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4:14 AM
@Aran-Fey Seems fine to me, perhaps different cultures use different idioms even in mathematics.
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7:07 AM
@Peilonrayz I've learned during my time in university, that it doesn't need cultures to be different for using a different set of idioms in maths, it just need strongly opinionated professors xD
Everything about math was a mess, because each professor had their way of mathematical notation and that was the only true one, and it was far too easy to get them mixed up and then a neverending rant about notation began...
too bad they never got together for discussing it out and agreeing on one notation that they use together at least in classes for the students ^^
(though maybe they tried, but just couldn't come to an agreement)
7:24 AM
Setting up gmail for business is absurd. They have multiple different payment plans but if you don't start by selecting the plan that actually makes sense (1 employee), once you register your domain and create an account it gives you a "recommended for you" price plan at 3 times the price and no way to change it or start again. Le sigh. I'm hoping you can downgrade straight away, or I guess you cancel and start again
Hahaha, and just as I honed in on the area to manage subscriptions, it's immediately thrown an error saying that it can't verify it's me because I'm on another network (I haven't even moved seat) and I'm now left to figure out how to verify it's me
Nope, locked out for 7 days at the earliest. Damn Google, you've outdone yourself
8:36 AM
Websites aimed at businesses really are shockingly terrible. I do not miss working with google cloud
8:51 AM
This one was a deliberate con. I managed to find another way around it and got it downgraded but there were lots of dead-ends and it was tucked right away in a mini scroll window in the bottom left, off-screen
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11:50 AM
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12:51 PM
1:50 PM
lets say I have an abstract class, now the child class should or shouldn't have decorator @overried ??
I don't think there's much (although there is some) benefit to it. In most cases, you'll notice the problem even without @override because your class will be abstract.
@override pretty much just makes it so that you find out about the problem earlier
Isn't @override supposed to catch opposite problem to abstract methods?
As in, you have an error if method is not present in base class
While abstract methods result in an error if its not present in subclass
@override is one of the few typing features that I haven't found a practical use case for. If an "overridden" base method does not exist, that's usually completely inconsequential.
2:06 PM
I really wish stuff like this could actually be properly formalised. Like at least one thing should be predictable in JS Land. I have two mutually linked dropdowns, both updating the other on change. One slight mishap misidentifying programmatic/user updates and I end up DOS'ing my backend into oblivion. Why do we have to live like this? :'(
Any quick solution for forcing reimport of modules in VSC interactive mode?
@roganjosh Live by the JS, die by debug the JS!
It just feels like I'm planting a bomb on my own site. All it takes is someone with an old browser that doesn't specify one of the many fields you can check -> undefined, bypasses the checks and it goes nuclear pingponging between the two. At least my server will go down in a blaze of glory
@MisterMiyagi Yeah, @override makes a lot more sense in languages that have function overloading built in
2:21 PM
I have a cunning idea. I'll skirt the async nature that makes an attempted mutex feel dodgy and just go with a timestamp check. And prayer. Lots of prayer.
2:42 PM
I'm slowly turning into a sysadmin. Question: Is it normal for a 2.5TB Cloud Backup to cost 330€ per month? That sounds crazy overpriced to me. Surely I could set up something like Duplicati and buy storage space at dropbox/google drive/insert-cloud-hoster-here at a fraction of the price?
@Aran-Fey yes, cloud stuff is insanely expensive in general and I really don't get it...
Considering that's 10 times the asking price of google drive, do you actually get something substantial in return?
What is it backing up?
Good question, actually. I'm not sure if it would only backup our files or all of the data on our server, including the configuration of the VMs and stuff
Also, it it 2.5TB of total space for backups or "create x backups up to 2.5TB each"?
2:53 PM
@MisterMiyagi I don't think so, but there could be something I'm not thinking of. I guess the biggest advantage would be that it's not my responsibility. So if something happens and I no longer work here, they just give the backup company a ring and have it restored. Otherwise, there's a very real possibility that the instructions I'm going to print out will be long lost and forgotten.
The 2.5TB are the total required space
Actually, they say (paraphrased) that their backup software sucks and requires 150% extra storage space. So that would be about 700€ per month. I think we're gonna decline this one
3:15 PM
Notwithstanding that the specific offer sucks, if they offer backup as a service that's worth quite a lot more than the raw storage. Space is cheap, manpower and knowledge isn't.
gentlemen, what if I destroy the python library code, how can I repair it auto-magically??
pip uninstall <library>
pip install <library>
unless its built-in
3:37 PM
@Hakaishin hahaha, so true xD
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5:07 PM
Is there an easy way to remove all the libraries that aren't builtin?
I accidentally installed something from outside a venv and just want to remove all of its dependencies too
@PM2Ring I know you're a fan of lesser-known independent artists. Malinda made a career on YouTube for singing ridiculous/comedic google translations of major songs but she always had an amazing voice. I've just wandered over to her new channel where she sings her own stuff and I think you might quite like this. I'm yet to listen to her others
5:24 PM
@12944qwerty I'm no shell scripting wizard, but you can probably do something with the output of pip freeze
6:21 PM
You're right. Idk why I didn't bother googling for this before
A: How do I remove all packages installed by pip?

blueberryfieldsI've found this snippet as an alternative solution. It's a more graceful removal of libraries than remaking the virtualenv: pip freeze | xargs pip uninstall -y In case you have packages installed via VCS, you need to exclude those lines and remove the packages manually (elevated from the commen...

6:53 PM
Y'all, I screwed up. Like a complete noob. I found out today that I program I wrote about 2 years ago is riddled with bugs. And not the "unexpected crash" kind, no, the "produces incorrect output and is basically impossible to notice for a user" kind. And why did it take me 2 years to notice? Because I didn't write unit tests
I really need to turn around my approach by a 180 degrees. Start. with. the. high. level. code.
but did your user notice it? ;)
My colleagues didn't notice, but it's possible that the output made it to a client and they noticed
It's very unlikely, it could be really bad
This is why you're not a Data Scientist
A good portion of the job is going back and telling the client "yeah, you know that really cool thing we presented last week because you forced us to blitz the analysis. Here's the new thing, with ~50% confidence that we won't be back-peddling next week" and zero time writing unit tests
That... makes me a feel bit better
7:19 PM
All the time I've been using Flask and I've realised I still don't understand how this works and I'm struggling to track it down
from flask import Flask, request

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/', methods=['GET'])
def home():
    # a = int('hi')
    req = request.json
    return "Hello"

if __name__ == '__main__':
The very act of request.json gobbles the whole error up because it can see a mismatch between .json and what would be expected in a GET request. That's different to the previous line which will allow it to crash out and give a full debug traceback
Every time I make this stupid mistake, which is once in a blue moon, I spend hours looking at what the client is sending rather than the lingering request.json I forgot to remove somewhere in the route. It doesn't show any debug traceback at all; how is it snagging this error?
My best guess is... err, I don't know. It parses the body of the function when you add_url_rule at app start-up and it can see the header it expects? And... I think I rubber ducked my way towards tracing it properly
I may be misunderstanding what you're confused about, but my guess is that request.json is a property that throws an exception if the Content-Type header doesn't say "json", and flask catches that exception and turns it into a HTTP error
7:34 PM
I don't think you're misunderstanding. That was also my thought, but I can't find that either
This shows very few results for property. The behaviour is documented in docs/patterns/javascript.rst but I'm drawing a blank on how it's implemented
It's probably a custom descriptor, not a normal property
I found that request is defined here, but I can't figure out where the json method is implemented
...here's an idea, I could try searching for json or def json
*taps forehead* me smart
Welp, no interesting results. Me not so smart after all
I'm starting to think it's coming from werkzeug
Yeah, I think it's this
Nice, thanks :)
I've been staring at if not (force or self.is_json): for two minutes and still can't make sense of it. That's got to be the worst use of a not I've seen in years
8:03 PM
First time I've seen SO in read-only mode
and we're back
8:44 PM
No, it's still read-only, just without the splashscreen :/
@Aran-Fey my logic 101 prof would be disappointed that I forgot the name of the transformation rule, but would if not force and not self.is_json: more readable?
Definitely. But I'd prefer if not self.is_json and not force:
what we're missing out on by not moving peps.python.org/pep-0638 forward: if neither self.is_json nor force:
9:03 PM
the problem is it's a 4.0 feature, frankly
(or a "the language I'm designing" feature)
how is it? it doesn't break anything

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