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3:41 AM
@Alif topcat
1 hour later…
5:01 AM
@Naruto yes :D
what game that was?
17 hours ago, by maveň ツ
@Alif sharing to all ...
lol checked :D
5:07 AM
@maveňツ he asked. so :(
thats u :)
:( ?
should i share
lol nothing ur tooo silly
ha ha.. am very serious :P
hmmm :)
5:15 AM
cat's don't have :P
@PiyushGupta No room owners and Rooom Mode Gallery :O how MTETNO?
@Alif which room
d.i.v.a has removed d.i.v.a from the list of this room's owners.
@Alif HI
5:24 AM
@Alif who is owner now?
none :(
lol then why ur sad @Alif
@Alif so where is diva?
how can allow access he hee
@Alif yeah thats the point
5:26 AM
daya se pucho :D
diva kha h
@Alif Ok I will ping her
in CID
@maveňツ on Hang.
@Alif you have to make a owner of M.T.E.T.N.O
5:37 AM
for what? :O
@PiyushGupta :)
@Alif U r potential
@maveňツ :D
@Alif is gttin popular day by day
Yes very popular
5:40 AM
@Alif reply us ;/
about what?
Room owner
@Alif r u sleeping
8 mins ago, by Piyush Gupta
@Alif you have to make a owner of M.T.E.T.N.O
what is this?
5:46 AM
This is our wish for you
there is no Owners
Thats y i m telling you
@Alif be the one :D
@Alif why !important is used in CSS
like this
ui-simpledialog-container {
    border: 1px solid rgb(221, 221, 221) !important;
@Alif @PiyushGupta
@maveňツ that property is not important :)
@PiyushGupta y Diva leave the ownership?
5:52 AM
@Alif how
@Alif I also don't know. I have to ask her
@Alif i m going to become a help vampire :P
:O 2 stars
who did the second one?
Q: What does !important in CSS mean?

Itay Moav -Malimovka Possible Duplicate: What are the implications of using “!important” in CSS? How do you read !important in CSS? What does !important in CSS mean? Is it for css2, css3, IE only?

Overide some thing
to change the property of a specific element in <div> ?
CSS is used to style a webpage/elements/contents
5:58 AM
It changes the rules for override priority of css cascades.
now i got it
@PiyushGupta @maveňツ MTETNO is now Orphan :D
@Alif You can give it support
6:00 AM
@Alif don't laugh then
to become owner of it @Alif
@Alif we will vote for you
LOL. y u people cant?
because we have not any ability to handle that one
6:01 AM
LOL u joking?
@Alif we are not
vote for @Alif vote for @Alif vote for @Alif
No we are not
6:06 AM
12 mins ago, by maveň ツ
who did the second one?
i dont know
you can you are the owner :P
@Alif leave that
what happen when i remove the !important tag
what are u trying to do?
6:09 AM
learning css :D
it will not effect in all browsers if not given important
@maveňツ great
@Alif thanks
(for the help)
@maveňツ mainly used for responsiveness like using in various browsers in mobile devices
@Alif I have a popup and in the border of that popup ... color is defined
IE5.5+, Firefox 1+, Safari 3+, Chrome 1+.
6:13 AM
which is written with !important tag
@Alif I will use it in PG
he hee..
thats nice
@Alif :)
@Naruto there ?
6:20 AM
@Alif I am surprised yar
@Naruto which tab r u talkin abt ?
@PiyushGupta y ?
action bar tabs
nothing. bro solved
@Liza welcome
6:21 AM
@Naruto ok
@maveňツ thx
Good Morning everyone!!:)
@Naruto u hv to customise it
@Naruto ur issue not solved yet?
6:24 AM
@Alif which one
@Alif not solved
A: Android ActionBar Tab Color

TerranceselectableItemBackground is the attribute I think your looking for. I'd recommend you read this article about Customizing the Action Bar as well as look at this question on SO and this one as well. In code i cant seem to find a way to customize the individual item selected but , customizing the...

@Naruto which issue?
6:27 AM
@Naruto naveen have given wrong link
@maveňツ I tried that answer already.But It will give the same color for every tab.
@Naruto i have never seen any app which have different color in each tab
I too dont see
(* _ *)
A: Use different Color for different ActionBar.Tab

user2145222I think I have a starting point for you but it is a little bit fiddly. Setting up the action bar with the following code you can set the tabs to use you custom look: //...somewhere in oncreate ActionBar bar = getActionBar(); bar.setNavigationMode(ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS); Ac...

@Naruto seen?
6:32 AM
@Alif nice bro
@Alif it was a background color for page only.Not in the top action bar tab.
@Naruto ok
@PiyushGupta GM :)
@Liza Very Good MOrning!!!!
@maveňツ it is possible check here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21335267/how-to-customize-individual-tabs-ch‌​anging-background-color-indicator-color-an
6:45 AM
A: How to customize individual tabs? (changing background color, indicator color and text color)

desseimJust set your custom view at the tab creation time, something like: final Tab firstTab = actionBar.newTab() .setText(mAppSectionsPagerAdapter.getPageTitle(0)) .setCustomView(R.id.custom_tab_view_red); final Tab secondTab = actionBar.new...

@Naruto seen that answer? tried so?
I am trying it now
@Naruto can't say i never did this before
6:49 AM
Piyush Gupta may help
topi:P @Alif
7:34 AM
in smart dev lab
what does &lt used
i never used in java
i copied some code from net
for (int i = 1; i &lt; child_num; i++) {
7:39 AM
Less than ( < = &lt;) and greater than ( > &gt; ) @maveňツ
Lunch break. CYA
have it :)
1 hour later…
8:55 AM
The last message was posted 1 hour ago.
@PiyushGupta @maveňツ :D
9:11 AM
me too
what about M.T.E.T.N.O?
U have to decide. D.i.v.a not replied
Y me . u can be
i have not enough repo
No bro i can't handle. I haven't experience too.
i have no exp too :)
9:16 AM
But you have your own Topcat room too.
he hee
AndroidLollipop rollout has started and will soon be available on most #Nexus devices. Dessert is served.
Thanks 4 info
9:33 AM
@maveňツ :)
1 hour later…
10:38 AM
@PiyushGupta Section List
@Alif Great. Nice one
10:59 AM
@Liza eveningss
its my lunch time :p
Rohit Sharma again hits double century
@maveňツ nice
tanks @Alif
@Naruto ohhk :D @PiyushGupta
, I tried this method, it is very perfect。 Thanks maveň ツ — eric 38 secs ago
what method?
11:37 AM
lol click on the link @Alif
he hee
happy to help :)
tanks² @Alif
he got 。 these 。
happy to help always ツ — maveň ツ 35 secs ago
he hee
11:47 AM
how u got this --> ツ ?
copied from sweetwisher :P @Alif
India 404/5 Rohit finally out at last ball of pver with 264
12:32 PM
@PiyushGupta @Alif alive
do u guys work with bluestack?
My one friend works with it
me leaving
bye all
ok sir @Alif @PiyushGupta
Bye bye
1:11 PM
@maveňツ ?
@senti yes
@maveňツ do u use team viewer?
yes i do
i have one small issue i explain more nobody solve so u help
hmm i can try
1:15 PM
can i connect team viewer?
to me ?
no not now :P
i m in ofc
tell ur problem?
1 min ago, by maveň ツ
tell ur problem?
1:18 PM
initially i view 10 image in gridview .next activity set this in checkbox if checkbox is true the previous activity gridview show only that selectd item
and when user come back means show that selected item only
u can use bundle for that
pass the value of selected check-boxes
i try only selected image show but cant save
pastie.org/9716693 see this is in initalpage
pastie.org/9716699 this is in checkboxpage
A: How can I pass the value of a checkbox in an activity to a service?

Dharmendrafollow below steps 1) make a class file name first.java and write below code package com.example.bundle; import android.app.Activity; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle; public class first extends Activity { /** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Overr...

@maveňツ i get and view but cant save
bye all
1:33 PM
@senti i think passing values will do the work
@PiyushGupta bye bro
@senti time to leave...
TC bye

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