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4:03 AM
@rene Maybe you should drop that and try
2 hours later…
6:04 AM
@ProgramFOX Hey, good morning!
6:41 AM
Gtg for breakfest, cya!
Happy breakfesting!
7:04 AM
@Stijn Good morning!
Sorry for the somewhat late response, I was answering a question :)
I'm back!
Morning @Stijn!
Welcome back!
7:16 AM
@rene Morning!
first some coffee...
@Unihedron I did, but replying messed it up...
                          )     (
               .-""       )    (          ""-.
         .-'``'|-._             )         _.-|
        /  .--.|   `""---...........---""`   |
       /  /    |                             |
       |  |    |                             |
        \  \   |                             |
         `\ `\ |                             |
           `\ `|                             |
           _/ /\                             /
Oh. haha xD
7:59 AM
(sigh) It's really annoying when you answer a question and get feedback in the comments, but it doesn't get score or the checkmark. Especially when it's asked by a new user who empirically does not care anymore.
@Unihedron Yes, it is. The 2 rep that encourages to accept an answer does not really work if you don't care.
@Unihedron quite a few people disagree with that. Personally I don't really care if my answer gets accepted or not.
9:04 AM
C# 6 can't come soon enough, so I can start typing foo?.Replace("bar", "baz") instead of foo == null ? null : foo.Replace("bar", "baz")
@Stijn Or use an empty object strategy...
@Unihedron why did you think that needed closing?
Ah, oversight. I thought it was not related to programming.
@rene I'm unfamiliar with that term and Google doesn't give me anything
The question fooled me.
what's it about?
9:09 AM
@Stijn I should have called it Null Object Pattern
It is maybe hard to implement on the built-in types but I use it when I have factories that instantiates concrete types for interfaces. If I can't find the correct implementation I provide a NullObject
yeah it's an interesting pattern
I can't apply it in this case though, L2E queries
with a nullable DB field out of my control
9:29 AM
@Stijn Can't you fix it in the projection? .Select( new { nevernull = fld==DBNull.Value?String.Empty:fld });
@rene that's also an option, yeah
Without context all problems look simple ;)
10:25 AM
Good afternoon!
I'm trying out the suggested edits queue I just unlocked, it's quite confusing...
@Sam Afternoon!
@Unihedron Congrats! What's confusing?
@Unihedron Congrats on getting 2k!
@Sam @ProgramFOX Thank you! ^^ The confusing part was when to use the reject reasons. I do see how so many invalid edits go through now, it takes way longer to reject than to approve.
10:28 AM
@Unihedron Oh, don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.
30 minutes late... AFTERNOON
@rene Afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first * must not be outside word boundaries. Try ... **WORD**.
@rene Afternoon!
markdown will kill me once...
10:32 AM
@Unihedron Just don't make the same mistake I made. Do not improve vandalistic edits, just reject.
From what I've seen on Meta.SO.SE, I'm probably not quick enough to improve them before it hits the three accept votes anyway.
With one hand xP
Correction: Meta.SO
Well, look at the bright side. By the time your hand's healed, you'll be ambidextrous.
:o gasp
Passed an audit! :D
10:42 AM
After some time, those Suggested Edit audits become really really easy to spot :D
@ProgramFOX Especially with the number of loopholes that exist.
stackoverflow.com/q/12465048/3622940 Hammer that guy trying to vandalize pls
@Sam Loopholes?
@Unihedron Flagged.
10:44 AM
@ProgramFOX Searches Meta...
Oh, right, now I see what you mean.
Usually, the title is enough to be quite sure that it's an audit.
I've actually found as well...
Q: Another possible loophole in the audit system?

SamI just started reviewing the First Posts queue when I had this come up, Now first of all I noticed the OP was deleted (no problem I've seen that before), but looking more closely I also noticed the user has no name, which I thought was strange since all the deleted users I've ever seen eit...

You know what?
Yes, and this one too:
Q: Review Audit bug

ProgramFOXI was reviewing First Posts on StackOverflow, and then I got this review audit (which was a high quality post): I noticed two strange things (probably bugs): the "I'm Done" button was enabled, even before I took action, and there was no username displayed. If this would be the case for all (...

I would laugh if they made the removed users in the audits as "I<3jQuery" xD
10:47 AM
Bugs! There everywhere!
I'm productive today: I reduced the amount of failed test cases from 12 to 4 :D
:D Are you going to nail the rest?
Nice :D
@Unihedron If I can find them, yes :D
10:52 AM
I should be saying that.
Is there an actual name for the coding practise where you just write code to the project and test it all together (no unit tests)?
Freestyler. :)
No idea.
@Unihedron Sounds similar to the cowboy coder.
Generally speaking that's what I usually do ("freestyling", I guess). Except when I'm analyzing code for possible performance improvements.
11:03 AM
I used to be a fanatic at optimizations and squeezing every last bit of optimization potential, but then I learned Java.
Tipping point dun dun dun
lol What language did you used to do that with?
C++ mostly
C++ was my first lower-level language I picked up, so I was really happy about all the "control" :D (pointers and all)
Yeah. But don't you get to play with pointers in Java?
Nope, everything in Java is pass-by-value, the values may be references to objects, but you can't use raw casts and magic numbers
Really? There's not even an "unsafe" option/keyword or something?
Side note: whenever I see "C++" it just reminds me of...
11:09 AM
Java's even more weirder than I thought. No pointers, no GC, no cup holders...
Lunch time, see you!
5 messages moved to Trash
@ProgramFOX Bye!
11:12 AM
@ProgramFOX See you!
Java has GC. :p Java is the engine with the best GC, you know? And that's like the only thing I'm glad about Java
Hmm, I remember hearing somewhere that Java didn't have one. Never mind.
Java also puts it even farther and lets you use very GC-ish cool things:
SoftReference<Type> (Wrapper for object of Type, this reference keeps the object from being GC'd unless absolutely necessary) WeakReference<Type> (Wrapper of object of Type again, but allows it to be cleaned up as if this wrapper does not reference it at all), etc
Oooh that aligned together magically in my browser.
Wait, with no pointers how do you convert a byte array to a float? In C# the underlying function does:

int val = ToInt32(value, startIndex); // Returns an int
return *(float*)&val; // Convert int pointer to float pointer.
You can't. But there are buffers to do so.
new FloatBuffer().append( /* Use foreach loop to dump bytes here */ ).toFloat()
11:21 AM
There are Java Standard Library packages and classes to do almost everything you need - except crashing the system.
I see it's nicely protected in bubble wrap :P
So it's easier to learn the overall syntax, but even a real Java jedi may not know all the utilities. :)
... Hence why SO exists.
@Kylar might disagree with me though.
(I do believe that spelling in the title is very important, so.)
I see. So, Java's like a massive library full of utilities, each one is nicely labeled, etc. Where as C# is like a little toolbox, if you want anything else, you have to make it yourself (or use someone else's library).
> Help please sorry my english, Thanks.
Yeah, which was why I liked it. You can build so much! :)
11:25 AM
that should have been removed too
Sam was faster. I almost hit enter after the edit summary, then- An edit was made to this post
But I'm on one hand. So. I win. :)
I was going to improve the grammar as well. But I haven't a clue what the OP is going on about.
I've raised 666 flags :O lol
2000 rep, 200 helpful flags, 20 accounts on SE (Ignore Meta.SE), and 2 questions - I lied, one question.
Maybe I should ask a question to keep up the number sequence.
Ask "Should I use more jQuery" or something :D
11:37 AM
For Peer Pressure? k
Haven't you got that one yet?
How can you use more of something if that is the only thing that exists?
You know, Stijn was totally right when he made that comment (top pinned).
It deserves over 9000 stars.
@Unihedron I agree. We need more users here!
sadly, "You cannot star your own messages"
11:42 AM
Maybe I should change the room name to "GET FREE REP HERE".
Wait I know
step 1: star this message to view our guide
@Stijn Actually, I managed to star my own message...
Yeah because of the pin.
11:44 AM
Yeah, but it's not pinned anymore
Why is it that "I'll do it later" always comes back to bite me in the ass? We just noticed our Lucene indexing was broken for over 3 weeks because someone didn't bother testing a small change. "Error logging? We'll do it later."
@Unihedron Yes, I see, but there were more things to fix in the post. Probably I better chose "Improve".
Wb fox.
Thanks :)
11:49 AM
@Unihedron Nice :)
:) (3 smiles in a row...)
Nice catch :)
Thanks :)
Brb... :)
Ok :) See you!
11:51 AM
See you :)
I want to one-box something but I don't want to break our enthusiasm... :)
@Unihedron ^ Onebox with a smile :)
I will prevail :)
Combo breaker! :P
:O Gasp! Good one! :)
1 hour ago, by Unihedron
From what I've seen on Meta.SO.SE, I'm probably not quick enough to improve them before it hits the three accept votes anyway.
11:59 AM
Ah, right.
So I think I'll be gentle to the Improve button for now. :)
And just edit them afterwards.
But if you would want to check the "suggested edit was helpful" checkbox, then it does not matter that it is already approved.
... Really?
Yes. The "suggested edit was helpful" checkbox also approves/rejects the vote. If you select it, it gets approved. If you don't, it gets rejected.
So, if you want to approve and edit, Improve is a good way.
By the Community moderator, right?
12:01 PM
@Unihedron Yep
Oh I see, thanks for the information!
You're welcome!
I should probably read up the information on the privileges page.
There is not much information about reviewing on that page.
There is more information in the FAQ: meta.stackexchange.com/a/161391/229438
Delicious, information. Good for the soul. ;)
12:10 PM
I was about to mention that one
You clashed into a suggested edit stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5476850
were you editing the original post or my reviewed version?
OK that's fine then :)
12:31 PM
@Unihedron that answer :\
@Unihedron be careful to not spam with cv-pls, especially on that other tavern. It's mostly useful for questions that wouldn't get enough close votes on their own before they expire.
12:58 PM
Do 3kers keep a bookmarks folder to keep track of their CVs?
@Unihedron Nope but I might look here
@Unihedron http://stackoverflow.com/users/your-user-id-here?tab=votes&sort=closure is what I use sometimes. Most of the time I vote and move on.
I only revisit if I'm pinged...
1:41 PM
And back. But only to say that I'm off again, something out-of-the-blue has popped up. So I'll be back, err, well I'm not sure, laters.. (@Unihedron Enjoy your new privs.)
See you!
@Sam Thanks again! cya
1 hour later…
3:11 PM
This is a test.
@bjb568 You have passed.
@ProgramFOX It actually took me quite a while to figure out what to respond with, but I have no idea what's cool enough, so I used a generic crappy line instead.
1 message moved to Sandbox
Ok, now I moved my message, just to test whether yours will still link to it.
It did.
Nice :D
4:16 PM
And back.
Wb @Sam!
@Sam Welcome back!
Thanks, again.
1 hour later…
5:32 PM
And the voodoo header format strikes again. This time I know what the prob is. For some reason, the Audacity devs decided to create a new sub-chunk called "WAVEJUNK" which simply contains a bunch of 0's. They placed this sub-chunk before the "fmt " sub-chunk (which kept tripping up my code). So, I simply jump and start reading the meta info wherever the "fmt " sub-chunk starts. Simple.
5:47 PM
@Sam What's the situation?
6:17 PM
how to get the ownership of the sandbox room? I want to play with the room owner features.
@Unihedron Sorry, was having dinner. I was just explaining that I've found a work-around for the weird wav header Audacity keeps outputting. Prob solved.
@Sam Oh hooray!
@AwalGarg You'll have to ask one of the current room owners to set you as such.
@AwalGarg Make a room... :)
nah got it already
6:22 PM
This also means my code is more flexible :D
Well, the class is now capable of reading a greater variety of wav files.
Although, I'm still implementing it though...
Oh I see what you mean, good work!
Thanks. I've gtg again, brb...
see you!
5 hours later…
11:49 PM
where's the snacks?
they lied

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