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5:42 AM
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier. It's the fact that $n/m<1/2$
i.e., dictrionary is half full. Python does this check internally anyway, so no worries I guess :)
n is the number of elements and m is dictionary size
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Avra is worrying about dict implementations
@AndrasDeak :(
@AndrasDeak. Can we implement heapq in python using dict!
heapq in Python stands for priority queu
You can implement anything with dicts
But how do you think we can model priority concept in dict then please?
priority following natural order means arranged from lowest to highest, so can we model that in dict in Pythno?
as I can see it dict is a bunch of keys and values, so it does not have internally sorting mechanism as heapq
6:10 AM
What python tutorial are you reading?
1 hour later…
7:11 AM
Hello Everyone,
I hope everything is alright with you all. I am working on the model validation and evaluation, but, it seems I am approaching this part in the wrong way. I created a question that goes into details of my problem. Link: stackoverflow.com/questions/69569506/…
That's an MRE? I don't think you'll have much luck unless you shorten that by, like, a lot
I don't know anything about machine learning or whatever that is, but I noped out the moment I saw a screen full of imports
7:26 AM
@Aran-Fey machine learning mre are like that unfortunately
Does an MRE really need 7 different classifiers?
If it is about evaluation different classifiers yes :D
That sounds horribly off-topic though
yeah it's better suited for data science se, as the comment says
7:44 AM
@Aran-Fey I was working on other classifiers but I just wanted to work on one then edit the others.
8:36 AM
@Avra The modern two-stage dict layout has a well-defined internal order. That's insertion-order for the built-in dict, but you could in principle apply any order that you like.
Hate that day of giving resignation -.- worst feeling ever
Resignation as in "I'm giving up caring about this issue" or "I'm leaving the company, see ya Mr Boss"?
leaving the company
depending on the boss, it "could" be the best feeling ever, so take the small wins :P
8:51 AM
haha well its a move in the right direction careerwise so will be happy
9:09 AM
congratulations, then. In retrospective, it's always nice to look back at an employer you were sad to move away from, even if it hurts in the moment to break the news.
YEEEESSS!!!! While logging into an 5 year old system, which is the only one which can compile a specific project I opened the browser and found by accident this awesome article about timekeeping I was thinking about a few times. Behold a lovely written article about the long, painful history of time: naggum.no/lugm-time.html
haha also the tabs look exactly the same as now. Gmail, Room6, github/bitbucket and random internet searches
If it ever was put up to a vote to establish one single global time, I'd totally go with yes. I never understood why people are so hung up on the idea that 6:00 should be when the sun goes up and 20:00 when it goes down.
@Kwsswart Also congratulations, it's tough but it sounds like interesting new things await you :)
@Arne +1
@Arne Where do I have to sign?
probably right next to the question "put your name here if you ever had to deal with timestamps in databases"
9:15 AM
hmm, single-global-time.com is still up for grabs so maybe it's time to form an interest group
Plot twist: You must sign with name and date.
perfect example of adding insult to injury =D
global-time.com can be bought for the low price of 4k
btw, do root owners of domains have any costs associated with owning domains? If not, what prevents them from simply gobbling up all domains and selling them super high? Also Is there an authority giving these away to companies?
@Hakaishin Nice read, by the way. Thanks for sharing.
9:20 AM
You're welcome. I really liked it and was afraid it was lost to time :P
Looks like I am thinking of ICANN
Among other things, this involves regularly holding signing ceremonies where members of a group of Trusted Community Representatives (TCR) physically meet at a predefined location, and go through scripted procedures to generate key material and signing keys. This sounds funny, I'd love to join such a ceremony once :D
... as a step to resolving the DNS Wars. Haha I'd love to read a well written book about the DNS wars :P
10:03 AM
@AndrasDeak I just added info about the version where the error occurs. Now I updated numpy to version 1.21.2 and the code runs fine. So thanks for the tip and sorry about not checking the obvious. I was quite certain I was running the latest build. Unfortunately I don't know how to compile numpy from the source, but I guess it's not neccessary anymore. — mapf 47 mins ago
cc @roganjosh ^
10:34 AM
@chuttyboy hello. Please don't ask for help with fresh questions on the main site as per our rules
@AmnesiaSmith I asked you in April to read our code formatting guide and practice. Please do so again.
@AmnesiaSmith Where did you get these "actual value"s from? Shouldn't the derivative of a cosine curve at x=0 be 0?
@Aran-Fey not with (simplest) finite differences
but yes, fair question
@AmnesiaSmith nope
FWIW, WolframAlpha returns the exact same value as python
which is probably cos(h)/h with double precision
@Aran-Fey I calculated them using Desmos Scientific calculator.
10:44 AM
@Arne thanks man hopefully will be that way in the future
@Hakaishin thanks mate hopefully ^^
Hmm. Could be either floating point precision or a more accurate cos function then
I am asked to write a function `FD(f, x, h)` to return the derivative of some function `f` at `x` using a step size of `h`.

Along with this, I'm given the formulas for differentiation by first principles and forward method. Since the values are inaccurate, I'm wondering if I need to use Taylor Series to do this question.
Before you continue you really have to figure out formatting code in chat, by practicing in the sandbox. If you keep posting ill-formatted blocks of code I'll keep kicking you.
you can find our formatting guide linked in the chatroom's description
How to create an individual H5 file for every single video github.com/Fraction-analytics/FVsumm/blob/main/create_data.py
But anyway, if "you are given the formulas" then it's not your problem if the values are inaccurate, is it?
10:47 AM
Is the sandbox, Rotating Knives chat or..?
The sandbox is the sandbox, linked from the formatting guide you're supposed to read.
let me know if you still can't find it
Yes, true but I've done the same method for Central Difference and Extrapolated Difference using different step-size values and plotted the log of absolute errors from these methods against log step size which gave me horizontal lines at 5x10^5 etc
Central difference is central, it will give you 0 at local maxima of symmetric functions.
I found it. I tried to format using the group rules but now I'm on the formatting guide and found sandbox linked at the very bottom of the page.
(cos(h) - cos(-h))/(2 h) is exactly 0 no matter the h, it can even be pi/2
@AmnesiaSmith OK, thanks
10:52 AM
All of them were horizontal lines.
@AmnesiaSmith because of what I just said, yes. If you go away from x0=0 you start seeing a dependence on the step size.
Forward method, Central and Extrapolated difference. Since all were like that I thought I was doing something wrong.
forward shouldn't give you a flat curve vs. step size
the forward difference at 0 according to the function you showed is cos(h)/h which depends on h
But the formula is f(x+h) - f(x)/h so with f = cos, x = 0 and h = 10^-1 it's

cos(0 + 10^-1) - cos(0) / 10^-1
right, sorry, I keep forgetting about the 1
that's still (cos(h) - 1)/h which is not constant
10:56 AM
I'm plotting the log-log of absolute error against step size.
@AmnesiaSmith perhaps it's simpler if you show your code, complete with plotting, then we can see if what you do makes sense. I suspect it's more than about a dozen lines, so it might be better to post it to a code paste service and link here.
excellent, thank you
fd_estimate = FD(np.cos, 0.1, 10**(-1))
that looks suspicious :)
a paste site that i can actually open, this is an auspicious day indeed
11:12 AM
Well I had to enable JS for it. How the turntables.
muahah, so this is what it feels like, being on the other side. ;)
And I'm still curious what an "exact" float value is for a finite difference, but that's for another day I guess

These are the instructions:
Let's test these three algorithms using functions that are easy to differentiate by hand. Specifically, we'll differentiate the functions $\cos(x)$ and $e^x$ at $x = 0.1$, $1$ and $100$.

Initially, you should **pick one function and one point to test it at** from these lists. The following code outline, when complete, will calculate the derivative of a test function at some point using the FD method for a range of step sizes $h$. It will then calculate and print out the relative error $\epsilon$, where
Yikes, I copied this from CoCalc
That's LaTeX, typeset with MathJax on the website. We don't have MathJax here.
although it also has emphasis with double asterisks which is more like markdown. Weird combination.
11:14 AM
Yes, MathJax. You don't have to worry about that now, I'm just musing.
It's a Markdown
I guess there are quite a few folks here who can read that without even thinking about it. :P
a few, yeah :P
Kudos for \text to whoever wrote that, by the way. Most people miss/misuse that.
(minus half kudos for |\epsilon|)
For the record, in case Andras comment wasn't actionable enough: you have to actually use the h in the for h in hh loop.
@AndrasDeak Were you expecting a \left and \right there?
and \lvert/\rvert, and everyone knows \varepsilon is where it's at
11:21 AM
I admit to using </> instead of \langle/\rangle lately. D:
Do those even typeset correctly? Aren't they binary operators?
They look absolutely horrible.
you should be using custom \avg, \bra and \ket anyway
Been playing with parsing expressions to evaluate them as programs, and admittedly it was just easier not to do it right. :P
11:43 AM
@MisterMiyagi Ahh, that makes sense, thank you so much!
@AndrasDeak Thank you!
12:37 PM
morning cabbages, folks
2 hours later…
2:32 PM
Today I'm trying to write a parser for gif files. I fully expect to get annoyed and give up 10% of the way in. But I also know I'll pick it up again in a couple months.
Even for projects I know I'll finish in a day, I try to make my code readable, just for the principle of it. But when I know with certainty that Kevin+timedelta(month=6), a known fool, will become the next maintainer... I feel the pressure.
GIF seems to be a pretty messy format, judging by the fact that GNOME is still wrestling with it
So, good luck
It doesn't need to be super rigorous, since it's just for my own use. If it only knows how to handle 2 out of 99 optional features, that's fine, as long as it's the 2 I like
Extension 1 is "all the stuff you need, besides the raw image data, to represent an animation"
1 hour later…
3:52 PM

If we have a list of jobs ordered according to their finish times, then is it true please that we can find all jobs that are not conflicting with current job based on their finishing times in O(nlogn) please?
The point is the jobs already sorted according their their finish time, so no clue why we need binary search to search all elements in O(nlogn) time where $n$ is the number of jobs.
I don't understand the question. What does it mean for two jobs to be in "conflict"? Does that mean they run at the same time?
@Aran-Fey. They intersects, like finish time of first is after start time of second
And all the jobs in your list are already running?
no this is before scheduling jobs
We first arrange them in ascending order according to their finish time, then we for each request before we schedule it we find out number of non-conflicting jobs which takes O(nlogn) above as explained
So each job has a start time and an end time. The jobs are sorted by end time. And you want to find all jobs that don't overlap with one particular other job?
4:00 PM
What is the context of this problem?
Yep. Exactly. One approach is to sort them using binary search plus time for finding confliction takes O(nlogn), where n is the number of jobs
I don't see how this can be done any faster than O(n)
@roganjosh. We have jobs (processes) to schedule, then we have only for each job finish and start time. Find the largest number possible jobs to schedule
I understand the problem but got stuck at O(nlogn), which is again time needed to find conflicting jobs after we sort them already.
In which case it's more like a knapsack problem
Although, detecting overlaps would be slightly non-standard
I just got confused about detecting conflicts
4:06 PM
@Aran-Fey O(nlogn) is slower than O(n)?
@roganjosh. To summarize, to compute the predecessor (# of non conflicting jobs) of each job i, we search finish time of each job i in list L sorted by binary search on finish times-- taking O(nlogn)
@roganjosh ... oops
@Avra I can't convince myself that the problem can be reduced to this
But... why is it slower than O(n)? I don't understand anything
4:08 PM
@Aran-Fey. :0
I'm starting to get myself confused now, but it is slower, if this is to be believed
No, what I mean is... why is the algorithm slower than O(n)??
Sure, that's the part that's starting to confuse me :P
@roganjosh. haha I am really sorry :/
All you have to do is loop over the list of jobs and do some < or > operations with two integers/floats/datetimes, what's so difficult about it?
4:15 PM
But you have to take multiple passes
You do? Well, now I have absolutely no idea what the problem/goal is anymore
You can see it in the animation for quicksort which makes it very clear that it's more complex than O(n)
@Aran-Fey I'm sure it's as important as implementing priority queues with dicts
Oh, you have to sort the list? I thought the list is already sorted
@roganjosh sorting doesn't say "compare with this one element"
@Aran-Fey that's what Avra said
4:17 PM
You know what? I'm just gonna go do the dishes
And I'll go grade some mid-terms :'|
it's already sorted :/
@Aran-Fey Sorry, I think I misunderstood what was up for debate, so it's my fault for confusing things.
Can't blame you for misunderstanding. At least you had some form of understanding, unlike me
for the record chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/6?m=53265095#53265095 and next few messages might be of interest
4:22 PM
imagine doing all this, actually succeeding in optimizing the number of jobs with start and end, then the client is like "yeah we kinda lied we can't really say when jobs finish (:"
^ my life right there
I've just finished a POC on a new vehicle routing optimiser, then find out that 14% of locations don't.... have a location (no lat/long). Fun fun fun
Stochastics and hope FTW
4:57 PM
This is pretty interesting from DeepMind to acquire a company and then just open-source the code
5:11 PM
oh wow, this is absolutely amazing^
5:37 PM
@AndrasDeak. Thanks. I got answer elsewhere, that we can let each element in the heapq points to an element with same key in dictionary
6:06 PM
Hello guys, for sequence ABCDEFGHIJK, is ACEGJIK a seuquence please! given that we require in a seuqence that xi<xi+1?
What is a "sequence"?
I don't think "sequence" is such a well-defined word that this question is answerable
a sequence is string that has chrachters with no order
ABCDEFGH is a sequence, same for anyother string
However, a subsequence has order such that xi < xi+1
This is getting silly again. @Avra you keep coming to us with disparate and ill-defined questions, and it's not our responsibility to just keep figuring this out and answering you
I don't see how "ABCDEFGH" is a sequence. "ABCDEFGH" is in alphabetical order, and sequences have no order, according to your definition.
6:12 PM
I know, that is what is written. I will try ask on main forum then. Thanks.
If your only interaction with the room is to keep firing problems at us then it's not very fair. You've had plenty of help and still the questions keep coming in abstract forms
FWIW "sequence" is defined in Python's glossary, but strings are just one kind of sequence.
@roganjosh. Should I add all context around? Is that what you are asking
You should provide all the information needed to answer the question.
@Avra All of your questions should always have some context, otherwise how can anyone understand what's going on? But you can't keep asking 3 obscure questions a day - you need to actually research stuff yourself
6:14 PM
I will make sure to keep that in mind next time and provide all definitions around question.
@roganjosh. You are right
"What should I feed my pet?" -- not enough information.
"What should I feed my pet? His name is Oscar and he has a red collar" -- information not necessary to answer question.
"What should I feed my pet? He is a one year-old dalmatian" - information provided is useful for question.
People in the room are very helpful, but we don't get paid for helping others, and a constant stream of questions starts to overstep the mark. Please remember that. It's not an inifinite resource
Notice that the most useful formulation of the question contains no definitions. The reader already knows what feeding, pets, years, and dalmatians are
Dalmatians, the pandas of the dog world
@roganjosh. Are you mainly working with Python pls?
6:18 PM
Mostly, yes
I mean you work on different areas or you like one specifically ?
I work in multiple areas; I have a website to demo that. I also work in whatever is needed for my job, so I have done forecasting and stock management too when needed
Stock prediction has lot of jobs specifically with machine learning
Sounds intriguing
I work mostly with heuristics rather than machine learning. Not sure where this is going
6:22 PM
6:32 PM
Today I was planning to listen to some Nightcore as a throwback and cringe at my past self's music taste, and while that is indeed what happened at first, I've now been listening to a newly discovered Nightcore song on loop for hours. I'll consider it a win.
when past you drags you down to his level
I prefer to think that not all Nightcore songs are bad, and I've just been listening to the wrong ones
Am I deluding myself? Possibly. Will report back in a few years, when I repeat this same stunt again.
Do you have an MCVE? I'm not familiar with the genre off the top of my head.
need not actually be minimal
6:36 PM
Kevin can read my mind
@Aran-Fey I mean, I used to listen to Savage Garden. I don't think there's much hope in Truly, Madly, Deeply
not sure why I'm surprised at the bunny-eared-and-tailed anime girl thumbnail :P
And that constitutes my entire quota of shame for the week, so I best shut up at this point
The anime girl thumbnail makes it sound better, by the same mechanism as gold-plated audio cables
Oof, that is not what I expected from the term "nightcore"
hmm, nightcore ievan polkka....
that should separate the wheat from the chaff
6:38 PM
You essentially take a regular song, speed it up and increase the pitch
chipmunk version
there's also a lot of untz untz in the background
If you were expecting "-core" to imply violence, perhaps you'll like Angel With A Shotgun
blech, that's not even Ievan Polkka, just the gibberish part from the leek video
Not all Nightcore songs have to go super hard though... here's a comparatively calm one I'm also very fond of
I'd conflated them with Nightwish youtube.com/watch?v=kIBdpFJyFkc
6:40 PM
Still better mistake than grindcore
@roganjosh Different genre, but also good music!
4 mins ago, by Andras Deak
Oof, that is not what I expected from the term "nightcore"
i was not prepared for that
@Aran-Fey 90% of everything is crud... But I think that number's a little higher for nightcore
@Aran-Fey coming back to this most pertinent question at hand: yes, you are deluding yourself
Maybe the genre gets watered down with low-effort remixes since it's relatively easy to alter the speed/pitch of a song and slap it on one's youtube page
6:43 PM
you need to find the artisanal nightcore store that's only accessible through that one alley with no online presence
@AndrasDeak hahaha, that's a surprisingly mainstream opinion you've got there
@Aran-Fey It's weird going back to that era and listening to that. I'm now back on Rammstein. I actually "know" all the lyrics to a lot of their songs, but I don't remember what they mean and it's a coupling of my terrible singing voice and knowing like 20 German words. Still, I know the sounds :P
@Aran-Fey probably less "surprising" if you know that Nightwish is one of about three bands I listen to
One of my friends was extremely into Nightwish for all of college. Occasionally he'd play their albums while I was over. They were decent.
great taste in people you have there, Kevin
6:49 PM
@AndrasDeak Well, one's taste in music isn't generally limited to a single genre (:
<.< >.>
Today in the game of life, I picked the wrong dialogue option and consequently had my friendship points reduced by half
Any% speedrun, bad end
the plot might be non-linear so you might be able to correct it later
Perhaps I should consult a walkthrough, to be on the safe side
7:04 PM
My friend got mad at me the other day because I was being annoying. Which is strange because I intentionally annoy him every time I see him, and he usually doesn't get mad.
@Kevin oh this episode i've seen before.
you need a lot of backstory to get the full context, there's usually a tragedy involved, and sometimes something about camels and straws as well. it's just a crazy cross-universe mashup of sorts.
I do suspect a tragic backstory is involved
Could have any number of reasons, honestly. Maybe it's because you didn't do it intentionally. Maybe the things you usually do just don't annoy him. Maybe he's just having a bad day.
7:09 PM
your friend may have lost a side quest which primed him to deviate from his normal response pattern
they ran out of energy for the +friendship dialogue option
had to pick something suboptimal just to end the conversation, a shame really.
Perhaps it's the specific flavor of annoyance he found distasteful. Usually I annoy him by playing the devil's advocate, refusing to admit I'm wrong, moving goalposts, redefining the parameters of a game or thought experiment halfway through, and denying the existence of fundamental concepts such as "art"
Maybe the friendship value overflowed and he'll start dropping atomic bombs on your house, like Gandhi in Civ
I now wonder what you do to your enemies...
i wonder, what'd you do this time
7:12 PM
But this time I annoyed him by asking him a question about an event we're both attending later, and sending a follow-up text every hour that he didn't reply.
oh no
Wait, I've seen this in many movies. Are you going to The Prom?
ooh, it's the prom plot? shoot, i kinda skipped all those movies
I have two dates in fact, which is why I need his participation in my Scheme
Anyway the next time we met up in person he seemed pretty normal. Even when resuming my usual tactics. ("If a movie makes a lot of money, it must be good, and in fact this is the only thing that determines its value")
I still have an apology speech in my back pocket in case he reveals later that he's silently fuming
it's pretty bad silent fuming if he talks about it, you know
7:18 PM
I have a 0% success rate with determining the level of sincerity of "I'm fine."
Kevin's got life all figured out
I have 0% success rate of understanding this convo. Are we still talking about the game or RL?
I'm not very good at Milton Bradley's Life, but I do enjoy putting the little people in the little slots in the little car
@roganjosh yes :P
@roganjosh its the RL game
7:20 PM
With references to the game?
"Game of Life" was code word for "RL"
@Kevin one really good strategy is to take the ball and put it in their court, "if you ever feel not fine, just say the word" or something like that. it can open up some interesting dialogue options later
and in the event it was all fine, it goes over great too
at least Aran-Fey doesn't die if he has more than three neighbours
There is another Game of Life PC game, I'm sure
the "game of life" wikipedia page is actually about a "parlor game" (disappointing)
7:23 PM
@AndrasDeak you sure? :P
That's where I was getting confused. It's not just Conway. I'm sure I played one ~20 years ago
Yeah, that other one is old. I guess this explains why people insist on calling the real one Conway's.
(then again Conway's is probably no spring chicken either)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_of_Life got a Steam version based on its 2016 edition, but I don't see any other PC releases
@roganjosh FYI 20 years ago was 2001. I had to check that :D
@AndrasDeak hahaha, perhaps later in life when I've become even more of a hermit this will be the case
7:26 PM
@AndrasDeak don't remind me :P
@Aran-Fey perhaps they bring offerings of sick nightcore mix tapes
<And this marks the point where the conversation has gone totally off the rails>
That would let them instantly unlock friendship level 2, jumping from "neighbor" to "acquaintance"
They'll need to try harder if they want me to join their party for a run of the infamous dungeon "pub down the street" though
I'm about to raid just there as it happens. There's a spot in the raiding party
I think we play on different servers :(
7:36 PM
They'll consolidate the playerbase at some point
I thought there was a recent split where one of the servers was separated even more :P
Some of the things I've been hearing about the state of the UK have been a little shocking tbh. A country in Africa is sending a ship full of foodstuffs to aid the UK?! All because they left a union? Crazy
well, there's probably a bit more subtlety to that :P
All that talk about a pesky "agreement" was about (should've been about) making it so that things don't fall apart when they leave.
but I'm sure the actual Brits have a better perspective of the, uh, colourful events that have transpired
7:57 PM
I'm well aware that I'm hardly informed about what's going on in the UK (or the world in general), but in a way that only makes it more shocking. Ever since Trump was elected, there has been a worrying amount of events that I didn't think could realistically happen
I also don't follow the UK situation too closely, but part of the crisis is fairly simple. There's a huge shortage of food pickers and truck drivers, because the foreigners who used to work those jobs were driven away, and the locals aren't willing to work under such bad conditions (which is, according to the PM, the foreigners' fault for enduring it all this time :D)
2 years ago I thought the idea of a global pandemic was a bit ridiculous. I mean, the whole world? Affected by 1 virus? How hard can it be to not spread it across the whole dang world?
I'm not clear on the mechanism by which cheap foreign labour was driven away, but that's the end result.
@Aran-Fey oh sweet summer child
Meanwhile, in reality, if you call the covid hotline 3 times and ask them a question, you'll get a different answer every time
@AndrasDeak My unending faith in humanity tricked me into believing that such a problem would've been spotted beforehand...
Oh it was spotted :D
8:05 PM
I don't find incompetence plausible here, so I'll go with malice
You guys know those hamsters that buy/sell stocks depending on which pipe they run through? And they actually make a profit? How long until we can replace the world leaders with such hamsters?
Only when the hamsters can credibly claim a monopoly on violence, so we'll have to start breeding them for size
Plus resistance to missiles, nerve toxin, napalm, and radiation
That seems a tad excessive
enter tardigrade
The current world leaders really like being world leaders
Tardigrades are already relatively hamster-like, so maybe we can get some cross-pollination going via crispr
8:11 PM
Does Trump have resistance to nerve toxin? Asking for a friend
Unknown. To begin with it's not clear that he has a central nervous system
...welp, it's been a good run. But I finally got myself added to an FBI list
Here comes a special boy
(I mean the tardigrade, not CS95. Although CS95 is also special)
@Kevin heh
Trump bad amirite
8:17 PM
Oooh, we got vaultah to putin a word with this topic :P
@Aran-Fey it is a mess over here currently, but not insoluble
I don't think I've heard "insoluble" outside of a chemistry context before. Didn't realize that was a thing
I just went to the store and bought cans (carbonated) and some beef. Shelves are somewhat bare, but the govt really needs to understand that our supply chains are in bad shape. As to aid from Africa, I call bull on that. I have no doubt we'll import from there, but I bet it's spin around some port credit agreement
To be clear, you're not suggesting that the UK should be dissolved in water, correct?
8:21 PM
"Insoluble" is an obscure way of saying a problem can't be solved
I think he specifically means insoluble vs unsolvable
Both are valid
Yeah, that's what I didn't realize until 3 minutes ago
5D chess explanation: UK politicians intentionally triggered an artificial food shortage so the public will remain calm during the Actual Food Shortage Wars of 2030
Better to have citizens rioting now while you can feed your police/military, than nine years from now when they're too malnourished to properly truncheon anyone
I think I said a week or so ago (cba trying to search on my phone) that one of our clients just got 30 new truck drivers. 13 are Cambridge bus drivers, so we'll wait to see public transport suffer next...
8:49 PM
Ha, Savage Garden just came on. Those odds are pretty slim!

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