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2:50 AM
@MisterMiyagi - I am able to create the virtualenv but unable to activate it from my program. do you have any suggestions?here is the question i opened stackoverflow.com/questions/76410893/…
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6:44 AM
is anaconda a python fork that equips tools for data science?
it's not a fork
it's more like a distribution
Like Linux is the kernel and Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux with more software packages around it and a package manager
Similarly anacode comes with python, but also its own package manager and something to manage multiple python versions/environments (was there from before venv was popular)
7:37 AM
@ozil Sorry, I don't do any Q&A on the SO main page right now.
8:05 AM
What are the benefits of JWT? I assume less DB calls (e.g. -30%)? Are there any hard numbers?
@Ooker Now seems like a distant memory, but there used to be a lot of issues installing the numerical stack (numpy/scipy etc.) on things like Windows. That's when Anaconda was really quite a big thing. As far as a package manager goes these days, I honestly find it quite clunky
What is JWT sorry? If you mean web tokens then I'm not sure what that has to do with reductions in DB calls
Yep. web tokens.
Asking cause I have an issue with obsolete data in my JWT, and I'm wondering if I am using it incorrectly.
- admin adds new user subscription.
- (User-token contains all subs)
- user is unable to access his new subscription because his JWT expires in 10' (and then it ll be refreshed)
By storing the subs in the JWT I don't have to call the DB an extra time each time the user hits an endpoint.
I'm not sure that I've seen them used that way. Really I just know it carrying authentication data. I guess that's similar to what you're doing, but I'd probably just have the token identify a usergroup telling me, in the DB, which subscriptions they hve available
@MisterMiyagi why not sign the strike letter?
Really, the token is less about server side convenience and more for convenience on the client's side to stop them having to be authenticated from scratch on every request. I don't think it should be carrying state about individual things they are allowed to access in itself but I could be wrong
8:19 AM
Hi guys, quick linux question, how do I google for what the . and .. files are when using ls -la?
Don't you want the answer instead?
For what those files are
kinda, I would more like the docs, because I know . is the current dir and .. is go one up right? The thing is on one system the date of . is always the current time and on the other not, but both are 22.04 Ubuntus, but the one which updates the . time to now is on a VM, if that helps
. getting udpated to the current time leads to a bug
Thanks that is what I was looking for
@roganjosh thanks. I guess there's much more to JWT than I though. I'll have to do some reading.
8:28 AM
@AndrasDeak--СлаваУкраїні I'm still left wondering thought, what that . output of ls is called or if it even has a name and why it is always the current time
8:46 AM
Hi guys,

I'm trying to convert dates in a MongoDB collection with over 6K docs in it. For some reason, my code is working through only 4 documents and then pausing for a few seconds before doing anouther 4, even though I've supposidly downloaded the whole collection using cursor = old_collection.find({}) and then docs_to_update = list(cursor)

Can anyone suggest why this is happening. I've ran a len on the list and it is correctly showing as over 6K which suggests to me that I have infact downloaded the whole list locally and also the type is reporting as list. Can anyone help/suggest what
9:03 AM
@AndrasDeak--СлаваУкраїні Hm, actually no good reason. signs
@PythonForEver There's both models – storing scopes/capabilities/... in the JWT versus fetching them on demand. Neither is "wrong" per se, though the usual tradeoffs of CAP apply.
@Hakaishin Naming the characters often works. So "dot" and "double dot" or "dot dot". See stackoverflow.com/questions/23242004/… as a hit for such a search.
9:22 AM
@MisterMiyagi I see, love this joke: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/118175/…
Has anyone "packaged" ipynb's? I'm looking at making a set of notebooks installable so that we can just give them to others with all dependencies, metadata, yadayada taken care of – but the usual build tools quite like their py files.
I figured my problem out, it was application with a missing config parameter, which was actualizing the time of the .
I've also figured out my problem, I was able to massivly speed it up with if 'DATE' in key.upper():
9:39 AM
@MisterMiyagi you can't, directly. This came up here before. Uno momento
@MisterMiyagi Perhaps just install an empty dummy .py file, and include the notebooks as data files
@MisterMiyagi starts here and I answered here - see the link at the end for a programmatic approach (though I'd really just copy/paste)
I suppose there's a difference between a package and an executable, but I'm relatively convinced the JSON store of the underlying file itself will screw you over in both cases
If the overall purpose of the package is just to build the environment up then I guess .ipynb can just be artifacts in some way. I'm not sure whether you could get setuptools to pull in the whole jupyter runtime to make the files runnable. Hmm
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1:28 PM
ugh django, please don't use words with common established meaning to mean something else. They defined int in urls to mean natural ints
<int:foo> matches only 0 and above
2:00 PM
@MisterMiyagi will they be able to open and edit the notebooks? and also, packaged in the sense of actually being distributed via a PyPI, or rather "checkout from VC and have a well-defined dev install"?
Also, I'm looking for an algorithm (preferably in the stdlib) that for the input ["a", "b", "c"] returns [["a"], ["a", "b"], ["a", "b", "c"]]. Doing it manually looks a bit clumsy, and I don't know how to google for that behavior.
2:20 PM
People who work with other developers regularly - is it just me or does this feel a little wrong:
class MyClass:

dynamic_class_selection = MyClass
instance = dynamic_class_selection()
As opposed to (and what I would lean towards):
class MyClass:

DynamicClassSelection = MyClass
instance = DynamicClassSelection()
I can see both sides of the argument, but the second one seems more natural to me, but I don't think it's "the done thing"
@Arne itertools.accumulate(map(list, strings))
@OldTinfoil I'd go with former, capcase is more "name of a specific type" to me
@PM2Ring late to that discussion, I'd feel it's more like horse and buggy people trying to discuss aviation legislation. With the internet I don't feel we've sufficiently legislated this intervening stage and now AI is building on top of it!
Cheers Andras
3:09 PM
@AndrasDeak--СлаваУкраїні thanks!
@Arne open and edit notebooks, but distributed privately from our own infrastructure.
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7:51 PM
I wonder where this strike ends and what actual goal there is. Looking into the discussion of "how to identify AI-generated content", it's pretty obvious that we are unable to prevent it in the first place. Taking the argument into account of a "higher frequency" of BS-per minute. I really doubt there is an enormous amount more BS copy and pasted or just posted and stated as before.
I've seen quite a few AI posts that were a) almost no cost for the "author" to post yet b) utter nonsense but c) very hard to identify just what of the blabla was wrong.
In my opinion, that's not really the reason and the actual problem is the same as it was before chat-gpt. There are more people that using this site unaware of the actual goal to this site as volunteers protecting it. And I really doubt there will be a time where this will be different.
@Thingamabobs I assure you, between December of last year, up until this month, there has been more than 200~ ish answers (and even questions) I have seen to be generated
Only that these people could spam 10x more for 10x less effort at 10x more curation effort...
That's hardly the same situation as before.
@Thingamabobs it is different. When you make spams, or extremely bad content, at most most user can only do 1 up to 10 per day. Imagine now how much some of them can make now that it is easily generated, just from a single prompt (eg: sentence)
it's really worse
On the tkinter tag, I admit there wasn't many that were blatantly generated (maybe one or two) but on the python tag though? (and many other tag) Definitely was a lot.
7:59 PM
Well do we have actual data that indicate that this specific issue breaks the system or was it broken before ? We might just need a different kind of access to the system. While I never was a huge fan of privileges this could be a real tool to avoid "low quality answers". How about first earning the right to answer and asking will be granted from the start. This seems to have impact instead of a simple rule that needs to be enforced.
@NordineLotfi 200 answers in 6 months is pretty much nothing compared to the overall content that was posted in the same time.
@Thingamabobs Indeed, but that was only from light browsing on SO/SE. Some other people on the network noticed far more than I would have since they use the site(s) more than I did
that's without taking into account mods who noticed even more thanks to the flag queue
BTW: when rethinking the privileges. Please let people chat from the start, we can ban/mute them anyways.
@NordineLotfi you still need to enforce it and as I said, the real issue is older and is deeper than this. I don't doubt that AI-generated content is an issue, I just doubt it is a huge issue, it's just the "drop on top" that makes it seem heavy. Just my opinion.
@Thingamabobs There are definitely some issues even before this happened. Maybe I'm speaking from a biased stance, but I was close to some people who found more generated post than I did. At some point you pick up a good intuition on how to find them...
8:14 PM
@NordineLotfi Again, when having this rule backed up by the company. What does it change anyway ? Rules just apply when they are enforced. People won't stop copy and paste BS just because some says it is forbidden. You need to do a real thing against it.
@Thingamabobs mods enforced it. Now they may not. That's it.
It's getting annoying to kep running in circles around this so read about the strike and about the lie behind the new policy and tons of links in posts and comments.
I'd like to avoid rehashing the same things here going forward.
8:42 PM
@AndrasDeak--СлаваУкраїні I don't see you addressing my point at all.
2 hours later…
11:16 PM
@Thingamabobs "Looking into the discussion of 'how to identify AI-generated content', it's pretty obvious that we are unable to prevent it in the first place." I'm not sure how you drew that impression. The SO mods are pretty confident that we've been able to accurately detect it, and there's been zero evidence provided to us that suggests otherwise.
The argument is literally FUD. Skepticism has been raised as to the accuracy of detection, the line has been drawn that no false positives are acceptable, and, furthermore, that, because there is no way of proving conclusively beyond a shadow of a doubt without relying on any heuristics or intuition (impossible, and inconsistent with the normal burden of moderation tasks), these posts cannot be moderated. The strike is, essentially, calling this BS.
@Thingamabobs That is definitely a problem, but it's not the most critical problem facing the site. ChatGPT has changed a lot of things for the site. Two of the most prominent things are: (1) a bunch of BS auto-generated answers getting posted (well over 10k such answers since Dec 2022), and (2) a drop in traffic (in particular, the rate of asking questions and posting answers) since ChatGPT's public availability.
@Thingamabobs You are, of course, correct that simply telling people that they are not allowed to copy-and-paste BS is insufficient. That's why we have moderators to enforce all policies on this site. Mods have handled thousands of cases of users doing precisely this since Dec 2022, and it's made an impact. Moderator handling of these cases is "a real thing against it". Now, we're being told that we cannot do this. We find this unacceptable.
@AndrasDeak--СлаваУкраїні But hash is so delicious!
If you want to find the nearest tasty hash just consult the hash map.
And then I put it on my hash table, right?
11:43 PM
I know that's part of the pun, but, ugh. Still no.

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