustup for rust and rvm for Ruby.
(I know you don't do stupid things)
2:33 PM
If js was a primary tool, I’d look into something like nvm or whatever is cool nowadays
(but now I wonder whether systems build and cache a structure to deal with PATH based lookup or not)
don't tell @Stargateur, but in my case right now it's about php versions
Locally modifying the Path for only the currently opened shell would be best, yeah
@DenysSéguret feels like it would be worth it, only set the path rarely but execute programs frequently
Is The rehash builtin proof of that?
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier 🤐
@Shepmaster The problem is either fast checking the string is the same, or be notified when it changes. Both aren't easy in a complex system
2:44 PM
@DenysSéguret the path string? Why are either of those needed?
PATH is only used by the shell, right? Not the OS
I mean, if you want to use the cached structure, you have to invalidate the cache. For example by checking the PATH string is the same than at last use.
I would keep the raw string around then every time somebody sets the path compare the raw strings, if they’re the same do nothing, if they’re a different throw away the cache and rebuild it
So no checks at access time only when setting the path variable
Yes, but checking the string is the same may be almost as expensive as using the struct anyway
(unless it's a weird $PATH with invalid paths, duplicates, etc.)
But again you only set the path once for every hundreds of lookups
You must be right. I assumed the shell wasn't the sole user but I'm probably wrong
2:50 PM
I’m about to take Vivian to swimming class so I can’t look this up right now, but there is a rust question about how to use the path environment variable for the std::process::command
posted on December 02, 2021 by The Rust Release Team

The Rust team is happy to announce a new version of Rust, 1.57.0. Rust is a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. If you have a previous version of Rust installed via rustup, getting Rust 1.57.0 is as easy as: rustup update stable If you don't have it already, you can get rustup from the appropriate page on our website, and check out the detailed

Oh, that was fast
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier more: arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/12/…
> Most software requires vulnerability mitigation. We proactively look for vulnerabilities, acknowledge they might be insecure while using them, and build systems to detect when they get exploited. Smart contracts require vulnerability elimination
3:10 PM
my goodness
Let's just eliminate vulnerabilities
3:47 PM
4:39 PM
Could someone explain to me how &unsafe { *ptr } involves copying data and taking the reference of that data, but unsafe { &*ptr } does not?
@purefanatic That may have to do with the semantics of block expressions: "Blocks are always value expressions and evaluate the last operand in value expression context."
4:55 PM
Thanks, that makes sense. Well, trying to limit unsafe usage to least possible scope wasn't a good idea after all it seems ;-)
5:21 PM
boss ask me: "I have a little question, how many dev and time needed to be able to capture RTP and RTSP ?"
I needed 15 minutes to explain why it wasn't a fucking little question
This happens. relevant
(disclaimer: I don't know whether "capturing RTP and RTSP" is hard or not)
@DenysSéguret Yeah after explain it's was not trivial question I ask detail of what he really wanted to do
that lead to "maybe a years of R&D with at least 3 peoples full time"
The best outcome is when you decipher the XY to solve the real problem which happens to be in between
@DenysSéguret RTP is a protocol for streaming media, multi flux, multi client.... just imagine, then it's just ... raw data, then you have to interpret it, for exemple using ffmpeg, and that acconting you have correctly capture RTP paquet and somehow success to reconstruct the data cause it's just UDP and TCP for you
@DenysSéguret was valid once I ask why
my boss ask too much but at least he is not stupid
BTW he is lucky I know all that
5:46 PM
Still gaining rep for this highly sophisticated answer of 10 years ago: java function that changes negative number to 0
your rep is a fraud
6:04 PM
Those were easier times.
@E_net4thecurator Oh no, the Rust questions I now answer aren't harder
(btw this example wasn't maybe representative of all my answers)
6:34 PM
hi does anyone know how to scrap likes and dislikes from all avaiable youtube videos?
This small room is maybe not the best place to ask such a random question
2 hours later…
8:12 PM
@DenysSéguret thepressfree.com/…
8:55 PM
why don't you report this to them instead of asking on SO ? That obviously a issue in their code. Extern link to code are not allowed on SO. you need to provide the code and the full necessary information IN the question, here you just tell "yo read this tutorial for me thx". What did you try, what did you search to make it work ? etc what a shame question for a 24k user — Stargateur 2 mins ago
I don't care
I will not accept this type of question from people from python comunity
ahhhh a blockchain bullshit lib
everything make sense
9:28 PM
ah the question is getting better
still should be a github issue but at least it has all informations

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