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1:03 AM
@MisterMiyagi it should have been titled "Stop writing classes unnecessarily", which is what the article actually advises. Users keep citing the title by itself as if it was the sum total of JD's advice, which it isn't. Really the title is borderline clickbait. And as I illustrated with Minesweeper example, when is "unnecessary" is highly subjective, more so than software advice in general. All for the lack of the word "unnecessary" in the title.
1:37 AM
@ChristopherMarlowe please look into the comment I left on your question: have you checked the 488 existing posts on "SHAP value", it's likely one of those is a duplicate or at minimum related, if so please update your question. In general you should make a reasonable effort to research previous/existing related Q&A.
...In general you should make a reasonable effort to research previous/existing related Q&A (How do I ask a good question ... Search, and research [before posting,to not post a duplicate]
2:23 AM
@NordineLotfi I feel like I remember your name, Lofti. Did you change your email/nick ?
I recovered from panic attacks due to my undiagnosed ASD.
3:06 AM
I didn't find any questions regarding the computation of SHAP value for a series of two models.
@ChristopherMarlowe a) I didn't say anything about series of two models, try to adapt the other Q&A to your case, post the code and where you got stuck. your question is still unclear whether you were able or not to compute the overall SHAP values, or had problems interpreting them. you didn't show the values for each individual model b) On SO you still have to attempt to write your own code, not ask other people to write it for you. ...
...c) AFAIK other people have computed these before; you haven't shown evidence (i.e. citations, links) of having found those then tried to implement them. (Where did you get stuck? Show your code. If you don't, your question is likely to get closed for lack of effort.)
Thanks a lot @smci
I have got your point.
I have edited my question.
Can you please have a look?
I am doing a binary classification in two stages.

1st Stage: The encoder part of the autoencoder model reduces the dimension of input features from 1000 to 32.

input data (1000 feature ) ===> autoencoder model ===> Output data (32 feature)

2nd Stage:
The DNN model binary classifies this output data.
Output data from 1st model (32 feature) ===> DNN model ===> Final Output (1 feature) (Classifies whether the object is fruit or flower)

My task is to compute the shapely value for features of input data that impacts mostly binary classification.
3:41 AM
@ChristopherMarlowe Yes I know what you're trying to do. You haven't shown effort to research and adapt any of the many hits for "SHAP values for series of two models". I sugest you do that before your question gets closed. I've given you advice and shown you what the SO guidelines tell you to do when asking a question, and you haven't followed it.
(Ok you added some expalnatory non-code remarks to your question, but that's not enough. Given you don't know how to compute SHAP for multistage or DNN, cite which otehr people's approaches you tried.)
(Also, in general the room rules don't allow you to ask in this room about new (<48h) questions. So please go actually try what I advised. Post. Your. Code. Attempt. on the question, not here in this room)
Thanks for your remarks. I have been doing research on this for the last 3 weeks but could not get any clue.
I have read two papers.
searched in the GitHub, Google, Kaggle, Medium
Finally, I have posted question in stackoverflow.
@ChristopherMarlowe Then show the closest-match citations you got from "SHAP values for series of two models" or "DNN" on GitHub, Google, Kaggle, Medium. And your corresponding code attempt. You still haven't! This like the sixth time I've said that.
@ChristopherMarlowe Abbreviating usernames like that doesn't namecheck users.
3:56 AM
I have found only two papers.
@ChristopherMarlowe Great, then go cite them on your question. To prevent it getting closed for lack of effort. Better still, sketch out what's preventing you implementing taht code.
I have cited this. Now I am adding code to my questions from the repository of these two papers.
4:10 AM
Ok good job
4:32 AM
@XavierCombelle ah, I never changed my name no :) always the same since I created my account on SO
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5:59 AM
@ChristopherMarlowe constantly repeating your objective is not helpful. You must have said this 5 times now; we are all very much aware of what you're trying to do. It does not take the discussion forwards
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7:58 AM
This HNQ is a really nice and concise explanation of why you would want to use async/await in web servers
8:21 AM
So much so that I'm tempted to migrate from flask to quart in general. But the README is kinda vague about which extensions will or will not work. Has anyone tried this and hit a speed bump? It's not at all clear which extensions should be expected to work
9:03 AM
I have a fastapi app that serves some static files. Since they're quite large, I'd like to pre-compress them as gzip. Is there an easy way to serve pre-compressed files? I'd rather not write custom logic that returns different responses based on whether the client accepts gzip or not
Or is that not even a concern anymore nowadays? Can I assume that the client accepts gzip?
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8:20 PM
I think some discussion is needed here. stackoverflow.com/questions/10501724 there seem to be two clear questions, and I think each of those should have better versions already, but I don't know where they are
I see it as: 1) are modules cached on importing? and 2) do modules get their own "global" scope?
1 hour later…
9:42 PM
@KarlKnechtel I'm pretty sure I’ve averted 1) in isolation, and 2) crops up regularly as well.
It’s all part of the big fun house of trying to explain the import system by symptomatic problems…

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