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1:37 AM
@ParitoshSingh swell, thanks :) Work's kept me busy for days, I've lost touch with answering questions here too... probably for the best
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2:49 AM
@AndrasDeak speaking of, though unrelated to imagemagick - github decided to change how their personal keys work and now makes it almost impossible for Windows users to use TortoiseGit
because I am just looking at all the respective UI and there's literally no way to reconcile the two, though fortunately ssh keys still work so I just tell my colleague to migrate to that, that's what I use on Linux cli
dang flaky GUIs don't work
is this about not being able to use normal username password in git cli? I tried authenticating in git cli after a long time and I got a mail saying they will deprecate it soon
nvm, I forgot to read the part where you said "GUI", I feel dumb now -_-
3:31 AM
Well, if you use git push or git pull with GitHub over HTTPS on Windows while using the default authenticator, that's the issue I am talking about
There just isn't clear documentation on how to fix that - at one point a GitHub authentication dialog popped up but it asked for username/password, not the personal token...
4:19 AM
is running a CPU intensive process on 4 threads not the same time as running a normal single threaded code? I seem to get 23 times slower results when running a CPU intensive code on 4 threads, I am aware I should use multiprocess, but the overhead for starting just 4 threads should not be making this 23 times slower
MCVE for those who want to try pastebin.com/UM8CiqAB, ignore the main function logic, I was just trying that out
Splitting work between multiple threads is slower in CPython because they have to fight for the GIL
ohh, I thought GIL would just block and work would go as normal, did not think about the splitting part, melon
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7:14 AM
@python_user There's a nice presentation by David Beazley which goes through some of the gotchas of the GIL.
thank I will look into this, without having started, does this still hold true after 10+ years?
AFAIK the GIL hasn't fundamentally changed since then.
DaBeaz is one of those guys I would trust blindly when it comes to tutorials
8:21 AM
He appears to have let his TLS certificate lapse, though :/
8:37 AM
huh? it shows 28 May 2022 for me when I click the padlock
he apparently has a new course "Write a compiler" and for 5 days $1250 seems a lot
@roganjosh Thanks mate will definitely take a look at it now
9:02 AM
@python_user Strange. I get the full splashscreen warning...
@roganjosh literally faster in everyway... how is it in regards to simplicity and design? because I love flask more than django mainly due to that and how extendable it is...
Well, you're not comparing apples with apples for a start. FastAPI isn't a web framework like Flask/Django
I am just going to silently listen to this, I thought it was a web framework
9:20 AM
Hmm, maybe I need to revise that because it does support template rendering
And Oauth and ... yeah, it appears it would be on the same standing, then. I can't comment about the ecosystem vs. Flask though, as I hadn't been using it in a similar capacity
@metatoaster obviously everyone should use microsoft software to use github now
slightly unrelated, but is there a webpage that would explain me how an async web framework would change things? I still have not understood how flask 2.0 async support does things differently
Flask and Django documentations have a clear lack of emojis compared to FastAPI.
@python_user there's some here and you can use ASGI. Though this is also not something I have used myself (I think async support in Flask was completed relatively recently)
thanks for the links, going through it now, yeah I guess it has not been more than 2 months
9:47 AM
oh wow, that's very cool. so that means flask now has end to end integration for asgi essentially ,doesnt it
"The WSGI application will be run in a synchronous threadpool, and the wrapped ASGI application will be one that accepts http class messages."
i dont know enough about asgi to figure out whether this will be comparable to pure asgi application or not. i imagine there's some overhead
It's the same way a "bare" event loop runs sync code. My guess is that it's indeed a pure ASGI app that uses the usual event loop mechanism for sync code.
Hm, the flask async page and flask ASGI page implies it's not. :/
With flask you just get a separate loop per request. So the async stuff only affects what you can do inside a request, not across several requests. They explicitly mention Quart as an actual ASGI framework.
from what I understood, a dumbed down TL;DR is it lets you run async code in views
10:08 AM
hi, i am trying to find a model from huggingface.co/models that suggestions topics based on a given sentence. But cant find any. Can someone pealse help?
10:20 AM
Is there a standard/smart way to automatically round 0.7499999996 to 0.75 but not rounding pi to 3.14? I thought fractions.Fraction.limit_denominator(100) might help, but 22/7 is close to pi and has a lot of decimals. My best idea for now is gradually rounding to n digits, waiting for a point when rounding to n brings you a lot closer to the value than 10**(-n).
In [24]: x = 0.7499999999999996
    ...: [x - round(x, k) for k in range(10)]
this should work, but I'd rather do something smarter/less wasteful
I love it when people respond to my feedback
Jul 27 at 6:55, by Aran-Fey
@Harry That's like asking "How to find points of interest on a map and store them in a json file?". What on earth is a "feature" supposed to be and how exactly do you want to save them?
@Harry you gave no answer. Try again.
its not everyday you see Andras ask a question here
Well I often ask "can you put together an MCVE?"...
laurel, ok I should have said "Andras ask a code related question for his own problem"
10:31 AM
hmm, perhaps something really is wrong with me
def pretty_rounder(num):
    return next((rounded_num for k in range(10) if abs(num - (rounded_num:=round(num, k))) < 10**(-k-2)), num)
"There Has To Be A Better Way!"
TypeError: type complex doesn't define __round__ method
well that's a shame
@AndrasDeak Actually i extracted feature from multiple video's but features are stored into single H5 file . now my question is How to store them into a individual H5 file for every video
@Harry The same way as you did for a single file, except use a different file for each video.
you have to change line 14
@AndrasDeak Could you please elaborate that
In your code, you probably have to change line number 14 to open multiple files instead of one file.
Oh, there's code
@Harry please see our code formatting guide sopython.com/wiki/…
You can practice in the sandbox
10:48 AM
def _set_video_list(self, video_path):
        # import pdb;pdb.set_trace()
        if os.path.isdir(video_path):
            self.video_path = video_path
            fileExt = r".mp4",".avi"
            self.video_list = [_ for _ in os.listdir(video_path) if _.endswith(fileExt)]
            self.video_path = ''

Excellent, thanks
@AndrasDeak Thanks you to suggest sandbox
If you have a video_list, you need a video_path_list of the same length
or generate a video file name for each video
@cs95 how does it feel, gaining all that time back in your life? :P
@AndrasDeak can u explain with examples its easy to understood?
11:00 AM
@Harry no, because I don't know what the rest of your code is doing. The exporting bit is crucial.
see also MCVE
11:12 AM
can i share entire code to know where i need to change ?
You can try, but post it to a code paste service and only link here.
At worst if it's too much code nobody will dive into it
Create data.py & utils --> generate_dataset.py
So instead of creating one h5 file in the __init__ like self.h5_file = h5py.File(save_path, 'w'), you create one for each video file. Where's the problem?
@Aran-Fey Yeah exactly this what i am asking i don't know where i want to change that the only thing i expected. how to i made change to create one for each video file
...you just have to move the code that creates the file into your for video_idx, video_filename in enumerate(self.video_list): loop
11:25 AM
@Harry did you write the existing code? Or are you modifying someone else's?
@AndrasDeak Code already exist i just modifying
I see
@AndrasDeak can you please summarize it where i need to change and what kind of change need
11:40 AM
Can you see the line that creates the h5 file?
@Harry Harry if I may make a suggestion before trying to figure what you need to change to make it work you should try to fully understand every part of the code you are adjusting... once you know that editing it will be easy
:52728633 self.h5_file = h5py.File(save_path, 'w')
Good. Now can you find the loop that processes each video file?
@Aran-Fey yeah found it
Now move that line of code into the loop. And don't forget to create a unique file name for each video.
And when you're done with the file don't forget to close it with h5_file.close(). For some reason that's being done in create_data.py right now.
12:00 PM
@Kwsswart yeah that's good, but i make lot of changes in this code anyway i accpted your suggestion
@Aran-Fey sorry can please Highlight that line of code
@Aran-Fey can u give small example for this
for video_idx, video_filename in enumerate(self.video_list):
    save_path = somehow_generate_a_file_name()
    h5_file = h5py.File(save_path, 'w')
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1:17 PM
1:51 PM
@Aran-Fey I am sorry I completely diverted into a track, My question is how to run this parallelly
2:04 PM
Please can you take some time to read tutorials and research these issues yourself @Harry? A lot of time was taken to explain to you how to make a for loop - what you are asking now is substantially more difficult and there's no reason for us to go through it step-by-step in great detail - that's what tutorials are for
2:17 PM
@roganjosh /me mumbles something about a steam gift... mumble mumble... :p
Ah, I'll fire the laptop up now and have it downloading in the background :)
I think after 29 days - there's no rush :p
ahhh... there we go... :)
It's downloading now but for some reason my connection is on a go-slow so I can just leave it going in the background. Thanks again mate :)
no worries... looking forward to duking it out at some point :p
3:04 PM
give it another 29 days? :P
3:15 PM
talking about steam gift, I have not checked what epic is giving away this week, the last one I got was among us from epic
stackoverflow.com/questions/68593323/… the dupe seems wrong, if anyone else can confirm this, I will cast my reopen vote as well
3:36 PM
If it is, it's a different dupe. Don't reopen. Find the right target.
I've changed the dupe to another one.
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4:57 PM
within pd.read_html how to lookup for 2 classes ?
attrs={'class': re.compile('calls|putts')}
i tried that but got the following error bpa.st/37TA
attrs={'class': 'calls|putts'}
will treat it wrongly since | will be taken as string not an operator
@cs95 Any suggestion ?
5:13 PM
Hey people!
I am using Spyder in Anoconda Navigator.
I ran this in script mode:
import pandas as pd
dfdf = pd.DataFrame([1,2,3])
And got this error:
AttributeError: module 'pandas' has no attribute 'DataFrame'
Can someone please let me know how to fix this issue?
You have a pandas.py. Rename/remove it.
@AndrasDeak Are you talking about file name? The file name is banana.py
And the other files in the same directory, or somewhere else on your path?
There's your problem. Pandas don't eat bananas, of course that doesn't work.
@Aran-Fey I hope that's a joke.
5:24 PM
@Aran-Fey plus many pandas being given a single banana is just unfair
@AndrasDeak There are no other python files in the desktop. How do I check the path stuff?
What is pd.__file__?
And why is anything on your desktop? :'(
that second question is rhetorical
@AndrasDeak I am sorry. I have no clue what is pd.__file__. Can you please elaborate?
"Why is anything on your desktop?" - this question is sponsored by the Gnome Shell developers
5:26 PM
I am using Windows..
@Aran-Fey works for me, closing as not a bug
@AndrasDeak None
This is the output..
Then you have a folder named pandas somewhere
somewhere on sys.path, presumably
5:28 PM
@AndrasDeak how do I check it?
@RandomPerson I'd start by looking at sys.path. Since you're a windows user you probably want to find an icon with a magnifying glass that moves in circles as you wait for half an hour.
My snark is mostly aimed at microsoft, don't take it too personally
...is it really so hard to find a pandas folder? How many of those do you have?
presumably they are only aware of zero pandas folders
@AndrasDeak OK.
5:30 PM
"how do I check it?" would be a surprising question if the person were aware that there's a pandas folder somewhere.
print(*(directory for directory in sys.path if (pathlib.Path(directory)/'pandas').exists()), sep='\n')
NameError: name 'sys' is not defined
Knew it
Oh come on
Path is tricky
and clearly they are a newbie
if pd.__file__ is confusing then it's plausible that sys.path doesn't scream import sys
import sys
from pathlib import Path
5:36 PM
Huh. Well, then you somehow managed to screw up your pandas installation. Try reinstalling it?
@Aran-Fey I don't recall installing pandas. Isn't pandas pre-installed with Anaconda/Spyder?
@AndrasDeak pandas works in IDLE. I am talking pandas in Anaconda.
26 mins ago, by Random Person
I am using Spyder in Anoconda Navigator.
5:40 PM
I have no idea if pandas is included there, but if it is... try reinstalling the whole thing, I guess
hey @RandomPerson does importing pandas via terminal works ?
or does it throw any error
@PIngu Do you mean Anaconda prompt?
i don't know much about windows but an equivalent of running calling python via terminal
Looks like it is: https://pandas.pydata.org/getting_started.html

I am using Spyder but the website is showing JupyterLab as example.
@PIngu I have two pythons. One installed from python website and another from Anaconda. Which one should I call?
The python which I installed from Python website has no issues with using pandas.
5:49 PM
AttributeError: module 'pandas' has no attribute 'DataFrame'
is this your complete error log you does it include any addendum
We haven't seen the output of print(*(directory for directory in sys.path if (pathlib.Path(directory)/'pandas').exists()), sep='\n') yet, right? Try running that again, ideally from both Pythons. Make sure to import sys first.
Oh and import pathlib
Ok, understood. The first time around I didn't know what that was a response to.
runfile('C:/Users/username/Desktop/banana.py', wdir='C:/Users/username/Desktop')
Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:\Users\username\Desktop\banana.py", line 2, in <module>
    dfdf = pd.DataFrame([1,2,3])

AttributeError: module 'pandas' has no attribute 'DataFrame'
@PIngu I have shared the complete error log
What does print(dir(pandas)) show?
5:54 PM
@Kevin In case of IDLE, this is output:
Ok, looks more or less normal
@Kevin In Spyder:
['__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '__spec__']
place the banana.py alone in a new folder and try executing the same (just in case you can avoid any other .py files that may be present in the present working directory)
So dir(pandas) contains only double-underscore attributes... This at least tells us that it's not just DataFrame that's missing, but rather every name usually defined in pandas' top scope
@PIngu Still getting same error
5:56 PM
oh okay
@Kevin oh my god.. what might be the cause?
@Kevin It's a namespace package.
Best case scenario is that only the __init__.py is missing and everything else works fine
it's probably an empty directory
Or would that not be imported?
I don't think a completely empty directory would turn into a namespace package?
Unlikely that a single file is missing
5:58 PM
Not 100% sure, but I believe there has to be some kind of python file inside
It would be good to know whether the directory is empty or not. Random could determine this by looking at <the python install directory>lib\site-packages\pandas in file explorer
Unless you are a pandas fanatic, @RandomPerson, you should be able to find this relatively easy just using the normal search functionality if you have a pandas file or a directory
there's about four times more effort on the answerer side than on the asker side in this problem
So business as usual, then
6:03 PM
@RandomPerson By far, the most common cause of module 'whatever' has no attritute 'thing', is when there is a folder or Python file that has the same name as the real module, somewhere in the module search path. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case here. The statement from chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/52730884#52730884 that you ran, prints only a path ending in "site-packages", which means there is no name ambiguity, and Python is looking in the correct place.
@RandomPerson Anything interesting in _libs?
Hmm, interesting indeed
$ mkdir ~/virtualenvs/py3.9_main/lib/python3.9/site-packages/potato_module
$ ~/virtualenvs/py3.9_main/bin/python -c 'import potato_module; print(dir(potato_module))'
['__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '__spec__']
@AndrasDeak I am sorry. I am a newbie.
That looks to me like something just crashed during install. I would try conda update pandas
6:06 PM
@Aran-Fey see my previous message
@RandomPerson Hehe, sometimes that happens even when an expert asks a question
Or you killed the installation half way through. Please try conda update pandas before we keep battling away at this. It'll be interesting to see whether it can even uninstall
@roganjosh they also claimed that they never installed pandas in the first place, and that it should come with anaconda
Which it does
and we've already suggested reinstalling it, to which... nothing happened
6:07 PM
Unless they installed miniconda
perhaps if enough people recommend a reinstall something might happen
We need a clean environment -- sell your computer and buy a new one
Twitch Develops Python
But seriously. I think reinstalling is worth a try
PackageNotInstalledError: Package is not installed in prefix.
  prefix: C:\Users\RLS\anaconda3
  package name: pandas
@Kevin :)
6:09 PM
@AndrasDeak I don't see them actually having tried it. If by "nothing happened" you mean that they didn't try it, then there's no harm in suggesting it be tried again
Ok, so what do you get with conda install pandas?
@roganjosh yes, I'm mostly musing about the futility of life and the universe
Possible outcome: "Ok, I reinstalled and everything's the same" -- neglecting to mention that during the install process, there were a hundred red lines saying "error: could not preinstall pandas", just like the first time
It's probably a good idea to delete that empty pandas folder before (re)installing
I imagine a time loop where deleting that empty pandas folder end up creating that broken pandas folder
I was going to suggest doing that (deleting the existing file) but it's clearly managed to do something python-y and I don't know whether conda is going to want to look for existing folders (even if it won't acknowledge that it really properly exists). So I wasn't sure whether that deletion in itself might complicate things
Try to avoid ontological paradoxes in your code, unless one is already in place, in which case try to sustain it by any means necessary, because the timeline will vanish if you don't
@roganjosh see also my earlier code block proving that even an empty directory on sys.path can "do something pythony" to the same extent
@RandomPerson well that looks promising?
@RandomPerson did you try if it works now?
(I can't believe I'm asking this question)
yesterday, by Kevin
I, too, am thankful for Andras
6:16 PM
@AndrasDeak It's working now! yay!
Pats on the back for all
import pandas as pd
dfdf = pd.DataFrame([1,2,3])

0  1
1  2
2  3
looking forward to future problems with the newly fixed library
6:17 PM
@AndrasDeak haha. I will definitely return if I get new issues.
Thanks a lot to all of you for helping me out!
Bye people!
How that folder came to be will haunt me all night for ten minutes. I bet the current pandas folder doesn't even have a _libs folder in it...
never have i ever been this suspicious about a poor plaintain in a file name
6:19 PM
@PIngu a what in a file name?
@AndrasDeak Well, all I can say is that it looks like it got through compiling the cython components and then gave up (or was killed). Other than that, <shrug>
@roganjosh the last screenshot contains "conda trash" files
it's more likely that they were inadvertently removed
Or the compiler step tried to clean up after itself and didn't make it. I don't suppose I wanna think too much about it :P
@AndrasDeak i went to the verge of checking if the keyword banana is messing something with pandas.
6:24 PM
Python Enhancement Proposal: a "paranoid imports" mode, where the importer continues to search the module path even after finding a valid directory/file, and emits a warning if it encounters another one
Programming really does screw with your head sometimes. Non-programmer: "Why would anyone call their program bananas?". Programmer: "So banana receives the request, and then uses marshmallow to check it's cromulent, then sends back JSON"
Additionally, paranoid imports mode will be enabled by default in all Python distributions, until the user can find and toggle the training-wheels=true configuration option
JS programmer: 'ba' +- {} + 'a'
@roganjosh Well, there's a huge amount of packages... it's unavoidable that some of them have to use some weird names
6:31 PM
It should buy us a couple months of peace until every tutorial starts saying "after installing, the first thing you want to do is disable training-wheels, because it makes importing a hundredth of a millisecond slower"
As we all know, people with less than an hour of Python experience are often bottlenecked by inefficiencies of this scale, which is why they keep asking us whether to use sort() or sorted(), etc
@Aran-Fey I thought it was a prerequisite of library names? I still find it funny that my beatroute package has gone through multiple departments by word-of-mouth and keep getting people from Sales asking me about beetroot. What is going through their heads when they hear it mentioned does amuse me!
@Kevin Almost relevant: I've been porting a coworker's MATLAB to Python, and the last bug I had was due to the fact that numpy's sort isn't stable by default.
Hmm, interesting
I'm just glad the light novel/anime trend of using super-long names hasn't caught on yet. Imagine import i_got_reincarnated_in_another_world_and_decided_to_program_a_python_library
I can never remember with complete certainty whether Python's sort is stable, so I always allocate a couple of points of paranoia towards it when I run into a mysterious error
6:34 PM
@Kevin it very much is. Go Tim!
That's why sorting twice by different keys works to break ties.
I, too, am thankful for Tim
I guess I'm lucky that the kinds of objects I usually sort only compare equal if they're really equal, and all the parts of my program agree with this assessment
Equality is a weird concept tbh. Things get wonky real quick when your objects aren't immutable singletons
I don't believe in mutable objects
If Widget.__lt__ does not incorporate self.timestamp into its logic, then I don't want to see any complaints from module Z saying "when module Y sorted the widget list, it didn't ensure that early timestamps showed up before late timestamps :-(". Suck it up, module Z.
2 hours later…
8:10 PM
@roganjosh also got a copy of Trine 2 if you want that? That's quite fun to play co-op...
I think I already have it? I'll have to check.
okay cool... didn't think I had a copy still sitting around from goodness knows how long ago
@roganjosh did you get duke downloaded in the end? I might actually have some time this weekend to play games :p
(famous last words and all that)
9:03 PM
@JonClements I did. I might have time on Sunday morning to play but I have a 50th to attend from 3pm, so it's have to be the morning?
cool... was my brother's 50th the other day and it's my nephew's 16th tomorrow... Sunday sounds like a plan - probably just see how it goes?
Sounds good
9:34 PM
hey guys, quick question. i've got a multiprocessing script that looks like this:
    with multiprocessing.Pool(36) as pool:
        tasks = [pool.apply_async(gev_analysis, [cell]) for cell in cell_indices]

        prev_ready = 0
        num_ready = sum(task.ready() for task in tasks)
        while num_ready != len(tasks):
            if num_ready != prev_ready:
                current_time = time.time()
                print(f"{num_ready} out of {len(tasks)} completed tasks", current_time-start_time)
            prev_ready = num_ready
            num_ready = sum(task.ready() for task in tasks)
i'm running this on a fairly powerful cluster node. what are the odds the results of tasks are not in the original order of cell_indices?
I've never used this part of multiprocessing but I don't see how the order could get mangled
Your tasks listcomp ensures that each AsyncResult object is assigned to the given cell in cell_indices. And at the end you task.get() again in the same order as they were.
Ok phewwww....i think I should be safe because the tasks array should be an array of AsyncResults in the same order as tasks. I am thinking like you are thinking. I got freaked because I ran this (extremely expensive computation) on data and then read that apply_async is not ordered
Thanks a lot
yeah, their respective order of execution is undefined (especially since they can run in parallel)
there can always be weird pitfalls I didn't think of, but I'd be hard-pressed to find one
i think you are correct. mini heart attack when i thought there was a possibility my results were unordered. thanks for your consult
no worries
10:01 PM
@jeremy Trace them with a UUID
If you have blocks that should be reassembled, then you'd see it if you gave the same UUID to even 5, say, rows of input. Does it fe-form in that way?
10:16 PM
good point, I can do it that way to confirm. I think it is intact correctly though, I may not check. this was something I did a few weeks ago and was copying code from when I looked up the difference between apply_async and map
10:36 PM
Anyone else having problems with discord not being able to load messages?
10:50 PM
@Aran-Fey nope
But they've added threads so anything can break
Weird. Internet works fine, just discord refuses to load

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