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3:47 AM
Good Morning All
@nyconing hii how r u ?
Good. This monday is busy.
4:13 AM
Good Morning
4:58 AM
Good Morning
5:34 AM
morn' guys..
Jay Mahadev
5:59 AM
Good Morning Friends ...!
hello all
actually, for learning purpose i have added my card detail in AWS console but now i want to remove that card detail but i am unable to remove that
can anyone help me regarding this?
there is delete option but its not visible
@Radhey @JaiprakashSoni @Ninja
@Shailesh sorry I don't have any knowledge of aws
hope it will be helpfull
6:14 AM
Okay, no worry
@Mayur hi
6:30 AM
@Shailesh first you need to add another payment method and set as default payment method after you can remove/delete your old card
You can not remove your default payment method which you have set
@Ninja Ok, let me check it
7:00 AM
@Shailesh (Y)
Hi All
8:02 AM
I am integrating Google adMob in my application but it's not working fine with my app id and details; whereas if i use sample ad details as per documentation it's working fine.
I am getting error code 3 in ad callbacks
@JaiprakashSoni @Radhey @nyconing
8:59 AM
@NakAndroidDev Actually, there is no any error with your code but the reason is right now there is no any ad present for your location
Because google update ad id allocation policy that ad is allocated based on inventory
wait a while to google allocate ad to your app by its uses inventory
9:13 AM
@Ninja hi bro
@Mayur yes
I came up with new question today
So you will not get fill bored
@Ninja you & @Radhey both
@Mayur No, Welcome any time
tell me i will try :)
I am using PixelCopy for taking screenshots in my Video based App but its not working in Android OS 6.0 & lower versions
thanks :)
@Mayur first let me know how you take screenshot ?
9:21 AM
You want to see the code implementation ?
yes, but only that which is used for screenshot
Please check
@Mayur Look, PixelCopy class is added after API level 24 so its not possible to use in API level 23 (OS 6.0, Marshmallow)
ok so any alternate options for it ?
if you want to take screenshot of entire screen below API level 24 (OS 6.0) then use MediaProjectionManager
9:34 AM
yes earlier I was using that only
But It asks for the permission alert for taking screenshot
And in my app I need to implement the screenshot feature silently
Its for Nudity detection
have you tried to get bitmap on view ?
Its not worked
as its video broadcasting frame
so it gets black screenshot
have you tried with TextureView ?
9:51 AM
@Shailesh whats that ?
ok @Shailesh thanks
checking it
By using that u can take screenshot like
Q: How to capture screenshot or video frame of VideoView in Android

codesharkI've tried the following tutorial from this blog ( http://android-er.blogspot.kr/2013/05/get-current-frame-in-videoview-using.html ), which shows how to capture a video frame using MediaMetadataRetriever from a video source. However, it only works if the video is located locally on the phone. Is...

@Ninja sorry to interrupt because you are already talking with Mayur /\
@Pie Welcome
@Ninja Thanks
10:03 AM
any RN developer ?
@Shailesh No, worry because i am also little bit busy, thanks that you have done your group job to made help to mayur
but I am new to RN & Android both
so I have very little bit of knowledge
i have no idea about RN :|
10:06 AM
when we get used to doing native app development RN & other cross platforms looks very unstructured
error: bundling failed: Error: Cannot find module 'babel-preset-react-native' // facing this error
Did you checked this ?
Q: bundling failed: Error: Cannot find module 'babel-preset-react-native-stage-0/decorator-support'

151291Getting this error after push and clone from bitbucket, previously existing project running fine, after clone from bitbucket did npm install and .babelrc file exist in the root directory. { "presets": [ "babel-preset-react-native-stage-0/decorator-support" ], "env": { "development"...

babel-preset-react-native has been replaced by metro-react-native-babel-preset, which now uses Babel 7.0.0. If you're using React Native v0.57 or later you should update your babel config to point to the metro-react-native-babel-preset preset
already tried,no luck
@Shailesh Yes but it's been a more than 7 days and tired on both play store build and debug build still the same error.
10:21 AM
@NakAndroidDev have you verified your payment method with your AdMob account ?
also have you checked this things on another device ?
i think you have to test your app in another device
Other cross verification way is use any live ad id which is already working on another app if you have
so you will get better idea that where is the exact issue
10:41 AM
Yes, I have tried on various devices at different location; and payment method is verified.
@Shailesh also cross verified with another id's which are working fine on other app and live as well. still its showing same error.
2 hours later…
12:56 PM
@Ninja@Radhey did you know how to execute this kind of command programmatically?
adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.afwsamples.testdpc/.DeviceAdminReceiver
is it a right way
String commandToRun = "adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.regg.don/.DeviceAdminReceiver";
try {
} catch (IOException e) {
because i am getting
java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "adb": error=13, Permission denied
1:12 PM
@AshishJain hello
@AshishJain Runtime.getRuntime().exec() // is the right way
additionally you need to provide runtime permission
@AshishJain Actually i have done this things with language localization with device
so i know that how to run that command and how to give permission but i don't know about admin
For device admin i think we need to allow this permission android.permission.MANAGE_DEVICE_ADMINS
and by this way you can do
adb shell pm grant net.sanapeli.adbchangelanguage android.permission.MANAGE_DEVICE_ADMIN
after this command run your above command, i mean this one
adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.regg.don/.DeviceAdminReceiver
1:33 PM
@Radhey did same but getting the same error
@Ninja tried not working
2:09 PM
is there any way to execute it with any file so it will work?
@AshishJain i don't have idea about this but i hope this will help
Q: How to make my app a device owner?

Vishal SantharamThe device policy manager API docs and the android 5.0 overview both mention something about a device owner app. How can I setup my app as a device owner? Edit: Is there any other ways than rooting and NFC if available please share.


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