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5:15 AM
@SweetWisherツ yes :D
i didnt invite anybody yet :)
i think i can invite
do u have an option ?
grtt then waitt
5:17 AM
Done ? @Alif
yes Sweet
greatoo nw hw can I check:P
who recieved invite can start using Inbox :)
I uninstalled Inbox;)
5:21 AM
reinstall it
doing d same
@Tops hi :)
he hee
@maveňツ hi Bro :D
hw mch MB ?? @Alif
u got the ping :D @Alif
5:23 AM
@SweetWisherツ i think 15-20MB
@maveňツ yes :D
:O ?
@Alif too heavy :/
but after intallation its 50+MB
New GMail App is superb :D
5:26 AM
flat icons ?
@Alif yaa i liked the design alot :)
me still using Gmail :)
me too :)
@maveňツ :D
5:31 AM
will u say something (-.-)
U have inbox?
yes at many places
SO, Fb , hangout
stay happy
5:36 AM
@maveňツ :)
5:48 AM
R u free 2day?
till now i m
waiting for mail from client
u missed h
here no h
shell we start :/
5:51 AM
u tell what u know about HTML? :P
@Alif HyperText Markup Language :D
@Liza hey
@maveňツ Hey!
Photographer, Hows ur coding going? @Liza
I think she is lazy today :P
5:58 AM
@Alif good :P
u tell.. whats up?? :) @Alif
@Liza ur also android developer ?
@Liza Going on :) today not much work
Photographer do code :P
6:05 AM
6:24 AM
@Alif have you used repeative alarm ?
@maveňツ got mail?
@Alif regarding ?
from ur client :D
6:50 AM
7:28 AM
@maveňツ wr r u? :P
yes say @Alif
nothing :). Alone in rooom
restarted system still getting same :(
7:36 AM
reset adb?
already tried
Change USB port nd try
brb sys res
@Alif now working
7:59 AM
@Alif there
yes :D @maveňツ
no lunch today
i forgot :D
will leave after 10 min
8:01 AM
Hi, can someone please look into this query:
@mohits00691 hlo
hi maven
Q: Regular expression for replacing extra characters between markers

mohits00691Suppose i have some sample text like below: ;&nbsp; </span>&lt;year&gt;<o:p></o:p> </span>&lt;</span><span style=3D'font-size:9.0pt;mso-bidi-font-family:Arial'>manufacturer&gt;</span><span style=3D'mso-bidi-font-family:Arial'> </span>&lt;model&gt;<o:p> </span>&lt;<span class=3DS...

@mohits00691 ask here

Smart Developers' Lab

Try to stick to English, Post your Query elaborate as best as ...
Thanks @maven
8:46 AM
@Alif ur back .. so as I
9:13 AM
@maveňツ yes
1 hour later…
10:31 AM
@Alif do u started working on 5.0
10:43 AM
nope. i cant create AVD
@Alif ?
told to check msg @SweetWisherツ
@Alif ??
i missed (removed) msg ?
@maveňツ thats to sweet
10:54 AM
u know help vampires?
whats that?
how u got that word
i have seen link. but not cleared
i have seen in some answers/some comments
Any problem?
11:01 AM
@Alif this may help
If you ask a question in a community, try to find the answer elsewhere. This way you help yourself by stretching your mind and research abilities, and you learn things more thoroughly too.
someone asking useless questions?
if u don't do that then u are a help vampire
do/dont do?
very complicated that Java :)
11:08 AM
someone who seeks for help from anyone and everyone then he is a help vampire
got it :D
almost got.
star :P
i will undo it
is that give any badges?
11:11 AM
i dont know nothing :(
leave that
removed messages :P
11:52 AM
@maveňツ coming going coming playing :P
maybe net issue
12:10 PM
show urs
goodd caty

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