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12:38 AM
@wim: while I agree that Ajax’s python code is some of the most unreadable I’ve seen, please don’t use idownvotedbecau.se links on those answers. If you can no longer bring yourself to giving constructive feedback, better just to vote and not comment at all.
For one, idownvotedbecau.se text is clearly written for questions, not answers. They just don’t make sense in that context. Secondly, just a link is really passive agressive, with no context. I delete such use of the links on sight.
I'm not sure who wrote the site but I think the content on there is actually quite polite and useful
If Ajax doesn’t learn, you are perfectly in your right to just vote and not comment, which would be much better here. You are now giving that user the impression you are singling them out, making them ignore you, as they can now easily convince themselves you are an exception that can be ignored. Not the effect you’d want.
what about pasting the content directly rather than a link?
Though I guess the links could look passive aggressive if you never actually bothered to click through and read the content on them
12:43 AM
@wim it was written by Will, an ex moderator. But again, for questions.
A: Is idownvotedbecau.se recommended?

Jon EricsonWhat I like about idownvotedbecau.se From the articles I've read so far, the advice seems helpful. People who take the time to read them will be in a much better place to ask productive questions. Very likely, comments with a idownvotedbecau.se link will be more useful in most cases than commen...

Thanks, will review ..
> Bare links (idownvotedbecau.se/nomcve) come off as cold and unhelpful. Very much reminds me of yourlogicalfallacyis.com/tu-quoque. Taking a minute to fill out a personalized comment seems more productive.
Sorry; a bit slow as I’m on mobile. My single thumb typing velocity is decidedly limited.
The thing is, I've tried describing the problems before, I did not start posting those links from day 0 - it just got repetitive explaining the same things.
12:49 AM
@wim more so when you just repeat the link on every answer. They also appear oblivious to how bad their code is. That or they are trolling. I almost hope they are, for the sake of their career :-(
Then it’s time to stop explaining your votes. The ball is in their court, they need to improve now, the feedback is there when they are open to it.
No point in repeating yourself.
Good point. Thanks.
They lurk a lot here so it's not like they don't know where to pick up best practices
I need to take a poll. I wrote this a while ago stackoverflow.com/a/48951427/2336654. I just saw today that the older answer has been edited to reflect what my answer added to the conversation. Am I being overly sensitive or is that not cool?
Also, is there a mechanism on chat to reduce duplicating chat posts. I said "cbg" and MP wrote "No point in repeating yourself". I thought it would be funny to say "cbg" again but instead my chat did some blippy thing and my repeated "cbg" was not there.
12:54 AM
except it ruined a perfectly good joke
lower case, I see what you did
(is watching and waiting, waiting and watching..)
12:58 AM
@piRSquared In this case, it was edited by other user
id still call it bad form. is there precedent for that
I agree it slightly annoying when that happens, but just take it as flattery
will do
It happens, people are free to improve their answers, as long as it’s not outright copy-paste plagiarism.
the most important thing on these popular questions is that the answer at the top (or the accepted answer), which has highest visibility, has the best solution in it
1:01 AM
You take it on the chin and move on.
And I missed my opportunity to go “yup” again :-/
I'm more interested in promoting good behavior. I like shifting perspective and I agree, It is more important that the most visible answer has the best information.
right I'm out, have a good weekend y'all
take care @wim
\o/ (lil’ victory dance)
I’ll see myself out now.
1:14 AM
rbrb MP
@piRSquared You have all my sympathy, but others are allowed to improve answers, and small code tweaks that don't change the meaning of the answers are allowed.
Thx @AaronHall much appreciated (-:
6 hours later…
7:18 AM
@piRSquared Hmmm. It would have been nice for the person who edited in that new info to give you some credit. I assume you submitted that several years late answer primarily to address the fact that the method used in the top answer is deprecated, so that edit makes your answer look less significant than it originally did.
7:33 AM
8:30 AM
Hey @AnttiHaapala there's a nice C/C++ question about signed vs unsigned integers in the HNQ: stackoverflow.com/questions/51677855/…
cbg and closed @PM2Ring
Thanks. I'm glad it got closed before some idiot actually answered it.
I parachuted in just in time :)
9:09 AM
@roganjosh How did you go up in the first place?
In a giant floating octahedron
ah, I was setting you up for this response - xkcd.com/353 but that works too!
Gah, I just panicked and found some inspiration from the star board. I'm not sure I'm mentally at the stage of "there's an xkcd for this". My apologies :(
haha, don't beat yourself up, some more time here and you'll start "starring" like Kevin soon :-p
It's Saturday morning and I've yet to finish my brew. Function yet, I cannot
Brew finished, I can human again.
9:46 AM
Do the site mods make any kind of flagging based on the language tags? Like, "this question was flagged and is tagged Python so I'll leave it for Mod X"? I see that the "welcoming" thing has exploded again on Meta but I'm not sure I'm seeing the kind of moderation activity on Python that's outraging so many people yet again.
@JonClements perfect timing :)
@roganjosh and you remembered the sausage rolls, right? :p
If you responding to my question requires the sausage rolls, yes, I most definitely remembered them :P
Mods are language agnostic when it comes to stuff. We don't leave flags to mods we know have experience in a tag (and 25 mods can't cover all tags anyway)
Note that I'm not trying to drag the "welcoming" debate into this chat room. I'm just curious whether we should be thankful of the mods we have
If some flags "f* off you c*" or plagiarism - it doesn't require expertise in something specific to moderate...
9:52 AM
Oh yeah, for sure, but you can also see the flag reason so I was wondering whether the "I find this unwelcoming" type flags are being left for particular mods
Nope... There's a queue... When mods are on they review the same queue... If in doubt you can leave it and someone else will do it. But no, there's no "particular mods"
Thanks for clarifying
Have a sausage roll :)
Ummm... Just one, hey?
Drip feed. Get you hooked, then I can wield the supply over you at a later date
You appear not to have learned about exploitation. Now I have a direct line to a moderator :P
10:12 AM
You think you do at least :)
You can say that now, whilst the taste of sausage roll is still fresh. We'll review in a few days :P
Yes... Of course... Rogan's world sounds "interesting" :p
"terrifying" is probably a better description
That works. Sounds like the "real" one which I'll be occupying for the foreseeable future without a direct line :)
10:39 AM
This question reminds me of the Abbott & Costello "Who's On First?" skit. The OP names his input data output, and it goes downhill from there. :)
@PM2Ring "However, unlike and and or they do not short-circuit." I'm missing something fundamental here; where does an or short-circuit?
Actually, no, I'm being dumb. As soon as you hit a True condition. Why can't numpy do that?
@PM2Ring Lol, reading that played out exactly in my head as it did in the comment trail. But it's not clear to me why it doesn't (or can't) happen. Syntax issues can always be fixed, so what is being supported that can't short-circuit?
11:01 AM
Is 20 mins long enough to wait before I take a comment and post as a community-wiki answer?
I invited the commenter to post as an answer, and the OP has clarified that it answers the question. I'm not sure why they didn't convert to an answer.
20 mins is not long enough for me, maybe 2 days? Unless the commenter is active enough
I'll leave it then
The user is active. It's this question
I suppose you could post and tag him in it.
20 mins is kinda like 2 days in a regular-SO-user time :-p
Well I did tag them in a comment and I really couldn't care less about the reputation (hence considering a community wiki); the question is solved.
11:44 AM
@roganjosh In plain Python, we normally feed a generator to any (or all) so any can stop calling the generator as soon as it gets a true-ish value. In Numpy, we pass a whole array to np.any so the stuff inside the np.any() call all has to be produced. You'd think that np.any itself it could bailout from scanning its input data as soon as it finds a match, but from the timeit tests I just ran it's faster to call plain Python any than np.any, so presumably it doesn't bailout.
I guess that's because it's designed to process multidimensional arrays and return an array as the result, and they don't bother optimizing the 1D case, figuring that coders will know to use plain any if they're processing a 1D array. :(
@PM2Ring interesting. I assumed it was some restriction in C (which I really don't know) that was stopping that case.
Well, not stopping, but resulting in some trade-off. And actually, I think you're eluding to that.
@roganjosh There's no need to post it as a community-wiki answer. It's ok to post it as your own answer, but it is polite to mention the name of the person who wrote the comment.
The consensus on SO Meta is to generally not use community-wiki for answers. It's a relic from Ancient Times, when it wasn't possible for users to edit each other's answers. Theoretically, a community-wiki answer is owned by everybody, in reality, a community-wiki answer is like an orphan, not owned by anybody, and they tend to not be maintained like personal answers can be.
I just have nothing to add to the comment. I don't want to be seen as stealing rep from someone who came up with the solution, but I also can't develop it into an answer beyond the comment. At the same time, the question should give some indication that the problem is solved.
@roganjosh The && and || operators in C do short-circuit, but remember that Numpy tries to do everything with optimised loops, and avoids doing tests on each loop operation, or having code that makes tests to handle special cases, since such tests will, in general, slow things down.
12:32 PM
Good day :)
@AndrejKesely cbg
1:02 PM
Hi, I tried to pylint some code and it shows me an error that pycharm community edition does not

cd /home/kus/src/lr/fullApp/project/api/
[kus@localhost api]$ pylint models/activity.py
No config file found, using default configuration
************* Module activity
E: 38, 0: invalid syntax (<string>, line 38) (syntax-error)
class ActivityInbox(db.Model):
    """Activity Inbox

    The inbox is how we know what notifications a user has
    id: int = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)
    receiver_id: int = db.Column(db.Integer, db.ForeignKey('liftrocket_user.lr_id'))
    sender_id: int = db.Column(db.Integer, db.ForeignKey('liftrocket_user.lr_id'))
    activity_id: int = db.Column(db.Integer, db.ForeignKey('activity.activity_id'))
    is_read: int = db.Column(db.Integer)
    request_date: datetime = db.Column(db.DateTime)
id: int = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)

is the : int good or bad?
1:16 PM
@PM2Ring there's discussion to turn numpy.any and .all into ufuncs. As I understand this would allow short-circuiting (unless I'm confusing two separate discussions) cc. @roganjosh
1:45 PM
@AndrasDeak two separate discussions between the same two people. One vein is how short-circuiting works in C, the other is whether I should close a question with a community wiki answer.
1:59 PM
No, I meant the "turn them into ufuncs" vs "make them short-circuit" discussions
Ah, then you're focussing on a particular aspect of numpy and I can't add to that
I'm totally a bystander for the numpy library. If they think they might be able to change it, I'm really not qualified to comment
2:18 PM
Html_Text = base64.b64encode(zlib.compress(Html_Text.encode('utf-8')))
I decoded the out put string using base64.b64decode(a), but how decompress this??
I'm guessing zlib.decompress
3:01 PM
@PM2Ring c++ body :)
3:24 PM
@roganjosh 0 mins is long enough. If they post answer in comment, that their own problem.
cbg all
Has anyone here had experience with rq? I'm wondering if I can use it instead of celery for a project but I don't know too much about it, does it support distributing tasks over a network well? (I'm likely using redis as the broker anyway)
@AnttiHaapala It was originally posted as a C/C++ question, but then it had the C tag removed. And then added back, since some people decided it was relevant to both languages. But I assume there are important differences, so maybe giving it the C tag wasn't really a good idea.
@Self Coincidentally, I got pinged yesterday on a Python 2 answer of mine from 4 years ago that does zlib + uuencode. The comment was that it doesn't work on Python 3 (which is hardly surprising), so I added a new version that works correctly on both Python 2 & Python 3. But I suspect that the old version is a little more efficient on Python 2 than the new version is.
3:45 PM
4:13 PM
@shuttle87 Definitely. That's covered by the "typo" / "can no longer reproduce" close reason.
4:25 PM
@roganjosh Actually, I wondered the same thing after this comment thread (10k only)
4:42 PM
Oh boy, the answer that he linked as bad code, compared to the answer being discussed.
5:21 PM
@PM2Ring uuencode... who cares about efficiency :D
5:42 PM
@AnttiHaapala :) As I said yesterday, I'm slightly surprised that anyone wants to use uuencoding these days, instead of base64 (or base85).
@wim our standpoints are colliding here:) 7 upvotes on the comment, I'm converting to an answer.
We definitely don't always agree about answering in comments but I'm definitely agreeing with you on this one :)
5:58 PM
@wim BTW, you might want to change that flatten code to handle bytes strings so it doesn't flatten them into integers: isinstance(x, (str, bytes))
6:25 PM
@PM2Ring yes good point, please edit directly
@wim Oh, ok.
3 hours later…
9:38 PM
should I get this?
i'll only get it if it looks promising to anyone here.
If you think it would help you learn go for it.
I wouldn't use that bundle if it were free.
2 hours later…
11:50 PM
how about this?
it's by youtube's coding Al Pacino, Steve Mischook

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