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12:01 AM
@desertnaut Do you feel it lacks focus?
@Makyen I do, but the explanation behind the "needs focus" does not do justice to the expression, hence some reactions from puzzled OPs, like here, are not to be unexpected
think we have discussed in the past, but no conclusion was reached
in other words, "needs focus" <> "multiple questions"
@desertnaut It's the new too broad
@πάνταῥεῖ i know
and not so new anymore
@desertnaut It's not really that no conclusion was reached, it's that we can't do much more about them. The primary close reasons (i.e. the ones on the first page of the close popup; the non-site specific ones) are established by SE and used on every site on the SE network. SE made the choice to change them at about the same time they made changes to the post notices. Personally, I find the changed version of the primary close reasons be overall substantially worse than what they used to be.
12:08 AM
@Makyen so, that makes two of us
plus some frustrated OPs
which, due to the unfortunate wording, sometimes they do have a (formal) point
@desertnaut Yeah, I'm sorry that my initial comment was more clear that I was being facetious. I should have at least included a :; or :) with my initial comment.
no worries, I am just kind of surprized that you chose to ping me specifically
@desertnaut Yes, in the name of being more "welcoming", the reasons were changed to being substantially more confusing for both close voters and question authors.
@desertnaut I was definitely not trying to "call you out". My intent was more of "commiserate with you" in a poor situation.
@Makyen I'd sign that :P
@Makyen I'll drink to that ;)
@Makyen so, I would be interested to hear your (mod) opinion here for that question
12:18 AM
An alternative justification for the change is that it's more objective: asking multiple questions doesn't require a subjective judgement about when the scope is too broad. But of course, that doesn't address the issue of a single question with extremely broad scope, such as "how do I classify lung cancer using an SVM model in CT scan images?" (real question, paraphrased down to a sentence)
@desertnaut Do you mean the question which is linked from this meta?
I'm not exactly sure how to reconcile both of those things: we already have a problem with people thinking that any question that's not a specific debugging issue with code for an attempt is out of scope. This is a real problem for content quality, because it often eliminates the sort of questions that are useful to a wide range of people.
@Makyen yes
@RyanM I agree
Half-baked attempt: "This question either includes multiple questions in one, or it is so broad that it cannot be reasonably addressed in the space available for an answer. It should focus on one specific problem only."
Ideally, it would link to a page giving advice on question scope (e.g., if your question would require a new software library to be created, several hundred lines of code to be written, or scientific research to be done to create a way of doing it, it's probably too broad)
...or heck, just add that onto the end. An extra sentence won't kill anyone.
12:37 AM
@desertnaut I really don't have enough knowledge about the subject area to render an opinion about the specific question.
I can say that I don't really like the idea of questions which ask the type of question which they are asking: "Is this code an implementation of X", as it doesn't really seem like such questions would be all that useful for future visitors (not that most debugging questions help anyone other than the OP). However, I don't see that questions like this one are explicitly excluded from being on-topic, per se.
The irony is that if their implementation had not worked, they would have posted one with an error or a wrong result, and that would have been a perfect fit for a debugging Question.
@Makyen yeah, I think I'll share your ambivalence
@Scratte Yes, but a debugging question which says: Here's my code; here's what it's supposed to be doing; here's what it's doing that I think is wrong; is substantially more narrow than "Does my code implement X", particularly where X isn't very commonly known.
12:56 AM
@Makyen Then I think I missed the point of the post. Are they asking how the algorithm works? If so, then I agree that it's probably not for Stack Overflow.
@Scratte They're asking "does my implementation match [this named (machine learning) algorithm]".
@Makyen That seems a bit.. hmm.. can't find a close reason that fits though :)
Trying to figure if one asks "Is my implementation correct for bubblesort?" would be OK or not.
That would be transferable to a debugging Question, as one can simply mess it up and produce an unsorted result, no? And then get an Answer with a "fixed" implementation of the desired algorithm.
1:23 AM
@Scratte But, you'd have to very clearly indicate what your intended operation was and how your code was deviating from that, not just say "it doesn't implement this".
@Makyen Yes, but.. if one clearly states that it's an attempt to implement a specific algorithm, bubblesort, it's not really very difficult to say what the intended output is :) I didn't investigate what that other one is about though.
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3:18 AM
^ is that question on-topic?
3:35 AM
@Scratte I agree with Makyen that the OP would have to be specific about what they think wasn't working.
However, if the OP has a a bubble sort algorithm implemented and wants feedback for it, that would be a good question, but probably only on Code Review.
1 hour later…
5:22 AM
Is this an answer? I don't think OP was asking for a separate application.
@Yatin I would flag it as NAA
Ok thank you
@Yatin also isn't the question a bit too broad? I am not sure...
5:52 AM
Is this considered a typo? See comments
@Yatin looks like it to me
6:06 AM
Is this and this answers?
Is anyone else able to access the link in this answer? If so please add it into that community wiki answer...
^ both will now Roomba in 6 days :)
@Yatin As a reminder, please don't downvote just to cause a question to be deleted by Roomba. If you feel a post legitimately should be downvoted based on it's content, that's fine. However, the motivation for downvoting shouldn't be "this will make it Roomba". OTOH, it is OK to approach it from the other direction: "The quality of this question is poor, so I will downvote. Oh, now that it will Roomba in a few days, I'm not going to bother with other actions."
That may sound like a fine line to be walking, but it is important.
@AmitJoshi When the thing that is preventing it from being Roomba'd is that a question or answer is not at a low enough score, please don't include that information in your requests. There was a brief time during which the Request Generator included that in del-pls requests, but we found that including it made it too likely that people would downvote specifically to cause a question to Romba, which is something we strongly discourage.
6:40 AM
@Makyen Ok I will keep that in mind. I had downvoted the 2nd request because it was opinion based. Although I will admit I downvoted the 1st one just to allow it to Roomba.
The primary Meta on this issue is Clean-up by downvoting? A ridiculous user experience. For those with the delete-vote privilege, Downvote in order to be able to vote to delete. Is it acceptable? is also relevant.
I am personally unable to cast a close vote on stackoverflow.com/questions/64420305/… because I already voted to close on Oct 19 ... Is it acceptable to reraise it here at some point? How long should I wait?
@Makyen Ok; got it. My objective was to provide information why the roomba will not work. One question. I see many request here include additional information with del-pls requests; so I followed that path. Is it enough just saying " "No roomba" [link](about:blank)"?
@Makyen ah, a history lesson for our new-ish regulars ... yes, we''ve done all these bad things already ....
@AmitJoshi no roomba link is fine
@AmitJoshi Yes. If the reason is voting related, then please don't mention it. You can just say "No Roomba", or something similar.
6:50 AM
Ok; thanks to both.
@rene Yep. What we are not supposed to do here are things that are easy to see would be effective, so people re-discover them. :;
@AmitJoshi np. There's a fairly long history here of trying things and finding out that they shouldn't be done. :; We all learn from experience. That you and @Yatin happened to also try things which have previously been found to be undesirable isn't a big negative reflected on either of you. Just learn that they are not things we should be doing and move forward.
We, on the other hand, should consider if there's a way to communicate these sort of things to users prior to them encountering them. The obvious place to put such information is in the FAQ. We should probably include something there about both issues.
7:19 AM
^ please reject pending cosmetic edit, too
^ maybe not opinion-based by definitely needs details and clarity and too broad
7:59 AM
Would you consider this off topic?
@TomerShetah yeah, general computing
8:52 AM
Is this google-chat Question a little broad?
@Scratte Given that the "answer" is a list of questions, I'd say so. Also NAA.
@DavidBuck Yes, that was also my conclusion.. Thanks :)
Are these answers? 1 2
9:09 AM
@Yatin 1) NAA, not a valid question, either. 2) Yes
@DavidBuck thanks
@DavidBuck Nice catch on the Question :) It gave me a good reason to keep flooding Stack with yet another comment ;)
@Scratte I vtc'd 8 questions whilst reviewing 20 late answers this morning...
9:14 AM
Any votes on what this is? stackoverflow.com/a/64551164
I've flagged VLQ. Can't imagine what they were even trying to say, unless they were going to change it to a spam link later?
That is what I was thinking. There was a PayPal link hiding in there. But that is it. A PayPal link to well, the PayPal website and not an account... So... not worthy of spam flag
@DavidBuck I think... it's just saying: You're using the wrong port. Use 1566 instead of 8080
9:20 AM
looks like the asker somehow managed to repost the same question with insignificant changes 4 times in a row: one, two, three, four
@Scratte Yes, but it is Block Quote saying
@DavidBuck the link is dead...
@Yatin Read the link...
@DavidBuck "very.poorly.it’s server IP address could not be found." :) But it seems I was wrong.. "[enter link description here][1]nter code here [1]: http://paypal.com" <-- actual content of the post.
it has no sense.. just flag it as NAA (it's a tomcat su default port is 8080)
9:27 AM
one: 20hrs ago | -1 vote
two: 2hrs ago | -4 votes
three: 15hrs ago | -3 votes | closed
four: *1hr ago* |-7 votes | closed

I don't see any improvement being made
On the plus side, with 15 downvotes on 4 questions, within 20 hours, they're probably not going to post another one in the near future.
Ever heard of VPN? ;)
Wait doesn't bold work?
It does. Then why not ^
@Yatin I don't think it works on multiline.
@Scratte oh
9:30 AM
But you can play in "my" room or the sandbox, which is there for playing ;)
@Yatin Wrong order ;)
@Yatin This post seems to have become a little feisty since you flagged it up
@DavidBuck I got to it because it was picked by Queen.
@Scratte my bad, I labeled it in the order it appeared in my tabs (which, as I have realized now; will be reversed)
9:49 AM
"nested classes are simple to understand just go with the basic first I am definitely sure that you learn nested classes easily. for vaping you can visit on vapeon9.com"

@Yatin Too bad there's extra VAT in Europe, huh? :)
Oh ok faster than Belisarius
@Scratte programming is all well and good but you gotta try this xD
@Yatin I went with a European vendor ;)
@mickmackusa No more than other "Is there another way?"
Seems like it is inviting opinions, but I think it is in grey territory. I just wanted to ask others.
"are there any alternatives / better ways to do that"
9:56 AM
@mickmackusa I'm sure the Question could include more details and remove the trigger word "better". Perhaps it would make for better Answers.
Yes, but my opinion is that if all it takes is removing a sentence, then that's better than closing it, no?
Well, so long as opinion-based answers don't come, then mission accomplished.
I know users trigger on "better", but it's always implied. No one will ever ask for "Is there an another worse way to do this?"
Except of course the historic: How to trigger a JVM complete meltdown ;D
arguably you could ask for golfier, and arguably that could be equated to worse :D
@mickmackusa If you think bad Answers are coming in, you can always close it and explain what you think they need to do to their post.
@Yatin Why is it offensive?
10:23 AM
I got this comment and 2 upvotes on that question from that user. What should I do?
I am ok with the comment but the upvotes seem wrong
@Yatin You can make the answer community wiki, since it's not yours. It's what I normally do when I find a comment which solved the question, but hasn't been added as answer. Alternatively you can of course ask the original author of the comment to add an answer, so that you can accept that
@Adriaan ohk... done... but there is still that one upvote on my question
But.. what a strange comment about homework.. ?!?
@Yatin since you're pointing to a comment on an answer on a different question, is the question a duplicate by any chance?
@Yatin nothing you can do about that. Take the rep and be happy ;)
Yeah it is long story... basically there was a heated debate of sorts under an obvious homework question. They were there and were more or less adding fuel to the fire. I @ them and said "Please don't add fule to the fire" soon the post was deleted...
The OP was definetly in the wrong (they admitted that they knew nothing about programming) but I didn't like how they (the commentor) and another user were almost trolling the new user :/
@Scratte can you remove that upvote from my question please. I rather not have it
10:33 AM
@Yatin that's a strange request, and not sure it is appropriate
Not sure why it is inappropriate... The question didn't get an upvote because it helped someone/was a good question.
@Yatin It wasn't me.. there's a meta somewhere about making assumptions on who voted on your post ;)
@Scratte yeah, this is what I meant
@Scratte I know it wasn't you. I am not blaming you. I was asking you to neutralize the upvote (why on earth would I blame you 😀 )
Wait I will ask the person who upvoted
10:40 AM
@Yatin Oh.. right. You can't ask for that in here though. There's a rule about this :) It covers all posts and any direction.
@Scratte oh
@Yatin np this should work...
@Yatin you cannot ask that here
@desertnaut . ? two minute window :)
@desertnaut my bad
@Yatin I kindly suggest you let it go
10:43 AM
But aside from that. Someone votes on a post.. it's not your call to decide what the score of a post should be. You can influence the score of a post that is not yours by voting. You just have to accept the score on post that you wrote. That's how it's suppose to work :)
"I upvote on content, not personality ;-)" 😒
@desertnaut yeah I guess that is the best thing to do :/
If you really, really don't want the reputation, you could flag your question and ask for it to be converted to community wiki.
but...it was your question originally (you asked it in a comment), so the reputation for the question is rightly yours. that the answer came from elsewhere doesn't make your question any lesser.
What if 2694 users need to know which point is the lowest? Then it's useful for 2694 users.. maybe 25% of them will vote. You can't stop it :D
11:47 AM
^ affiliation declared in answer... fp
12:15 PM
12:25 PM
oh yeah not here :)
Is this question off-topic or Too broad?
@Machavity That's an answer.
@Machavity The question is too broad.
@Machavity yeah like Ryan's request said it seems opinion based to me (the question)
@Dharman Yeah, wrong link. Sorry
12:30 PM
Probably better here: datascience.stackexchange.com
Oh whoops, sorry, didn't realize Mach had linked it for discussion...buuuut yeah it's definitely closeable, and I'd say POB
Closed and deleted. The remaining answer was iffy on promotion so making the Q go away was the best course
@Machavity How is that iffy, exactly? Seems to be a very clear disclosure.
Not what I meant xd
@cigien Disclosure is a fig leaf. All they needed to do was say "I work for X in this field". But they link to their own company twice, and for no really good reason
12:36 PM
@Machavity not flaggable as spam right?
@Machavity Oh, I see. The link must be directly relevant to the answer, in addition to disclosure. Makes sense, thanks. Is it flaggable then?
Remember, the primary goal of spam is promoting something you have a stake in. Saying you have a stake in it doesn't automatically make that OK
@Yatin I'd mod flag that kind of thing. Spam flags need to be obvious (or at least have something wrong enough for us to delete the post)
We get a decent number of red flags from people who confuse them for super-NAA or think they're for bad answers
@Machavity wait it is flaggable? why? the affiliation is clear as day.
12:43 PM
@Yatin Again, he's promoting his company but the links added nothing to the post. Not red-flag material, but a mod flag would likely get it deleted
Ohk got it
@AmitJoshi I'd leave it. Even if the links go bad, there's enough material there to find an answer using what's left. The linked page doesn't have any handy blocks to further the answer
@AmitJoshi Looks like an answer to me.
@AmitJoshi not really sure.. the 2nd link seems to link to a generic download page and not something specific
ROs: Why was this never patched into the official SOCVR repo? The link on FAQ still leads to the broken 2018 version. github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts/compare/…
12:59 PM
Did they every submit a PR?
I don't know
If they didn't... that'd be a good reason :p
I don't think I've seen that change before
I see a couple issues with it already
Which is?
anyway, not super familiar with github PRs or code diffs but it seems like that's some person's personal fork?
1:07 PM
But the version in the main repo is unusable for me. I have been using this version for some time and I am very happy with it
But the FAQ linked 2018 version isn't broken?
I'm happy to merge that version. Except for the typos I see no weird stuff
It is. I installed it yesterday and it wasn't working properly.
I installed it right now and it was working fine ^^"
@rene That would be great because I wanted to submit a PR on top of it
1:12 PM
(In light mode..., in dark mode... yeah, it doesn't support dark mode)
right enough
@rene I will let Makyen review it; my JS is rusty, among other reasons
1:48 PM
I made a mistake with the last request. Is deleting it sufficient? Sorry about that.
@Machavity In the future, should I ping an RO instead of deleting the request?
@cigien You're fine either way. I just binned it for completeness
@Machavity Ah, ok, thanks. Sorry again, I was browsing the language-lawyer tag, and forgot I was involved in the post :(
2:15 PM
I binned that as it's kind of user shaming and that's something we don't allow here
@NathanOliver Oh, I'm sorry. You're right, that was unkind.
Thanks for understanding.
Are we allowed to shame ROs?
... especially irrational or blurry ones!
If you want to take the risk ...
The one time I tried it it didn't go well.
2:21 PM
I swear, if you call me rational I'm kicking ;P
What is the official stance on emojis? stackoverflow.com/a/64555588
@Dharman the official stance is "meh"
Kill them with fire
@Dharman tears in my eyes ... from the emoji
@NathanOliver That's rather surreal, you know :P
@Zoe 🔥🔥🔥
If a suspect a user posted a NAA because they knew the question would be closed, and then added an actual answer 5 min later, is that flaggable?
I don't think so. Some users post an answer even after the question is closed and I also do not think this is flaggable.
@cigien I wouldn't flag unless it's a repeating pattern; be sure to mention that clearly (add links to other posts) in your custom flag
You can answer questions for some time after they're closed. It requires you have the interface already loaded, though
2:31 PM
@Dharman Wait, how does one answer a closed question?
@Machavity Oh, I didn't know that. Interesting :)
Do you mean they posted something like "Posting this because the question will be closed soon, I'll edit a real answer into this soon"? That sounds like a problem
If I remember correctly you can post an answer up to 4 hours after the question got closed, but you need to either re-enable the submit button in inspector or have your own UI
@CertainPerformance No, but they said "Here's a solution:". That's it. And then posted an actual answer 5 min later. (Which seems to me to be the same thing). But I think Adriaan's point is good; no point flagging till there's a pattern.
2:35 PM
@cigien That isn't so uncommon, people do occasionally accidentally submit answers before they're actually fully composed. This is even more frequently seen with comments. Could well not have been deliberate.
@CertainPerformance I'm certainly happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just found it a bit fishy since the question was very obviously (to me) going to be closed soon.
2:48 PM
@Dharman Wouldn't maven be a programmer-specific piece of software, akin to an IDE?
@cigien FGITW
If you think it's on-topic I can retract.
503 on SO
that was odd
@Dharman I would say that Maven is on-topic as a programming tool (there are nearly 80,000 questions in the tag). The question is whether installation problems re: programming tools are on-topic.
@TylerH Ok, can you remove my request please? If it is borderline then lets leave it
2:57 PM
@Dharman binned
@Dharman The "official" stance?!?.. Remember the Thanks™ "feature"?!? :) I'd think Stack thinks emojis are fine. Well.. except if you're trying to make a point.
@Scratte did they ever do away with that or is it still around? The Thanks feature
3:14 PM
@TylerH They removed it but it still shows up in some Mod tooling on occasion
@Machavity nice
Well, finally someone complained about my deleting operations. I knew this day would come.
@Dharman I was just about to ping you about it when I saw you had posted an Answer on it.
@TylerH I think they flicked a switch, so it's "invisible" only..
3:57 PM
@Scratte It still exists in Teams, so in a certain sense that is in fact true
@RyanM Please tell me you have the "alien" one :)
4:15 PM
those are mildly terrifying
Still not a fabulous question, but improved enough that the close reason no longer applies.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I'd leave it closed... It still doesn't have an MCVE and no error traceback.
4:32 PM
@TylerH @Dharman editing the title is not sufficient to make it non-POB
I know
so then why edit it?
I like editing
@Dharman But that changes the intent of the OP's question. They know how to filter, they just want the best way.
4:35 PM
@cigien I only changed the title to reflect the question they asked in the body. I didn't change the meaning. They are still asking for the best way.
I agree it was completely superfluous, but that was my first response. Editing the question is usually my first response.
I don't like tags in the title and whenever I see them I try to remove them.
@Dharman Huh, interesting :p I had noticed you like editing a lot :)
Do you know how much it annoys me to see poorly written posts? I try to focus on development but I still Google stuff. When I open a and I see Hope it help, kind Regards Johnny I remove it instantly and I forget what I was searching for.
Moaning all ... /o ... is this too localised to be helpful?
People can argue with me however long they want that they like fluff, but I will remove them instantly whenever I see it.
4:41 PM
@tink good morning o/ what do you mean by localized?
@Dharman agreed 100% fluff is distracting especially because my first instinct is to remove it
@Yatin I've seen many posts closed (even with code provided) because they were deemed only to help the one person asking. Too specific to be of general use.
@tink oh got it... thanks
No worries.
@RyanM What's that third thing on the top, next to the rightmost one?
@Dharman So.. you have OCD too? :)
@Scratte you count from left to right?
4:49 PM
@Yatin Saved me, thank :) Depends on the situation, I guess :)
@Scratte Mind blown
^ that looks more like a fountain than an explosion
@RyanM That is.. disgusting :( Really.. an emoji with a cracked skull?!?
@Scratte it's an emoji with a nuclear(?) explosion happening in the brain area
yehooo guys
4:52 PM
@Scratte Not OCD but distaste for unnecessary information.
@RyanM Lets just say that it reminds me of an traffic accident.. it wasn't pretty.
hey can someone reopen this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/64558581/…
@Yatin Agreed, the dupe target is wrong. I would reopen, but question still lacks MRE, so I'm not sure if there's any point.
it was originally in french but got edited into english so it meets the rules now
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Is that really worth reopening? It should probably be immediately closed again as a many typos.
4:53 PM
@user3150635 No
@cigien yeah my thoughts exactly I can understand that dupe will only confuse OP
@Dharman And you feel compelled to edit it, almost compulsory urge to edit it out, so much that can't focus until it's gone? :)
@user3150635 Please translate it to English
it's already been translated to english
oh wait, did i send the wrong link?
@Yatin @user3150635 is not the asker. Don't suggest them to translate on asker's behalf.
4:55 PM
@user3150635 You can make a reopen request if you want an action to be taken. See the FAQ, there are instructions on how to do that.
@Yatin Yatin, we do not translate questions
@JohnDvorak sorry I didn't notice that my bad...
@user3150635 You should not asnwer this question until the person who asked it provides an English version. No one else can translate it. I rolled back the edit
but that doesn't make any sense. the translation was exactly what he asked in the question
I was literally about to post an answer when it was closed
and now I can't do that
@user3150635 We require that every question on Stack Overflow is asked in English. The person who asked it must speak English to an extent that they can communicate in English.
@user3150635 Which is exactly why we close questions. We want to prevent people from answering them
4:57 PM
is there at least a way I can private message the OP to get him his answer?
@Yatin Indeed. There are some serious problems with that dupe target. It often gets used by gold-hammers to close questions that should be closed (easier than waiting for 2 other users). If you have suggestions for how to tackle this, please let me know, I'm quite interested in solving this if possible.
@user3150635 no
@Tiago This room is not the right room for your question. You may find a super user chat someone on chat.stackexchange, but make sure you read the room rules, before you post a message in the room.
@user3150635 No, Stack Overflow is not a personal tutoring site. We do not offer personal help and there is no way you can reach out to them personally.
ok, thank you for answering my questions. I see now that moderators here are VERY strict about rules here...
4:59 PM
@user3150635 Yes, because we want Stack Overflow to be a repository of useful questions and answers that are easily searchable. There are very strict rules about the content that can be posted here.
I like how everything slows down then looking at a flower ;)
@cigien Unfortunately, no suggestion yet... In fact, I came across this for the first time right now...
5:05 PM
@DavidBuck Yes, at least I see no answer there
@Yatin It seems to be the duplicate target of every Question.
@Scratte yeah exactly it is soo broad it can easily fit a lot of questions posted here
@Yatin Not sure what to say, but I think it should have been closed for another reason.
@FOX9000 yes.
Is this an answer?
5:12 PM
thank you :)
@Yatin Yes, it's not an easy problem to fix. I have a decently sized list of questionable uses of this target (and all of them in c++, I don't have a sense of whether this is an issue in other tags, but I suspect it's similar). I've been meaning to make a meta post about it, but apart from complaining about it, and saying something should be done, I don't have any constructive suggestions.
Well, banning it outright would work, but the platform won't take that, I've been told :(
5:24 PM
@cigien I've seen a highly upvoted post get deleted. So that may be an option :D
This one seems to have about the same amount of votes and really a lot less views.
@Scratte I don't think so. It is a useful question. And while it might be overused as a dupe target, it is a valid target at times. Just a couple of days ago I used it to close a question that said, "this code throws a segfault, what do I do"? I'm not inclined to throw the baby out with the bath water ;)
Then you should probably keep collecting your list until you have enough to categorize them into wrong target/reason, shoudn't have been closurd, and fits.
5:39 PM
@Scratte That's the plan :) Hopefully, more data will shed some light on potential solutions :)
@cigien That is admirable :) It's a lot of work for potentially little personal gain.
6:04 PM
One of those rare double-mod closures... stackoverflow.com/questions/5260125/…
6:15 PM
Hmm - Was that maybe Advanced Flagging reporting them on my behalf?
6:51 PM
@cigien yep I agree with cigien here we can't just delete that post... I was wondering if this keeps happening with this one exact question then the chances are that some specific user/s are doing it... maybe a moderator can talk with them about it :/
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