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2:25 AM
So, it's not a good idea to push to a non-bare repository, because git push won't update the working copy on the remote.
It will just move the remote branch and symbolic references.
Have you considered pushing to a bare repo, then having a script on the remote that fetches from the clone into a non-bare repo on the remote?
2:27 AM
oh interesting idea
I saw that you were using Hugo.
oh yeah haha
that's the site
Does Hugo actually recommend pushing to a non-bare repo?
none of this is hugo related
it's just my workflow
2:28 AM
hugo just takes a source directory tree and generates a web directory tree.
I see.
Well, I understand your entire use case now, though I'm not really sure if my previous answer is really the best one.
That and the whole bare and non-bare repo on the remote thing.
Just an idea.
Not sure if it's the best.
2:30 AM
You should maybe try updating your question with the use case details.
it would certainly work
Ok, well, other than that, I'm out of ideas, good luck!
I mean, if I'm going to change my workflow, I know how to do it - just temporarily unset GIT_WORK_TREE
Hmm, that too I guess.
(plus I really only have to do this once since the repo now exists)
it's a fun problem to think about anyway. thanks for the suggestions!
2:32 AM
No problem. Good night!
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5:45 AM
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7:14 AM
7:34 AM
8:05 AM
Isn't, "the bit value is not and should not ever be changed", a grammatically correct version of, "the bit value is not and should never be changed"?
I think it's correct. "not ever" is stronger than "never".
Ok, thanks.
8:52 AM
Just about to post another monster; would you mind giving it a quick glance to see if I've missed anything?
And posted.
ah a C#'er :) @ProgramFOX mind checking this for correctness?
Yeah, it's the only language I use nowadays. And you?
@Stijn I think it is correct; will do a search as double-check.
8:57 AM
@ProgramFOX thanks
@Sam same, my first job was C#, before that I mainly worked with VB.NET and a bit less with C#
and it's been like that for the past 4 years
Looking at this, I think the C# versions have not really something to do with the .NET versions.
That sounds similar to how I started actually. I first went with VB.Net then moved onto C#.
Finally, I've reached 2.5K.
Just another 500 before I can VtC :D
@Sam Nice answer, +1!
@ProgramFOX Thanks. It took me a couple of days just to type it all up.
@ProgramFOX great link, added that to the answer
@Sam I've no idea about all those things, but nice job on such an answer :)
9:06 AM
@Stijn Thanks :)
See you!
10:04 AM
And back
@Stijn Haha, so true. xD
10:27 AM
Is it just me, or did I anyone else hear two pings (5 mins part) but without any new messages? (With notification option set to "all my rooms".)
Me too, yet I only heard it because someone posted in another room I'm in. :)
Hmm, but I'm not in any other rooms. The Phantom Pinger strikes again...
11:09 AM
I love flagging obsolete comments, because they're likely to get passed. :D
@Unihedron Yes, I have many comment flags, just 3 of them declined :D
It's also nice that comments are automatically deleted if they get enough flags.
And if the comment includes profanity, one single flag automatically wipes the comment. So you can totally game the system if you're smart enough.
Comments containing words like "accept" are also deleted after one flag.
Flagged, and downvoted.
11:16 AM
@ProgramFOX Thanks. :)
lightning over here...
@Unihedron Done.
Storm here as well.
@ProgramFOX Thanks! I would cry if an excellent answer got modified...
@Stijn I wish I had...
yeah I thought you had 3k nevermind :)
11:39 AM
I flagged it anyway; that might push it in the CV queue if it was already out of it.
Huh, I'm reviewing something I commented on a while ago... gyazo.com/787ad5ea141a4a2fdfe3ee02576342c2.png
I've still got to wait a week before I'm unbanned...
Downvoted and flagged.
I really want a 'negative bounty' feature: awarding that bounty to a question/answer costs the OP rep, and gives me rep :D
Would have been useful on that question.
lol That would be nice.
But he has no rep to begin with... xP
I'm tempted to flag as VLQ too.
I did.
It's VLQ imo because of the poorly formatted block.
12:04 PM
I flagged as too broad.
My DVs are almost catching up on my UVs.
Gtg now, laters.
See you!
@Sam See you later!
@Unihedron Spring is a Java framework, but the edit is too minor anyway.
12:13 PM
I also just learned that I should not be reviewing in the Suggested Edits and Low Quality Posts queue.
Moderating... hard.
IMO, moderating First Posts and Late Answers is harder than Suggested Edits and Low Quality Posts.
@Unihedron test
@Unihedron test
12:15 PM
Thanks, I was curious if it would still link to a removed message. It did.
If you reply to a message before it was deleted, the link stays. If you reply to a deleted message after it is deleted, the link doesn't stay.
:18154401 test
@ProgramFOX test
You see, the link does not stay at my previous message because I replied after deleting.
Wait, you can reply to your own messages?
@ProgramFOX @Unihedron Yes.
@ProgramFOX You can also reply to the message itself.
12:17 PM
@Unihedron Test.
@ProgramFOX Or even replying to messages in the future!
@Unihedron Mind = blown !!!
Ha, and it does ping yourself. xD
@Unihedron Yes, you also get a notification for it :D
I always wonder; if people have posts on Stack Overflow, they know that it exists, then why do some of them post programming questions on Meta?
12:25 PM
To get banned? :D
that question keeps the SE devs awake at night
poor devs
3 hours later…
3:04 PM
Sigghh, why can't IE or Chrome output a warning if you have non unique id's in your DOM tree. That makes it more obvious why a button doesn't respond to click...
@rene I think I saw that question earlier.
3:37 PM
@Unihedron Oh, it is for sure a common mistake.
I was misguided because jquery did find an object...it was not the correct one...but that didn't stood out...
An my plain html mock up worked... only in the MVC4 web app it didn't...
4:30 PM
Good evening!
I wonder...
4:39 PM
@rene's vending machine isn't running.
(pokes @rene)
hold on..
~ 418 I'm a TEAPOT
4:40 PM
~ One cupcake on it's way for @Unihedron ....
~ Out of dough...
I have actually implemented an HTTP/418 response from CP/IP once.
Albeit it was a server masquerading as a Teapot
4:42 PM
Q: Stack Overflow returning HTTP error code 418 (I'm a teapot)?

caesayFirst a little background: I recently wrote a reverse proxy which I have found to work wonderfully so far, and being an avid Stack Overflow user, I thought I would try it out there. I was just playing around and everything was working perfectly, until I hit one page that suddenly returned HTT...

5:31 PM
Q: Merge [virtual-method] into [virtual-functions]

abatishchevTag virtual-method (122) looks to me identical to virtual-functions (441). They both have similar wikis: A virtual method is a method whose behavior can be overridden within an inheriting class by a function with the same signature. and In object-oriented programming, a virtual functi...

Got to go now, see you!
@ProgramFOX Bye!
Tomorrow I depart on vacation, I'll be back here the 17th.
@ProgramFOX Ok, have a nice time ;)
Thanks :)
5:40 PM
@ProgramFOX See you! Enjoy your vacation!! :)
I just noticed something weird. It seems like my comment flags and post flags runs on a different counter.
That's normal. Since posts and comments are both completely different.
Ah. Do helpful flags contribute to both counters? (Or they add up to different counters?)
From what I know, the more flags that are marked as helpful (separate for each counter, I think), the more flags you get, (and I think rep helps too).
I just looked up the priv page on flags. It says here that you start with 20 flags. Every 2k rep or 10 net helpful flags (helpful - declined) earns you another flag up to 100 of them.
Forget that, just noticed both my post/comment flag limits are the same. (I've got 68 left for comments, 67 for posts atm. 1 less for posts since I've already flagged a post, forgot about that :P ).
Cool, I've just calculated that I have a 96% helpful flag rate :D
And 1.5% declined.
5:55 PM
It's pretty easy really, helpful rate = helpful count / (total raised - awaiting approval) * 100.
For once I actually thought of using a spreadsheet for this. MS Excel you are not forgotten!!
(Averagely only twice in a year I use MS Excel. Just saying.)
Time for my dinner, brb.
@Sam Nice dinnerin' :)
Thanks :)
6:32 PM
2 hours later…
8:08 PM
Finished munching.
@Sam What's for dinner?
To be precise, I had: smoked haddock, boiled new potatoes, summer salad, and peas (or were they pete pois, hmm, not sure). And then I had some Haagen Dazs ice cream :D
Yum. :P
And you?
8:14 PM
javaapplets? no thanks...
OK, I fixed his problem. Now to find something interesting to do or just sleep. :P

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