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8:00 PM
What is the IP you're trying to connect to?
Ok, and did you add the port? This is probably self-limiting as I don't know PHP and, as said, this isn't really the room for PHP questions
Iv turned off my firewall so would the port still be a problem?
<shrug> I don't know whether it automatically launches on 80/443 and whether that is open for connections.
Okay thank you for your time :)
8:09 PM
I think you need to look up the PHP room. No worries, but I don't think I was much help. Good luck, though :)
I don't understand though how php is related with adding a port on firewall
I don't understand how LAMP is related to Python
I don't understand how python is related to connect to localhost wamp server from a mobile device.
If I don't know how PHP works properly, how could I know whether the server is even listening properly?
I don't use any php code
I just type my local ip url on my mobile device
@MisterMiyagi didnt say its related but sql room is dead thats why i asked here
8:16 PM
Why is this related to SQL?
I dont know with what is related to be honest
I've looked up WAMP again (I misread as LAMP, sorry) and it seems to have Python bindings. If you're not working with PHP, you need to clarify what you're actually doing to launch a server here
@John let me put it this way: your description is rather bare-bones to debug some mobile to some server in some network connection. If you don't know what it is related to, how should we?
I have a database created in mysql localhost where i can access it on my computer by typing on my browser
Right, but that's a database connection, not an app
8:20 PM
My problem is that, when I try to access that same url from my mobile device's browser, it doesnt connect
... What is it you're trying to do overall?
Send data from android app to my db
is your mobile in the same network? is your computer connected via WiFi or cable? is that a private WiFi, corporate LAN, CISCO oops-sorry-that-wasn't-supposed-to-happen network?
Same private wifi yes
@John You might not be able to connect to the database running on your machine from outside your machine. It's plausible that your machine isn't opening it up for the network to access it.
8:23 PM
Ok, and is there not some verification needed to connect to the DB endpoint?
From googling you just have to grant access from all, on virtual hosts file located on wamp installation directory, which i did
Can you show what you are expecting to load when you access that IP?
^This is what I expect
Thanks. I think I'm getting closer to understanding what you're trying to do
8:30 PM
@John the address is saying localhost, not
same result with
what I mean is, are your computer and the localhost on which the DB is running one and the same?
Yes ofc
so you don't actually successfully connect from any other machine to your DB?
Didn't try any other machine other than my mobile
8:33 PM
if your router has telnet, try connecting from there
I suggest continuing this in another room
8:49 PM
Never mind, crisis averted
I’m TAing for a class that I never took (different department, I’m CS and they’re business IS). I just looked through the slides and noticed there was a chapter on threading, which I have a minimal understanding of and was surprised that the professor didn’t even ask me about whether I knew anything about it.
I reviewed the class assignments to the end of the course and realized that those slides are included with the book, and that he’ll never cover it.
I was about to ask what I need to teach myself about threading in the next six weeks before that lesson comes to bite me.
You don't need TA'ing sessions as a prompt to learn more?
CFGs and parsing are my current concerns thank you very much
Not sure I can muster the sympathy you wish for when I'm buried a pile of feeling-dumbs already :P Sorry!
9:06 PM
wohoo! finally found a need for divmod! adds "divmod" right behind "import hooks" and "metaclasses"
I’ll never use complex numbers, guaranteed
it's your loss
complex analysis is freaky and awesome
"thanks for the answers, but what if none of the constraints apply" -- loving such edits...
hi, quick question—once a function raises an exception is the code after that line executed?
def yeet():
        a = 11/0
    except ZeroDivisionError:
        raise ValueError
    return 69

this didn't print 69 so I'm thinking it doesn't
9:22 PM
I think it should have printed
I'm gonna guess either an stdout buffer issue or it raised a different exception somehow <waits to be proven wrong>
it's correct not to print
the unhandled exception tears down the stack. yeet cannot return anything, because it lets bubble up an exception. print cannot print anything, because yeet's exception is tearing it down as well.
def yeet():
    raise ValueError
    return 69

this doesn't print 69 as well
that's the same case as the first
alright, with the exception of print('yabbadabbadoo')
why do you think the two would behave differently?
9:28 PM
I had thought maybe exception while exception makes a difference
but turns out it doesn't
That was a bad misread for me. Time for Netflix. rbrb
there is only ever at most one exception active per thread. raising a new one swallows any old ones.
now that is something I learned today
@wim I didn't know this changed in 3.7. But many people are still using 3.6 (and even 2.x), so that's a bit extreme to say they've been ordered for years. — Barmar 4 mins ago
just wow
How can someone so incompetent have such a high rep?
they have been ordered for years oO
9:36 PM
Did 'yall know that you can sudo from sudo in linux? so: sudo sudo sudo sudo sudo sudo sudo sudo ls
even 3.6 is de-facto ordered, isn't it?
"Implementation detail" for 3.6, but yeah
well, said implementation detail is in every compliant 3.6 implementation
I was already relying on it in 3.6 because YOLO
that's the spirit
9:42 PM
the reasons they didn't guarantee it in 3.6 were political, not technical
Yeah, I was just parroting the docs in the case of 3.6 and already relied on it :)
@wim there's no competence filter on SO, you know that
Plus his top tags are JS and php
9:59 PM
gets on my nerves when people spread misinformation
and this guy posts a tonne ... 18 answers already today
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